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  1. That day 18 years ago...I think there were a lot of angles working.... Texas Lizard The picture is just a reminder....
  2. If you have to many of them Colts...Just send them south to me...I will be happy to take care of them... Texas Lizard Owner of many Hi walls and soon a Shiloh Sharps...
  3. At our age, I don't think we move fast enough for anything to bounce out...I thought about them also...But wife came in from dentist...New crown needed...Bye bye dollars... Texas Lizard
  4. Yesterday I got caught by mom.... Stepping out with dad for a cold one....
  5. Very nice...Just needs shorter barrels...Do they come with a hacksaw???? Texas Lizard
  6. Got to thinking about this one....Maybe they are spelling it to level of the people who will be out there... Texas Lizard
  7. I hope he is not using her to keep warm.... Texas Lizard
  8. i am kinda worried about that...She might not show up at Winter Range.... Texas Lizard
  9. Maybe we can get everyone on line right now to send a PM to you....Would that make you feel better??? Texas Lizard
  10. You must be having trouble finding a date for Winter Range..... Texas Lizard Will be interesting to see where you put at.....
  11. Guess you have been busy.... Texas Lizard
  12. If you figure a way around it....Let me know... Texas Lizard
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