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  1. 410 should Handel it…Not much left for dinner… Texas Lizard
  2. Not my job for a cell phone…They need to learn to read my analog clock hanging on the wall.. Texas Lizard
  3. I owned one…Then move into big boy Apple…Never looked back…. Texas Lizard
  4. If all went right gold dust is on the way…


    Dennis Henson

    11062 Coronel Rd.

    Santa Ana, Calif., 92705

  5. More of your things coming to my garage…I will take them… Texas Lizard
  6. Got the VP 9…But my very state does like them big mags… Texas Lizard
  7. And you know what she is saying….Is the life insurance paid…. Texas Lizard
  8. They go for tall and bigger…Works well for me… Texas Lizard
  9. Look at Kingsize….They carry long rise pants…Live in a wheelchair I like longer rise to fit me for sitting all the time…More to pull up in back… Texas Lizard
  10. Be thankful…You really do not want to see them… Texas Lizard
  11. Roofing nails and hammer… Texas Lizard
  12. Have herd that overall length of ammo might give some problems…Something to look at… Texas Lizard
  13. Spend more of our money…For nothing… Texas Lizard
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