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  1. Anyone older, would know who she is and what she did.... Texas Lizard
  2. A small touch of brandy.... Texas Lizard
  3. Could you let me have a morning coffee first....I think it is going to be a long day..... Texas Lizard
  4. Let the grand kids hook it up....They can do it in there sleep...Also teach you how it works.... Texas Lizard Grand kids equal free tech support...
  5. You are not alone... Texas Lizard But i loved the song....And the ladies music....She could sing her heart out....And the feelings too.....
  6. Don't forget holding the mirror while trying to adjust the roll... Texas Lizard
  7. He might be talking about a much smaller pole.... Texas Lizard I have done much and many places...But the grass and hay a big no no....
  8. You do realize that TVs no longer use vaccum tubes...It could be time move into the modern age.... Texas Lizard
  9. At his age, I guess he has trouble keeping it up.... Texas Lizard But then again, they do say that 90% of problem is mental....
  10. If you were Irish...We have little elves that do the cleaning for us....While going around they grab one and clean it for you.... Texas Lizard
  11. Reminds be of the garage mechanics calendars....Always kept in the back ......A little more showing... Texas Lizard
  12. Garbage disposer is for garbage....Coffee grounds go the trash as I was taught....Run a lemon down the garage for good small...Once a week if I can remember I fill the sink up with water and run it threw the garbage disposer...Helps to flush out the line... Texas Lizard
  13. 10th grade, old enough to know something bad had happen....And I was part of that history....Will remember that day for rest of my life.... Texas Lizard
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