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  1. I guess it would be a step up some of the places you were at... Texas Lizard
  2. For me I have to go with what feels best in my hands...Glock just never seemed to fit right...That is me...The 1911 grip just feels better in my hands and fits right... Texas Lizard
  3. Be safe...The couch is not that comfy....And the dog house may have else there....He might not want to share... Texas Lizard
  4. Are we talking 4 legged or 2 legged...With summer I am seeing many 2 legged foxes around here...I can still look can't I.... Texas Lizard
  5. I guess you purged all your pictures out....Before your wrote this.... Texas Lizard
  6. That is squid...You try eat them, but they hang onto the plate.... Texas Lizard
  7. How are able to take care of them....What does government allow you to do or not do... Texas Lizard
  8. To keep the first one from getting lonely you will need a second one... Texas Lizard I know the feeling of not buying anymore....I'm 6 months out to getting them all in the state....
  9. Noticed a Hollywood reloading press ad...I have one of there single stage presses....Made to last and heavy unit......They use to sell them one of our gun show many years back... Texas Lizard
  10. I do...Got any extra 38 super...Or do you have a good deal for me... Texas Lizard Need to feed them Pro Carry Kimbers...
  11. How long of barrels are you looking for???And 45 Colt or 44-40, which do you prefer??? Texas Lizard
  12. I hope they are selling it and not smuggling in for use.... Texas Lizard
  13. Just a dust mop on legs....Put it to work.... Texas Lizard
  14. Seeing you, it must be love at first sight....To them you are fresh meat.... Texas Lizard
  15. If he hits wright...Not much of that left... Texas Lizard
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