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  1. If I am correct I think there still a few Civil War dependents around who's fathers fought in that war... Texas Lizard Correction...There is said to be one person alive... https://www.usnews.com/news/newsgram/articles/2013/07/03/one-civil-war-veterans-pension-remains-on-governments-payroll
  2. Another slow day... Texas Lizard
  3. Is the life insurance paid up??? Texas Lizard
  4. Texas Lizard


    Thanks I missed it going threw the events days...Good time to find new homes... Texas Lizard
  5. Texas Lizard


    Was looking over the days events...Do not see a trading day...If we have things to sell or trade, just carry them around with sign...Are we allowed to sell or trade??? Texas Lizard
  6. I just got lucky...Was chasing granddaughter around...She stopped for a breather and I took a look...Then off to the races... Texas Lizard
  7. Texas Lizard

    Pecos Smith

    I guess he had to leave town rather quick... Texas Lizard
  8. Who cares...USAF, get me within a mile of the target and be somewhere else....15 mile radius...toast... Texas Lizard
  9. Could buy a cold beer for you at the end of the day...If things are going good for me, will try to do something useful... Texas Lizard
  10. I think you are leaving yourself wide open.... Texas Lizard But will stop by, if nothing keeps me from going...
  11. Phantom you bring up a name I remember...As I head to EOT this it was one of the last times I ran into China Camp...The wife and I went to Santa Fe....Looking over the sights and who should I run into...China Camp introduced my wife as we all just seeing the sights....Couple months later told her what happened....As for Shooting Bull, ballroom dancing just would not work....Ballet, ya...He would look great in a tutu....Might even teach him which foot is left and right... Texas Lizard
  12. I guess you are not a good dancer either...Maybe some ballet lessons to gain some grace in your movements... Texas Lizard
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