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  1. That depends on whether you have found $2000 of ammo you can use... Texas Lizard
  2. That list could be awful long of those who caused it... Texas Lizard
  3. What fits your hands and feels right...Then the caliber....Then go shoot it....If it fits right and feels good , you will shoot it a lot more...If you have or can find the ammo.... Texas Lizard
  4. Yes I do...They just seem to have gotten cut...When Jim Bowie finishes with them I will get back to them...I will have 2 pairs with short barrels....And still have 2 pair in storage not cut down....And maybe a couple more hiding somewhere...My ROAs ran into the same problem... Texas Lizard Mine are 1860 SS Colt....I like army grips...Them seem to fit my hand better...
  5. A robe without sleeves... Texas Lizard
  6. Blue or SS...36 or 44...Navy or Army grips...1851 or 1860 or Remington or ROA....Lots to choose to from...Just where do you want to go.... Texas Lizard
  7. What is your problem...My 2 year grandson opens them with ease...I pick up the trash and he puts a new one in...Have you tried breaking some wind into them?? Texas Lizard
  8. Nice touch...I will have to remember that one... Texas Lizard
  9. You mean it is not on order??? Texas Lizard
  10. Has anyone gotten their money???? If so, what did you get??? Check or other??? Texas Lizard
  11. Well at least there is a cup holder... Texas Lizard
  12. His name is Duncan Macleod.... Texas Lizard
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