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  1. That must be Lake Tahoe...They pull some guy out...He was at the 1500 foot mark down....Not sure how deep the whole lake is....But if the found him at 1500 foot mark, they might find your boat...Hope the everything was loose in the boat and it tipped over on the way down....Must be a bad feeling to watch your lifes work get lost.... Texas Lizard
  2. For get the dreams get back on the meds.....This week is just starting..... Texas Lizard
  3. The days is not over..... Texas Loading
  4. Reloading by amatures should be interesting.... Texas Lizard
  5. That is because a 10 ga likes to roar..... Texas Lizard
  6. In the past what has the weather been like???? You know like rain or snow or just downright cold and freeze bunnys off..... Texas Lizard
  7. That is the sad part.... Texas Lizard
  8. Here in California....I wonder if they will try to cancel them out....For safety reasons.....Just a thought... Texas Lizard
  9. But aren't guns illegal in the UK??? Texas Lizard
  10. She and nothing further..... Texas Lizard
  11. He still has 2 dozen left.... Texas Lizard
  12. I myself would not know...I was Air Force...I we had was an M-1 Carbine...And when it was to hot we went in the barracks....They did not want us to get over heated.... Texas Lizard
  13. What you need to be fast is a 1901 10 ga... Texas Lizard
  14. I think you upset his morning coffee.... Texas Lizard
  15. Sounds like you missed shooting your nice boots... Texas Lizard
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