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  1. Lots of people dancing around this one...All I remember is you caused it, it's your side.... Texas Lizard
  2. I think sir, I will join you on that...Might be later but I will.... Texas Lizard
  3. Well at least less wind friction when moving.... Texas Lizard
  4. Nice job...Will you shoot faster or just look better doing it??? Texas Lizard And I am not fast.......
  5. Water and electronics are not friends.... Texas Lizard
  6. Hey what is the woorse that could happen..It goes bang...Or maybe bang bang... Texas Lizard
  7. But gas was 25 cents a gallon or less....And service stations provided service.... Texas Lizard
  8. The good old days...Simple and easy to repair.... Texas Lizard
  9. A teen decided to use a USB cable to measure the length of his PXXXX from the inside...It got stuck...Try and explain this one to the emergency room nurse when you check in...He did ask to talk to the doctor without his mother present...I wonder why??? Texas Lizard He and everything else did survive...Intact....
  10. You reach that mark when you run out of storage room...Then you buy another safe and start over... Texas Lizard
  11. I remember that movie...Might have to find and watch again.... Texas Lizard
  12. I learned many years ago...Never ask or answer that question...It saves on hospital visits... Texas Lizard
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