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  1. I'm on whatever Posse number is just sitting on the wire watching all the EOT update posts...
  2. This was circulating in my non-CAS friend groups.last week.
  3. If you read Phantom's posts in a sarcastic tone it makes everything way better and is generally the tone he was going for I think.
  4. My bad. I stopped re-reading my own post after the 777 behind a 250. Ya got me!
  5. That's what I said. 777 behind the bullet. Or the bullet in front of the powder. They both said the same thing. If I read the Champeen rules right it looks like 777 is the only allowed BP substitute. I imagine real BP is a worse rusting agent than Pyrodex isn't it?
  6. I'm still looking into trying this. Think my GW2 pistols will handle a full case of 777 behind a 250gr bullet? What about my 1866 rifle? Or if I drop down to a 200gr or 180gr bullet? If not then what about dropping down to KoK/SoS/Pale Rider and running a 200gr bullet behind 25gr of Pyrodex or some other milder powder?
  7. I just gutted mine and put one of those gun rack mounts on the drink holder. The stocks just sit in the soft bottom compartment. Not great but very simple and I can still fold it up.and throw it into the trunk of my car. No spot for revolvers though. I just wear mine the entire match. I will say I just recently bought a Range Tactical 5 gun cart. But after I got my wife and some friends coming with me I needed more room for guns. If my kids start shooting when they are old enough I'll be showing up to matches with 5 or 6 long guns.
  8. I'm running 4.0 grs of Promo (Red Dot) behind the 130gr Barnstormers in the C45S. I get a little unburned powder when the temps are below 20 in the winter but so far they've been very reliable year round.
  9. Hey I just tried to message you and it failed. I assume your inbox is full. I wanted to ask you a question about the C45S and Barnstormers.

    1. Colorado Coffinmaker

      Colorado Coffinmaker

      Hey Gunslinger


      Yep.  My available storage hit 106%.  Plumb out of band width.  Should be room now.  Fire away with your questions.



  10. I thought you were going to mention how everyone calls magazines: "clips"!
  11. I'm shooting 5.5 gr of Promo (sold in bulk Red Dot) behind a 180gr powder coated bullet from Cheycast with Federal LPP. It's my rifle load but I can run it in my SAA clones just fine. They are going 890fps from my 18.5" rifle. Probably going 700-750 fps from my 5.5" clones. I developed this load in 20 degree weather since we shoot matches year round and I needed something that would be reliable in sub-zero temps. It probably runs a little hotter in the 90+ summer but I don't notice. I can add that I am shooting new Starline brass and I get a fair amount of blowback with this load. I plan to try annealing my brass to see if this helps. For what it's worth I am shooting Cowboy 45 Special rounds in my SAA's with 130 gr Barnstormer bullets. 4.0gr of Promo powder at 600 fps. I've shot stages alternating the 45 cowboy and 45 colt loads in the cylinder and I didn't notice while shooting. The difference in recoil was only noticeable to me if I was actually paying attention to it.
  12. Oh boy! I'm about to be a champion at all kinds of things!
  13. What makes cap n ball harder than Frontier Cartridge? I'm genuinely naive and curious. I don't think I've shot with anyone shooting cap n ball yet that I recall.
  14. But Baseball, Football, and actors all makes their money on spectators (I'm not sure about the Olympics but they are probably funded by the hosting country and tourism). Which is much different than SASS. They make their money from their members. If you can't keep your members coming you will run out of money. Sports keep their members happy by paying them enough to be happy from the money they get by keeping the spectators happy. It's almost like apples and oranges to compare that to SASS.
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