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  2. Pr-measured charges work. I take the cylinder out, wipe fouling off the cylinder & gun frame. I use a Lee dipper and a tupperware container full of powder 3-4 shooters while watching the unloading table & I am done. --Dawg
  3. I that match. The permanent props are much fun. I love running down range in the little town. It sounds, from the penalties, that something different was tried. I'm curious of the SDQ distribution. For example, was one stage troublesome. I know Snakebite and am sure he will evaluate the penalties closely. Get well quickly, pardner!
  4. A twist barrel with any kind of dent can make for a weak spot. Neat old gun for sure though. I'd go straight away to getting the barrels lined and use only black powder like the Duke did.
  5. Depending on your powder load, Dixie has rubber speed loaders where you can pre measure your powder and top with a ball. I personally use a flask and load cylinder in the gun. It takes 5-7 minutes on average to do both guns or about two shooters.
  6. Pre measure your powder. I've seen some use test tubes: https://www.amazon.com/Graduated-Plastic-Tubes-16×105mm-DEPEPE/dp/B07D9J99NH/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=ZK7NQRMRLF5D&keywords=10ml+test+tubes&qid=1556121480&s=gateway&sprefix=10ml+test+%2Caps%2C156&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1 I also have some that will hold a ball and have a cap on both ends, those are in the muzzleloading supplies at Wally World.
  7. Grumpy heard about the dance and he sure hoped Calico would show up. He would love to dance with her and his Australian Shepherd, Buford really likes her. I'm kinda bashful, so I don't do well around people.
  8. I’m looking for ideas to speed up my loading process. I shoot a pair of ‘48 Dragoons. I’m sure the best thing would be to buy 10 more cylinders and nipples but I don’t want to pay for it or clean it. I currently use a North East Trade Co. EZE loader. It works well, dispensing powder is what slows me down. Brass flask is real slow. I’ve been using a Lyman 55 measure but it’s testy in humidity and having it full of powder seems like an accident waiting to happen. Any suggestions? thanks for looking
  9. Wow. That's sooooo much better than freedom.
  10. We might, if we knew some details about the rifle.
  11. Acronym, abbreviation or whatever......... for better or worse, I use it because I'm lazy......
  12. Mr. W.W. Greener's "The Gun and Its Development" probably has more knowledge per page than any other gun book I've read. Hope you find his guns to be as good. Oh boy!
  13. No. But I liked the forearm on the Limited much better than the carbine. Not nearly as fat.
  14. On page 1022 you can purchase a Maxim Silencer for only $5.00. Can be installed by anyone on any .22 Also available direct from the factory for larger calibers. The following pages have reloading tools and supplies.
  15. What about Betsy(I believe that’s what he called his Remington derringer) at least it looked like a Remington. The derringer was in the shotgun case with the Greeners, one for him and one for Brice Cabot. What derringer are you going to use ? I like the look of American instead of a Bond, but that is just me. You have my appreciation and my envy as a fellow Duke fan.
  16. There's 120 jars of it out there, if we have more shooters than that I need to know today so I can bring a few more jars out.
  17. Through all of the typing I have never once said the TO isn't, doesn't, or shouldn't have the final authority to apply whatever. What I'm saying, and ya'll can't seem to wrap your minds around is this, 'the TO can make mistakes and apply the wrong call'! If 3 spotters and the shooter all say there was no P then how in the wide world of sports could a TO still apply a P? PaleWolf is correct, as usual, not enough info on what caused the P's to be applied. But if after the TO has to "talk" people into giving a P and the shooter is told why and they don't agree what then? Same weekend a shooter pulls his pistol and shoots 4, holsters, pulls second pistol shoots 5. TO is telling him one more the whole time. The shooter is hard of hearing and moves to his rifle. Shoots 10 and finally hears the TO telling him he only shot 9. Shooter goes back to the pistol position, pulls his pistol, shoots the 10th round, correctly in order. TO gives him a P for shooting guns out of order, and a minor safety for holstering his pistol with a round still in it. Hammer was down on an empty! The TO was wrong, but according to this group maybe not so much. We, I, went back and corrected the score at the end of the match when it was brought to my attention by the shooter. TO and the shooters will have a lessoned learned at the next shoot. We've all seen wrong calls made and they should be corrected. Thats all I'm saying. Ike
  18. I have gotten no response from Major missalot...so I'm thinking he may not want them after all.
  19. I'd love to have it. It would make a great upland gun. I'm just cash poor right now. What kind of trades are you looking for?
  20. That stock and forearm fitting sure don't look 'rite'. Do you have any other pictures? OLG
  21. As I read the law, the state SELLS you permission. Every six years, $100. Not to carry - that's a different $100 license. To OWN. Every six years. $100.
  22. Probably should have posted this in the Classifieds.......... OLG
  23. I became a Senior back in January. I never thought of this! I don't need it now, but maybe I oughtta get prepared for when I do.
  24. I would never shoot any 'twist' barreled SG with smokeless. Sleeved or not. You are still dealing with a BP receiver and breechface. OLG
  25. Is that an Expresso machine or perhaps a ball washer for better putting?
  26. Grew up in Utah and spent 40 years in southern California. Lived in 10 states between those two places and had wildlife in every one (like bobcats and deer almost on the runways at LX, cougars killing and eating hikers and running around residential ares within 30 miles of LA, etc.), but this part of Arizona is absolutely running over with critters: 15-17 different rattle snakes, eagles and hawks and owls and other birds, no end. We also have pronghorn "antelopes", javelinas, bobcats, cougars, bears, skunks, porcupines, and four different kinds of deer (muleys, white tail, black tail "Texas" deer, and coues {sp?} deer ), and elk. There are coyotes galore and a few reports of wolves, non-poisonous snakes, dozens of kinds of spiders, horned toads and many other lizards, bees and wasps and hornets, butterflys bats, and the list goes on. I have had Boris and Bella, a pair of tarantulas living in my garage, Cousin ITT, another tarantula in my workshop, and a roadrunner who used to stand outside the gate in my driveway and has ten minuter conversations with my dog. There are quail, partridge, pheasant and dove almost everywhere and not too far away are ducks. Love our crittes.
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