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  2. California compliant, and dark earth coloring.
  3. Correct, and I'm a retired cop and believe in the usage for true medical usage. A very close friend came up with stage 4 liver cancer which was spreading rather quickly. Given 3 months so they started chemo along with the CBD from marijuana. This is at a VA Hospital. That 3 months expired 6 months ago and the doctors are amazed he is still around. The mass stopped growth and another is shrinking.
  4. I have used this method for side matches to control the starting position. Prevents creeping and other questionable starting positions. GW
  5. Previously, the only time I would get hundred dollar bills (unless I specifically asked for hundred dollar bills) would be when I was withdrawing more than $300. 300, 500, a thousand - they would give me hundreds, but even then the last two hundred would be in 20s, with the last forty being 10s.
  6. After checking several cases of factory shells. The AA"s had a few that hung up on the rim. The STS's had a few with a bulge half way down the case. The best results were the Rem Gun Club. I am using the Lyman checker Garrison Joe recommended a few months ago. Foe a while I thought it was faulty, have very few that didn't pass. Just marked the base to identify or reboxed for practice. GW
  7. I wondered about doing that. I have access to washers of varying thicknesses. Once I get the thickness down I'll replace it with a square spacer so pressure on the spring is even.
  8. It's mostly all the other power robing "things" that prevent a hammer from detonating a cap. All the springs sold by all the companies will definitely work as long as "everything else" is done. The hand drag, the handspring tension, the bolt arm tension, hammer drag in the hammer slot, hammer face condition . . . . so many variables. That's why "the" main spring that works in one revolver won't in another. When "thumbs" get put into the equation, the "edge of the envelope" comes into play . . . Mike
  9. Where do you zero your rifle? I tried once in the hallway of our house with the back door open. Neighbors never heard a thing. My wife can't find her cats though. I know they are still in the house cause the cat food and litter box are being used. Our dog is kind of skiddish also.
  10. I wish more stages would allow the shooter to start himself; timer on the table, or in the TO’s hand, shooter’s finger on the button. The “TO” could pick up the timer and follow the shooter when he moves to a new position. I don’t like being touched/tapped/whatever if I am having trouble hearing the beep. Why not let me start myself? Is it really that important to start with my hands on my hat?
  11. When they ask and you answer it don't matter, you will get $100 and $50. I usually tell them when I want the $100 bills. Which is what I get for my stash money.
  12. This is nothing new. I found this this morning. Understand I am not saying slavery is not bad. But in 1846, social justice warriors who were against it, even though it was legal, taught first-graders that it was bad. http://www.openculture.com/2016/03/the-anti-slavery-alphabet-1846-book-teaches-kids-the-abcs-of-slaverys-evils.html
  13. That’s what I did in my little trailer. My little Honda generator works out very well for 99% of my needs. I never watch TV when I’m camping at matches, to busy with other stuff and my IPad will suffice for movies if I get bored. I read a lot too and that doesn’t draw much current from the trailer batteries, all of the lighting is LED.
  14. Well durn RSE, I just bought 3 cases of STS Nitros today. Plan to shoot them on sporting clays and reload them for CAS
  15. It’s not only AA’s, I checked 3 boxes of factory STS for the Georgia State Match and had 15 that wouldn’t fall out if the gauge. I tried them in my Super Sizer and it wouldn’t help most of them. I usually get more factory shells that won’t gauge than I do with my reloads. Randy
  16. Out of shape after the break for those other shows? It would have been the fourth show of the day. See how he does tonight in the fifth show.
  17. Sure wish they could teach the 10 commandments instead of their opinions. GW
  18. I’ m a little like you Max and I don’t know if it’s frequency or db’s but I can’t hear a Pact nearly as good as I can hear my Pocket Pro. Randy
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