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  2. They say I've always had a thing for knives.
  3. Sledge, LOL. Wimped out for HBG. Cold and wet inna forecast. Slept in. Wanted to congratulate you on your Mose though. God Job. gonna be lots of great groceries too!! Lone Rider: thanks, but it is my plan to keep the 38-55. At planesman ranges, it's a laser. Catlow: I be kicking myself for selling the .45 I had. Gee, I wonder whom kicked my Butt with it at Tusco ........ Hummmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Mudflat Mike, I'm thinking you may have a Richards Army conversion. The rear sight on the conversion ring is a give away. Is the firing pin in the frame? (ala Ruger)
  5. Assassin


    I enjoy downrange movement, we just angle the tables towards the side berms.
  6. Attached for your perusal, is the October issue. The column, written by yours truly, is nestled onto Page 6, as usual. But with a twist. I was critical of my former employer, the Illinois State Police. Nothing earth shattering, just my observation. A former command officer (in the rear with the gear) wrote back as he was offended. Not all admin command are dolts. Some are truly concerned for the welfare of "road dawgs." And some are more concerned with their next promotion. I'll let you draw your own conclusions. His "I'm offended" letter and my rebuttal are both there. GunNews_Nov2019web.pdf
  7. Uh-Huh......Really, it was that Ginger/Mary Ann thing again. :-)
  8. All the kids in our neighborhood have grown up and moved off. Just us old folks left. If we get 6 trick or treaters on Halloween, it's been a good night. Lots of candy left over for me.
  9. Yea, put me down in the Rimfire Gunfighter category. I'll be there.
  10. Hey Sedialia dave, you need to point out which one is you in each of those pictures.
  11. Evil Bob and I will be there. Evil Bob is looking to be the sole competitor in the rimfire GF category. Kajun
  12. Texas Maverick, Don't do it. CT sucks, especially when compared to the great state of Texas. I've grown up here, and if it wasn't for work and family I would be out of here. All kidding aside, they are pretty communist up here regarding gun laws. I got my pistol permit years ago, but I don't think its changed much since. Red Wolf
  13. I thought this post was about Notorious, my friend Phil Booker that won Frontiersman at EOT in 2005.
  14. Hard rubber o-ring material (Burna-70 or harder) just a hair larger than the primer diameter. Push into the primer pocket till it is forced past the narrow part at the bottom. Trim flush with a razor blade.
  15. I make mine by punching out the primers, cutting the plastic to length, and filling them with silicone caulk. Let the caulk harden, then trim the silicone oozing out of the primer hole flush with the brass, with a razor blade.
  16. I'm glad for that. Perhaps I'm not the only person that couldn't pick up on that from your picture.
  17. That is probably what the vegan, bunny hugging, entitlest dreamers would prefer...... I guess they don't even go house-to-house anymore. They go trick or treating through grocery stores, shopping malls and church parking lots where it is called Trunk or Treat. Also heard they want to move it from October 31st to something like the last Saturday of the month so that no one is out late on a school night. Also heard they want to start making it less scary for the kids and the new trend is to buy the ugly pumpkins first, not the perfect ones, and then paint them with pretty, soft colored paints. So I guess that means they dont want to offend a pumpkin by picking it last or using a knife on them. And as always, I suppose they feel all their ideas are worthy of blue ribbons.......
  18. So, if you are going to sell the 38-55 barrel let me know and I might be able to take it off your hands. I do not have a 44 Magnum barrel to trade. But, I do shoot at Tusco and we might be able to come to terms at the next match. I do have the 45-70 barrel. Frontier Lone Rider
  19. I hope you find one I really love mine You should have asked to try mine at TUSCO I will look out West this winter for one See you CATLOW
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