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    Black Gold 2020

    Just to prove my heart is in the right place; I'll drink to the red paragraph. Just so you won't get confused, If you see me drinking it's not cause I like the stuff or found a bottle; It will be because I will try very hard to make the BLACK GOLD SHOOT. I KNOW. I KNOW I HAVE SAID THE SAME THING FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS. But this year...............I have learned the "get healthy dance". Not familiar with the dance? lts the dance where you find a willing nurse (preferably of the female persuation {who likes to rassle} if you identify as male on your tax return)). Then you proclaim LOUDLY that some one hit you in the head with an unknown object and you have no memory of the day in question. Hey, it worked for me for almost 90 days over the last year. Miss Lorrie thinks my story is getting a little thin in some of the details, so good luck! I am available for "story" consolation if you feel the need.
  3. We, of the Field Artillery, were taught that they were to be considered to be designated as "tanks" which is to be considered synonoumus with the term "Target".
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  5. Hello, next order from Texas just arrived. Thank you very much we will send your PCC capper today and we will give you tracking number afterwards. best regards Polish Cappers http://www.polishcappers.com
  6. "It seems very pretty," she said when she had finished it, "but it's rather hard to understand!" (You see she didn't like to confess, even to herself, that she couldn't make it out at all.) "Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas—only I don't exactly know what they are! However, somebody killed something: that's clear, at any rate."
  7. i can attest to his having hats , and boots , and a true cowboy spirit ,
  8. This may or may not be appropriate but I’d like to ask this question: Do any members conceal carry when traveling to and from events? The reason I ask is because it makes me a little nervous traveling long distances to an event with a car full of weapons even if they are safely locked away. Maybe that’s just me and I’ll drop the subject if asked to. WBM
  9. 4WD will just get you stuck worse and further into a worse place.
  10. I like me some Kettle Corn flavor Just sayin' Big Jake
  11. Surely somebody must have a good used set of Hombre 1873's for $700 or less. There's a new one on Gunbroker right now for $379, BIN, and $30 shipping. DLD 2's Marlin is a pretty dang good deal, and it'll hold its value. Deals are out there, but ya gotta keep your eyes open - I picked up a pair of NIB Talo/Ruger Birdshead .45 acp sheriff's models on Gunbroker just today for $805.
  12. Everyone that survived the wind and cold was a champion!
  13. thanks for the 97, used it in the Dayton match and received an offer for it and won 3rd place with it. looking forward to the wiled bunch rig. people remember and miss you.
  14. Stacked Rail Road Ties work well around here.
  15. As a former Hoosier (left in 1974), a current resident of the Prescott area and a member of the Whiskey Row Gunslingers and the Yavapai Rangers- WELCOME!
  16. I was about to say that too. I never use soap on my cast iron. If something is sticking I deglaze it.
  17. Don't get me started... I keep waiting for the next shoe to drop. I know it's coming. The last one to drop was a steel toe boot.
  18. As you can see, stage 7, the hardware store, is gone. When we started inspecting it, it literally started falling apart.
  19. Look between the end of your mattress and bed frame. My Swiss Army knife went missing. I hang my trousers over the bed’s foot board and stuff can fall out of my pocket— usually on top of the bed, sometimes onto the floor by slipping between the mattress and frame. This time the knife stayed inside the frame. Could not see it or feel it. Just lucky I caught a glimpse of it when changing the sheets. Maybe your knife got the same memo.
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