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Cats #3


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First there was Allie's Cats, but it was closed.


Then I started another thread about cats, but something was posted so that whenever I try to open that thread my browser crashes. It does not appear to affect anybody but me, but it does it every time. So I will not try to open it anymore.


Thus we now have cat thread number 3.




cats race.png

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I am constantly amazed at the amount of people that do not know how to pet an animal.


"What do I do? He's going to bite me."


"No he won't. He's very gentle. Pet him."


And she starts tapping him with her fingertips. What the heck?


Many years ago I was chastised because I was treating a horse like a dog. Tony the Pony. Shetland pony. And his owner was letting people that wanted to ride him. So I get on the horse and we start off, and I lean forward and stroke his neck, and then reached up and scratched his ears. He seemed to appreciate it. But everyone told me I was doing it wrong. :P

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10 hours ago, Alpo said:

But everyone told me I was doing it wrong.

If the animal likes it, you ain't doing it wrong.

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