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  1. Put sunflower seeds out for birds but none came to eat. So dumped them now I've got sunflower plans growing.
  2. A lot easier find 45 colt ammo so be my choice
  3. That's it So you admit to being a hooligan
  4. Ok which one of you hooligans take my 1/2 inch wrench?
  5. Hey doesn't Wallaby Jack resemble some of those facts?
  6. Great price for setup. If I wasn't in middle of custom msuser build that be great. So bump for pard
  7. I haven't heard knock knock in awhile so post some.
  8. I just might resemble that remark.
  9. Bought 100 dollar hose reel from Sam's club online. 50 bucks and free shipping. Wish seen that sooner paid full price for first one.
  10. My vice grip would not open easily so gave soak in white vinager for 24 hours. Then soak for hour or so in baking powder and water. Dried off then squirt of wd 40. Almost like new function. Of course missing chrome doest give much to looks.
  11. If I look from their side it might seem you just trying get it free. Her offer was only between you 2 since nothing in will or other kind of contract. I truly understand your side but I've seen vultures even with my own bloodlines. My mother had grandfather clock she had always promised me. She never told anyone else. After she passed I never heard who eventually tool it.
  12. My mahindra roxor has a seat belt safety that puts it in limp mode . Easy to bypass but not worried about it.
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