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  1. Hey what's going on here? I came to see the thread.
  2. So is the monkey Widder's nephew
  3. A good spicy bowl of texas venison chili sounds good. Should I invite Frank?
  4. The display of destruction is nothing more than publicity stunt. It does nothing about the missuse. Only a public spectacle to look as if something is being done. Destruction of inanimate objects is only to make feel good gesture.
  5. I read title and thought @Widder, SASS #59054 was calling @tennesseewilliams an old crow
  6. Ok who pushed @Patriot's button
  7. That is a style I would love to have but unless I win the lottery not gonna happen
  8. He only goes after motorcycle crash or falls from trains. So pretty regular.
  9. Even with my big bike I drag the floor boards to point gotta lift my foot.
  10. Today our range hosted boy scouts, girl scouts and children of members. They had opportunity to shoot 22 rifles bench rest, trap, skeet, archery, airguns,blackpowder and lever guns. Yours truly supplied ammo and guns for lever action. 6 rounds 6 falling plates at 20 yards. Even let few parents take couple rounds. I roughly estimate I need to reload around 2000 rounds to replace what we used. D@#$ good time and faces on them and having them coming to shake our hands saying thank you is worth it and more. I feel I should thank them for all the fun I had. By the way I will be sitting out front of the saloon with tin cup collecting any spare primers yall have.
  11. Buds gun shop just sent email they have a 147 gn fmj Winchester ammo should work in M1
  12. Does this also apply to rattle snake @Widder, SASS #59054 @Tennessee williams
  13. This is what happens when @singin'sue comes into the saloon.
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