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  1. Actually the lanyard seems to be back in "fashion" now. I've seen numerous pictures of American soldiers using a lanyard to secure their pistol either to the holster or the LBE gear to prevent a dropped pistol from being lost.
  2. How long has it been since the first and last e-mail? The vendor could be traveling either for SASS or not. Not everybody uses a smart phone for e-mail or brings a laptop with them while traveling.
  3. A little part of me is tempted, I did a quick search and the cost of living in WV is about $10 k less than CT. Add the $12 k being offered, which will cover the cost of the move with some left over and by the end of the first full tax year in WV and I should be ahead at between $8-$10 k.
  4. There have been numerous threads about the shortages in at least the past six months. So while you may not have seen those threads, those of us who have, are perhaps less than patient in re-answering the same basic question over and over.
  5. Here is a link to search for ammo, it's currently set for lead .38 Special: https://ammoseek.com/ammo/38-special?ikw=lead&nr=50 My guess is that the ammo companies are focusing on the more common calibers that the majority of consumers want: .45 Acp, 9mm, .223, etc. It will probably be sometime next year before the prices drop and lead .38 Special ammo becomes more available. And don't expect to see the prices you paid pre - Covid again
  6. Here is a link to what seems to be the auction in question: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/216633_the-estate-of-al-capone/?page=1&pageSize=96 Most of the guns did not belong to Al Capone, they belonged to Al Capone's son Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone. As for the 1911, it probably did belong to Al Capone at one point, just not in that configuration. If I had to guess, Sonny Capone liked to shoot and at some point added adjustable sights and had the front of the grip frame stippled. Auction houses have to walk a very fine line when writing up the description. The description has to be accurate, but written in a way to emphasize the positives of the item and de-emphasize the negatives. Their job is to maximize the consignor's profit (and theirs as well), but they don't dare lie or omit important information. If they do they will quickly get a bad reputation and people will stop buying from them which leads to them being unemployed.
  7. Nope, I don't have that many brass hulls, that thing is too heavy for 12 stages and I have an aversion to multiple burns from very hot barrels I shot the heathen smokeless
  8. If you like your shotgun come to the Buzzard Boil 2022: http://ctvalleybushwackers.com All 12 stages were either 6+ or 8+ shotgun shells 12 stages and a shoot off with ALL shooters, not just the top shooters and a REALLY good meal at the banquet.
  9. Just because the powder is non-corrosive doesn't mean the primer is. Korean 30 Carbine rusted up the barrel of my commercial M-1 carbine. Greek surplus 30-06 also caused some rust in my Garand. My rule is to treat ALL foreign surplus ammo as corrosive regardless of what the box says.
  10. Me too! That would be one way to see different people win (or is it lose?) at matches!
  11. Pepto-Bismol, lots and lots of Pepto-Bismol!
  12. Your coffee pot told them!
  13. Not a cat person, but I join you in wishing whoever that person was a lifetime of pain & misery.
  14. I'd take my cue from the girlfiend (started out as a typo and decided to leave it as is). If she is amused or laughing then I respond with a pleasant smile and either no comment or something sarcastic such as "Why are you jealous?". If the girlfiend is offended, then my response is a less nice smile and a change of subject.
  15. So who has the freakishly over sized hands to shoot one?
  16. That's another book where you can see the author start to suffer from the effects of PTSD. Yes the movies were intended to be family friendly, but that applied to most movies from WWII until maybe the late 1960's. The good guys usually won, sex took place off camera and the violence was almost never graphic.
  17. Both the machine gun incident and the tank destroyer incident took place in southern France, not Italy. Audie Murphy was 19 at the time, whether he was still suffering from malaria in southern France is doubtful. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audie_Murphy I read his autobiography, it is much darker than the movie and IIRC in the book he was showing signs of what we now call PTSD in France.
  18. It's easy to move an office from one state to another. It's a lot harder and more expensive to move the manufacturing, with all of it's machinery, to another state. Also, don't forget the need to find new or additional suppliers that are local to the new spot. And good for S&W for choosing not to fire all the presumably loyal employees they have in Springfield.
  19. Either get the details right or be generic. Detailed errors tend to annoy me. However keep in mind the editors may have made the change in an attempt to "correct" what they think is an error.
  20. I'll ask a stupid question, what is the US military using black powder for? The only thing I thought of was for the powder charge igniter for powder bag charges that the Iowa class battleships used, but they are all out of service.
  21. Probably because there was some doubt that the HMS Anson & HMS Duke of York would win a naval engagement if the KMS Tirpitz & KMS Scharnhorst had decided to put out to sea and go after a convoy. If the books are correct, the 14" guns of the HMS King George V failed to penetrate the deck armor of the KMS Bismarck. I recall reading a reference that the British Admiralty ordered that the KMS Tirpitz was not to be engaged in a one on one fight with a King George V class battleship.
  22. Turning a littering incident into something that could result in criminal misdemeanor or felony charges is stupid
  23. I qualified on the Beretta when I was in Military Police School. Very well made, very accurate, but a rather large gun with a large grip that not all shooters can get there hands around. It was originally designed in 1975 with some of the design features taken from Beretta's made in 1923 & 1951. Once the polymer framed guns started making a serious impact in civilian and law enforcement use here in the USA, the older all metal guns fell out of favor. Using a Glock 17 as an example compared to the original M92, the Glock holds 2 more rounds, weighs 10 oz less empty, is a half inch shorter in length and isn't as wide
  24. I doubt Patton spent a lot of time actually in a tank and even less time in a tank during combat. He was a Lt. Colonel when WWI started and spent most of his time leading the tanks into combat either on foot or standing on the back of the little 2 man tanks the US started with. In between WWI & WWII he went back to the cavalry until just before WWII when he was a brigade and division commander, too senior to spend time in a tank.
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