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  1. Read an article somewhere online in the past week or so that said the reason gas prices have dropped is because demand has dropped. They also said that the reason demand has dropped is more people are finding ways to avoid using gas, such as cancelling road trip vacations, working from home and more online shopping. It'll be interesting to see if gas prices start going back up in the fall as kids go back to school and the gas companies switch back to "winter" gas. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15339380/the-vapor-rub-summer-versus-winter-gasoline-explained/
  2. Okie covered the problems China will face if they try to invade Taiwan. The problem is does the Chinese leadership recognize these problems or are they thinking that Taiwan will give up relatively earlier in the invasion. Or are they just blustering for domestic consumption? Will the US, Japan & Australia become involved militarily, I don't know. IF we do, it will involve the various navies and air forces. Aside from maybe special operation raids, I do NOT think it will turn into a land war. I doubt even the US has the ability to logistically supply the number of troops that it would take to invade mainland China. Economically it would be extremely damaging for the Chinese if they invaded Taiwan and the US economy will take a hit as well.
  3. I have one of the original Marlin Guide Guns with the factory ported barrel. Short and easy to handle and I'm a big fan of the 45-70. I forgot what I paid for it way back when, but they want stupid money for it now., $1400-$1600 used and without the factory porting and the new Ruger "Marlins" don't seem any cheaper.
  4. The company's legal department at work, if you card everyone you are no longer discriminating and you don't have to worry about local LEO departments sending in someone underage and risk losing your liquor license. No one wants to play lawsuit lotto anymore.
  5. I reload the Magtech brass for both 12 gauge & 16 gauge using BP and I have not had to re-size a hull yet and many are on at least their third or fourth reload. I know the 12 gauge hulls have been used in different guns. The bad news is that finding the Magtech hulls might be a problem right now. Pre -Covid they cost maybe $22.95 for 25. I just checked BPI and they are listed as out of stock with a price of $37.99 for 25.
  6. New Haven near Yale isn't bad, a bunch of restaurants with a wide variety of different cuisines, but the rest of the city has nothing to recommend it. Most things in Connecticut are overrated.
  7. The British Army and British Indian Army had dedicated machine gun battalions until the end of WWII. Companies and platoons of machine guns would be temporarily assigned to support other front line units as needed and returned to their battalion when no longer needed. https://vickersmg.blog/in-use/british-service/the-british-army/divisional-machine-gun-battalions/
  8. Sad to see DGJ go, I've subscribed to it for years. Definitely going to miss the articles and the wonderful pictures of shotguns I'll never see first hand. Aside from SASS, you just don't see SxS being used anymore, pretty much all of the shotguns you see in the shotgun shooting sports are either O/U or semi auto's.
  9. August 1916 in support of a British attack, 10 Vickers .303 machine guns fired continuously for 12 hours, stopping only to change the barrels and re-fill the water jackets. In addition to the men of the 100th Machine Gun Company, two additional infantry companies were employed carrying water and ammunition to keep the Vickers running. They fired just under 1 million rounds with no jams or broken parts. "In 1963 in Yorkshire, a class of British Army armorers put one Vickers gun through probably the most strenuous test ever given to an individual gun. The base had a stockpile of approximately 5 million rounds of Mk VII ammunition which was no longer approved for military use. They took a newly rebuilt Vickers gun, and proceeded to fire the entire stock of ammo through it over the course of seven days. They worked in pairs, switching off at 30 minute intervals, with a third man shoveling away spent brass. The gun was fired in 250-round solid bursts, and the worn out barrels were changed every hour and a half. At the end of the five million rounds, the gun was taken back into the shop for inspection. It was found to be within service spec in every dimension." Link: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a18971/forgotten-weapons-the-vickers-gun-is-one-of-the-best-firearms-ever-made/ Modern isn't always better, I can think of no machine gun, that uses a single barrel, currently in service that could match the Vickers for reliability.
  10. Long time movie & TV tough guy and bad guy, I never would have guessed he was so funny. A quote attributed to him: "I was never knocked down in a boxing or kick-boxing match, but I was knocked out cold in a bar fight by a Mexican bantamweight. How? "Two of my friends were swinging him around by his ankles at the time." Interview with Johnny At the Larry Holmes Roast. NFSW and not PC, but really funny
  11. Almost certainly a scam since the Ruger website doesn't list pistol caliber lever action rifles as in production yet. https://www.marlinfirearms.com/s/leverAction/
  12. I seem to remember that they can be fed from either side and the side that they are fed from determines which way the barrels rotate.
  13. Swedish Mauser at 2500 yards with 20-25 mph winds. Note to self, never, ever piss that man off!
  14. I wish I had his eyesight. I'm not sure I could see a 24 x 24 white square at 1080 yards with my eyesight.
  15. After the Sandy Hook school shooting the gun grabbers passed an "assault weapons" ban in CT. They held a public hearing on the bill. It started at 10 am and went on until 4 am when the last person spoke. About 90% of the people testified against the bill. The hearing didn't go the way the gun grabbers wanted, so they used they used a legislative clause for emergencies to pass the bill at very short notice at 2 or 3 am in the morning and most of the legislature never had a chance to read the whole bill. If there was a silver lining it ended the political careers of a number of major state politicians from both parties and there hasn't been another bill that was directly anti-gun since.
  16. Very much a fan of Amazon. From finding books on obscure subjects that I would never find in a book store to finding clothes in my size that I want to wear, which I never find at retail stores. I don't have to deal with people, traffic or store clerks who nothing about what they are selling.
  17. First it would have to pass the Senate and I can think of at least three Demoncrat or Independent senators that probably won't vote for it (Testor D-Montanta, Manchin, D-WV, King I-ME) and there may be more. The normally RINO senators are all in very pro-gun states (Murkowski -AK, Romney-UT, Collins-ME) so they probably won't vote for this bill.* Even if by some small chance the bill passes, it is unlikely to stand up in court. Hopefully the passage of this bill in the House will hurt the Demoncrats as badly as the 1994 "Assault" Weapons bill did. *Whether or not you liked the last "anti-gun" bill that recently passed through the Senate, it was too reasonable to the average voter to get outraged about and failing to pass it probably would have hurt our chances in November.
  18. I dabble in English shotguns from the same approximate time period. Based on the picture, I see nothing that would suggest the gun is worth what they are asking for it. If you are looking for something for CAS, then avoid the very old guns, there are no spare parts available and repairs are very expensive. If you are looking for an old hammer gun, then I suggest checking out some of the dedicated firearms auction houses such as Rock Island Auctions, Amoskeag and Poulin. All are reputable auction houses that only deal with firearms or firearms related items.
  19. 2F Triple 777 is what I use with 147 gr .38 Special and both 200gr & 240gr in .44 magnum. Works fine with both. I've tried Pyrodex in the past and found it caused rust very quickly. Since you live in a humid climate, I expect you will have the same results
  20. During WWI, in an effort to deal with the German submarines, the Royal Navy converted some 58 civilian ships into Q Ships among which were a number of either all sail powered or sail powered with an auxiliary engine. Many were armed with a 4" gun and several 3" guns as well as machine guns. Despite the slowness and potential steering problems due to wind, several of the sailing ships managed to sink German submarines. There was one Q Ship captain (not sure if a sailing ship or motorized ship) who had a standing order in the log book, which he required all the officers aboard to sign their names, that if a torpedo was sighted coming at the ship the officer of the deck was required to do his best to steer the ship INTO the path of the torpedo so it would hit the ship. The captain hoped that having a torpedo hit the ship would draw the submarine in close enough to engage them with gunfire. I'll note that many Q ships carried wood or drums or other cargo that keep the ship afloat even after a torpedo hit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q-ship
  21. Looks like Bass Pro and Cabela's have merged their used gun list. Now what is in Cabelas gun library is also in Bass Pros gun library. The Joseph Lang shotgun isn't common and the pictures are identical.
  22. Milt Sparks I own and really like the Versa Max 2 Don't go cheap on holsters
  23. I've had the CZ Bobwhite G2 for a couple of years now and I'm pretty sure you're going to like the gun. Mine has been trouble free so far, I only wish there was a bit more wood on the forehand for when I shoot black powder.
  24. It's mostly the shooter's skill, the ballistics of the cartridge and the quality of a gun. I make no claims about being a super pistol shot, but I have no doubt that I could take a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless in .32 ACP and hit a standard IPSC target at 100 yards with more than half the time.
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