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  1. Watching the mess that will be nominating her replacement should be interesting. Newsom made some promises about who he would nominate so there going to be some people less than pleased with Newsom no matter what he does. As to that person's death, I really don't much care.
  2. Maybe i shouldn't have opened the 5 lb jug of Trailboss earlier this year
  3. The first video is an explanation of the cutter and Mariano Rivera's use of it. The second video is Mariano Rivera using his cutter to break a hitter's bat
  4. He's just a baby at 24, but an amazing talent. I've seen him live and he has an amazing career ahead of him
  5. DC-3's never die, they keep flying and flying and when they can't fly anymore they can get turned into an AirBnB https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/937137757270870352?adults=1&enable_m3_private_room=true&source_impression_id=p3_1694479845_SJvZCT6wgGx6CIHa&previous_page_section_name=1000&federated_search_id=dbb729e8-ea07-4d8d-a77b-f5026e50370c&guests=1&modal=PHOTO_TOUR_SCROLLABLE
  6. The Tonight Show Band doesn't get nearly enough credit. As a side note both Doc and Tommy Newsom were both very funny.
  7. I get about 55-57 shells per pound of powder. I usually just shoot it at state level or above matches.
  8. I'm using 120 grs of 1F or 2F and 1 1/2 oz of shot, but that's in a modern Spanish double that weighs about 12 1/2 pounds. Recoil is a big shove. In my older 10 gauges it's 60 grs of 1F or 2F and 1 1/2 oz of shot. With Remington hulls I was getting 4 or 5 loads per hull before they became unusable. Federal hulls didn't last that long. I use fiber wads for both loads. Rocky Mountain brass hulls will last almost forever, but aren't cheap. An alternative is to go to gun shows and look for people selling the older "antique" brass hulls. Most can be reloaded using large pistol primers, but make sure to examine the flash hole on the inside of the hull. I ended up with a couple that wouldn't accept 209 shotgun primers or large pistol primers. You'll also need to use 9 gauge fiber wads and cards for the "antique" hulls.
  9. For those of you with an iPhone, there is a "Find Your Phone" option on the Apple website. It shows where the phone is (home, work, store) and generates an obnoxious noise even if the phone was set on silent mode. Found this out the hard way when I put my phone somewhere I never would have looked,
  10. Post Bruen we are seeing a lot of laws being passed as both sides try figure out what is and is not constitutional under Bruen
  11. The average American seems not to know that many countries were involved in WWII on the Allied side.
  12. Good luck if it happens and I hope it doesn't. I'm not sure why, but I'm not optimistic in such a lawsuit succeeding.
  13. They're trying to prevent themselves from being sued, so they put up the no guns signs to CYA
  14. In the present with smokeless powder .45 Colt In the past with black powder .44-40
  15. You left it on the top of your vehicle at the last SASS match you went to. Or it went to the same place as the missing remote and the other sock that made up the pair
  16. Also have an experienced 97 user run a half dozen shells through it to see if it malfunctions for them as well
  17. Is the hammer going forward on the shell that doesn't fire? If yes, check the firing pin. If no, the gun is not locking up completely
  18. Just an FYI, Heluva Ruckus tends to sells out pretty quick. They usually post the application on their website in April Do the research, but I don't think NY is any worse, law wise, than MD or NJ
  19. Try a refrigerator, even if it isn't plugged in, it should work better than an ice chest. Primers in the freezer section, powder in the other part. If you can plug it in that's even better. You'll have to play with the settings and determine the best temperature, but since you probably won't need to keep either section as cold as possible, that should reduce the amount of electricity the refrigerator uses. And you can sell it that the wife gets a new refrigerator and you can use the old one for powder & primers.
  20. Thank you to all the people at Circle K who work so hard to put on a great match EVERY single year. I've shot every Heluva Ruckus since 2000 and they never fail to put on a great match. Yet again, I was the only sane person on my posse!
  21. I use Hogdon 2F 777 in .44 cap & ball and , .38 Special and .44 Magnum. Per Hogdon's Data: https://hodgdon.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/muzzleloading_manual_2008.pdf a 30 gr charge of 2F 777 and a 200 gr bullet is very near the 1000 fps SASS limit. 3F 777 with the same charge and bullet will almost certainly be above the 1000 fps max and may make some match directors, who don't have AR500 steel targets, unhappy.
  22. Talked to a falconer a couple of years ago and she said that a bald eagle can apply in excess of 1000 pounds of pressure with it's talons. To put that into context a pit bull terrier bites with 225 pounds of pressure, a German Shepherd bite is 235 pounds of pressure and a wolf bite is in the neighborhood of 700 pounds of pressure.
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