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Pat Riot

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1 hour ago, Alpo said:

You know, I get the point. But "this idiot" - I understand what's going on with him completely.


The sign says "wet paint do not pass". That tells me that the yellow stripe is wet paint. So he is staying far away from the yellow stripe so he won't drive on the wet paint. Sign don't say diddly poop about the white stripe being wet. It says the yellow stripe is.

Still an idiot. An inattentive idiot. 

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48 minutes ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

I think I dated his sister once..........but ONLY once.

That must've taken an inordinate amount of beer. :lol:

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25 minutes ago, Crooked River Pete, SASS 43485 said:


The warning was almost valid some years ago.


Criminals were targeting tourists with carjackings. But the legislature responded by requiring car rental companies to remove all markings indicating that it was a rental car (to be fair, some of those markings had been required by earlier legislation).


Why rental cars? Tourists would not be carrying firearms and locals might.


But as is typical of the antigun campaigns, the messaging vilifies law abiding citizens, and runs counter to enabling legitimate self defense.

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Ah that's just Sarah Brady and her jerks trying to scare people from coming here.


"Stay away from Florida! They'll shoot your ass!!"


Yeah we will. :ph34r:






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