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I know what my next firearm is going to be :-)

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My last rifle is a Savage single shot in 223.
This is for prairie dogs, mostly.
It is paroled from CA 10-day jail on September 27.

In these days of chronic component scarcity, 223 is cheaper to shoot than the big bores.

Watching the above video, I was puzzling over those X-braces scraping the bluing off their barrels.

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It won't "scrape" the blueing, but it will wear it, of course. Even in padded slots in my gun cart, all my rifles & shotguns show blue wear at the contact point.

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Thanks to the movie, and later the establishment of the Quigley shoot, I am waiting on my third Shiloh Sharps, to come in, any day now. I often wonder how many others, like me, finally just had to have one, and bought a Sharps because of the movie, and/or because of the Quigley shoot.

Going to the Quigley shoot is on my bucket list, for sure. It's all about fun, and fellowship, and competing with yourself, to see if you can even hit the target (or in my case, even see the target) with no scope.

I like it because, while everyone would like to win, that is not the main point of the match. They all seem happy for the winner, but it isn't the end-all/be-all of the gathering. It is the opportunity to gather with others with like-minded love for the rifle, and the atmosphere, and the sport. It is the camaraderie, the seeing of old friends, and meeting new ones. Of introducing the young ones to the sport of long range target shooting, with 19th century rifles, and black powder. It is the point where it becomes a family tradition to go to the Quigley shoot. It's an investment in fun. :FlagAm:





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16 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

If it weren't for the plow front hat, the button down collar, and that turkey platter belt buckle that hombre would look just like ME!


Are you bragging or complaining Forty?

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Good Father, if that be your next acquisition, I would say with candor and with honesty:

Well chosen indeed!

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