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  1. I have a set of Texas Grips made Extended Grips for Uberti/Cimarron 1875 Outlaw. These grips extend past the grip frame and meet underneath. Polished Walnut grips. $60 shipped.
  2. When I went to Vietnam, the exchange rate was $22,000 Vietnamese Dong to 1 USD. I exchanged $50 USD and was an instant millionaire
  3. Never had a seconds worth of trouble with my 94AE. Must have got the good one in 45Colt!
  4. Up for sale is a Cimarron Schofield 7-inch revolver in 45 colt. This gun was bought new and only has had a single box of shells through it. Never been holstered, and only sat in the safe. It just doesn’t fit my hand as well as I thought it would. Near NIB excellent condition, slight Schofield cylinder ring. I replaced the grips with natural maple wood from LS Grips, but will include originals with gun. Box and paperwork included $925 shipped to your FFL, and your FFL must be willing to receive from a private seller. Thanks for looking.
  5. Up for sale is an original 1892 Winchester in 44-40 (44wcf) caliber. This rifle has an 24 inch octagon barrel, and as you can see, it has been over a few trails. Maybe it took part in the Yaqui uprising, maybe it went to the Yukon? Only it can say. The Cody Museum factory letter states that this particular rifle was made on May 2, 1895 in its current configuration, save the rear sight, which is a Marbles Sight. I do not believe the checkering on the forearm and the stock are factory, but that simply adds to the story of this rifle. The bore is somewhat dark but the rifling is still there, and it shoots as you would expect a 127-year-old rifle to shoot. Everything still functions as it should, the magazine loads fully and works just fine, the lever and action are extremely smooth and functional, and it fires and ejects as required. Accuracy is about what you would come to expect. After considerable research, I have determined the value of this rifle in this condition, age, and functionality to be $2200 shipped. (Money order or certified check) I can ship direct to your home, as this rifle was born before 1899.
  6. I hung a drop cloth and placed the loose end in a box. Used pellets drop right in and I can reuse them. Lots of fun!
  7. As an alternative, if you shoot .45’s, Numrich has these steel conversion cartridges that shoot .22’s. The there is rifling in the converter. Accuracy is so-so, but they sure beat practicing with expensive ammo.
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