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  1. My dad's journal has an entry pertaining to the doctor & hospital bills for my birth in '56, and the prices are similar. He also wrote about buying a chainsaw the same year - it cost more than the doctor & hospital bills!
  2. I usually go with three - gotta have an identical backup for each set, ya know.
  3. In a Ruger Vaquero/New Vaquero, a .45 acp case still headspaces on the case mouth, so a roll crimp is inadvisable.
  4. ? ? ? For Wild Bunch, I use a 230 grainer, but I noticed a tremendous drop in recoil using a ~150 grain bullet in the revolvers, as per my link above.
  5. Keeping the range reasonable and placing the shot well, I wouldn't worry much about using even a .357 magnum rifle. I killed a forkhorn mulie up here one year with a Glock 26 9mm, but it was very close range - no more than 75 feet. It was hunting season, I had a license, but I wasn't hunting, so my rifle was at the house a few hundred yards away. The police expect a 9mm to work on a 300 pound, two legged idiot, so why shouldn't it work on a 200 pound 4 legged deer?
  6. Methinks yer barkin' up the wrong tree.
  7. Not to diminish the death of two kids, but... ~30 people died today in alcohol related car accidents. Just as they did yesterday. And will tomorrow. And every other day of the year. But let's ban guns. You have a higher likelihood of being killed by a pet or domestic livestock in this country than in a mass shooting. But let's ban guns. Politics.
  8. ... that nobody likes to end up in their Dillon when they're reloading? I'm using a Lee .003" undersize sizer die, a tighter taper crimp and lighter bullet for my Ruger revolvers, so I'm using all my small primer stuff in them to differentiate it from what I'm using in my autos. I only came up with about 175 pieces, so if you have some you'd like to toss my way, give me a shoutout. Except for Amerc, of course.
  9. Supporting documentation is in the Shooter's Handbook, but if there's any doubt about the legality of either of them, Palewolf is the guy who could make that determination.
  10. As the rules are written, there's no reason they wouldn't be legal, although .303 Savage is a bit rare and hard to come by.
  11. Buy a copy of "Cartridges of the World", find all the rimmed cartridges and read when they were introduced.
  12. The 7mm Mauser isn't a rimmed cartridge. If it were chambered in 7x57R, it should have been OK. I suppose there is a bit of leeway in interpretation, as the rules don't specify that a period cartridge is only legal if it was chambered in a period rifle. Such as the .303 Savage, a traditional, period, rimmed cartridge, dates to 1894, as does say a Winchester M94, but the .303 Savage was never chambered in the Winchester rifle. It could be interpreted that both would be legal by themselves, but not together. If someone documented a custom High Wall chambered in .303 British, would that then be considered a legal combination? “Rifle Caliber” competition rifles must use traditional, period, rimmed cartridges. No cartridge chambered for use in any SASS approved main match revolver or rifle may be used in the “Rifle Caliber” competition, except the .56-50. Thus, .30-30 (.30 WCF), .38-55 Marlin & Ballard, .43 Spanish, or .45-70 Government cartridges are legal, while a .375 Winchester, .444 Marlin, .32-20, or .44-40 are not legal. Shotguns using slugs are not allowed in the Buffalo Single Shot competition." "Lever action rifles used in long-range matches, whether revolver or rifle calibers, must be originals or replicas of rifles manufactured during the period from approximately 1860 until 1899. Lever or slide action, tubular feed, exposed hammer rifles or carbines are allowed, providing they are in safe working condition. Single Shot and Buffalo Single Shot firearms must be originals or replicas of single shot rifles manufactured during the period from approximately 1860 until 1899. All rifles MUST have exposed hammers. The caliber and cartridge rules for the “Rifle Caliber” firearms noted above under basic rules also apply to Single Shot and Buffalo Single Shot rifles with the exception Buffalo Single Shot rifles must be .375" bore size or larger." Only Buffalo Single Shot specifies a rifle of US design or manufacture.
  13. Although legal, holders of other types of FFL's (as well as individuals for that matter) very often will not send a C&R eligible firearm to a Type 3 FFL holder. Partly because it requires a phone call to verify the C&R license validity, instead of running it online through EZ Check, and partly because "it's not on the list". The vast majority of C&R firearms qualify simply because they are 50+ years old and ATF doesn't list them, because the roster would be hundreds of pages long. The seller doesn't want to research the serial number and confirm it was manufactured over 50 years ago, nor do they want to assume the liability.
  14. Shooter still has to engage the targets. "Engage" doesn't mean shoot at, it means attempt to shoot at. If he can't shoot at them due to a malfunction, he's still engaged them.
  15. "Rifle was properly and safely discarded as a malfunctioning gun" The proper way is to declare the malfunction, then safely stage the gun. As the statement says it was done properly and safely discarded, the implication is the shooter properly declared the rifle malfunction and safely re-staged it.
  16. Minor safety?? The rifle malfunction was declared and it was properly discarded.
  17. How could they count the unfired rounds as misses while saying misses can be made up with the shotgun? Three misses.
  18. I think the R-15 came out in '08 or '09. Sandy Hook was 2012.
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