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  1. Normally an H&R "Automatic ejecting" six shot .32 S&W.
  2. Good Will/Salvation Army Thrift Store > pair of slacks, $10.00 > cut legs off and sew the cut end shut = two dust covers.
  3. Why can't I shoot WB with my Colt ACE? Small pistol 1911 brass isn't hard to come by - I've acquired quite a stock from fellow shooters who loathe the stuff getting mixed in with their large pistol brass. I use the small pistol stuff in my .45acp Vaqueros so there's no chance of it getting mixed up with my WB brass.
  4. A variation of registration invariably leading to confiscation.
  5. Vaquero prices are coming down - somebody posted a pic recently of some new New Vaqueros in a retail store that were... $699? Using that price, a '66 in good condition with a short stroke kit, you're still upside down, but not by a lot.
  6. I think those were mine - I can tell by the front sights! If I had a lick o' sense, I'd buy them back.
  7. I've got a Pietta, and two percussion cylinders for it + the Taylors .45 Colt conversion cylinder. If I understand the law correctly, the conversion cylinder has to be shipped separate, so paying shipping on two separate packages, $500, shipped & insured is my bottom line. I've got a buddy who's been telling me for two years or more, "Don't sell that, I want it - I'll take it as soon as I get the money". Well, after two years, it's pretty safe to say he's never going to get the money. The conversion cylinder is almost new, and is currently $291.43 + shipping. The revolver isn't new or like new, but it isn't beat all to crap either - somewhere in between, I guess. If interested, PM me an email, and I'll send some pics of scratches, wear & tear, etc.
  8. Other than an AR50, I've never kept track of round count in any of my guns, but I've had one of my three Bounty Hunter II's since 2004 - $229.99, new. I rotate a fair number of CAS shotguns, rifles, and pistols throughout the year, so even with some forty matches a year for thirty years now, NONE of them have an exceptionally high round count.
  9. Shooting them for ten years or seventeen years or whatever is a meaningless statement without knowing how many matches or rounds. If you shoot only one 10/10/4 six stage match a year for twenty years with your shotgun, that's a whopping 480 shells, more or less, while forty matches a year would come to 19,200 shells, more or less.
  10. That isn't mine, it's a pic from Google Images.
  11. Overall, the Baikals are good shotguns. The ones imported by Remington are branded "Spartan" - same shotgun. I've got three 12g BHII's, and a single trigger 20g SPR220. Bounty Hunter II's will have the half hourglass extractor, while the 220's will be the full hourglass style. I bought the 20g two years ago because I had a 5 gal bucket full of 20g reloads (literally) for when my daughter was still living at home and shooting with me, and figured that was justification enough to buy my own 20g and start shooting them up. I've shot it almost exclusively for the past two years, probably 50+ matches, and no problems. I've shot one of the BHII's since 2004, also with no problems.
  12. The article uses the phrase "assault weapons" twice, while the term "modern sporting rifle" or "MSR" is used five times. Although the term was created as an alternate descriptor to apply to "assault weapons", it casts a broad net in the minds of gun control activists.
  13. Sixty ninth shot? Gimme a break. Given enough ammo, ANYBODY can eventually hit it. Give them up to five sighters, none of which count if they hit, then three shots for the record. No more than one attempt per day, week, month, whatever. Things are going to be different when I'm King.
  14. I know a Cowboy shooter here who used 9 grains of Red Dot with 7/8 oz shot for many years, but a few years back, bumped it up to 10 grains like H. K. Uriah is using. Maybe he finally got a wad stuck in the barrel. You could actually see the shot ball going downrange. Cowboy Action & Wild Bunch are the only shotgun shooting I do, so a Lee Load-All has sufficed for 30 years. I use 12 grains Red Dot with 7/8 oz shot, AA or STS hulls, most any wad I happen upon, and any ol' 209 primer. If I'm using a 1 1/8 or 1 1/4 oz wad, I'll pinch off a piece of plastic packing peanut to top off the shot column with so the crimp doesn't collapse inward.
  15. I've had it happen at least once with a .38 spl '66, and once with a .25-20 Marlin with a one-piece firing pin. Both times were close enough to "in battery", the cases didn't blow out. No apparent damage either time.
  16. Pi over pi(e), or pi divided by pi(e), equals 1. What's so hard about that?
  17. The problem with lengthening the hole strap and/or buckle strap is the belt at the hole strap end is no longer long enough to slip through the loop on the buckle end, AND it has the effect of moving the holsters more to the rear, which is ungood.
  18. A different rig - no safety glasses because it's a staged shot on my own home range.
  19. As we age, weight gain plagues many of us, and the comfortable old rig just doesn't fit anymore. Or maybe something you picked up at a yard sale or swap meet is just almost there, but not quite. What have you done to stretch your gun belt(s)? My old B-Western rig is in the same boat now, but I need to come up with something a bit classier than these three.
  20. I've owned and used most of the "non-mainstream" stuff in matches, but an Evans rifle is high on my bucket list. My Fox Patent Side Swing was made in the 1870's - I said 1880's in the video. The French Darne is another real oddball. This one has full-length extractors, not ejectors, although versions with ejectors were also made.
  21. I visited the site in February of 2006 on a two week vacation to Hawaii. We went to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor and whatnot, then stayed on Kauai for the remainder of the trip.
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