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  1. I've taken the front sight off during a match a couple times...
  2. 1. Was SASS (or CAS) your first foray into an organized firearms competition? No. If you answered NO; a. What shooting game or games did you play prior and why start SASS? I shot Bullseye *casually* in the mid-70's with a Colt Mk IV Series 70 and a Ruger Mk 1 678 with a factory Ruger muzzle brake. Just like CAS, I wasn't all that good at it. Why CAS? I grew up on a ranch, and still live on a few hundred acres of it, so "The West" was in my blood. My first rifle back in the mid-60's was a lever action .22, and my first handgun was a Colt single action revolver, both of which I still have. b. Was the cost of those games more or less than your SASS cost? More or less expensive is subjective - I still have both guns, and the price on the Colt box says $279. The T678 was made in 1963, and I probably paid under $100 for it used. So... $379... in 1975... when I was making $326.10/month wearing a Navy uniform. Online inflation calculators say that $379 then is about $1800 today. My first CAS guns were a .44 Super Blackhawk, a .45 Blackhawk, and a Rossi Overland hammer coach gun, all three of which I already had, and I added a new stainless Rossi '92 .45 Colt to get started. The SBH was a Christmas present some forty years ago, and the coach gun was an inheritance, so my outlay for the Blackhawk and '92 was probably around $550. c. Did you have to/ choose to delay SASS because of the costs? No. If you answered YES a. What brought you to SASS as opposed to any other shooting sport? Friendlier people and lighter, less serious competition. b. What hobby/ sport/ game did you participate in prior? Bullseye, as stated above, bluegrass banjo/fiddle/mandolin/dulcimer, sport flying in a 2-place homebuilt. c. Were the costs of the above more or less than SASS entry? The plane was a bit pricey, but I got my money back out of it when I sold it. d. Did you have to/ choose to delay SASS because of the costs? No, as stated above.
  3. It takes all of ten minutes for an FFL holder to register online with CDOJ/CFLC. After that, it normally takes just seconds to get a shipping authorization or a "Do Not Ship" notification from the Website.
  4. Buck 307 I bought at the Navy Exchange in Millington TN in '75.
  5. I was really expecting about double that. $327 for the module + the mechanic's $20 markup, and three hours labor @ $100/hour.
  6. Cables were never hooked up - I pulled up in front of his truck, put mine in park, and it died.
  7. I went to a Cowboy match Sunday, pulled around to give somebody a jump, put my truck in park, and the engine quit just like turning the key off. I got a diesel mechanic out to the range Monday with his diagnostic magic box, and three hours later, two fuses, and a new Fuel Injector Control Module, I was on the road home. $647.00 (plus entry fee for the match, of course)... really not that bad for an off-site, out-of-town service call and three hours labor working on a truck in the blazing sun in a gravel parking lot. No gun-of-the-month for July now... good thing I bought two this month!
  8. They never really stopped around here. I've shot seventeen "local" matches so far this year - "local" being four clubs within two hours/110 miles or less.
  9. My main career was casting lead, 90-100 tons at a time, twice a day. Imagine a lead pot that holds 120 tons, and fluxes so large they're mixed and loaded with a skidsteer. You know those one pound, 4 cavity Lyman ingot molds? We made ingots exactly like that, only scaled up to 9-10 tons each. Still, I cast, but mainly specialty bullets I can't buy. Loading shotshells kind of sucks, but not because of the reloading, it's because I just can't toss a hull that should have been thrown out two reloads ago.
  10. I didn't realize there was a shortage again til I went to buy a pound of Red Dot a couple weeks ago. Among the five stores in town that sell powder, I finally found one... ONE. Powder & primers are getting pretty dang scarce again. Primers & caps, I'm good... There are more up in my house, but you're limited to 10,000 in a residence, so ya gotta spread 'em out among the outbuildings - no more than 200,000 per storage cabinet.
  11. Odd they won't ship to a Type 2 FFL holder, but like you said, their businesses, their policies. Really, the only practical difference is pawn shops tend to get audited more often by BATFE.
  12. Yep, Midway shows five 100 piece lots in stock @ $99.99 ea + shipping. Track of the Wolf also shows it by the piece, 50 pieces, 100 pieces, or 250 pieces. https://www.trackofthewolf.com/Search.aspx?search=56-50 brass I bet Buffalo Arms carries it too.
  13. ... here are some pics from Deadeye Dallas showing the jig and mag tube modification he came up with to keep the rounds from jumping the cartridge stop. Mine made it through two 10 round strings yesterday after this mod, so I might just try it at this coming weekend's match... with a backup or two, of course.
  14. A cartridge belt might have 20-25 loops, while a gun belt will often have none. A gun belt/duty belt from the 70's would have a pouch slide with a couple speed loaders. Today, extra mags. It would have to be a train wreck from hell to ever need even 6 extra rounds for this game.
  15. Yes it is - it appears to have taken on a slight curve from being worn, but it should be exactly the same flipped the other way.
  16. Very heavy-duty and well built. Measures 39" to shortest hole, 43 1/2" to longest - seven holes total. Single ply, 1 7/8" wide, and over 1/4" thick with 25 .44/.45 loops. $45 shipped.
  17. I have a brand new/old stock set of 4-D dies (CH4D) with shell holder I'll send off to you for $80, shipped - Buffalo Arms price on these is $130.59 plus shipping, and probably without a shell holder.
  18. C'mon now, yer gonna draw the grade school fart joke mentalities out of the weeds again.
  19. Three years ago, I was spotting for a shooter, when a nearly complete 200 grain .45 bullet came straight back from the target, over his shoulder, and hit me just below the right eye. Felt like Saturday night downtown after the rodeo! Made me see stars for a couple seconds, and pretty much destroyed my Wiley-X shooting glasses. The plastic distorted and absorbed the impact, I had quite a shiner and the right side of my face was swollen up for a couple days, but I got to keep my eye. I can't say enough about buying quality shooting glasses. A hundred bucks vs. being called One-eyed Johnson for the rest of my days... easy choice!
  20. Dang, I wish I could have seen it! The COVID madness hasn't affected us here nearly as much as some other areas - I shot my 15th match for the year today.
  21. As above, it's worth exactly what you paid for it. In 2011, when they were still readily available, I bought two several months apart from Sportsman's Warehouse for $389.99 ea.
  22. You have a PISTOL in .32-40?? The only way that would be possible is if it is a modern custom revolver based on the Century or BFR frame. Or custom TC Contender maybe. It wouldn't be disqualified as a main match cartridge because it wasn't common in revolvers, it would be disqualified because it's a rifle cartridge. The .30 Carbine will fit in a standard Blackhawk size cylinder & frame, but the .32-40 won't fit even in a stretched .357 Maximum frame or S&W X-Frame.
  23. Uhhh... the .32-40 is a rifle cartridge - about the same length as a .30-30. (edit) A quick Google search doesn't show anything like .44-40, .38-40, .32-20, or any other what we would call "pistol cartridges" chambered in the '93. I found references to .30-30, .38-55, .32-40, .32 High Power, and .25-36, all rifle cartridges.
  24. Was the '93 ever available in a "pistol caliber"...?
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