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  1. Favorite hunting rifle......Shiloh Sharps 1874 Business Rifle
  2. Mine is in the category of a great rifle to shoot and so glad I got it when I did....
  3. Unique and 231 is one of those go-to hand gun powders. I recently came upon a 4lb bottle at a smaller mom and pop gun store and I was morally obligated to give it a home. When I first started reloading in the early 70's it was my first powder at the advice of a wise old timer....How'd I get this old?
  4. I have never cared for it, this year I'll probably be outside on my horse.....
  5. I'm old school. I like pretty wood and polished blue in my lever guns.....
  6. My daughter can change a tire on her horse trailer in a snow storm, bone out an elk, reload ammo or be a lady when needed. My nephew wears make up……nuf said.
  7. Collectors gun and not recommended for shooting Iver Johnsons "Owl Head”, .38 S&W caliber (Black Powder only) There are no markings on the frame and no serial number to research its age, best guess is 1910 and that is only a guess. This gun is for black powder only. The flutes in the cylinder for the stop bolt are longer than the ones for smokeless and the owl is facing forward. This was part of an estate that I acquired and have no need for it. Perhaps some one out there needs a piece of history. $100 and I get the shipping ..... I am at the mercy of LGS's and fellow shooters on what this is. It is a novelty item, and the information provided is a best guess. What is consistent is the brand, claliber and the "don't shoot this". Even the internet has been less than helpful at times. My expertise is not in anything made by Iver Johnson. Thanks for looking......
  8. I have not made it to Deadwood, yet....
  9. In AZ she would be charged, murder is still murder. Trial, highly unlikely, a plea very likely. Competency and mental health would be the sticking points. As a old curmudgeon once told me; at 85 or 90 a life sentence is much shorter.....
  10. Colt Python 357 Magnum 4.25in Stainless Steel Revolver - 6 Rounds - Satin Finish - $1279.99 Anyone seen one of these? https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/handguns/colt-python-357-magnum-425in-stainless-steel-revolver-6-rounds/p/1857054
  11. I have used 1000's in small pistol, large pistol, large rifle and small rifle standard. Never a problem one.......I came across a bunch for sale at a LGS that was closing and bought them all, pre Dumpster Fire (2020). A lucky move on my part.
  12. I am finding that I am growing weaker and needing one of the new Henry 1860's simply because of the cool factor......trying to decide between steel or brass...opinions?
  13. My favorite is my old Marlin 336 Texan from 1969. Lots of mule deer and cow elk have fallen to this rifle.....
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