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  1. I have a pair of antique glasses that I use to use on the range until I took a bullet fragment in the eye brow. That was just a bit too close, now it is prescription safety glasses on the range that will be a antique in 100 years. But the antique glasses have a cool factor of quite high!
  2. I primarily use a few different .45 Colts but have to been know to also use .44 Spcl's and 44-40's..... I do love the collecting and gathering aspect of CAS.
  3. On the topic of North American Bison, we have a number of them on the north Kaibab Plateau in Northern AZ. Specifically, just outside of the park at the Grand Canyon North Rim. One evening as the sun was setting one of our hunting partners was overdue in returning to deer camp. We were all involved in a archery deer hunt. So we went looking and within a relatively short time we found Richard perched like a squirrel, 20 feet up a Douglas Fir with a nasty bull Bison just below him at the base of the tree. The bull was laying down just looking around, occasionally dosing and occasionally looking up at our friend. We came to find out that the bull charged Richard about 7 hours earlier which caused him to scamper up the tree leaving all dignity behind and actively not becoming involved in a natural selection event. What caused this was just a chance encounter, unprovoked and according to Richard, unsolicited. We finally did spook the bull off, and instead of gratitude all Richard could say was, "What took you so long!"
  4. Same problem that many of us "high mileage individuals" are facing, it is getting harder to do with beat up, well used hands. But, I have yet to give in.
  5. I have a pair of CZ Coach hammered SG's. One is my go to and the other is a safe queen and only used as a prop in a Redneck Wedding by the Brides Father. But that is another story. I bought these when they first came out, had a great experience with a prior CZ and was never disappointed. My go-to CAS SG shows the wear but it just adds to the character. Never a problem, no complaints or concerns. They are stiff when new, they do break in nicely if your patient or you can find a good smith to speed up the process. But they are expensive.
  6. I will take the brass if still available for $35....PM me with a address to send $ please
  7. I have taken mule deer with a .44 mag. (240 gr SP), 41 mag. (210 gr flat point) and one with a .357 mag. (158 gr SP). All pistol shots at less than 50 yards. I have not tried the .45 Colt yet, perhaps once I come up with a load for my Marlin 1894. You got me thinking......and it will be all about bullet placement. Perhaps this is the way to go.
  8. Its a good looking rifle, I have my CAS go to rifles that I am quite happy with. Might consider it, but Henry will have a difficult time breaking into the 1873 / Marlin crowd. Question is, do I need another pretty toy, but then at this stage of the game most of us do not need, it is all about want.
  9. Probably something to do with spending a small fortune on three different ones to make them work consistently and finally throwing in the towel. I would love to have one that is reliable but lever guns just work, all of the time. I am still partially infected with the bug but is became a lesser priority. I even bought a Henry Pump .22 and it works flawlessly.
  10. Buy what makes you happy. All are good, some have some unique quirks but it is an investment into your happiness. I prefer Ruger and Colt, I have used the Italian Pistolas without any regrets but appreciate the feel of the Colt SAA and the toughness of the NMV. Go to a shoot and test drive a few, I have not met anyone in CAS that would be opposed to sharing and even providing some ammo. My go-to pair are shown below....
  11. I gave up on the wet process, I went to mixing these dry at a 50/50 mix and tumble brass dry. Works great for me. This even gets the BP brass clean and shining. I use the Hornady Vibratory Tumbler, set it on a timer and walk away. .
  12. This version got me a speeding ticket once upon a time while driving a Roadrunner in 1978.....such fun it was!
  13. I use the data from the Hornady manual for the 250 grain XTP bullet in .45 Colt and avoid +P anything. I have an older Marlin 1894 that feeds reliably with the Hornady data. Please do not re-seat, just like everyone said, it is dangerous.
  14. Canon Power Shot GX1 Mark II digital camera. This has been upgraded and I do not have the need to keep it. It is in excellent condition and comes with everything in the picture. Review: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-powershot-g1-x-mark-ii/11 $105.00 and I get the shipping....final price reduction .
  15. My favorite stupid person story is based upon someone who publicly stated in anger that they were going to sue us for, "defecation of character." Perhaps before they ventured into the world of 4 syllable words they needed to learn the difference between defecation and defamation.....
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