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  1. If you have not taken a financial hit during the pandemic, you are a fortunate person. All of us have seen or experienced the struggle. Living in a tourist based town, the level of unemployment is not quite what the local government reports, I believe it is considerably higher. I had 144 college students in the spring semester, about 1/3rd lost their job. Many had to break their lease and move back home. I cannot imagine the hit that has been taken by SASS or any other sporting-recreation venue. Things in AZ have started up again, but AZ is ahead of many places. I can only recommend that we stay strong and continue to invest in what ever sport we believe in. I am optimistic that we will bounce back. Now take a young person shooting, it is our future.
  2. I had someone tailgating me as I was pulling some livestock. Well some of the bovines emptied their urinary tract and commenced to "mist" the ugly car that was just too close. Unaware, I kept driving and when I pulled into a gas station, this moron was wanting to prove his excessive testosterone and of all things, wanted to fight. I laughed and told him to just go away and he was lucky one of them didn't share the organic guacamole that they store just south of their tails. I was very glad I could provide a small tidbit of bovine education. Probably didn't hurt that I was about 10 inches taller than him... God bless all cowboys, cowgirls too!
  3. One of my close friends was a handful growing up. His parents sent him to Catholic School in a effort to line him up. One day during the 5th grade, the Nun had enough and threw him out the window. Yes out the window into the bushes . The class room was on the second floor. He never went back and made it just fine in public school. Sounds fictional but it really happened.....Imagine if that happened in 2020, this happened in the mid 60's.
  4. I actually came upon one in a feed/hardware store here in northern AZ, I took a chance on it and it is a tack driver. Worth the $$,
  5. it is available, e mail me at : dr3498@hotmail.com so we can exchange info and talk...... PM sent to Wylie Coyote
  6. Ruger New Model Vaquero - .357 - Stainless - 4 5/8th barrel - unmodified - new in box $575.00 dr3498@hotmail.com
  7. Still cleaning the reloading room..... 500+ rounds of clean misc .40 S&W brass $35.00 dr3498@hotmail.com
  8. AZ is slowly reopening. Two days ago our Governor was being pushed into answering who will enforce social distancing, he just did not answer the question. It seems as if people in AZ hit the wall about 2 weeks ago and started taking matters into their own hands. We are an independent lot here in AZ, and most are following the recommendations on distancing, some are not. We'll see where it goes. I did get a haircut a week ago and it was wonderful. A number of restaurants have reopened and businesses are also. The financial hit in my town of 65,000 has been epic, people need to work, earn money, save some and pay bills. Lots of people have migrated outdoors and outdoor activities are big in AZ. Our 1st rodeo is over Memorial Day weekend in Cave Creek, it is a contestant only event with no spectators and is going to be televised live on the Cowboy Channel. Things are happening and the virus has slowed down significantly here. God Bless all of you through all of this.....
  9. https://caldronpool.com/police-officer-fired-after-warning-fellow-officers-not-to-violate-peoples-rights/ Yes he was fired........ Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
  10. I have to agree with Irish-Pat, I have never had a problem one with a SASS member unlike some other on line traders. When I am the buyer or seller I like to speak to them on the phone and get to know them.....made some friends that way too. Good luck on finding your pistola.....
  11. A Ruger Redhawk in 4 inch with a slicked up action and a round butt....S&W 629 are my other choice, 4 inch.
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