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  1. I can't support any scalper in any venue. Greed is a ugly animal. And it looks as if Cold Lake Kid and I are rich!
  2. I have the Commander and Gov't model in SS. Never a problem with their magazines or Wilsons. I carried a Colt Gov't and Commander in LE for 2 decades, they never let me down. Ruger built it right for the money. All my .45's are defense weapons.
  3. I have a New Blackhawk in .41 magnum, absolutely love it!
  4. All prices include the cost of shipping and all brass is brass. #1: .380 auto - New in unopened bag - Winchester....SOLD to Frostyballs, all 3 bags 3 bags, 100 pieces per bag, $25.00 per bag Will sell individual bags. #2: .9 MM, mixed head stamp 1 bag of 250 pieces, $30.00 #3: .40 Smith and Wesson, mixed head stamp 500 pieces, $50.00 Will split the order in half, $25.00 per 250 pieces. #4: .45 ACP, mixed head stamp 200 pieces, $30.00 #5: .45 Colt, mix
  5. I have a couple of Single Six Rugers, 4 5/8th barrel length and a Marlin 39A from 1972.
  6. I had a woman apologize to me repeatedly in a grocery store because he mask had broken and her face was exposed to me...I just told her to smile because we see to few of them anymore.
  7. All I have ever used is Unique for SJHP and Trail Boss for lead bullets.
  8. I strive to be well armed with a dangerous sense of humor and wit.....
  9. I have hunted cow elk and mule deer with my Sharps in 45-70 and BP within the case. The bullet was a .405 gr lead and its effectiveness is based upon my ability to use the open sights at varying distances. No video, it just works well. Animals were all taken at 75 to 100 yards.
  10. All I need is 100, if you can help out send me the details to ..... dr3498@hotmail.com
  11. that is what is needed....anyone able to help? I need brass not nickle I am going to resize to .350 Rem Mag.
  12. I received a Puma Skinner as a gift back in the mid 70's. It is made in Germany and has been a faithful hunting companion for decades. I have worn out two leather sheaths and it holds an incredible edge. The sell for about $250.00 on the Puma website and if the need was there I would buy another.
  13. Still looking for a 3 inch S&W model 19 round butt........just cuz. My favorite is a L frame 686, 5 shot .44 special.
  14. I have slept out beside a horse stall with a sick horse, does that count?
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