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  1. I know a lot of really good folks in California. All we can ask of them is to un-elect those who keep coming up with all of these hair brained ideas. Stay involved and true to your cause simply because the hair brainers are involved and staying true to their cause. It is not just a CA problem, it is a epic societal change that is not a good change. We must stay on course and refuse to support those who will not support our cause. I write letters to politicians, businesses and anyone else who is working against the foundation of this tremendous country. God Bless America and all the sound minded people of our country.
  2. Been using their scopes for many decades, I fully support Leopold products. Only had to send one back for repair once and the turn around time was rather quick. It was not a defect, I actually broke it. These are the only scopes I use. Worth the wait.
  3. Winchester 1873 .357, new and unused. .357 mag. Rifle is polished blue throughout. $975.00 I will pay shipping in lower 48. E mail me if interested. dr3498@hotmail.com
  4. Kirkpatrick Wild Bunch Rig - Model WBR - Tan in color - 1911 RH Holster - 2 Magazine Carriers - belt which measures 39 inches at center hole. Never used in competition, like new condition. reduced......$275.00 Uberti 1873 Cattleman Revolver - Old West Antique Finish - Walnut Grips - .45 Colt - 5 1/2 inch barrel - used briefly to shoot black powder blanks only, never dropped and not altered. Excellent condition. reduced...$550.00 I will pay shipping for both in lower 48. E mail me if interested. dr3498@hotmail.com
  5. I've been shooting .44 Specials for quite some time, decades. Highly recommend loading your own. Pieces and parts are readily available to the hand-loader. I generally shoot .45 Colt for CAS but I have been known to shoot the Ruger NMV's in .44 Special. Now when I am out in the woods, I always carry a .44 Spcl with 200 gr Hornady XTP's and .44 Mags, 240 gr SJSP in my Marlin 1894. My CAS rounds are 200 gr RNFP lead with 777 behind the lead. Invest if you can in reloading, it is worth you time. The .44 Spcl is an amazing round when you work up the right load. I do not think I have ever shot a factory .44 Spcl round. Actually the gun in my profile picture is a NMV in .44 Spcl, stainless and a 4 5/8th barrel.
  6. Where do you live? Is it flat, mountainous, traffic density, etc. I have hauled horses for many decades, my personal minimum is 3/4 ton gas for one to two horses, diesel 3/4 ton for 2 to 3 horses and beyond that go bigger. All horses will polka within the trailer and you will feel the movement as the driver. Buy the best rig you can afford but invest in your trailer brakes. Bumper pulls are good but a goose-neck is best, especially in the wind. Our daughter rodeos and we are on the road quite a bit. For big trips when hauling big I invested in a Ford F350, worth every dollar and it takes a whole boatload of dollars to buy one. I have been to trailer wrecks and they are quite ugly. Make sure your equipment is up to the task and research the real limits of your truck. I came across a cowboy of sorts with a full size diesel Nissan pickup with a twisted frame due to a 3 horse bumper pull, weak hitch and a gawd awful AZ crosswind. Something to consider. Personal disclaimer: I am not an expert just a graduate from the school of hard knocks and still learning.
  7. I e mailed Winchester in Utah when I needed to replace a screw on my new 1873. Paid for 2 at the time and received them in a couple of weeks.
  8. “Just one more question, Pilgrim. How far up your ass do you want my boot?”― origination of quote not known
  9. I have scheduled reloading or gun cleaning or boot shining or book reading that is in conflict........
  10. 2 words.......Ah ____! Then move on.
  11. If you still have .44 spcl I will take 250 of them..... dr3498@hotmail.com
  12. No nice to lie to ones self........nice choice.
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