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  1. Meet Bindi, Aussie Shepard, 7 weeks old......
  2. Everyone gets its own Silicone-Treated Pistol/Rifle/SG Gun Sock.
  3. https://classicsingleaction.com/index.php Joe Perkins in Tucson does amazing work and it is worth the wait. https://www.reedercustomguns.com/ Gary Reeder makes amazing grips, ranging from Mastadon (the real stuff) to a imitation ivory made by Dupont. Enclosed is a pict of the Dupont ivory.
  4. Only if the gun is evidence in a crime. It is costly and takes time.
  5. I live within the Coconino Nat’l Forest and frequent the Kiabab along with the Apache Sitgreaves NF here in northern AZ. We have been under fire restrictions all summer and truthfully our NF’s should be closed. The level of irresponsible behavior witnessed by me has been unprecedented. Whether it is camp fires, driving across meadows , cutting fences, irresponsible shooting, smoking or using the NF as a off road race track I have seen all of this. The USFS and Sherriff’s Office lacks the manpower to effectively deal with the problems. Most of us are ready for snow..... I don’t like denying access to public lands but I see how it happens. I left out harassment of livestock and the shooting of cattle legitimately on the range.
  6. Yes they do sleep, maybe 4 hours per 24. My horses seem to take turns snoozing while others keep a look out. Yes they sleep laying down and standing. While at a barrel race years ago a young ladies mare fell asleep while she was on its back awaiting her turn. The horse collapsed with her on it and she immediately assumed her horse had died. As she began to cry the horse stood up, shook like Elvis and was ready to go again. We all had a good laugh and so did she.....
  7. I bought one in 1990 with a 3 inch barrel in stainless and .357. I put those rubber squishy Houge grips on it and have shot it a lot. It is a dependable work horse. Carrying backpacking on many occasions I can only say good things about it. I normally shoot full loads out of it , factory 125 gr HP’s. It is weighty but it’s a solid pistol.
  8. I stick to calibers where I can buy ammo at any mom and pop gun store in any little town if needed. A friend of mine forgot his ammo on a northern NM deer hunt, 270 WSM and he had to drive to Durango, CO to find it. I just kept hunting....
  9. He makes me uncomfortable. In 27 years of carrying a gun for the government I never came upon a situation that required that level of speed. He is good but his overall style and process is prone for error. Just my thoughts.....
  10. I'd swap for a good cup of coffee and a nice visit....
  11. One of my partners is employed by the USPS in a medium sized town in central AZ. He described the volume of mail and packages that is being handled by all commercial and government carriers as epic. Using him as a reference, he describes the stay at home orders and pandemic work from home population as the main source of the delays in delivery. It is just a volume issue, too much product and the infrastructure being pushed to and beyond its limits. I have to admit I have ordered more on line over the past several months and find myself on a first name basis with my Fed Ex guy and my mailman.
  12. Pop, tick tick, tick tick.......ah X!?#! Does not sound like any type of gun I have ever been exposed to.
  13. That 4 inch Model 10 was my first duty gun, I only wish I had the extra $. It is was a great gun in its day. Quick, someone buy it!
  14. Any black coffee brewed in deer or elk camp.....
  15. Found this fellow in a parking lot at Ben Avery where Winter Range is held....all the warnings are true.
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