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  1. I recently found a new to me Winchester 1873 in 357/38. http://www.winchesterguns.com/products/rifles/model-1873/model-1873-current-products/model-1873-short-rifle.html It is just loads of fun, tuned right and pretty. I shoot .45 in CAS so it is just a fun toy for me but I believe it would be a great CAS rifle.
  2. We'd a got along just fine......God Bless all those types of true individuals.
  3. Where do sign up at? I'm all over that kinda fun!
  4. Have fun and learn to laugh at yourself It's justa game Rarely does anyone ever makes any money at CAS, you start in the red and stay there. Reload Make friends, ask for advice, try their guns and try some blackpowder loads.
  5. Ruger has none.....no plans on re manufacturing.
  6. I am in need of a pair of grips for a 3 screw Single Six, 22 LR made in the early 60's. The ones I have are cracked beyond repair, they have been fixed twice already. I'd like the black checkered plastic grips with the emblem if possible but walnut in good shape will do also. Let me know please.....
  7. + I am a member and rider in the Hashknife Pony Express, the only sanctioned USPS pony express event in the US. Every February we ride from Holbrook to Scottsdale AZ carrying mail in the tradition of how it once was. Also the Hashknife brand is a big part of northern AZ history and a subject in Zane Grey novels......That about covers it!
  8. I think I need a 7.62 X 7.62 round nose configuration to shoot out of a Model 94.....
  9. Custom hats, boots, guns.....worth every dollar. Life is short.
  10. I'd never call the police about open carry, but I live in AZ. Personally if you are going to carry, carry concealed and share with those who are important to you and no one else. Especially in a urban setting. The trouble with open carry, it can invite someone to try to remove it from you. Hopefully you'll never need to display your weapon, but should you it should be a surprise.
  11. If they fit a NMV I’ll take em, Would you consider $65?
  12. MartAnnes Burrito Place in downtown Flagstaff....112 West Rt 66 https://www.facebook.com/MartAnnes/ https://www.zmenu.com/martannes-cafe-flagstaff-2-online-menu/
  13. In my humble opinion, it is the essence of what cowboy action shooting is to me. Secondly, I am a cowboy; having been raised that way, its about horses, cows, doctoring critters, ranching, open range, fixing fence, etc. Its about the verb "Cowboy", it is not a noun like Websters inappropriately states. Much of my Classic Cowboy gear are the real deal: boots, spurs, chaps, knives, hats, wild rags, and so on. Shooting Classic was a natural fit, I started out a 49'er and someone said, Why aren't you shooting CC? I pondered the question and the rest is history. Being a history buff of the era of the old west and the westward expansion, it just all came together for me. As a bonus I like and have always liked large single action caliber pistols and old guns......There you have it. Long live all cowboys and cowgirls.....
  14. Mine are cordless and ambidextrous......I can't tell the difference either, mine are identical NMV's or SAA's..
  15. http://countryfeedstore.com/ Just go to your local feed store that sells horse feed. They're inexpensive, shipping would cost more than the shoes.....
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