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  1. I have had a few friends move from AZ or to and had a variety of reloading tools and components along with ammo and firearms. All of them stored them in their respective vehicles, horse or camp trailers, truck boxes and entrusted no body other than a select few to move the valuables. Whatever and however you choose to do keep it as discreet as possible to reduce the chance of theft.
  2. I genuinely appreciate all the effort it takes by so many to put on this 1st class shoot. Having involvement in rodeo and witnessing the behind the scenes deliberations to host any sporting event, this comes as no surprise. God Bless to all of my CAS family and stay strong.
  3. I got one of these in 5 1/2 barrel length. It is clearly a OMV frame with a SBH hammer. It is a keeper especially in .44 magnum, It will accompany me on horse pack trips next summer in bear country. I had Gary Reeder tune it up with action job, bevel of the forcing cone and muzzle, add a Belt Mountain Base Pin, thus turning it into one tremendous shooter.
  4. I had peanut M&M's in mine recently......too funny!
  5. I need that Colt! Had one a long time a go and had to sell it due to a unexpected major bill. I'd love to get my hands on another. It is a great lil shooter. I also need a Diamondback in .22LR....
  6. I also had an issue with the QC of a S&W new manufacture L frame .357. I sent it back and it was finally repaired after several months and discussions. Given where it broke it should have never broke. I have some older N and L frame pistols that are solid. It was too bad that this new .357 was such a problem (lemon?). After finally receiving it back I traded it for a GP100. I have had almost zero problems with the Rugers.
  7. This ol boy is in my neighborhood currently....yes it is elk season. He's no dummy.
  8. l will take, if still available: #3 $70.00 Shipped NIB Lee 6 cavity .457 round ball mould. Not pictured but it comes with new Lee handles. dr3498@hotmail.com
  9. I just wish Ruger would go back to making the Old Army. The demand is big and very few of us give them up. I am always looking for the stainless fixed sight models.
  10. After reading the posts on this site I had to dust off an old friend and put some rounds through a 50 year old Marlin. Love them lever guns! Happiness is a well worn lever gun beneath your knee on the side of your horse....
  11. Years ago I participated in a fund raiser for the Make A Wish Foundation, participated means spent a bunch of money. They had a Civil War Cannon and a Gatling Gun available to shoot. I remember 3 things: It was loads of fun, it ate up a bunch of 20's and when it was said and done I decided I needed both a cannon and a Gatling Gun. I wish my budget allowed for it......
  12. Been using these for a few years now and find that I am turning them off completely due to the background noise at shoots. They work great, but when on the line the silence is what I really want. When off the line I turn them back on. https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1018342050?pid=638445&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Shooting+-+Ear+%26+Eye+Protection&utm_content=638445&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt6C_pYbW7AIVohx9Ch2XYwxXEAQYASABEgJTQvD_BwE
  13. Because of the pandemic, the politicians with hidden agendas, the election and the media, we have created a world of extreme stupidity at a unprecedented level. The civil liability of violating the Constitutional Rights of the person needs to be addressed immediately. Our police need to go back to addressing the basic mission of placing their customers first and displaying the courage to do what is right even if it not popular or not enforcing an abuse of power order from a politician or department head. I better get off my soap box.....I am just a old school retired cop and believe in service first to the community while defending the Constitution..
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