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  1. Got my hands on one of these a few decades ago. Absolutely not for sale, truly a favorite. Enjoy the craftsmanship.....
  2. As the jet stream flows, I am in the path of something coming my way from your way in southern CA. Depending who you ask, Flagstaff is forecasting up to 2 feet of snow. I just know i'm restocking the hay barn on Wednesday. If I put the plow back on we'll get rain for sure and no snow. I'm reinstalling it. Time to shoot revolvers only, its easier to find your brass when there is snow on the ground. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. .....for durability it is the Ruger.......they have never let me down, probably shouldn't have said that. Please go to a shoot and shoot them all and get what feels best for you.
  4. Who put you up to this question?
  5. Maybe i'm being a bit simplistic, but can't we just transition to lighter loads? When that day comes for me, that's my plan..... Major oversight on my part, hadn’t considered that aspect of cocking a SA. With an ever increasing age in our core membership this needs to be looked in what’s best for the members and organization. There are too many smart people in SASS to not come up with a workable solution.
  6. I was in 1st grade and remember the teachers crying, I think it was the 1st time I remember being really scared and confused. Today I teach in a criminal justice program at a college level and we dedicate 2 class periods to dissecting the murder of our president from a forensic perspective. History must be remembered and re-examined objectively. Don’t think for one moment a 19 year old cannot think critically and read between the lines.
  7. Pistol & rifle Ammo, SG shells, jerky or trail mix, water, coffee if needed, squib tool, screwdriver with appropriate bits for the guns I’m using, phone, pen, wallet, keys, quick clot in the event of something horrible happening, cleaning stuff (very basic stuff) and a bag for brass. I’ve thought about waders for the times when the BS gets deep!
  8. I handled one......I was impressed. I just with I could afford one. Read the following by Joe Perkins......scroll down to the comment on the Standard Single Actions......I have a lot of respect for Joe, he knows his stuff. https://classicsingleaction.com/opinion
  9. I feel for the good people of California. The others get what they deserve. I have a nephew in CA that will never get to keep his grandfathers guns. The restrictions are such that they will remain in another state. The problem is social decay, and politicians are more concerned about feelings not facts. To all that have served, past, present and future.....God Bless and thank you!
  10. I haven't paid to be a City Slicker, I have just done the day work and was paid food, maybe 50$ per day and worked my pa-toot off. Truthfully if I could make a living at it I would have stayed with it. I would considered one of those dude ranches where you gain weight due to the amazing food, the ones that are hosted by Debbe Dunning on the Cowboy Channel, provided she is there.....just saying.
  11. So what are we? 50-65% The average adult human body is 50-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. The percentage of water in infants is much higher, typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of age. Body composition varies according to gender and fitness level because fatty tissue contains less water than lean tissue.
  12. I've never done the math....just buy in bulk and shoot the stuffin's out of them! Ok, I once did the math on belted magnums, .300 and 375 H&H, huge saving with premium bullets.
  13. I have never had a problem getting a hold of anyone in the SASS office. In fact about 9 months ago one of the young ladies there went above and beyond in helping me with a technology issue. I do know and appreciate how busy that office can get at times......
  14. A few summers ago we were at a barrel race and the young ladies horse fell asleep under her as she waiting for her turn to go, she jumped as the horse fell screaming, believing her horse had just died. The screaming woke up the horse, he stood back up and shook the dust off of him. We all had a good laugh..... Horses are just funny, remember life is too short to ride a bad horse and too short to shoot a lousy gun.
  15. Get a rolling golf bag, create a way to lock em to the bed and tell no one about your golf handicap. A friend of mine uses this one...... https://www.golfgalaxy.com/p/tourtrek-premium-hardcase-travel-cover-17iafuhrdcstrvlcvtrv/17iafuhrdcstrvlcvtrv?sku=18010711&camp=CSE:GGXY_92700041464165991_pla_pla-642829120456&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImf2-_dHs5QIVkR-tBh05RwAzEAQYAyABEgIKjfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
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