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  1. This is a custom made Rand Hat from Billings, MT. The style is a modified Brush Buster, 10X beaver. It is bone in color, size 7 5/8th, 5 1/2 inch crown height, 4 1/2 inch brim. $225.00 and I get the shipping. 3rd picture added showing inside of hat. dr3498 at hotmail.com.
  2. Had one once upon a time. A true work horse that fit within K frame holsters. The department that I worked for required a S&W model 10, 64 or 65 and also allowed the Ruger in 4 inch. I am sorry I let this one go, it is a shooter and a keeper.
  3. See if Gary Reeder Custom Guns in Flagstaff can make you one.....
  4. Advice......how about just have fun and make new friends! Don't forget that if you leave guns unattended in the gun safe for more than 90 days, they breed. Not necessarily a bad thing. Welcome from about 8 states away.
  5. I had to investigate a few of these in my LE career, all led to a skull fracture. Non Hollywood bottles are very stout, but they are meant to recycle......
  6. And this week in northern AZ the route to Phoenix from Flagstaff was closed due to ........snow and ice. A professional colleague of mine was absolutely in disarray over my inability to attend a out of town meeting. Sitting in my recliner drinking coffee and watching it snow through the front window I had to explain just what winter is. 16 days till spring.....now let me get back to my book. Since Oct 1st, Flagstaff has had 142.9 inches of snow.
  7. Extremely low...... I check the brass before I tumble and after its clean. I check the primer cup assembly depth and clean it on the Dillon on a regular basis. Once the rounds are loaded I recheck them every 50 rounds once they are boxed for high primers. Lastly, when loading I visually check them again for defects or anomalies. It is well worth the extra time.
  8. No I just use them......I did once on a .54 Cal Hawkin black powder rifle but never again.
  9. I have never worn lacers in CAS but in the real world I have worn lacers on pack trips with spurs. As long as there is a bit of a heel shelf and the spur fits the boot properly, there isn't a problem........
  10. Check out the Museum of the West in Scottsdale... https://scottsdalemuseumwest.org/ Heard Museum in central Phx https://heard.org/ Apache Junction Rodeo, Feb 24 - 25- 26 https://www.lostdutchmandays.org/ Wickenburg and Cave Creek are always fun...... Like Cholla said, stay south....northern AZ has been hammered with snow and road restrictions.
  11. Ya just gotta love this northern AZ/NM winter weather.......Here in Flagstaff its not the snow totals today, its the WIND! Safe travels to all and be patient please.
  12. A close Cowboy Pard of mine was a tunnel rat. He is a small man, he shared that when he did this he was about 5-5 and about 120 lbs. He is now in his late 70's with dementia. We have spent many a hours and days on horseback moving cattle and having very open discussions on what he did during those years. I admire his courage and strength in some unbelievable encounters while under ground. I promised him to not share his stories but these individuals were a rare breed of dedicated soldiers. God Bless all of them, those who are still with us and those who have left us. We take our freedoms too lightly and too many just take it all for granted. Lastly to those who have served and continue to serve, God Bless and thank you.
  13. Recently SW in Flagstaff had CCI small pistol standard for the same price ($5.44 per 100) and the limit was 500 per day. I am rather suspect of the actual cost of primers to the dealers since SW is selling them consistently at this price. I will continually buy at this price and to those who are selling at a much higher price I just avoid them.
  14. Once you are measured and fitted by a custom hat maker or boot maker.....you'll wonder what took you so long. Yes they are expensive but worth every dollar. A properly fitted hat and a stampede string will not come off in the wind. It is quite possible to actually get lift in our northern AZ winds, those winds which allow a chicken to lay the same egg 3 times........just saying. On another note, I had a young man at Cavender's in Amarillo properly fit a American straw for me and they may know a thing or two about wind in that part of the country. The key is proper fitting by someone in the know.
  15. Way back in the day this was the "go to" holster for a 4 inch Smith K frame revolver. My how times have changed...... This has always been an exceptional holster providing you took the time to learn how to use it properly.
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