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  1. The press release I heard was, suspending manufacturing of civilian models until all pending government contracts are fulfilled. Then production will resume. They also stated that the market currently possess several of their civilian rifles and there is no current shortage. Personally why the media release and I’d rather see increased production of revolvers. Just my opinion.
  2. The worst was the Taurus Lightning in .45....It just never worked right. Also the blow-back required the wearing of a welding helmet. S&W .500: Recoil was disturbing. Sold it, did not like the concept of detached retinas. Certain rounds belong in a rifle. Scandium S&W .44 mag: Recoil was epic and should have been a .44 special. I only fired 5 full mag loads through it and sold it.
  3. One time at a fund raising event you were able, for a fee, to shoot a Gatling gun and a civil war cannon. I must admit the Gatling gun was too much fun but the cannon was an absolute "hoot"!
  4. Did the holsters sell?  If they are russet colored, I would like them.....please e mail me:  dr3498@hotmail.com 

    1. Rufus Brady

      Rufus Brady

      Yes they did.  Sorry.  I have some tooled holsters I'm putting up when I get my new camera.  fit 4 3/4 Colt: 

      1. One basket weave, right hand, crossdraw with Threepersons w/retaining strap.

      2. One fish scale pattern.  Threepersons w/ strap.  Also matching belt=size 50+  (fits me @ 52").

      3. A Desantis "Desperado Rig".  5 1/2" strongside Ruger Vaquero  (OM) or Colt SAA (Left & right), border tooling, Masonic conchos (If you're not a Mason, I can switch for something else at your expense).  Again, for a BIG man (52").

  5. If they are russet (tan leather) and will accommodate a NMV, barrel length 4 5/8th's, I want them.



  6. What gun does the #44's fit and barrel length? Color and are they lined?
  7. Because they're embarrassed....apparently.
  8. Originally I had a Uberti in 45-70, great rifle but I wanted a Montana made rifle. There was not a thing wrong with it, it just was mot a Montana rifle. I shot several and settled on the 45-70 because I bought it for hunting. Ammo is available and the reloading options are plentiful. So I placed an order with Shiloh Sharps for the 1874 Sporter #3 and at the time the wait was about 9 months. For nostalgia sake the 45-110 would be nice but for practical purposes, I know that doesn't always apply to gun purchases, I went with the 45-70 and no regrets. The rifle has taken elk and mule deer and a 1st in a long range shoot. Very happy with it. Hope that helps....
  9. Never a problem.....but I only use them in .357 and 9mm. Non CAS guns.
  10. I always stop in the mom and pop gun shops during my travels. I have enjoyed countless free cups of coffee and enjoyed great company and like minded people. I have found some true treasures over the years that I would never have found in a large corporate store. Long live the cowboy /cowgirls and the mom and pop gun shops.
  11. I was wearing a "Colt" hat one day and was approached by a football fan who had never seen that style of hat for his favorite team. I politely shared that this was a gun company and not a team from Indianapolis...He gave me a perplexed look.
  12. I use it, like it and buy it in bulk. The three I use the most are, 231, Unique and TB.
  13. This may cause a few to cringe but I am against open carry in public places. Carry concealed and if the need should arise, seek cover and surprise the offender. Personally I have seen too many unstable individuals that may try to disarm you or something equally foolish. Finally, Wal-Mart is corporate and not my first choice for shopping.
  14. I have not seen or heard of one, why not settle for a Officer's sized 9 MM? I 'm sure there are enough custom gun makers that would be willing to take your $$ and build one.
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