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  1. Many of the ladies that are rodeo queens use a small piece of toupee tape on their forehead......
  2. Highly recommend. https://www.kodiakcanvas.com/10-x-10-ft-flex-bow-canvas-tent-deluxe-estimated-restock-date-jul-15th-2021/
  3. I found this ad on the internet this morning, this is still my favorite deer and cow elk rifle. My dad bought it for me, a 336 Texan back in 1969 in 30-30. The rifle is 52 years old and on the 50th year, myself and 3 like minded lever gun aficionados decided to hunt mule deer with our lever guns, iron sights only as we did way back. By mid day on day one all of us had taken meat for the freezer, all shot at less than 100 yards. Here is to old pards and hunting partners that have since left us.....Long live the old days and old ways. What was you 1st deer rifle?
  4. I'm still here.....still shooting and playing hard as often as I can. Faster horses, good friends and always great guns!
  5. I'm interested also in the same info.....
  6. Anyone know of a source of ammo for the 33 Winchester? Appreciate all of your help and its time to now start the search.....
  7. Please read all the fine print, then objectively decide if it is for you......
  8. When my Aussie Shepard was a pup she decided the hot wire around the pasture was a chewable wire...getting zapped through your teeth looked and sounded ugly.
  9. I have used my 1874 Sporter #3 Rifle for mule deer, elk and CAS long range. It is a 45-70 and perhaps one of the finest rifles I have ever owned. I generally shoot 405 grain lead bullets with BP behind the bullet. I highly recommend this company...
  10. I believe I may have a schedule conflict that day, my pet Snipe is in need of a hang nail repair.....
  11. Cowboy guns fit my lifestyle, modern guns are the result in the changes in our social norms. I feel perfectly capable to defend me and mine with cowboy guns but with 27 years in law enforcement behind me, I will acknowledge that there is a place for black plastic, large cap magazines and 1911 style guns.
  12. I must agree, this was bought new at a Fed Mart in Phoenix back in 1972......such a lovely ol girl.
  13. Shot something similar, did not care for the recoil....I'm old school I like my old 870.
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