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  1. My wife and I saw it in '79 while I was stationed in Thuso in northern Scotland. We toured Edinburgh and the castle before the Tattoo.
  2. Why do you think they are so happy to hear the words. It means they get a chance to walk on dry land again. Been that, done there, got the T-shirt.
  3. They also didn't want Confederate soldiers fighting for Maximilian, possibly causing an international incident.
  4. You need to come up to the Quigley match up here. Targets from 350 to 805 yds.
  5. It sounds like the Whirling Dervish at the Bigfork, MT club. Check "whirling dervish" on youtube.
  6. Not familiar with German beer, but I really enjoy the Scottish and Irish beers, especially the ales, stouts and porters, having spent three years over there while in the Navy. I have also enjoyed some of the Asian beers, such as Tiger, Singha and San Miguel.
  7. 50 gr of 2f and 10 gr of cream of wheat.
  8. I shot the rest of the Quigley match. That's my Father's Day gift from my wife.
  9. I watched it in a theater one time, when they got to the scene where they were deciding who got to stay the line where they said "We'll take the nxxxxxs and the cxxxxs but we don't want the Irish." the entire audience roared. I was watching the movie in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. I think they took umbrage at the sentiment.
  10. My first purchased firearm was a Model 94 Winchester that I ordered while stationed on Diego Garcia. After ordering, it was sent to my home of record.
  11. I do my casting on the driveway at the front of the house, my reloading is done in the garage.
  12. I just made a batch of apple pie. It makes a nice dessert but can sneak up on you if you drink to much.
  13. I retired in 2020, due to a pinched nerve in my neck that prevented me from using my right arm. Since I was working as a security officer and am right handed, I couldn't draw my duty weapon. Luckily, I went through physical therapy and got most of my use back so now I'm working part time to keep me in shooting money. Mostly what I do is chores around the house.
  14. The blue dragon is the 18th Airborne Corps, not division.
  15. Singapore sling at the Raffles hotel Long Bar.
  16. I have a 2014 1500 Ram Quadcab, I've had no problems other than minor software upgrades. I get 18-24 mpg highway, 14-16 in town.
  17. I run hot water and dish soap in a bucket, toss my cartridge cylinders and CB cylinders and CB and Open Top barrels in the bucket to soak. Then I run hot water thru my shotgun barrels and scrub them with a brush to get the snot out, run a wad of paper towel through the barrels, lightly oil everything and clean 5he breech face. Then I scrub the barrels and frames of my cartridge pistols and frames of my CB pistols, dry them and wipe down with an oily cloth. Then I scrub the barrels and cylinders that have been soaking and dry and oil them. Reassemble.
  18. Just donated today. Oneg. Been donating semi regularly since I was 17.
  19. I usually go through 1 or 2 12 cup pots a day, got so used to it in the Navy that I can drink right up to bedtime without it keeping me awake.
  20. I read about Dr. Christmas and his Bullet in a book titled "The World's Worst Aircraft".
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