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  1. I have some magtec 12 ga. brass hulls that have been reloaded multiple times over about 10 years and I've only lost one. It was due to being stepped on and unable to reform. Most of my .45 brass has been reloaded multiple times as well.
  2. My first gun usable for SASS was an 1851 Navy from EMF as a cased set, pistol, flask, and bullet mold. Paid $126.00 for it in 1979.
  3. I have that book also. It was the first book I got when I started out.
  4. I like cats but I can't be around them due to allergies.
  5. Pears dipped in pancake batter fried in the grease from our breakfast bacon, we used to fix that on our Boy Scout camping trips.
  6. Congratulations, my wife and I will celebrate our 45th in July next year.
  7. No worse than my first 2 duty stations after my schools. My first duty station was Diego Garcia, just south of the equator. Average temp year round 98° average humidity 97%. Then I was transferred to Londonderry NI in December, heck of a difference.
  8. Most of the cross sticks have leather or felt where the barrel sits.
  9. Garth, if you get out to the Quigley look for me. My camp is a lean-to next to a red Ram lic. no. MZZLLDR.
  10. I pretty much shoot all mismatched pistols. The closest I have to matched pistols are a pair of 1851 Navys, one with Navy size grips and one with Army size grips and 3 1860 Armys from different manufacturers. The rest of my pistols range from a 3 1/2" in Thunderer .45, 4 5/8" Ruger Blackhawk .357, 4 3/4" nickle Pietta Colt .45, 5 1/2" Ruger Vaquero .45, 5 1/2" Open Top .45, 7 1/2" 1875 Remington .45, 7 1/2" nickle engraved Pietta Colt, 7 1/2" 1851 Navy .44, 8" 1862 Dance .44, and a Walker.
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