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  1. Been shooting bp since 1979, mostly muzzleloading until I started Cowboy Action in 2006. Lots of fun. I shoot both c&b and cartridge. The only major problem I've had is with the 1875 Remington. The close fitting cy,inder and skinny cylinder pin tends to bind faster than Colts.
  2. Mine was a '68 Firebird. I got it while in "A" school at Great Lakes. It was my first car.
  3. While in the Navy, one of my duty section leaders related an incident where a new quarterdeck watch was unfamiliar with the 1911 so the secton leader explained how to field strip the 1911 then told him to field strip it himself. Unfortunately, he didn't keep control of the plug and it and the spring flew out into San Diego harbor.
  4. If you want to try some real long range, come on up to Forsythe, Mt on Father's Day weekend for the Quigley match. Ranges from 350 yds to 805 yds. Lots of fun and great people.
  5. That's how I got my Ruger Blackhawk. It was in a gun store near my in-laws the previous owner got it for his son tto carry while hunting. That season the son got an elk, when dad got to him he was using the BH as a hammer with his knife to split the breastbone. This is a 3-screw BH with alloy grip frame. He had it loaded with 6 rounds and the hammer down on a cartridge. His dad quickly took it away and sold it. When I got it one grip panel was chipped and the frame had several gouges where it hit the knife back.
  6. Snowed last night, Saturday 100°. Nothing unusual for Montana.
  7. I'd say, "good, someone I might be able to beat".
  8. We have a Nevada City, Virginia City, Glasgow, Manhattan, Amsterdam, Belgrade, and Montana City.
  9. I started out muzzleloding back in 79 while stationed at NavCommSta Stockton, CA. Then shot down in San Diego, with the Adak Muzzleloaders, back to SD, then with the Bridger Mountainmen here in Bozeman, MT. Unfortunately, when I started Cowboy Shooting time and funds kept me from doing both, soI haven't been doing any muzzleloading for several years. I still have all my gear and my guns, a CVA mountain rifle and mountain pistol and a CVA double-barreled shotgun.
  10. I have a pistol that's 104 yrs old. It's a Colt New Service in .45 Colt. It's nowhere close to 95% but it shoots fine.
  11. The scene you referenced in the trailer was him drawing a flail.
  12. I have a pair of that type of mold, one for a .36 Navy and one for a .44 Army. They are for round ball and conical. The conical has a rebated base for constructing combustible cartridges, you glue the mouth of the cartridge to the rebated base. You can use them for molding bullets but they are not the easiest to use. They heat up very fast so you need to have something to protect your hands.
  13. I'll keep mine. I got it for my 13th birthday. It's the rifle I taught my daughter how to shoot. She now has one of her own that she got when her grandfather passed away.
  14. I've seen snow in every month of the year here in Montana. I've also seen it 60° at Christmas.
  15. Best loads for the 45-70 uses black powder. My cowboy plainsman load is 50g 2f and cream of wheat filler to the base of a 350g cast lead. My Quigley load is 65g of 2f under a 500g cast lead. I am shooting a Shiloh Sharps Business rifle.
  16. Jabez, you need to come down to Forsythe, Mt. for the Quigley shoot on Father's Day weekend. You can arrive a few days before the shoot to sight in. The ranges are from 350 yds. offhand out to 805 yds. shooting off cross sticks.

    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Howdy Blarney Kid;

      Thanks for the Invite, I will Keep that in mind.

      I will check dates and see if it conflicts with Our Match ....

      It sounds like fun ...

      Do you also have a class for Long Range Singleshot Pistol Caliber guns ?

      I have a nice .38 WCF. Lowwall  that puts the fun factor in shooting, Ladies and Kids really love this gun ...

      Must have had a dozen try their hand at 300 yards of my sticks , the grins and massive Smiles on their faces when the steel was ringing ,,,, Well they loved the lack of recoil lighter weight mild report and Hitting shot for shot ...

      It made me grin as big as the best of the bunch ...


      Sure wouldn't mind hearing more details about  the Quigeley Shoot ..


      Jabez Cowboy

  17. SASS Alias: Blarney Kid SASS No. 69041 Where are you from: Montana How long you been shooting cowboy action: 12 years.
  18. One of my aunts was only four years older than me. I called her by her name most of the time, sometimes aunt Nelsa. It was never required.
  19. I fist read the Doc Savage stories in comic book form then read some of the books. Unfortunately, I also watched the movie they made.
  20. I've met members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Mike Venturino(he lives just down the road in Livingston),and Brian Williams just before he took over as news anchor.
  21. I wear a pair of fingerless ragged wool gloves and a pair of military wolf fur and leather mittens when shooting in the cold. Our last shoot in Dec. the temp was -28. The mittens obviously come off before shooting but the fingerless gloves keep my hands warm enough and I have full control with my bare fingers.
  22. Whichever you choose, you need to come up to Forsyth, MT for the Quigley shoot.
  23. Our off season shoot at the Logan range was -29.
  24. He played a cop as Walter Matthau's partner in the Laughing Policeman.
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