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  1. The Pietta gunfighter models have white or black polymer checkered grips. I have ivory polymer grips on my engraved Pietta Frontier revolver and my nickeled Pietta Pistolero.
  2. History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark.
  3. Interesting choice in name. I take it you are a fan of "The Wind And The Lion".
  4. Cayenne pepper works. My MIL's bird feeder was always being raided by deer until we put cayenne pepper in the feed. Deer won't touch it but it doesn't bother the birds.
  5. I like the Stouffers chipped beef as well, I fix it for dinner when the boss can't cook.
  6. I picked one up recently and I like it. It's my normal carry gun. I'm very partial to the single action.
  7. The only issue may be fouling buildup in the gap between the case mouth and the start of the rifling, similar to the issue with .38s in .357 cylinders.
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