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  1. Just donated today. Oneg. Been donating semi regularly since I was 17.
  2. I usually go through 1 or 2 12 cup pots a day, got so used to it in the Navy that I can drink right up to bedtime without it keeping me awake.
  3. I read about Dr. Christmas and his Bullet in a book titled "The World's Worst Aircraft".
  4. I use it in my homemade mustache wax with approximately equal amounts of beeswax.
  5. Just watched "The Sea Wolves", with Gregory Peck, David Niven, andRoger Moore.
  6. Sounds good. I make my own drinking apple pie, I think I will join you in a libation. Slainte!
  7. If the USAF doesn't want it the should give it to the Marines. They perfected ground support air combat in WW2.
  8. BP is the only way to go! Definitely not evil, just on the dark side.
  9. Cholla, are you thinking about using those for real long range? Try them out up here at the Quigley match.
  10. Never had a rossi, but I got a Winchester 62a for my 13th birthday and taught my 8 year old daughter how to shoot with it. Now she has her own that she got when her grandfather passed away.
  11. I got mine at our local Murdoch's store, I paid just over $650.00 with my military discount.
  12. If you saw the miniseries "Band of Brothers" you would probably know what Currahee means. I have read a couple of books written by Donald Burgett who was in Co A of the 506th. His first book is titled "Currahee".
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