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  1. Leonard Nimoy was the bad guy opposite Yul Brenner in Catlow, based on a Louis L'amour book.
  2. I had a Ruger vaquero in 45 colt, an 1851 navy 36 and a Ruger blackhawk 3 screw flattop in 357. Just before my first shoot I got a 45 thunderer. At my first shoot one of the shooters decided not to shoot and loanedme her rifle and shotgun. After the shoot I went to the local gunstore and got a rifle and shotgun for myself.
  3. On our January shoot I shot a Josey Wales with a 7.5 in. Peacemaker, a 7.5 in Remington 1875, a 4.75 in Peacemaker and a 3.5 in. Thunderer.
  4. While stationed in Scotland I had my name traced. Turned out my family started out in Scotland in clan MacFie, got in a war on the wrong side. Half the clan went to the Western Isles of Scotland while the other half went to southern Ireland and built a wee castle called Blarney. I'm a younger son of the lord and got in a bit of trouble and came to America as a remittance man.
  5. 1975, ordered from Winchester a model 94 30-30 while I was stationed on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Delivered to my parents home.
  6. I was advising shooting the rifle left handed. My daughter shoots pistol right handed, just aims with her left eye.
  7. Teach him to shoot left handed. That's how I taught my daughter when she was eight.
  8. I use Black MZ for my cartridge loads and my C&B pistols. I can shoot six stages without wiping my pistols down and just once with my rifle, primarily because it's a 45 Colt. Right now I'm using Pyrodex in my shotgun because I got a few pounds from a friend.
  9. We have shoots in the winter from Dec to Mar. A couple of years ago our Dec shoot was -28 degrees. We had 7 shooters and a family observing. We have the shoots no matter the temp. We have a cabin with a wood stove in it that we shoot from if it's relatively cold (30's or less).
  10. Jabez, you need to come down to Forsythe, Mt. for the Quigley shoot on Father's Day weekend. You can arrive a few days before the shoot to sight in. The ranges are from 350 yds. offhand out to 805 yds. shooting off cross sticks.

    1. Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129

      Howdy Blarney Kid;

      Thanks for the Invite, I will Keep that in mind.

      I will check dates and see if it conflicts with Our Match ....

      It sounds like fun ...

      Do you also have a class for Long Range Singleshot Pistol Caliber guns ?

      I have a nice .38 WCF. Lowwall  that puts the fun factor in shooting, Ladies and Kids really love this gun ...

      Must have had a dozen try their hand at 300 yards of my sticks , the grins and massive Smiles on their faces when the steel was ringing ,,,, Well they loved the lack of recoil lighter weight mild report and Hitting shot for shot ...

      It made me grin as big as the best of the bunch ...


      Sure wouldn't mind hearing more details about  the Quigeley Shoot ..


      Jabez Cowboy

  11. SASS Alias: Blarney Kid SASS No. 69041 Where are you from: Montana How long you been shooting cowboy action: 12 years.
  12. One of my aunts was only four years older than me. I called her by her name most of the time, sometimes aunt Nelsa. It was never required.
  13. I fist read the Doc Savage stories in comic book form then read some of the books. Unfortunately, I also watched the movie they made.
  14. I've met members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Mike Venturino(he lives just down the road in Livingston),and Brian Williams just before he took over as news anchor.
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