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  1. I have a possible match in my encyclopedia of handguns. The ones marked 1010-1013 with the write up at the bottom of the photo.
  2. Lynde has the yearlys from 1958 to 1964 but haven't seen any later years, until The Price of Fame issues came out in 1992. There are a couple of other books that ran some later series as well, just not the full yearly runs.
  3. I'm 67, fat and asthmatic. Still having fun.
  4. I just finished a dry camp at the Quigley shoot. I was there from Thursday until Monday. I used a canvas lean-to and a bed roll. I've been doing this since I started shooting the Quigley in 1998. In spite of the fact that "Quigleyville" becomes the 4th largest town in the county, the camp isn't overly noisy or obnoxious.
  5. My wife lets my spend Father's Day weekend in Forsythe, Mt. I shoot at the Matthew Quigley Long Range Rifle Shoot every year.
  6. Don't forget The Over the Hill Gang movies.
  7. Check at your local skeet and trap range. They may have reclaimed and cleaned shot. That's where I get mine and it's about half the price of new shot.
  8. Not sure about cartridges over more than a year or so but I had an 1851 Navy loaded and capped for a year and all chambers went boom when I shot it.
  9. This is a Scottish dirk. I got it on Amazon a couple of years ago.
  10. This is my boot knife.
  11. Not that unusual, my parents named me Randy, not Randall or Randolph because they said everyone would just use Randy anyway. When I was stationed in Londonderry, NI, one of my fellow sailors had a given name of Bob, not Robert.
  12. Never been to the Cowboy shoot there, but I have been to a couple of the Buckskinner rendezvous back in the late 70's and early 80's. Lots of fun back then, too.
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