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  1. My first deer was taken with a Savage 99 in .243 Win. belonging to my dad. My first deer rifle that I owned was a Model 94 Win in 30-30.
  2. His name was Manolo, Manolito was his nickname.
  3. They have it on Amazon. Both green and blue.
  4. USA: Colt, S&W(2), Winchester(2),Ruger(3), Shiloh(1), CVA(3) Italy: 14 Belgium: 1 Germany/Spain: 1(Spanish Mauser) Spain: 2 Russia: 1
  5. These are some of the hats I wear. The 2 ship that's are the ships I served on, the other Navy hats are because I'm proud of those passages, Quigley and Mariners are for fun.
  6. Do you need a second 1875 Rem? I have one I could part with if you are heading West from Rapid City.
  7. The biggest problem with the sheep was they didn't free range like cattle, so when they grazed they stayed in a smaller area which didn't give the grass a chance to recover.
  8. This was one of my favorite comic strip growing up. Hipshot was my hero.
  9. My first firearm was a Winchester 62a slide action .22. I got it for my 13th birthday. I still have it and taught my daughter to shoot with it. Have it for 54 years now.
  10. First SASS legal firearm was an 1851 Navy Colt replica from EMF bought around 1980 while in the Navy.
  11. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot used a 20mm cannon.
  12. I basically retired last year. I'm still working part-time for my old security company to get shooting money. My SS and my Navy retirement are just a bit more than I made working full-time. My wife still has a couple of years before she retires.
  13. Looking at my tablet pull down menu it's Night Mode.
  14. You could also get a Lee Loader for 45 Colt. It's also a bit slow but doesn't have a shell holder.
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