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  1. My experience with the 366 was less than satisfactory. I've got 2 Mec 9000 and like them very much. JMHO. These were all 12 ga.
  2. For the AZ pards, no affiliation, just thought I'd pass it on. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/spo/d/payson-reloading-supplies/7262207422.html
  3. I've been shooting 2 of them in 44-40 since they first came out,nice rifles. I replaced the firing pin extension in both after one broke.
  4. I'll take the bracelet , let me know where to send the gold.
  5. Thanks, been down here since before Thanksgiving.
  6. Thanks, for all the great ideas. It's really early in the process and I'd like to be able to have some good input. From what I'm told so far the complex will provide targets, have a range master and security. There will be one bay out to 1000 yds. The plan is to be able to hold national events. I plan on flying home to SD to be part of the discussions and have enlisted a very seasoned SASS shooter to be involved as well as our VP who is a former Chairman of the Meade Co Commission and another cowboy who has lots of experience in construction and lots of ties to the community. I hope it comes t
  7. So the SD Game and Fish along with a very generous individual is in the process of buying 400 acres to set up a first class shooting complex. I was contacted to see what Cowboy Action Shooting needs would be. I'm sure others have set ranges from scratch. I'd really appreciate some info.
  8. Skicked up by the legendary Wes Flowers, transfer bar removed, lighter springs, smoothed action, 4 click, chamber and ejector rod housing beveled for easier reholstering $575 plus shipping or FTF in Southern AZ, Tombstone, Pima Casa Grande, Rio Salado. Ben Avery. 4 5/8" barrel.
  9. When I first started I had an original 73 in 32-20, for the life of me I couldn't make my reloads work in it. Traded it off when I started shooting Classic Cowboy.
  10. There is a SASS pard who's alias is "Timekeeper" who might be able to help.
  11. You could try Jack First in Rapid City. https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com/
  12. Welcome. I can't answer your CA questions, but Classic Cowboy and B Western rifles don't overlap, you can shoot 45 caliber in both categories. though. Yes, holster styles are different. Go to a couple of shoots before you buy ANYTHING, you may find equipment for sale and most everyone will let handle theirs. You could still share guns and dress like you want just by not shooting in the Classic or B Western Categories, shooting in one of the age or Cowboy categories. Good luck.
  13. Already spent mine on a Ruger PC Charger, just picked it up.
  14. The wife might not like using her Airfryer for that, my wife REALLY didn't like me using the dishwasher to clean motorcycle parts and using the oven to make windscreens when we were still racing motorcycles. The parts did come out nice and warm.
  15. Just bought one for our club, we've only used once and everybody liked it.
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