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  1. My pards and I shoot long range cowboy matches at several ranges from AZ to ND, the most fun is a match invented by a local AZ shooter called take no prisoners. 16 shots total, pistol, pistol caliber rifle, big bore rifle and a single shot. Pistol in hand barrel on the table, the others loaded with 5 each and laying on the table, except the single shot which is open and empty on the table with a round next to it. At the beep with the pistol shoot 5 shots on pistol target at 50 yds, set pistol down and with pistol caliber rifle shoot rifle target 5 times (100 yds), pick up big bore lever and shoot 5 shots at big bore lever target (200 yds) pick up and load single shot, shoot target (300 yds) most hits win if ties the fastest shooter wins.
  2. My Schofields do not fit in Vaquero holsters, I had a set made for each.
  3. The last stage was a hoot to watch, wish I could have shot it.
  4. Maybe I'm special. The email states at the top hazmat $9.99
  5. Got an email from Ballistic Products they have Cheddite 209 primers for $59.86 and $9.99 hazmat shipping.
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