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  1. In 27 years of law enforcement, which involved 7 years at one agency and 20 at another, I found one common denominator. Upper management was only concerned with a few things. One of them being public perception and another being the bottom line. I saw so much money being spent on recruitment and so little being spent on retention, especially retention of valuable seasoned employees. In my estimation, you are a exceptional employee. Do not let this knock you down. Family is family, sick is sick and the benefit that is in place to help family is yours to use as necessary. Stay true to your family and yourself, God Bless and prayers to all of your family. A department head with wisdom is not the norm. I hope I am not offending anyone with a LE background but it is what I have seen all too many times.
  2. Fall north of Flagstaff......saddle your horse, grab a thermos of coffee and a Carhartt.....yes this is Arizona, it snows here.
  3. Check what the tow capacity is of your vehicle. If in doubt provide the VIN to your local dealer and they can do the research for you. Make certain that your vehicle tires are capable of towing, again if there is a question go to your reputable tire dealer and they will help. Invest in a sway control system and always have a reliable trailer brake system. The F150 should handle it fine but I have not towed with a 1/2 ton in decades. 3/4 ton vehicles have larger brakes and are normally better equipped to handle towing. And remember gas engines suck the fuel when towing. Good luck and always have help when backing, keeps you from bumping into things that you would rather not run into.
  4. My gun, my ammo unless it is clearly new factory ammo.
  5. I'm sure it will be a fine rifle, but I don't need another Guide Gun. I can only hope for a 336 Texan in .35 Remington......It is a dream.
  6. I grew up in them, and as I grew taller I had to switch to Wranglers because they did not offer my size. Sizing has always been an issue. Then the gun control issue came up and I never looked back. They are not the product they once were, rather sad.....
  7. I was 3 weeks old......don't remember much.
  8. Check out this one.....filmed in my neck of the woods.
  9. The 1st time I went in for the infamous colonoscopy, the doc asked if I had any concerns or questions for him. I simply replied that the government has been up there for so many years that lets just get this done.....I thought the Doc was going to fall off of his stool. Life is always in need of a sense of humor.
  10. Welcome and you won't be sorry!
  11. Heading down from the AZ north-land with my most favorite pistolas! To all of you, safe travels!
  12. Classic Single Action, Tucson AZ Joe Perkins is the owner and craftsman. https://classicsingleaction.com/ and one more...
  13. I have taken 2 cow elk with my Quigley, something about the smell of black and a 400 grain lead bullet. Highly recommend it!
  14. Nope you have not reached the necessary quota of having too many...nice collection! Disturbing news........they went and bred again and there is another new one in the safe!
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