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  1. .45 Colt Original Vaquero in pristine condition. Stainless, 5 1/2 inch barrel, not used in CAS, extremely low round count. Action job by Gary Reeder. It is not short stroked. $999.00 and I get the shipping. dr3498@hotmail.com
  2. Needs a cup holder and spinner hubcaps....I'll pass.
  3. Contact the airlines and be specific on what you are transporting. Invest in a quality locking case with quality locks. I have and use a small Pelican case for ammo. I have transported long guns and handguns several times on commercial carriers and never had a problem. Along with firearm I have always separated the ammo into a separate locking case. There was a time in law enforcement I flew often for work and wished that my 1911 could qualify for frequent flier mileage. Another option is to ship the ammo to where you are going. Hope this helps....
  4. For lead its Trail Boss, for jacketed I use 231. Been using these for quite some time with great results. I know TB seems to have gone the way of cheap gas but I do find it from time to time.
  5. Saw Doc and Merle Watson at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival many years ago. Playing with them was Emmy Lou Harris......It does not get any better than that! A tip of the hat to Billy Strings.
  6. I have been around the CAS family for quite a few years now and I have never come upon a CAS that gave me any reason to distrust them. I have seen a few individuals come wander about a shoot that I was suspect of. It is incumbent upon all of the CAS community to pay close attention to those who do not fit the persona of a cowboy action shooter and watch out for one another and our belongings. Remember there are those who are genuinely curious and wish to learn and there will always be that small percentage of humanity who are just seeking a opportunity to take from any one of us. Sadly it is in every venue and aspect of life.
  7. I grew up hunting with 170 gr Core Lokt in 30-30. I would have no problem using them today along with my old Marlin despite all of the other options out there today. Dad used the Silvertips in his Model 70 and felt they was nothing better for his 30-06. Can't forget the wool clothing also. Great memories with Dad. Thank you for the post, great memories.
  8. Boots, jeans, cowboy hat..........my whole life.
  9. I can probably find one, but I cannot look until Monday. I am currently out of town so PM me if you do not find one by then......


    God Bless all Cowboys and Cowgirls......horses and dogs too.

  10. Colt Single Action Army , .44-40, 5 1/2 barrel, blue/color case finish. Mesquite one piece grips by Joe Perkins of Classic Single action. Gun is unmodified. Has original box and original grips. Catalog # P1850 $2400.00 Not a competition gun, it is a safe queen. No trades. E mail me: dr3498@hotmail.com
  11. 1860 Henry, Lever Action, Uberti mfg., .45 Colt, model #342880, 24.25 barrel, brass frame, blue steel, walnut. $1250.00 (includes shipping) Not a competition rifle, it is a safe queen. Rifle only, no box or papers. No trades. e mail me: dr3498@hotmail.com
  12. Those that I know that moved in the lower 48 drove their firearms. It gets tricky if moving to Alaska and having to travel through Canada, but it is doable. I haven't a clue about Hawaii.
  13. And the Constitution along with the BILL of Rights.......
  14. Tried.......I'm not one to give up but the brass is very thin and bent easily. It was more an effort of frustration. No more........I'll buy ammo when I find it.
  15. SASS Alias: Hashknife Cowboy SASS #: 68957 Where you are from: Flagstaff, AZ How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 15-16 years...I believe The 44 special looks pretty good after 3 days in the back country. A few days later it transitioned back into a CAS gun with its twin.
  16. I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks. Daniel Boone
  17. Load mine with black and only have to clean them.......
  18. All brass is clean and once fired: 133 pieces of Frontier-38 pieces PMC ........ $60.00 I get the shipping.............
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