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Classic Question: Cowboys and Cows

Widder, SASS #59054

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In the movies, why is it that AFTER all the cows start running, the ground is rumbling and the dust is flying,

the cowboys start yelling........ STAMPEDE.


Heck, we all know its a stampede.   And the noise of the stampede drowns out the yells of the Cowboy.


Go figure!




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Stampede!!! ain't exactly what I'd be saying at that point... :blink:

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Getting My Bandana Up to Cover my face is the first order of business , Guiding my horse, getting my rope free and inhand ,,,,,, Praying to God !!!

Both times I think my horse was as Smart as I was ...

 From this old Busted Up Cowboy 


Jabez Cowboy


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