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  1. Not really, sounds like too much work. I haven't looked but I would imagine 7's would be as hard to find than 8's if not more so. JHC
  2. Listing is one thing. Sadly having it in stock to ship is quite another these days. JHC
  3. I used to order lots of cast boolits, usually got them in flat rate boxes. I'm sure the post office was cussin' the shipper and the postman was cussin' me when he had to deliver them! JHC
  4. From what I've read there was a booty load of surplus WWII brass (apparently the US and Canada made boxer primed 8mm's for some reason) that was sent to Canada and loaded for various sources after the war, hence the 1950's production with '40's headstamps. Supposedly the CIA even bought a bunch. Can't say any of this is true, just what I've been reading researching that headstamp just out of curiosity. JHC
  5. Problem #1 is those things are usually out of stock. Problem #2 is if you can find ammo at a decent price the $%^ shipping eats you alive unless you order a crap ton of it. But thanks for the post! JHC
  6. Yeah, but bet you had fun and skeered the gong at least. JHC
  7. This is once fired (theoretically) brass, not ammo. 8mm ammo and brass is scarce as hen's teeth except for surplus. Been looking for months. I just had a Yugo '98 scoped. I did get some Prvi soft point bullets for it a while back. This is mainly a stash rifle (paid $100 for it at Big 5 some years ago). I have a good deal of surplus I bought when I got it, but was wanting some hog/deer ammo. Only reason I had it scoped was I found a 3x9 Bushnell apparently new at a garage sale for $15 so that was a good excuse. I needed another scoped rifle like a hog needs a sidesaddle, this will be a good reliable rifle I can bury or carry in the truck ITSHTF that was relatively inexpensive. Plus who doesn't love a 98 Mauser just for what it is. Much obliged, JHC
  8. I just ordered some 8x57 used brass from a supplier. I actually managed to talk to him and he sent me some pics. Mixed headstamps, some even commercial WW but most are stamped 7.92 MM 42 and 44. I've not found a definite answer, but most of the info I've found the general consensus seems to be that it's Canadian, possibly as late as 1950's manufacture. Any info from you resident cartridge experts? Sus amigo, JHC
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