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  1. I've spent some time in prison thru Kairos for the last 12 years or so. Going in Thu thru Sun (hopefully, Robertson Unit is currently on lockdown) and am a volunteer chaplain there. As may be expected most what you see on TV and the movies is hogwash. JHC
  2. I HATE those cussed things and pretty much refuse to use them. I walked out of one and left a buggy full of stuff because there were no cashiers not too long ago. JHC
  3. Seems I recall long ago Ohio only allowed shotguns? I guess that's an improvement if so. JHC
  4. Prayer sent just now. Back in Jan. my sister and her husband died almost exactly 24 hrs apart from secondary pneumonia from Covid. They were both pretty much anti vaxers and were not immunized against C19 or pneumonia. Pneumonia is a killer. If you're not immunized protect your life and get shot! JHC
  5. It would be nice if people that make gun laws knew SOMETHING about guns other than they hate them. JHC
  6. That's so hard. Been there more times than I care to recall, probably about to happen soon with our 19 yr old pom. It never gets easier, if anything only harder. You'd think old dogs would be considerate enough to just up and die, but it seldom happens that way. JHC The Power of the Dog, Rudyard Kipling https://www.bartleby.com/364/335.html
  7. My thought is fight shy of odd ball calibers. I like time proven. 20 years from now the 5.56, 7.62 NATO, .30/06 and .30/30 will most likely still be around. .223 Wylde and .350 Legend? They may be great performers, but I'd pass. JMHO, worth what you paid for it. JHC
  8. April 5. We scored the teddy bear on our last cruise. Two days later she was at death's door. JHC
  9. Nora Benjamin's Story on FB. JHC https://www.facebook.com/Nora-Benjamins-Story-106197011167760/
  10. First photos were posted on her FB story three hours ago. I take it they were taken today. JHC
  11. April 7. She was on TOTAL bypass. Kidneys had pretty much shut down.
  12. Gal my wife used to work with has a grand daughter named Nora. I could make a REAL long post about all her health problems including a heart transplant and several near brushes with death. The latest was a 40 day stay in the hospital with a code blue that lasted a long time. Thought AGAIN that she was lost. She went home today. Lots of prayers answered. She just turned 5 years old. If you are so inclined please send up prayers for God's continued healing for this little girl. Personally I think He has some kinda great plan in store for her. Sus amigo, JHC
  13. There's one around here at a Methodist camp where we have Kairos stuff. Way out in the sticks where cell service is iffy at best. JHC
  14. My wife is from Las Cruces (and other places in NM). Know lots of good places to eat there. Napalitos for green enchiladas, My Brother's Place (not sure if they are still around) and El Comidor (or something like that) in Mesilla. Used to be a place I think called Mariscos in LC that had good Mexican seafood, JHC
  15. Are you shooting the Holy Black or the heathen smokeless? Kind of a different ball game. If I ever get to be World Dictator it will absolutely be forbidden the load smokeless in a .45/70. JHC
  16. Some years ago a buddy of mine built a black powder mortar sized to launch a 1 lb coffee can. We'd fill the can 1/3-1/2 full of dirt. Used about 80 gr. FFg. We shot it at a metal silhouette about 140 yards across our stock tank we called Osama. Don't think we ever hit him, but it was a hoot to shoot. You wouldn't think that little powder would launch that projectile that far but it did. It didn't make much noise, kind of a loud POOF!!/BANG. I would say less than a 12 ga BP round. JHC
  17. Didn't Luke Skywalker fly down that to knock out the reactor of the Death Star? JHC
  18. If you ever find yourself in Skagway, Alaska the White Pass and Yukon RR is also excellent. It's diesel, not steam, but good none the less. JHC
  19. It's cool just being in Durango and hearing the train whistle. JHC
  20. Delighted that you got to go! I've ridden her twice, awesome experience. I'm not sure if they're still operating, but have also ridden the Cumbres and Toltec out of Chama, NM. Also awesome. The C&T runs along high country ridges as opposed to the Silverton running up a canyon. Just googled it, sounds like they're still around. I would recommend it highly. JHC https://cumbrestoltec.com/
  21. I can think of one guy that's named for a dog food, but it would be uncouth to actually mention any names. JHC
  22. Next Sat. I'm shooting a defensive pistol course, 450 rounds. A few days ago I was at the local gun store, powder is $45-50 per pound and no pistol primers. I was gonna shoot one of my 9mm's, but like bgavin said, I don't want to burn that much ammo. This outfit will rent a slick Taurus .22 with leather and mags for $20, so I'm gonna go that route. I too have a pile of .22's in stockpile, but I almost never shoot .22's anymore so I figure that will be a good use for them. JHC
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