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  1. How much of the beef that is graded as prime is grass fed vs grain fed?
  2. They said when Gene Autry went to England or Ireland, I forget which one, 300,000 people turned out to see him. Great series so far.
  3. I've heard and read on this forum that if a shooter transitions to the next target and needs to hesitate to confirm his sight picture before breaking the shot, the targets are to small or distant. It's now a bullseye match, to them.
  4. They had confrontations before with this neighbor and the woman he was walking with had a no contact order with him. Not a good idea to make that gesture with the previous history.
  5. Wow. Howdy Bud! Before the 60 pf minimum was established I believe that somewhere it was stated that cap and ball revolvers, for example, were of course allowed, but that you might have trouble knocking down falling steel. You might need to hit the top half to knock them down. They weren't required to be set for the lowest legal load since there wasn't a minimum pf limit.
  6. "As an example, some shooters use different ammo for knock-downs (I don't). If I did, I would like to know if either of these matches have them in advance" If you need special ammo for knockdowns, load a couple boxes. What's the highest number of knockdowns that you've run across in a regular SASS match? I'm not talking about some specific, special match with all knockdowns.
  7. I just read that this was young bourbon and about 1% of their production.
  8. It's been pointed out many times that short stroked revolvers for two handed shooters don't help much at all. SS rifles help with consistency of times over an entire match. A single run with a non SS rifle may be as fast, but you are more likely to have a little hitch here and there over the course of a match.
  9. I don't remember seeing them in the past but recently there have been several commercials for people suffering from crohns disease and ulcerative colitis. The cute girl singer in the band with them waiting on stage for her. Others who receive invites for barbques and other get togethers and they don't know if they'll be able to attend. I've been there.
  10. I guess I'm wrong. Is shadow shooting the whole stage allowed? A single sight picture when staging your rifle isn't shadow shooting the stage. At one time I thought you were allowed to simulate shooting the stage and your transitions at the loading table, but not at the firing line. Maybe it was just local.
  11. True. But it has been a very popular misperception that shadow shooting at the firing line was not allowed. Easy to clear up with once sentence. How are you doing?
  12. Since it has been traditionally not allowed or at least frowned upon why not make an announcement at the shooters meeting that it is allowed at your match. This way everyone is aware and can take advantage, with a clear conscious, if they choose to do so.
  13. As far as names go it's probably easier to remember shooters aliases then peoples normal first and last names. It is easy not to recognize someone when you are them away from a SASS match.
  14. I didn't say it couldn't be done. You did it intentionally, not accidentally as I stated. I'm not talking about the measure being able to drop a small charge. I'm talking about the load data you choose to use. Other than SASS shooting there's not a lot of load data published for sub 60pf loads.
  15. I didn't say it couldn't be done. You did it intentionally, not accidentally as I stated. Other than SASS shooting there's not a lot of load data published for sub 60pf loads.
  16. It's pretty difficult to accidentally load below 60 pf with 38 cal and above.
  17. I guess John Wayne, Burt Lancaster and the rest weren't worried about a penalty. Duke even stated "If you need six, load 6. I'm sure if trouble was expected a lot of guys would load that sixth chamber.
  18. The top shooters would determine how a major pf (150 for example) category would be perceived. If most of them stayed in their normal category and the shooters moving to the higher pf category were just shooters who wanted to compete against other similar shooters it would then be just another category. If most of the champion shooters moved to the higher pf category it might become the elite competition category.
  19. Penny's tennies, with a line that looked like a smile on the toe. Finally got Converse in junior high. Black pair. You only got white if you actually played organized basketball. Penny's jeans for a while too. We got Levis at an old store where when you paid they put your cash in a basket and sent it upstairs on a wire. The cashier would send your change down in the basket.
  20. I like 3031. 5744 worked fine but I got little dings in the fired case from unburned powder.
  21. I drove a 92 Toyota Corolla to 333,000 miles. Bought it with about 70,000 on it. Now I have a 2007 Tacoma just hitting 195,000. My daughter has our old Civic with around 260,000. We gave to her and she's put around 50,000 on it. Bought my wife a new Honda Fit and gave my daughter her old car.
  22. I'm not sure about all of the Leverevolution calibers but I know that some of them use slightly shorter brass. If you buy loaded factory ammo you could re-use it but other factory brass might need to be trimmed.
  23. Someone has to lose. Doesn't mean it was because they were to cocky.
  24. If a shooter got a match DQ on the first stage of a local monthly match and decided to pack up and go home it generally would not bother me. Most of of have jobs or chores to get done plus our desire to get out to a match. Maybe if he gets home he can get those chores done and go to a match tomorrow or next weekend that he otherwise might have missed. If he had a lousy attitude about the DQ or is always complaining that would be different.
  25. With SASS I've just remained a annual renewing member. As far as the NRA, it wouldn't matter to me If I was a life member. With the continuing 2nd amendment battles I would still be occasionally donating. Besides renewing my annual membership through 2026 I send additional and also to the California Rifle and Pistol association. Republican National Comittee and presidential election this last year too. Trying to do my part.
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