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  1. Some modern leverguns have a slightly larger lever opening to accommodate wearing cold weather gloves. The cowboy larger levers are much bigger, particularly the Rifleman example.
  2. About 15 years ago I was setting aside cash for a trip to Winter Range. I had been getting things done before leaving so my wife would be set. I went by the post office and dropped several envelopes in the outside box to pay some bills before I left. Drove to the gas station and as I was filling up couldn't find the envelope with 7 or 8 hundred dollars in it. Raced back to the post office and explained and he went out to the box and found my envelope. I could have afforded to still go but wouldn't have had extra cash for beyond the basics.
  3. It shouldn't be hard to trade spp for lpp. That's what I did to get some large rifle primers.
  4. He said he was from Chicago but was actually a Florida resident. I guess he thought saying he was from Chicago would be a better explanation as to why he was carrying a shotgun.
  5. I don't know what Fellers reputation was as far as how hard he threw toward the end of his career. Ryans last no hitter was at age 44. It is hard to compare players from different eras. Think what Ted Williams stats would be without 2 stints in the service also.
  6. I've seen discussions about the hardest, fastest throwing pitchers in MLB history. They say there's no debate that anyone else threw as hard for as many years as he did.
  7. In that video a few small twigs or something blow by behind the reporter. With the direction the wind blew them the reporter was bracing himself against the wind in the wrong direction
  8. If that is true the automakers should have no problem warranting the EV batteries for 20 years, free replacement if they fail. In reality what is the warranty offered currently?
  9. A good percentage of revolver sales are probably j frames or other snub nose.
  10. I've bought powder from the real Powder Valley a couple of times in the past year. WST, Cleanshot, 3031 and black powder.
  11. These days if leo finds you with $10,000 cash they might take it from you until YOU prove it's not drug money or other illegal proceeds. It might depend on who you are.
  12. That movie was really good. I think I've only seen it once when it first came out. I'd like to see it again.
  13. Unless you have a real problem with your barrel a properly sized hitech coated bullet should work great! Even at higher velocities.
  14. I'll have a hamburger, a coke and a french fry. That doesn't sound right either. Thus, "order of fries".
  15. I read a review that said that the original shows pilot let you start figuring things out on your own with just a little explanation. It got right into the story. The new pilot assumes viewers are now dumber and need their hands held to understand anything so they don't have much time left for that episodes story. But they hope that after the pilot things will improve and had some positive things to say.
  16. There is a difference in 167 power factor out of a rifle compared to a handgun.. For example 250gr at 675 is about 168pf. You could easily lose 125fps in a handgun which would be less then 140pf.
  17. I always liked the drum solo on Rod Stewarts "I know I'm losing you".
  18. As much as I enjoy shooting I've never had the desire to have tons of guns. I do have what I need to compete and a backup for everything. Also some other guns not for competition but that I wanted, along with ccw and home defense. Sure, to people who aren't shooters or maybe have one gun, they think I have a bunch. I shoot 1911s a lot but only have two. I'd get one more if I saw the right one but don't want 20 of them.
  19. It used to be up to each state match to decide if they required state residency to be that states champion. A shooter (A) in a state that didn't require residency could come in second and a nonresident buddy (B) who was first would be state champ as a nonresident. Then they shoot in shooter (B) state match and shooter (A) places first but his buddy (B) who is second is named state champ because that match requires residency. Both shooters have a first and second place finish in two matches but one shooter has 2 state championships.
  20. Most of the time when my wife and I go out to eat it's when we're getting together with our daughters and their families. Our oldest grandson started playing football. We went out for lunch afterwards. Other then that my wife hates going out. And if we do and the food sucks, watch out! I've been doing a lot of smoking and grilling this summer but soon will be in cooler weather mode and cooking different things. When I'm out of town on my own I try to find some good local places to try.
  21. It is dumb. But after his wife got the fairytale princess wedding she wanted all of a sudden she didn't want to be involved with the other royal duties so she convinced him to give that up. This is one aspect of that. It shouldn't be a surprise to them.
  22. Creeker. When you use the term "you" it would be correct if using it to describe the general public or a majority of shoppers, in regard to whats being discussed. I've never ordered guns online alway buy them at local gun stores. I'd love to pick up bullets at my local gun store but you're lucky if they stock any lead bullets at all let alone different calibers or weights. Yeah, I order them on line. Some of us do prefer to shop at smaller stores, mom and pops, but over time for various reasons, they do not carry everything we want. That however does not mean thst WE created the problem.
  23. Forty. Did you mean to address someone else in your previous post?
  24. I remember when internet online shopping was just becoming a thing. They predicted how much would be spent online in the next couple of years and I thought no way it would happen. I figured people would want to see and hold the items personally before buying. Never would have guessed it would become so huge. Now you are pretty much forced to buy many things online. I have to agree with others that our local Ace hardware has about the most helpful employees around and a lot of them I've seen for years.
  25. I've had that happen a lot recently with books. Received 4 books and a day or two later they ask you to rate them. Also a lot of requests to rate companies service.
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