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  1. The USPSA journal produced every two months has a nice SASS advertisement in it every issue.
  2. "One, we need to stop presenting to the outside world as a "Social Event", a "Costuming Game" or any of the other terms we have used because, somehow, we (SASS) seem ashamed to announce ourselves as a competition." Yet when discussions take place about having a little wider variation of target sizes and distances in a competition it is explained that SASS is first , entertainment.
  3. For black powder I use the Lee dippers. I double check with a piece of dowel that I mark to make sure the level of powder in the case is where I want it.
  4. Look around on the various gun forums and you'll see lots of recent and current discussions about reloading. But right now we are in an unusually bad situation as far as cost and availability of factory ammunition or reloading components. Did your son in law tell you where to by that ammo? Is he even aware of the current situation?
  5. It was either a EMF Hartford Premier 44 special revolver or a nice Marlin Cowboy 44 mag/spl with 24" barrel.
  6. I like an occasional peanut butter sandwich with seedless strawberry or blackberry jam. When I think of it I'll pick up apple butter too.
  7. Wow! Is this a county project or the local electricity provider? Sorry to hear this.
  8. Bookers is my favorite. I've got an unopened bottle of one of their special editions. Just might open it on my birthday th his month!
  9. I've only shot 405 gr and some 350gr lead out of my Marlin Cowboy at moderate velocities. No more then 1500fps for sure. I can't imagine what some of the Buffalo Bore or Garrett ammo feels like out of a Marlin. They have various ammo but I know some of them are 400+ grns at 2,000 or more fps. They are light guns.
  10. " And getting the targets closer and bigger makes it easier to do. Shooting sub 16 second stage at 7 yards is a ton harder than doing it at 3. " Many shooters here just won't acknowledge this. Not saying there's no challenge at three yards, but it's a little easier to go fast and hit the target then 7 yards. That's all. If it wasn't a little easier why would some matches bother setting up giant targets at minimum distances. They will say that people still miss at 3 yards but not acknowledge that they do miss less often. Otherwise there'd be no reason to spend the money for 20" or
  11. I've seen people that do these modifications. Then they think you're nuts for spending over $1000 on a gun.
  12. Ozzy Osbourne said that in the 60s and 70s getting all his tatoos was a bit more shocking then today. You were living on the edge of society. Now it means you might be a celebrity chef. If he was a young rock star today, why bother?
  13. I'm just curious about what cowboy guns you are running across that are actually nickel plated? I know some are out there but you're really limiting your choices.
  14. Yes. If I cut an apple into 6 or so pieces I like it on that too.
  15. The current situation with ammo and components shortages is the worst ever as far as how high prices being asked has risen. I've always told my wife that in particular having extra primers and powder is like money in the bank. If at some point you determine that you have way to much you could always sell some and probably make a little money on it. That's without envisioning that prices would rise to current levels. But I'm not selling and gambling that prices will soon come back close to previous levels when you could replenish what you sold now at a high price. I'd rather keep
  16. You shoot USPSA clean? No misses, don't hit no shoots, no procedurals? How much USPSA have you shot? A clean match is not a thing in USPSA like it is in SASS. They pretty much only refer to no procedurals as shooting clean. They don't announce or give out clean match awards.
  17. The challenge is to increase the speed that you can shoot and hit the targets along with the transitions from gun to gun.
  18. Match attendance has shown that very large targets at 3 to 6 yards for revolver is the challenge that the majority of cowboy shooters are looking for. A little farther out and some will go to a different match.
  19. You can still by the other components when you find them at a decent price and be prepared for when primers are more readily available. You can get bullets although some vendors may take a couple of months but you'll have them when you're ready.
  20. Unless I like the permanent host they eventually pick I'll be done with jeopardy.
  21. Every gun with real color case hardening will have a unique pattern. But that gun does appear to be outside the norm of what I would expect.
  22. Shooters without all of the guns can shoot whatever legal guns they have now and just take the misses.
  23. That's always been true. But outfits that don't follow responsible, ethical journalism guidelines are by definition, not journalists. 200 years ago, 100 years ago or today. 200 years ago is before standardized journalism ethics were developed and taught. In the 20th century you had a lot more of real journalists vs 95% of of them nowdays driving the same agenda. Even media people with bias were split a lot closer to the middle then. KipNow It's almost 100% controlled by one agenda. Your last paragraph is true. Journalists are supposed to present the facts on both sid
  24. Most journalism is supposed to be straight reporting. You also have investigative reporting. A small percentage is editorializing (opinion). Today most of what should be regular reporting of facts now includes editorial content. Everyone is reporting influenced by their own opinion and agenda. That's not journalism. An investigative reporter should find the facts and let that dictate where the story leads regardless of their own agenda. Both sides should be equally investigated with the same level of scrutiny. Again, that's not happening much today. Very few real journa
  25. Well of course I know that. Just posting the question more for those who somehow think that reporting is even remotely still fair and unbiased.
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