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  1. Oh we know who they were. The propoganda wing of the left isn't going to report it unless it supports their agenda.
  2. I read a couple of news reports that described what went on in Portland on inauguration day. They made no attempt or reference as to who was responsible.
  3. The Hogdon cowboy action load data has a warning about their data. It states that they use pressure test barrels and that carbine velocities will be close to the listed data. It warns that from a 4 5/8 inch barrel you can lose about 175 fps and around 50fps from a 7 1/2 inch. Of course you need to chronograph to be sure. If you're just relying on their data without noticing their warning you could be looking at a 500 fps load instead of 650 fps that you thought you're achieving. This was in the info written by Birdshot at the front of the cowboy load data.
  4. Why is it that whenever people figure out a gunfight is about to occur, everone furiously runs to the other side of the street, from both sides?
  5. Our story is similar to Allie Mo. Before I retired I planned to have the house paid off. Eventually refinanced but stayed on my timetable to pay it off and did, earlier actually. Knew we were going to need a new roof and got a metal one installed while I was still working. Cars paid off but getting older and can buy one when needed outright. No credit card debt, monthly charges paid off every month. We live pretty frugally with the exception of my shooting hobby. But I reload everything and am well stocked up at normal prices. We don't go out to eat much and I build most of what we
  6. I live on 3.3 acres outside of a town of about 7,000 in the northern Sacramento valley. My daugters both live within 30 minutes of us with their families, 3 grandsons 6,4 and almost 2. The other states that many have considered moving to are becoming more like California faster then most had anticipated. There's various matches every weekend and I've got a good supply of reloading components. I'd want to move somewhere with at least a few acres, water, not snowed in and freezing, not humid in the summer. It's hard to find places that have nearly everything on your list. Abso
  7. Gold is a completely different market. If you had a buddy who sells gold bullion and next week he has some coming in but instead of offering it to everyone he's not going to sell it all to you for $1000 an oz. (Just for an example) letting you corner the local market, and let you turn around and sell it for $1600 per oz. Not going to happen.
  8. I would rather see LGS raise their prices then see the handful of people who always seem to finagle a way to buy almost of the ammo (offered at lower price even with limits that the finaglers will get around somehow). Then they turn around and gouge their fellow shooters because stock is low. Actually they aren't gouging their fellow shooters because most of them don't actually shoot and are merely opportunists.
  9. We aren't talking about complaining about getting a speeding ticket while someone else got away with it. The actual destruction the left has done in recent months without penalty is many magnitudes greater then anything the right has done. Not even remotely close. They've dropped nearly all charges for any leftist arrests including damaging over 100 federal buildings and a couple of billion dollars in property damage. It would be great if none of it happened, sure. But this is reality right now. Your comment that "it flyeth not" is not true for the left who are excused by district
  10. They announced they will be searching social media to identify participants but made no effort to do so during months of burning, looting, destroying black owned businesses and murdering black small business owners.
  11. The Metoo people took over Capitol offices, pounded on the doors of the Supreme Court and stood all over the front of the building. If it is treasonous now to occupy the capital it was treasonous then. The difference is that liberal politicians were complicit with not stopping the Metoo protesters during the ridiculous Kavanaugh hearings from occupying the Capitol building. By the liberals own standard, they have committed treason. Who knows what would have happened if they used force to stop the Metoo occupation?
  12. With a broken rifle it was judged that it was safer to stage it horizontally at the next position. We do still have to assume that every gun is loaded so the safer place to discard the rifle appears to be at the same position as for the broken one. But I agree that this should be figured out before the match starts.
  13. A shooter finishes with the rifle (still functioning, not broken) then takes it with him and stages it horizontally pointed into the berm and finishes the stage. Shooter states he did not believe the vertical staging was safe so he staged it at the next position safely pointed at the berm. Going to penalize him?
  14. He wore a tshirt with an anti assault weapon logo on front and on the back it said "listen to the children. This was at an event honoring Tombstone. He claims to respect the 2nd amendment, but not assault rifles. Many felt that whatever his beliefs are, an event honoring Tombstone the movie was not the place to wear it.
  15. Some movies are more fun with a theater of people. But I've found that so many people are used to watching at home, talking whenever they want, checking their phones, you see lit up phone screens, they've forgotten how to be polite in public. That will ruin a good serious drama for me. An action movie or raucous comedy is easier to watch with a few rude people in the audience. Fewer people were disruptive and rude at the movies years ago.
  16. Sounds like crickett has great customer service. Does anyone have experience with other similar small 22s like these?Just curious about what's out there. I've seen others but never paid much attention to them or checked them out.
  17. It was a lot different going to the movies in the 1960s or 1970s. For starters you didn't have movies at home other then what was broadcast. It was either the theater or whatever was on regular tv. Also up to a certain point you only had black and white at home. Eventually with cable you had more channels and finally movie channels. Now with the quality and size of home tvs why go to a theater even before the recent restrictions and shutdowns? And of course nowadays hollywoods politics are not hidden away and are in your face.
  18. I went to a theater a few years ago when they had special showing of Bullitt with Steve McQueen on it's 50th anniversary. It was fun seeing it in the theater.
  19. Up in more rural northern California I heard about the same as usual. If anything a little less. If you come from town on the main road you turn right onto our paved street. If you turn left it's a bumpy dirt and gravely road. The dirt road side is where almost all the gunfire comes from. The paved road has more fireworks with very little if any gunshots.
  20. Wow! That's great. After reading it here in the orignal post I saw a similar post on calguns. Glad to here it was wrong.
  21. The owner of a factory I worked at in the mid 90's was friends with Donald O'Conner. They walked through while he toured the plant. I knew he was supposed to be there that day. No one really noticed or acted like they had any idea who he was. I was working up on a mezzanine and walked over and gave him a round of applause as they walked by. He gave me a little wave. I couldn't help but think how flabbergasted the young people would be if they saw some of his dance scenes and what he was capable of.
  22. Yes. I'm not messing with shipping primers or powder even if an individual is allowed to. Have to find a trade pretty close to home. Some clubs have posted gun or gear for sale on their websites or sent out emails. Now might be a time to expand shooters ability to sell or trade components. If everyone knew ahead of time people could bring it to trade at matches.
  23. Wow! People might start looking more into trading primers, powders etc. before paying some of the very high prices. I'd like at some point to get some large rifle primers and could trade pistol primers for them. It depends on what specific component someone is short of. I'm loading 45acp with Clays instead of my preferred powder, saving it for matches. Of course if you're stuck with virtually no components you don't have much choice.
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