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  1. Everything I reload, cowboy or modern, I bell the cases more then most people. I have had no negative issues that I've ever noticed after seating and crimping then case guaging my ammo. Plus very rare to have any bullet shaving.
  2. I saw a 44mag version at a small gun store. $1000. It looked nice. I just didn't like the color/finish of the wood. The fit was fine but it had that greyish plastic look.
  3. "They shoot factory ammo. They are not reloaders and would balk at the requirement of lead only bullets." USPSA has in recent years added divisions where 9mm shooters (minor scoring only) compete at no disadvantage to major shooters. A lot of newer shooters like usually being able to buy factory ammo at a decent price. But the 40 and 45 shooters are a high percentage of reloaders. Most of them now use the hitek coated bullets except in Open where they use compensators. They use jacketed bullets.
  4. Even modern 3 gun has dwindled down. A lot of shooters don't like the shotgun portion and 2 gun is getting more popular. Some matches are at ranges using pistol bays limited tp 25 yards or so for the rifle. Some might have a bay or 2 that allows 75-100 yard rifle shots. Some have more room and can have rifle targets at several hundred yards. There are a couple of extreme matches that include moving across multiple bays but that's not the norm. Huge variation in what constitutes a modern 3 gun match.
  5. My 2007 4 cylinder Tacoma has 292,000 on it. Don't know what to get when it's time.
  6. It's one thing for him to say he would like stages like that. How any cowboy shooter would think that stages like that could ever be the future of SASS is ridiculous. I don't see how he could seriously believe it other then hoping to get more views on his channel.
  7. I went to college for a while but had no idea what I wanted to do and never graduated. But I was not stupid enough to take out loans and then buy stereos and things like many I knew that did.
  8. Well I said, about right, not completely right. What he described is common but not exclusively. He's not that far off. I also don't think that revolver targets at 7-9 yards instead of 3-6 or rifle targets at 10-12 yards instead of 7-9 is being accurately described when it's refered to as a bullseye match.
  9. I got an 8 pounder this summer for about $30 per pubd delivered.
  10. That's way beyond how a normal USPSA match is. The modern 3 gun matches do use some different rifle shooting positions. There are a couple of modern "brutality" type 3 gun matches that have far more running and obstacles then the usual matches. No cowboy shooter wants this type of match. His description of SASS stages is about right. When a SASS shooter mentions they'd prefer seeing the targets out a few steps farther with no other changes the criticism you see is as if they suggested this "brutality " type format or of course "bullseye".
  11. Also last year they put up stockings for all of their granchildren, except for Hunters love child. They received criticism. This year to avoid that the wonderful first lady decided not to put up any stockings at all.
  12. I've always heard it "steak and eggs". One time my dad (not breakfast) ordered a chicken fried steak. Usually they are on the thinner side and sometimes have that perforated tenderizing done to them. When they brought my dads it was a thick nice looking steak but chicken fried. Never saw one like that before.
  13. I remember Bud having some issue with his 97 one time. He went over somewhere and put around 100 rounds through it. I can't remember if this was when we were done for the day at an annual or what. He finished, took his 97 back to the vehicle. When he came back, minutes later, he couldn't believe someone had already scooped up all the hulls.
  14. It's a lot harder to find the old Griswolds and others then it used to be. Some of the newer ones are heavier then they need to be. There are more expensive premium cast iron that is very good. The OXO brand modern non sticks are a good value.
  15. When I started reloading I built a small, maybe 2' by 2' bench and mounted a rockchucker and powder measure. I purposely made it heavy but could move it anywhere. Worked well.
  16. You could also look at trying to trade that Swiss powder for other cheaper bp or one of the subs if you want to use plain coated bullets. Swiss is premium priced powder and if you find the right trade you could come out with more powder.
  17. I was 10 years old and happened to be at home sick that day.
  18. I think that the "purpose" of all the various action shooting sports is to offer a test of the shooters ability that day. They aren't teaching you to be better unless you seek out on your own training from better shooters. If you shoot any of the games regulary you have a good chance of and least becoming a little better shooter because you are shooting regularly. All of the games are a mixture of fun/entertainment and competition at different points along that spectrum. SASS does lean more towards the fun side overall but the majority of shooters in the other games are also mostly having fun vs being seriously competitive.
  19. Swiss fff powder will give it plenty of ooomph!
  20. I don't drink very often anymore. Most of the time it's when we get together with our kids. When I do drink I like to try different bourbons and ryes. Wild Turkey 101 is a good one for $20. There are a lot I'll buy in the $30 to $60 range. My most expensive is Bookers that has crept up from about $60 when I first bought it to $90 now and those are when I find it at Costco. Otherwise it's more.
  21. I'm just curious because of the pressure differences between 45 Colt and 45acp. I've tried searching but haven't run across any info about the 45acp cylinders being made stronger or Colt saying you need to reduce the loads. You would think they'd have to do one or the other if it was actually an issue. Or if it was they wouldn't offer 45acp at all.
  22. On the Colt forum they discuss that 45acp was introduced in 1924. They have guns lettered including one in 1934 from a collection. There were not a lot of them made however.
  23. Didn't Colt chamber some SAA in 45acp? Did they heat treat or otherwise strengthen the 45acp cylinders differently then 45 Colt cylinders?. Or did they instruct that only certain pressure loads were advised.?
  24. This topic reminds me of a similar discussion about some people who like to polish their brass more before reloading. It's not neccessary to have a bright polish but the way people point out that it's not neccessary, you'd think people were hand polishing each single case by hand. No, they're just letting it run a little longer and adding polish. Similarly as mentioned you spray a little on a bunch of cases and mix them around. It's not like you have to roll each case individually on a lube pad.
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