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  1. If wide widths will help check out bamason. They have quite a few extra wide options.
  2. Sure, stealing signs has been around forever. But if players were actually wearing buzzers under their shirts and it appears to be true, thats too far. They should vacate this last results but not award the championship to 2nd place. No 2019 World Series winner. Or just drop any pretence about the integrity of the game, steroids and gambling included.
  3. It would be amazing to see them at a much smaller venue. It's not the same with these stadium shows where Mick has to run around on the platforms 100 yards from center stage. Keith Richards said the day he doesn't get off playing Jumpin Jack Flash is the day he'll quit. He once said that he or Ron Wood by themself were pretty lousy. But if you put us together, we're better then any 10.
  4. Growing up in the 1960's I used to love watching the oscars. You didn't see the actors on entertainment tonight and other shows constantly as you do today. It was rare to see them other then in the movies or an occasional appearance on Johnny Carson. There was more of a mystery about them. It was mostly fun with an occasional political comment made. Now you see them everywhere and you hear about their political views ad nauseam. Not fun anymore.
  5. Shooting Bull. That's true. I'm more refering to a drastic change in what it would look like watching them shoot a stage. Would other shooters watching notice much of a difference. It seems like people think that all of a sudden you'd have shooters running full speed ahead while shooting targets. My take is that you'd have to spread out the targets much differently then they are now to see much running and gunning.
  6. Have any of the better or top shooters experimented when practicing on a standard stage setup as if full movement were allowed? Without drastically changing the way targets are set up now I don't think you'd see as dramatic a difference as many believe would occur.
  7. There are powder coated bullets out there that are different then then the hi tek coating.
  8. When i buy used brass I seperate the small primer from large. Most suppliers seperate them but you'll still find some small primer cases. I load the small primer brass when I've accumulated enough and use it at larger lost brass matches (USPSA). They are common enough now that shooters shouldn't be surprised when they find them. Not enough pf difference to matter. Standard reloading practices should include inspecting your cases for rocks, dirt, tumbling media, etc., that can be stuck in a case, even after tumbling, before dumping them in the casefeeder. You would find your small primer brass at the same time along with major dents and splits.
  9. At first glance I thought it was one of those double shell tacos and they'd put the filling between the two shells instead of the middle. This is even worse then that.
  10. The last trip to Bend I stopped at a station in Klamath Falls. Attendant came right up opened the cover and removed the cap. Looked like they had a routine worked out. I told him I was getting $40. Went in and paid got something to drink. Came out and the cover was closed but the tank said $50. I put the key in and still only had a quarter of a tank. I hadn't noticed what the pump read before going in. Told the attendant and finally someone else came out and after some discussion I finally got my gas. It made me wonder if this was a fluke or someone was trying to pocket some money. It was busy so I figure it was just a mistake.
  11. Sometime authors with a long series will write a prequel with the main characters backround before the first published stories. You can read the stories in the order they were published or follow the timeline. Sometimes I've picked up a book in the middle of a series, liked it, then get the earlier books and go on from there.
  12. When I first moved to Chico there was a place, Ruby's Ranchito. They had a Chile relleno omelet that I always ordered. Never had a better breakfast.
  13. They could if SASS wants to change the usual stage setup. But you could still set up stages as they are now, allow movement. Anyone who wants to could shoot the same way they are now and others wouldn't have to worry about getting a penalty for shuffling both feet with a cocked firearm. A match director could set up a stage allowing more movement to see how shooters like it. Just like two clubs in the same area might differ on having big and close vs big and a little farther targets and you see which0 one the shooters support. I was assuming that most clubs would setup the same but just allow movement. Many clubs here don't have bays to allow the side to side or downrange movement that would allow the stage setup to be much different.
  14. If shooting on the move were legalized most people would be surprised at how little it would change things. 95+% would just barely break the old basketball rule of keeping one foot planted with a cocked gun. The way SASS stages are set up the pistol targets, for example, are not strung along the shooting line allowing someone to shoot them as they run by. Most shooters will quickly learn how little time they'd save vs how many more misses they'd get. The very best shooters would be able to move more. Western 3 gun stages are set up differently allowing the shooter to move down the shooting line or downrange engaging a couple of targets then moving to engage a couple of more. Most shooters end up moving then stopping and shooting then moving again.
  15. I won't eat a lot of the typical things mentioned ,organ meats, snails , etc. But one that has been brought up a bunch is beets. We cut them into chunks and cook them in the instapot .Then we drizzle seasoned rice vinegar on them. Eating them cold out of the fridge is refreshing in the summer. Not for everyone it appears.
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