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  1. The left says they want more backround checks. But simultaneously they want criminals charges dropped or lowered to a misdemeanor level. They don't want to add the enhancements for commiting crimes while using a gun because it racist. Then when someone who should be prohibited tries to buy a gun they clear the backround check because the crimes that would have prevented them from getting the gun had previously been dropped. Next this allows them to complain that backround checks aren't enough, they don't work. Then they feel justified asking for bans because they broke the backround check system.
  2. It's really more my wife with my help but we have a couple of Nubian milk goats. She's getting better and more consistent making cheese. Ive made yogurt too. We drink a lot too. I have a buddy who I bring a jug to when we shoot a match.
  3. I shot the same real bp and big lube bullets in my 44 mag marlin. Didn't have any issues other then a little crud getting back into the action. Bought a 44-40 Marlin and it runs much cleaner. Very easy to get through a days shooting with no maintenance. I believe 45 Colt is worse with bp compared to 44 mag. I shoot the same bullets in 44 Russian or special in my rugers.
  4. Are the rpp extractors more prone to be a problem shooting black powder then the factory extractors, all other factors remaining the same?
  5. Of course this specific massacre of school children is at the top of the list of any mass shootings that have occurred. It can't get worse then this. But there sure isn't any outrage by the media, politicians or celebrities with the number of minority members killed in Chicago, week after week. I read an article that was asking where is the outrage from white Americans about the Buffalo shootings. My answer to that is we are outraged by all of the murders that occur including Buffalo. We don't choose to be outraged by only murders that fit a specific agenda and ignore hundreds of murders in one city because it doesn't fit what we want to be outraged by.
  6. I have the dvds. It's a really fun show.
  7. It is infuriating that before the act the criminal brags about what he's going to do and he still receives a short sentence.
  8. I have been reloading some new 45 Colt Starline brass and when I run them through the sizer die the brass is marked similar to those. I have the die adjusted to get the case in as far as possible.
  9. For me part of it depends on how much you have. If I had a substantial number to get rid of I'd prefer to split them up to more people as opposed to someone wanting every primer you've got. If I'm giving someone a really good deal it's for them to continue shooting matches, not so they can flip them for $100. I could do that myself. I've sold a couple of thousand to friends for $40. Before Christmas I put 2,000 primers in a plastic grocery bag and quickly put them in the shooting cart of a couple that I enjoy seeing out shooting together. I said Merry Christmas but don't mention it t o anyone.
  10. My 44 mag Marlin cycles rnfp or semiwadcutters like a champ. I've also used 44 specials loaded long in it. I do like my 44-40 Marlin better for black powder. Even I was able to slick it up pretty nicely..
  11. I was sleeping on the couch not quite completely asleep or so it seemed. In my dream I was also asleep on the couch. I felt a distinct tap on my shoulder. I woke up (in my dream) enough to turn and see a man turning and walking away from me. Didn't see his face facing me but saw enough of his profile as he turned away to realize it was my dad. It was as if he was checking up on me. Really shook me up at first, it seemed so real.
  12. The only bullets i have cast myself are the Big Lube 44 and 45 cal bullets. Pan lubed them. It wasn't bad after a few tries. But I buy from Springfield Slim now too. I cant imagine casting for all of the smokeless calibers I shoot. It was cool when I shot my first reloads and that much cooler reloading bp with bullets I cast and lubed myself.
  13. Don't worry. The emphasis so many shooters place on shooting a clean match will self limit/correct the number who would consider shooting while moving. Almost all of the actual shooting while moving is done in a very controlled manner in the other action shooting sports that allow movement. They might sprint between positions but not while shooting.
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