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  1. Jim Cirillo, famous NYC policeman, tells a story about a fellow officer. The officer wanted Cirillo to step into another room outside the view of everyone else. He pulled open his jacket and his revolver had a rag tied around it. He explained he had pulled his revolver out and cocked the hammer. Didn't end up shooting and didn't know how to lower the hammer so he tied a handkerchief around it between the hammer and the frame. He'd carried it like that for a week and said he figured if something happened he'd just untie the handkerchief.
  2. I've made cornbread (not from scratch) Krusteaz boxed mix. I mix in a can of creamed corn then add enough water to make it the right consistency. I like it.
  3. Are you referencing rolling up a long sleeve and permanently securing it into a short sleeve by sewing or something. Isn't a long sleeve rolled up and secured by a garter ok?
  4. I have several of those and their newer style 10 rounders too. Haven't used them a bunch but they came in handy when I used my 45 at a three day class.
  5. Gloria Stuart was the elderly lady in the Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic movie.
  6. There's an article in the new Guns magazine about stainless Rossi 92s in 454 Casul. One load he mentioned was a gas checked 320gr lead bullet at over 1900fps. Also a 300gr Hornady XTP that broke 2,000fps. Didn't mention the recoil but that would seem plenty stout out of a 20" 92.
  7. Yet they have Ken Jennings on. In 2016 he said that if the President got us into a war he hoped that his supporters in the midwest and south would be killed. Where's the balance? There are conservative celebrities that could host.
  8. How about Loverboy, "Working for the Weekend". That was always a popular one at clubs back then.
  9. Of all the things to be concerned about these days, someone wearing a hat indoors is way down the list to me. Sure there was a time when business's offered a place to put your hat and you could depend on it being there when you left. I wouldn't bet that a several hundred dollar hat would still be there today. I get that it was considered a part of being well mannered but times change.
  10. Are you referring to a shooter winning a large match with a miss on one stage or winning a stage with a miss? There's a difference between a shooter winning a large 10 to 12 stage match with a single miss and a shooter who is so fast that he can regularly have a miss on multiple stages but he's so fast he can still win.
  11. If the difference in ability between shooters at a local match is great enough, that can happen. But nearly impossible to happen at a big match with a lot of great and very good shooters.
  12. I got an email from Bruno shooyers supply about powder. Have to buy a case, 10 1 pound bottles for $500 plus shipping and hazmat nearly $600. They had Unique and Bullseye and more.
  13. I only mention all this because we seem to want to attract shooters from wherever we can including from existing other shooting sports. SASS does have a higher average age of participants. There are shooters from beginners to top level who are also allowed to navigate stages to their ability in other action shooting. I have shot SASS, WESTERN 3 GUN, IDPA, USPSA AND ICORE including major matches in all of them.. I still love shooting my cowboy guns with black powder but shoot USPSA primarily now. I'm getting older, fat and slow and when I can't move around as much will deal with t
  14. "I agree. For those of us who are trying to shoot as fast as we can, big and close can be just as challenging as small and far, it's just a different skill set that is being challenged in each case. " Of course. Shooters in other action shooting sports are also shooting as fast as they can depending on target size and distance and penalties for misses. They do have a much greater variety of what those target sizes and distances are. Those include targets (cardboard) bigger and closer then SASS and smaller targets at 20 to 30 yards. Most are still under 10-12 yards. It
  15. A returning senior who started the year before would initially get the priority. The coaches know his ability; attitude and reliability for better or worse. But I haven't been around a team where the experienced player won't be replaced if another player steps up and plays better, harder, smarter. A player can get complacent and slack off while another works hard, gets better and is now the better player. They aren't playing t ball in high school, hopefully.
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