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  1. 14 years is getting your money's worth as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Interesting. Some years ago I noticed some donut flakes in some Clays I was using. I had some Trailboss but haven't used much of it at all. But I was concerned about that pound of clays. I marked the can and figured at some point to load some light 38s to test out in a a 357 magnum figuring it would be safe. It's still sitting there unused. I know we hate to throw out a pound of powder but imagine how you'd be kicking yourself if you blew up a gun because of $25 worth of powder you weren't sure was safe.
  3. What is the stated warranty? I had one of the Midway tumblers that gave out and got a replacement from them but the new ones weren't warrantied the same. If a company offers a lifetime warranty, great. Other then that I don't expect these things to last forever.
  4. Wherever I drink a root beer a picture appears in my mind. It's my view as a kid from the back passenger seat looking over my dads shoulder in the driver's seat. The car hop is putting the tray hooked onto the window with those frosty glass mugs of root beer. No ice, but ice cold in those mugs.
  5. I don't think its sold much in the bags now, but it was more common years ago. Crater Fireworks lists Schuetzen ff and fffg 5.5, 25 bags and 50 pound box. bags. They also offer 1 pound cans.
  6. I have seen real black powder advertised in 25 pound bags. Usually the lower grade bp.
  7. Steel Challenge does not use knockdown targets. Some clubs do hold outlaw matches of various types that do use knockdowns. If you reload 9mm ammo to the same power factor using both 115-125 or 145-160 gr bullets most competition shooters prefer the heavier bullets recoil pulse. Shooters who buy loaded ammo use more of the lighter weights because there's more available normally and it's cheaper.
  8. I have that along with Doc Shapiros book. Been awhile.
  9. Yes. His feet are positioned in more of the Weaver type stance but his upper torso and shoulders are squared up looking much more like isosceles.
  10. Oh no Allie. So sorry to hear you are suffering. I guess you'll be finding out more but hopefully the surgery goes well. Prayers for you and your wonderful husband.
  11. There were more Marlins around when I started but then the 73s with short strokes took off. Then when Remington bought Marlin their popularity decreased more. It remains to be seen what prices, different models and quality Ruger will have. If things go right I'd think Marlins could gain in popularity, but how much who knows.
  12. Also shooters who use Marlins are a small percentage vs 1873-1866 shooters. It could increase some if Ruger puts out a good product.
  13. That article says that the polymer coating Eggleston uses is their own formula. Almost all of the other bullet manufacturers that sell polymer coated bullets are using the Hi Tek coating. I've used the Hi Tek 240 gr swc bullets in my 44 mag Marlin at about 1300-1400 fps with no issues.
  14. You are correct. I knew he had something in one hand. In the article it says that his wife was a big time accountant and handled their finances. When he did a movie he was more interested in the per diem he would get paid because that went in his pocket and his salary just went straight into their financials. My younger brother got a photo with him in the early 60's at the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo.
  15. There's a photo of him in a True West magazine jumping a buckboard with one hand on the reins and holding his hat.
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