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  1. They said when Gene Autry went to England or Ireland, I forget which one, 300,000 people turned out to see him. Great series so far.
  2. I've heard and read on this forum that if a shooter transitions to the next target and needs to hesitate to confirm his sight picture before breaking the shot, the targets are to small or distant. It's now a bullseye match, to them.
  3. They had confrontations before with this neighbor and the woman he was walking with had a no contact order with him. Not a good idea to make that gesture with the previous history.
  4. Wow. Howdy Bud! Before the 60 pf minimum was established I believe that somewhere it was stated that cap and ball revolvers, for example, were of course allowed, but that you might have trouble knocking down falling steel. You might need to hit the top half to knock them down. They weren't required to be set for the lowest legal load since there wasn't a minimum pf limit.
  5. "As an example, some shooters use different ammo for knock-downs (I don't). If I did, I would like to know if either of these matches have them in advance" If you need special ammo for knockdowns, load a couple boxes. What's the highest number of knockdowns that you've run across in a regular SASS match? I'm not talking about some specific, special match with all knockdowns.
  6. I just read that this was young bourbon and about 1% of their production.
  7. It's been pointed out many times that short stroked revolvers for two handed shooters don't help much at all. SS rifles help with consistency of times over an entire match. A single run with a non SS rifle may be as fast, but you are more likely to have a little hitch here and there over the course of a match.
  8. I don't remember seeing them in the past but recently there have been several commercials for people suffering from crohns disease and ulcerative colitis. The cute girl singer in the band with them waiting on stage for her. Others who receive invites for barbques and other get togethers and they don't know if they'll be able to attend. I've been there.
  9. I guess I'm wrong. Is shadow shooting the whole stage allowed? A single sight picture when staging your rifle isn't shadow shooting the stage. At one time I thought you were allowed to simulate shooting the stage and your transitions at the loading table, but not at the firing line. Maybe it was just local.
  10. True. But it has been a very popular misperception that shadow shooting at the firing line was not allowed. Easy to clear up with once sentence. How are you doing?
  11. Since it has been traditionally not allowed or at least frowned upon why not make an announcement at the shooters meeting that it is allowed at your match. This way everyone is aware and can take advantage, with a clear conscious, if they choose to do so.
  12. Jeopardy is pretty tough on players responses. In this case I wonder if only answering " Guthrie" would have been accepted? Most of the time last names are ok but in this case with father and son they may have said you have to be more specific.
  13. I don't understand all the conspiracy theories. He got a lot of daily doubles because he controlled the board 75%of the time. He said he wasn't a fan of guessing so although he answered a lot he wasn't just pressing that button everytime as fast as he could. The other players have buttons to press to. The winner was very smart and seemed confidant. And of course his strategy of going for the high dollar questions first doesn't work for people who can't answer as many as he could. It was just his time to lose.
  14. .429 and .430 bullets work fine in my Marlin, with Winchester brass.
  15. For me it is more entertaining to watch him answer correctly from so many different categories compared to watching 3 average players, stumble around with none of them responding on tough questions. Particularly on those "how in the world does anyone know that?" responses.
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