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  1. He's very good. I'm trying to figure out if his smile after he wins is natural or if he is intentionally smiling in the most cheesy, fake way possible.
  2. Ok he is honorarily in the same club. He had an amazing career.
  3. Ben Johnson. The only person to win an academy award and a rodeo world championship. Slim Pickens. Later in his career he was more interested in his per diem when shooting a movie then his actual salary. Reason being his wife was an accountant and handled their finances. His paychecks went straight to the wife, the per diem in his pocket.
  4. I've only seen the big solid concrete blocks used as side berms, not backstops.
  5. The loud sound issue would be less of a factor for SASS matches compared to other action shooting sports with 125 and 165 power factor minimums.
  6. If you can get enough money or big prizes from sponsers to award to the top finishers, along with other expenses, it can work. If the money and prizes are dependent on raising the match fee per shooter to a high amount, it's a tougher sell.
  7. There are plenty of reasons for individuals to go to annual matches. For the clubs themselves, especially for smaller annual matches, I think it starts as a way to celebrate cowboy shooting and that the club exists in the first place. A little extra fun once a year.
  8. Sure, some people can take deer in their backyard, process it themselves at virtually no cost. Others travel out of state, out of state licence and go on top of the line guided hunts on private property. Big dollars for their meat. Neither example is the norm. For those who include the cost of their time for anything they do, that $100 dollar grocery trip you made really cost you $400.
  9. Block walls aren't really a negative factor for SASS matches. They do greatly limit the stage design for the modern action shooting sports.
  10. It would add subjectivity to the duelist category where it doesnt exist now. As someone pushes to cock the second gun a nano second after the last shot is fired from the first, it becomes difficult to make the call. With the gun still in the holster until finished with the first, less subjectivity, easy to get correct call. Yes, you do have the simultaneous firing issue in GF, but adding more subjectivity to another category isn't the solution.
  11. I agree. But they did say they would be fully sworn officers. For most it is a calling, but for some it's a job. Also we are talking about only those teachers who would consider being armed, not all of them.
  12. If duelists were allowed to draw both loaded revolvers you'd end up with some shooters holding up both revolvers like a gunfighter and it would have to be determined if the cocking of the second gun began before the first gun wss empty.
  13. The article states that they would have to get law enforcement training and become fully sworn officers. The state would pay 4.8 million to train 3000 teachers, $1,600 per teacher. Is that all it costs to train LEO's in North Carolina. I don't think you have to go as far as having them become fully sworn to have sufficient training to have armed teachers. Training yes. I wonder what police earn there compared to teachers. Some might just switch jobs.
  14. I got to watch her shoot a couple of weeks ago. She was in the squad behind us at the USPSA Western States Single Stack match in Rio Salado, Az. She was on Rob Leathams squad and I watched both shoot several stages. 250 shooters all shooting 1911s. She was 14th out of 250 shooters. I was 120th. She's classified Master. Her sister is equally good and shoots mostly production. She doesn't waste any time getting into position and getting her first shot off.
  15. Wow! I love the idea of making the cornbread waffle and topping it with chili. That sounds perfect.
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