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  1. At some point supplies will increase and prices will level out but it's a guess as far as what those prices will be. Primers? 40, 50, 60 dollars or more per thousand? I'm not confident that it will be what we hope. The one thing that is encouraging is that 22 long rifle did eventually return to tons of ammo on shelves at close to former prices after the huge prices it was being sold for.
  2. Been retired 6 years now. Already very happy and keep busy with our few animals and acres, 3 grandsons (another baby due in October) and my shooting hobby. Had no desire to work longer or take on a different job even part time. I can't imagine what someone could offer me to change that. Now with all the politics, woke training that is becoming mandatory at many jobs it would be 100 times worse. More happy then ever that I don't have to deal with it.
  3. I know some of them are like that. But if you have to be there for several days and be able to do strenuous hikes this one may be different.
  4. You are right. She just had an article in the USPSA magazine about turning 18 and not being a junior. Told about their first getting interested and her progression as a junior shooter. Jalise is the one I've seen more about, got them confused.
  5. She just turned 18, graduated high school at 16 and started college at 17. She loads her own ammo, builds stages, teaches shooting, Range officer etc. Also teaches shooting. She mostly shoots handguns and has won 8 or 9 Hi lady national championships in Limited, Limited 10 ans Single Stack (1911s). I shot on her squad at the 2020 Western States Single Stack match and have seen her shoot at others. Very hard worker and amazing shooter. Great parents. Her sister is very successful too. She's (Jalice) shooting in Thailand at the World IPSC match this year
  6. Something like this Allie? On the back it has the letters SPIYP. I can't remember what it stands for. Maybe Doc Shapiro or Bud remembers. Not all of the hats have it printed on them.
  7. Well if you can shoot a group like that when someone is shooting at you I'd say that pretty darn good shooting.
  8. I've heard the recommendation to use what ammo your local pd uses. But I've always thought the other attorney will then say, oh you think you're a cop now. They will attempt to twist whatever facts there are against you. If a shooter said they'd never had any gun/self defense training they'll say you are inexperienced and didn't know what you were doing. If the same shooter said he's had extensive training shooting and for self defense they'll characterize you as a wanna be gunfighter who couldn't wait to shoot someone. That's how it goes. 99% of it is whether the shootin
  9. As I said before most of the stories they show have some unusual factors and surprise twists that can make them interesting. Also they usually show what happens in court and the results of trials. Nobody has to watch them.
  10. I watch a lot of these shows like 48 hours, dateline and they do these reports on murders with unusual or surprising findings. I went into the other room and came back and saw cowboy action shooting on tv. Nice video of matches and I thought, great, and I had no idea that it was going to be on. Then as they went on it turned out to be another of those stories.
  11. Watched it last night. She said she shot him 5 times but he was still sitting up looking like he was about to lunge at her. She ran to the other room, got 5 more rounds, reloaded and shot 5 more. They had talked about her being pretty competitive at her club. They also claimed that this is where she learned to shoot 5, reload and shoot 5 more. I guess they didn't figure out that cowboy action uses two revolvers. They mentioned she used low powered cowboy loads. Guess that explains the 10 shots. Very sad for the victims family and friends.
  12. Just curious. When you say the hydraulic shop press was a no go, do you mean they wouldn't attempt to do it or that the press won't work flattening the plates.
  13. I saw an interview with Keith Richards when they had one of their most recent tours. The interviewer stated that Mick Jagger is known to have a strict workout regimen before they tour because he runs around their enormous stage and runways that jut out into the crowd. He asked Richards if he worked out before tours. Richards just laughed.
  14. The USPSA journal produced every two months has a nice SASS advertisement in it every issue.
  15. "One, we need to stop presenting to the outside world as a "Social Event", a "Costuming Game" or any of the other terms we have used because, somehow, we (SASS) seem ashamed to announce ourselves as a competition." Yet when discussions take place about having a little wider variation of target sizes and distances in a competition it is explained that SASS is first , entertainment.
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