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  1. I like coffee hot or iced. I don't use any sugar but occasionally put some Bailys in. Sometimes it just doesn't sound good and I'll make tea. But with tea I like just a little sweetness. I use the liquid stevia sweetener. I don't drink much anymore but like some good bourbon. Just picked up a four roses small batch and Wild Turkey cask strength. I'll probably open one of them today.
  2. I recently got a set of those grips for my Ruger 44 special flattop. I haven't had the chance to shoot it yet but they feel good.
  3. Les Baers have a non standard grip frame. If you already like the feel 1911s you may not like the Baer grip. Some grip manufacturers make Baer specific 1911 grips.
  4. Yes. A lot of rural counties operate closer to "shall issue" but still are legally "may issue". It can change when a county gets a new sheriff. Some counties accept plain self defense for your good cause but others are tougher.
  5. This has gone on since day one of "may issue" ccw in California. Most of it is at a lower level. Santa Clara has taken it to a very high level of bribery for favors.
  6. I bought one about 12 years ago. Love it. I like 1911s and was reading about them and saw the Wilsons. Some people, because of cost, talked about getting one when they retired. I wanted to get one while I was still able to run around and compete with it. So I bought it and have shot USPSA with it for 12 years. I also had Wilson rebuild my Springfield. They have a great reputation.
  7. It's simple and uncomplicated loading big lubes for revolvers and rifles in 44 Russian, 44 special and 44-40 with real bp and shooting a days worth of stages with no maintenance needed as if you were shooting smokeless. Because of the way they need to be packaged they do cost more. In Ione years ago they used targets occasionally that they called bacon strips. Long but only a few inches wide and further out then todays usual. I considered running a bore snake first but then thought it would be a good test for the big lubes. No misses.
  8. Of course Hardpan. But the question remains. Are they consistent when reporting deaths from past pandemics. For example someone whose been diagnosed with 6 months to live from cancer or has some other health condition. Would this person if he dies after being diagnosed with covid or past seasonal flus or bigger pandemics always be attributed to whatever virus was occuring at the time? Do we think these statistics are impossible to manipulate?
  9. Are we certain that they use the exact same information and guidelines for current and historical pandemics when it comes to deciding which deaths to attribute to the specific virus for each period? By changing what weight to assign to each factor (overweight, age, heart problems, other medical conditions, etc.) you can come up with all kinds of statistics.
  10. Ok. But again. When you say they work very well with bp does that mean shooting a days stages with no maintenance or is it cleaning between stages? Mediocre results can get you through a match at current SASS matches with the close and large targets. Can you shoot accurately in long range pistol caliber rifle side matches? "Works very well" isn't much information. Have you done any side by side testing other then both methods can hit a 20 inch target at 5 yards?
  11. Usually shooters who use moly coated, smokeless lubed or now the hi-tek coated bullets are using bore snakes and other methods after each stage. Some of the subs can use non black powder lubed bullets successfully. Also some people when they mention black powder are lumping all the subs together along with real black powder so unless they are specific you don't know what they are using. I'm with Slim as far as using big lube bullets with bp lube and real black powder and being able to easily shoot 5 or 6 stages without the need to clean and use moosemilk or lube between each stage. Some of them consider us to be lazy for not wanting to do maintenance during the match. Both methods will get you through a match
  12. The covid is real. But when the politicians and media only made a big deal when one side didn't abide by their rules, they lost credibility. Then later when they report more, people naturally wonder if they are accurately reporting or again furthering their political agenda.
  13. I have a colonoscopy on December 1st. Have to have the covid test before and noticed they scheduled that for Thanksgiving day. They called for preregistration and I mentioned it and now am going for the covid test the day before Thanksgiving. I've had that scheduled for a while and also had my first checkup with my new doctor after my doctor of 25 or 30 years retired. Nothing had changed but he sent me to a urologist and yesterday I had prostate biopsies taken. What a month.
  14. Yes. And because of that they made their determination including the warnings.
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