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  1. It has always astounded me how strong the push/pull force is between a couple of small good quality magnets.
  2. Those are all good takes on who he resembles. His smile is looks like Stan Laurel.
  3. Some are at the beep with gun held at low ready. You could be correct about the 8 shot record. But as I said these demonstration records are just footnotes and fun to do and watch but are nothing compared to the accomplishments of a shooter who wins dozens of national and world championships in many different types of competition.
  4. Some shooters consider going first on a stage, occasionally, even when that's not their preference, an opportunity to succeed at one more of the many challenges that are found in many shooting competitions.
  5. With both guns out at the same time and not on four targets. Both are amazing but both are trivial compared to national and world championship matches. I guess I didn't clarify that the records I mentioned were with manually operated double action revolvers.
  6. Jerry put 8 shots, 2 shots on 4 seperate targets from low ready in 1 second. Also the famous 6 shots, reload 6 shots on one target in 2.99 seconds. But these are just demonstrations. His match shooting record is the important part.
  7. KoppThe stage layout and mix of targets presented to the shooter in SASS vs USPSA is so different that you can't really compare. Miculek is willing to do demos with guns he doesn't formally practice with but you don't see the reverse happening. He is a world champ in USPSA, ICORE, Steel Challenge, 3 gun, IPSC World shoot rifle, shotgun, Bianchi cup, IDPA, etc.
  8. Pat Riot. It has a lot to do with perception. If you run the same 900 fps load out of a rifle you'll likely be closer to 1100 fps and without hearing complaints. The rifle targets are only a couple of steps behind the revolver targets. The target doesn't know if it was hit with a bullet from a revolver or a rifle but people perceive that the revolver ammo is much hotter. Also they seem hotter because of the light loads commonly used in SASS.
  9. Just erase native americans from history. Then they can't be offended by anything they choose.
  10. When I've mentioned SASS to people, by far most assume it's fast draw. A couple have thought it's probably more like Civil war reenacting. At modern matches most shooters are aware of the cowboy action shooters. Also at the other action matches about one third to maybe one half of the shooters wear the jerseys with logos. Most just wear t shirts.
  11. "A History of Violence" is another good one. Ed Harris, William Hurt.
  12. Has anyone tried to navigate the Colorado Mountain Hat website recently? I looked at it yesterday (tried anyway) and today and it is seriously out of whack for me.
  13. Just FYI. I normally shoot rnfp in my Marlin 44 mag. I got some of the 240 gr. SWC coated bullets to load some Skeeter Skelton type loads for my Ruger flat top 44 special. I decided to try loading some hotter 44 mag loads for the Marlin. I wasn't sure how they'd cycle but they ran very smoothly through the Marlin.
  14. Assuming a person would like to help their club but has reached a point where they physically cannot do much, barely able to handle shooting a match. There is other help needed for big matches, computer work, making phone calls to coordinate everything including vendors, food, portapotties etc. One other thing that clubs could perhaps need is financial. Buy and donate some tools the club needs or a couple of targets, a timer. Just as some people can/can't physically help some may be in a position to help this way. I recently donated a couple hundred dollars of equipment to a new local club and
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