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  1. In the 90's I worked at a motorhome factory. The owner was friends with Donald O'Connor and walked around the plant with him one day. Everyone else was oblivious as to who he was. I worked up on a mezzanine and gave him a round of applause as he walked towards us. He looked up, smiled and gave me a wave. I just thought how amazed the younger workers would be if they saw the type of acrobatic dancing he was capable of when he was younger.
  2. They are great for fully loading double stack mags especially those with extended baseplates. Getting that last round or two in is much easier. I don't use it on my 1911 mags.
  3. This appears to be a horrific beating by black officers against a black man. Not white on black in this event. But now some are complaining that these officers were fired very quickly, because they are black. So it's still racism against POC.
  4. I can't imagine having one of your carts and not using it. Sure you'd probably be more careful with it then a plain utilitarian cart but I'd use it. Eli Wallach said that if he had heard the iconic music used in the Maginficent 7 before they filmed the movie he would have both acted and rode his horse differently. If I had that Duke cart I think I'd be walking differently!
  5. I have a Marlin Cowboy 45-70. I've experimented a little not looking for anything close to max. With 405 gr I've topped out at 1500fps. Definitely no more then 1600. Wouldn't want anymore then that. I've settled at about 1400fps.
  6. I've got a couple CZ75Bs one SAO and one DA/SA. Also a little bigger Tactical Sport. Other then 1911s they are my favorite semiauto pistols.
  7. I almost didn't but went ahead and ordered Unique and Alliant Sport Pistol. More then I liked but they have been hard to find. I like Unique for my large caliber revolvers and pistol caliber rifle. Sport Pistol for 9mm and 40S&W. Won't need more for a longgg time. I have other older cheaper powder for practice or range fun.
  8. If open carry is legal that's fine. I have no problem with that.
  9. Does a fishing line with a hook on it rolled up in your pocket while you're walking 10 miles away from the pier qualify as on the way to go fishing?
  10. What if law enforcement obseves them quietly and the open carrier never goes to the pier to fish and returns to his vehicle?
  11. It looks like there is a slight indentation that would have been the correct spot for the cannelure to be made.
  12. In interviews before the filming of this movie Baldwin boasted that when you hire him for a movie one of the skill sets he brings to the table is firearm and firearms handling expertise. Of course he was also a producer and actor on this one.
  13. I love the size of the hats in some of those early westerns!
  14. Thanks Billy. I've seen a lot of discussions about USFA guns but never thought of or heard of them being line bored. Or Colt SAA for that matter. Most of the line bored guns I've seen info about are custom made cylinders. The other discussion just got me wondering. I would think if USFA line bored their revolvers it would be a prominent part of their advertising at the time.
  15. On another forum someone was talking about an El Patron single action that was a competition model. Actually it was a little confusing because he also referenced USFA. He was saying that the cylinder was line bored but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be the case with an Uberti. Were the american made USFAs line bored? I have an early Rodeo that has an Uberti frame and hammer but what about the later guns with all U.S. parts? I believe the Freedom Arms guns are line bored but not sure about any others, other then custom made cylinders. Just curious, thanks.
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