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  1. I get 0 political calls for donations although I do rarely see an unknown number and don't answer so it could be a request I've missed. 75% of the mail i have received lately are requests from politicians or National Republican Committee etc.. Since 2016 I have donated more then ever before. The uptick in requests really increased after I donated to Senatorial candidates in tight races in other states. I believe this is a critical time in our country, can afford to donate and urge others to do the same if they can.
  2. The latest statistic I found is around 400 million guns in the U. S. with a population of 330 million.
  3. I remember reading about Richard Feynmans part in the investigation after the disaster. The managers estimated a 1 in 100,000 chance of catastrophic failure vs 1 in 50 to 1 in 200 by engineers. He faulted them for giving the unrealistic safety chances in particular to a civilian, Christa McAuliffe, instead of the real risk involved.
  4. Captain Bill Hurt. " "Obviously I think buying and reselling for a profit is fine, though I agree that exploiting the kindness or charity of a fellow cowboy for profit is not acceptable." This is what I was referring to. I don't look at claiming you are broke and just trying to get started or saying you're trying to outfit a junior shooter begging for a deal from a "pard" when your intent is for resale, as merely a sharp negotiating tactic. Particularly if it's someone with tables full of guns they're selling.
  5. I understand that. But you rarely have the opportunity to follow up with someone who lied so blatantly within a couple of days of the event. I wouldn't dwell on it either.
  6. Well, I do see a difference between a standard offer for sale and someone pleading poverty saying they're just trying to get back into SASS shooting begging for a "pard" to help him out. Then turning around and selling it in a couple of days. I guess people can just forget helping new shooters or people trying to get a new junior shooter set up by offering a gun at a lower price then they could receive. Then people will complain about that.
  7. Did you ask him with his table full of guns for sale why he claimed poverty and gave you the sob story? What was his excuse? You usually don't get the chance in a situation like this to within a couple of days run across the liar.
  8. At grocery stores there were a lot of mistakes at first when the scanners were incorporated. Now they're pretty good. The most mistakes I find are buying produce. I'll buy bulk beets at 89 to 99 cents per pound and they'll ring it up at a per bunch price. Half the time they don't even know what a beet is.
  9. I've never had a problem. 44 mag vaqueros shooting 44 specials or russians with black powder. I don't think I've ever shot magnum cases in them.
  10. If you don't like the hoppy beers it doesn't matter if it's Sierra Nevada, Stone or any of the many breweries. It's the type or style of beer that people either like or don't like. Of course even within the same style people will have their favorites. A lot of the beers along with alcohol content will list bitterness units. If I drink one very hopped beer it's delicious. But only one. These days I like more of the dark beers although I don't drink very often anyway.
  11. Allie. What type of beer do you like? The breweries that make the strongly hopped beers do also make much lighter lagers and pilsners that are more like typical american beers while still having more flavor.
  12. Yes. Now, all of a sudden the NFL thinks they can preach about morality.
  13. In New York they were specifically told not to ask people who tested positive with covid if they had been at the protests. Then they are free to report "no evidence of covid spread by protesters". But then they'll bend over backwards to push that covid was spread after a Trump rally. It's the same thing continuously where they will investigate one side differently then the other to find "evidence" to support the lefts agenda. Democrats and the media working in unison.
  14. Sure. But isn't 1 death out of 400,000 attendees less then the number who have died in the general population from covid?
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