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  1. You can always just find and read a synopsis of the plot and enjoy the 2 or 3 hour movie in less then 5 minutes time. Boom. Done.
  2. You know of every firearm that hundreds of acquaintances own? Even if they're all cowboy shooters they probably mostly talk about their cowboy guns, sure. But many probably have a 9mm.
  3. Especially in the earlier years when you saw a celebrity/actor that you liked on his show, it was a rare chance to see then talk and be interviewed. They weren't on tv constantly on shows like Entertainment Tonight, etc. Plus some of your bigger old time stars would come on Carson almost exclusively. New comedians were a big thing on the show. It was really enjoyable.
  4. The older I get the more fashionable I've become!
  5. Just curious. What did the bottom of the sight and dovetail look like when you removed it? Rust, locktite residue?
  6. We got quite a bit of rain in the northern Sacramento valley.
  7. Yes. The Jane swimming scenes were pretty revealing at the time.
  8. I really enjoyed those movies as a kid. When he'd give the Tarzan yell and he and the various animals would come charging to the rescue, it was pretty exciting.
  9. There are also shooters that if they can not break the shot the instant that they have cycled the action because they have to hesitate for a split second to confirm their sight picture, then they determine that this is a "bullseye" match. The targets are too far,too small, too widely spaced, at uneven heights or a combination of those things. And this isn't talking about 50 yard rifle targets either.
  10. Ok. I guess the exemption is only about minimum pf and velocity. But what I posted about perceptions of too hot ammo is true for a lot of people.
  11. A shooter shooting 250gr 45 Colt in a handgun at 850fps (legal) will often be perceived as shooting too hot of ammo and possibly damaging targets The same shooter shoots the same ammo out of his rifle at 1100-1200 fps at targets a few steps farther out and people usually don't perceive it to be too hot and think it's damaging targets. The targets don't know if they're be hit by shots from revolvers or rifles.
  12. I thought frontier cartridge ammo was exempt from these standards.
  13. Some of the shooters who shoot ICORE with double action revolvers use the .357 bullets in 9mm. Some guns are 38spl/357mag and some are 9mm revolvers. There's a lot of 38 short Colt use. I think they have run into issues similar to modern 44-40 rifles that use 44 mag barrels. The 9mm revolvers may have .357 barrels installed. How they might work for semi autos I don't know.
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