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  1. Jr. High. The paddle was used fairly often on students. There was one time where the tables were turned. They had a student vs teachers basketball game and when a teacher commited a foul they would receive 1 whack with the paddle from a student. They would get a small girl to swing the paddle and they didn't hit too hard. Mr McCacaron was one who seemed eager to use the paddle on students. He was called for a foul, they pulled a small girl out and he bent over with hands on knees to receive his whack. One of the Moore twin sisters, the biggest kids in school, stepped up grabbed the paddle and swung for the fences. Mr. McCacaron rocketed forward running and stumbling doing everything but falling down. He was a PE teacher and would throw footballs and basketballs at us while making us do pushups. We were happy to leave jr. High and get to the high school. Sure enough, we get to 9th grade at the high school and there he is. He transferred there.
  2. Is that what they're calling cash payments to illegals now?
  3. Weren't most of the adjustable sights on single actions in the late 1800s a smaller, shorter windage adjustable by drifting type of sight? They didn't have the target sight picture that modern adjustable sights offer.
  4. Most shooters would probably agree that at current SASS matches it wouldn't matter for them if they used adjustable or standard fixed sights. But there are shooters who will not give up the adjustable sights. It's easier to get you poi/poa adjusted, of course. The big difference to them is the sight picture compared to a standard single action. There are shooters that already had blackhawks and didn't want to buy additional guns but many purposely bought them for the sight picture. The rules have kept their use out of the more traditional looking duelist, frontiersman etc. categories.
  5. Yes. That episode was dumb but I still really liked the series. Haven't seen the final year yet.
  6. 44 special in the revolvers is fine. You can also shoot 44 Russians. In the rifle the 44-40 will be much better at keeping the action cleaner compared to a 44 special rifle. With the cylinder gap in the revolver 44-40 doesn't help a lot but you'd have one cartridge to reload.
  7. The difference is easily visible. Still perfectly functional. You know they can manufacture parts to tight tolerances where required. It just makes you wonder why they don't bother to make these hammers more symmetrical. How much attention would it require? Just seems sloppy.
  8. That's easy to do. Happens to everyone.
  9. If you are casting your own 45 cal rnfp bullets that work well with black powder they should work in a 1911. If you buy black powder lubed bullets at a higher cost you can get regular bullets much cheaper for the 1911.
  10. Johnny Meadows simply said, "they do not ALL have working hammers". Absolutely true. You also pointed out that they made different functioning models. Meadowsis comment is not falsely painting with a broad brush. It shouldn't be this hard to understand.
  11. I can imagine seeing a movie in 1939 on a big screen, in color was a big thing.
  12. A day or two ago I just caught part of a news report that mentioned a possible good result with a heartburn medication. I thought, Pepcid? Later I saw that Pepcid was actually what they were talking about. Just happen to have a bottle because her new doctor took her off of the stuff. Only 1 covid case in our county, Tehama.
  13. No! Newsome says he'll let the individual counties and their sheriffs make their own decisions on gun stores, etc. This allows the sheriffs who are anti the 2nd to say they are waiting for direction from the governor. Meanwhile they are all comfortable with claiming that they are pro 2nd amendment. It's the same with "may issue" vs "shall issue " for carry permits. With "may issue" some sheriffs will not issue permits because they falsely claim that they will have liability because it's up to them. This also leads to corruption with only large cash donors to the sheriff magically getting ccw permits.
  14. I'm retired. Wife works at Costco. She has been working different shifts and days recently which has lead to me being even more confused as to what day it is.
  15. Any recommendations on a stock that's good for regular flat top rear iron sights. I have one with a red/black laminated stock and even after sanding down the cheek part it's hard to get low enough for an easy sight picture. The height would be fine for a scope or red dot.
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