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  1. I'm short, with the exception of a few short women everybody looks down on me anyway so what the h*ll, go ahead on. JHC
  2. I did that too. Still have the old 3 screw, but don't shoot those loads anymore. I pulled the last 2-3 loads cause the brass was swelling so badly. .45 LC brass isn't designed for that kind of pressure. Since then I bought a .44 and .41 Mag, so no point. JHC
  3. A pirate was sharing a mug of rum with a mate once, and his mate asked about his eye patch and hook. "Well, I lost me hand in a fight, an English sailor cut it off right before I ran him thru" "And your eye?" "Well, I was on deck one day and a seagull sh*t in me eye" "And you lost it?" "Aye, that was the first day I got me hook" JHC
  4. I actually forgot the king of the hill. H&R single barrel 12 ga magnum we took a pipe cutter to and made it 18 1/2 inches. Carried it in my truck for decades. Bad enough with field loads, but with 3" magnum buckshot it is quite painful. I'd have to be awful mad at a body to shoot 'em with that. I don't carry it in the truck anymore since you can't mount a decent rack out of sight in these new trucks, but I keep 2 3/4" buck in the shell holder now. JHC
  5. I've never owned one, but I've shot a couple of Rem 700 ADL's in .270 of all things that were downright miserable. Kick the dog snot outta ya. Don't ask me why. JHC
  6. I had a real hard time picking my most favorite gun to shoot. It's a much shorter list to list the least favorite. 1. (actually a tie for 1st) Ruger M-77 synthetic stock ..300 Win. Mag. 2. Marlin Cowboy .45/70 Both of them will kick your teeth loose. The Marlin even kicks badly even with black powder loads. I have several other .45/70s including a Sharps carbine. Those are the ones I still have. Had a .410 derringer I sold for the same reason. JHC
  7. I've been blessed with two great MIL's. Lost my first thru divorce, the second passed away. I know how close you can be. About to go talk to The Boss, will lift up you and yours. Don't mean to preach, but you just crack the door Jesus will come in. But He won't kick the door down. Su Amigo, JHC
  8. That's for sure. Just saying that's....well.....pennies and nickels to the government. You can go a few miles down the road to Dyess and watch those B1-B's flying 24/7 and then worry about coins. JHC
  9. I've been in business for 45 years. You must not run a cash register much. JHC
  10. I'm much more interested in what my dogs are doing. Right now they're both snoozing near my feet. JHC
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