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  1. I'd keep it. I have a .243 cabin rifle, I wish it was a 7/08. JHC
  2. I went to McMurry in Abilene and we were the Indians. Used to set up a teepee village for homecoming. Some years back the NCAA made them change the name. Now it's the Warhawks. Teepee village is gone too. Guess they were afraid of offending some snowflake. One of the few times I wished I was filthy rich. I'd have sued the NCAA until Gabriel blows his horn. JHC
  3. Guy that taught me to reload used to do that, make his own SB sizer. I remembered that trick, figured it would to the same thing to work down the shellholder. And if perchance it didn't work shellholders are cheaper than dies! JHC
  4. Another little trick is to take a few thousandths off the shell holder. I once bought a pile of brass for next to nothing for my old '91 Argentine Mauser. Problem was whatever fired them must have had a slightly longer chamber than mine. Needed to bump the shoulder back even with FL sizing, many of them wouldn't chamber. Ground the shell holder down a tad and worked like a champ. JHC
  5. I think he means it's appraised at 2x the original price + 6100. JHC
  6. Dog looks like it would make a dandy pillow! Warm too. JHC
  7. I have an RCBS I bought probably back in the 70's. I chunked that Micky Mouse 3 piece spring loaded gizmo long ago. Single stage shell holder works as well if not better. JHC
  8. Could be a modified Hollywierd gun. Glock side stops are a PITA, easier to lower the mag and pull back the slide to release it. The slide stops are itty bitty and hard to push down. At least on both of mine. My wife's Shield EZ is even worse. JHC
  9. OK, somebody's gotta ask. Why would you want to? JHC
  10. Don't wander too far or be gone too long. Hogs might get ya. Vaya con Dios JHC
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