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  1. I nominate the opening scene of Silverado.
  2. Picked up the new Remmy today, have not gotten to shoot it yet. Will report when I do. JHC Got this one in a compact 20 ga. with 21" barrel. https://www.remington.com/shotguns/autoloading/model-11-87/model-11-87-sportsman-black-synthetic
  3. Will do. Gonna go talk to The Boss here in a few minutes. JHC
  4. I couldn't have one if I caught it. Or it caught me.
  5. Laminectomy? Been there done that bought the t shirt. Not alot of fun but did relieve my leg pain. I wasn't that much hungry but woke up feeling like I'd crawled across Arizona in the summer, wanted to drink about 5 gal. of cold water, and all they would give me was ice chips. Wish you the best amigo, hope your luck is as good as mine was. JHC
  6. I've always liked them too for some reason. I'm on my second, a Cobra .38 Spl. Main problem is they have an effective range of about 4 feet. They usually have about a 20 lb trigger pull that almost takes both hands. I've never had a Bond or an American, but from what I hear they're pretty much the same, just a H*lluva lot more expensive. They're kinda fun to play with on side matches, but if I had to fight with one I think I'd rather have a Bowie or my Cold Steel Recon Tanto. JHC
  7. I'm a Longhorn, bleed burnt orange, but I'll be pulling for 'em. JHC
  8. The one I'm looking at is a 21" VR. Not worried about accessories. I know in most regular guns a 20 kicks at bad or worse than a 12. I've shot (owned one a while) 1100's, so I'm hoping a gas operated 20 will be pretty tame. Thanks, JHC
  9. She's hot. One of the reasons I used to love China Beach. JHC
  10. Love K frames. I have a 2 1/2" M-19 that lives in my bug out bag along with an assortment of ammo types. I have 3 safes full of guns, finally decided that was the one I want if TSHTF. JHC
  11. I've been getting the itch for a home defense shotgun my recoil sensitive wife can handle well. I'd like a Benelli or Beretta, but sure don't like the price. A local gun shop can order an 11-87 flat black synthetic youth model with a 21" VR that sounds like it might be just the ticket. From what I've read the 11-87 is more or less a re-named 1100 which I know. I prefer a 12 ga pump, but looking at a 20 that won't kick too badly. JHC
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