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  1. I have an old beat up one. Never shot it in competition, just plinked. Lotsa fun! Funny, as notorious as they are I don't think I've ever had the lever flop down. JHC
  2. It's always preferable to positively ID a target. JHC
  3. We had winter last week, ice storm. Pushed 80 yesterday, pushing 70 today, supposed to be spring all this week. Welcome to Texas. A few years ago in the spring it was 93 or 94 one day, got up the next morning to an ice storm. JHC
  4. One of my dad's favorite tales about growing up was when his brother had this big ole tomcat, and a neighbor had a big mean dog. My uncle finally got tired of the neighbor shooting is mouth off about what his dog would do to the cat, so they took them out in the pasture and turned 'em loose on each other. Dad said he was at the house and heard YIPE YIPE YIPE!!!!! and the dog came running thru the yard with the tomcat riding him like a jockey. JHC
  5. If that one that cut the 8 ring is counted a 5, looks like she scored 244 out of possible 250. Good shootin' Salty Sarah! JHC
  6. This is how the target is scored. The course is 20 rds from 3 yards, 20 rounds from 7 yards, 10 from 15 yards. Pretty easy for any half decent pistol shot. Here's how the hits are scored. Takes 170 points to qualify. JHC
  7. Beretta 92, simulated Texas LTC qualification course. I think she's gonna pass. JHC
  8. Saw a good one at the store not long ago. "This is BS" Guess they're the new bumper sticker. JHC
  9. Howdy Nub. Figgered the hogs musta et ya. Welcome back. JHC
  10. Dammit. Strange, I loaded one of CDs into my truck on the way home. JHC
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