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  1. It was 20 here this morning and I thought it was cold. Maybe I should quit bitching. JHC
  2. No snow here, but last couple days been cold as a cast iron commode seat in the Klondike JHC
  3. My favorite 870 I bought in a pawn shop. Not much blue left. Took me over an hour to clean it, had grass seeds inside the top of the receiver. When I did get her cleaned and lubed she's slicker than snot on a doorknob! JHC
  4. I'd try it but I wouldn't buy it.Not a big pumpkin kinda guy. I LOVE fried Spam. When my dad was alive he wouldn't touch the stuff. Pretty much lived on it in the So. Pacific in WWII. After I fried it up a few times camping even he came around. JHC
  5. Sadly those are extinct around here. I like beef pretty rare, don't know about THAT rare. I have eaten "raw" fish in Hawaii. They call it poke. Soaked in citrus juice. Not bad. JHC
  6. Good info, thanks. Even if I'm not "carrying" I have a friend that lives in my console. JHC
  7. I could do well without him too. My wife doesn't understand why I often mute the TV watching a game. I can watch the game just fine without their (usually) mindless drivel. JHC
  8. Men on both sides of my family usually die pretty young too. I figure I'll be doing good to see 70-75. Just turned 60. Of course we never know, it could happen......ACK.....COUGH.....CHOKE......just kidding. But you never know. JHC
  9. Mine is a 6. Wouldn't trade it for a 4. Always wanted a 6 1/2 blue "Dirty Harry". Buddy of mine used to have one, I was quite jealous. When I bought my 629 many moons ago a Dirty Harry was REALLY $$$$$ IF you could find one. I bought mine when they first came out, couldn't resist the SS. Buddy of mine shot a cylinderful and came back shaking his head sadly. "Gotta have one" JHC
  10. That's skeered me about this series from the beginning of the playoffs. It's been my observation that the team with the best record almost never wins it all. 'Stros better right the ship PDQ or they'll prove my theory. JHC
  11. Go West, my wife used one of those at one time, it used water as weight. Didn't look like much fun. We always called it hanging herself. She had a bad disc or two in her neck, finally had to have surgery and hardware installed. JHC
  12. Astros really sucked tonight. Who are these guys? Bring back the A team. JHC
  13. Wasn't much of a game. Astros got an old school @$$ beating. JHC
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