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  1. A few days ago we finally put our little blind and deaf 19 yr old Pom down. Miss you Windy. Hope to see you on the other side. JHC
  2. I refuse to have anything to do with Starbucks, even though they do have good coffee, I will give them that. JHC
  3. This morning we put down our old decrepit blind/deaf 19 year old Pomeranian. It sucks but I guess it goes with the territory. JHC The Power of the Dog, Rudyard Kipling https://www.bartleby.com/364/335.html
  4. Looks like the King Ranch alone runs over 20k head. JHChttps://king-ranch.com/operations/ranching-cattle/
  5. I think the bureaucrats left off a few zeros. I'd bet the beer money there are ranches just in Texas that run over 18k head. JHC
  6. I had a friend/mentor/gunsmith/police instructor that showed me how to do that decades ago, facing or with a gun at your back. Deflect the weapon away from your body, grasp the gunman's wrist TIGHT with fingers in the middle of his wrist at pressure points. Grasp the FRAME of the pistol and twist it into the thumb and away from the fingers. He could do it to you in a fraction of a second even when you knew what was coming. And he'd have your pistol butt at the top of your nose. You know if he did it for real he'd have hit you between the running lights and you'd be on the ground. JHC
  7. Everything went pretty well this morning. Thanks to everyone who posted. It was a help. One more pic and I'll quit. Me and Windy from a couple years ago testing a new Christmas blanky. Back when she would sit with us........now and then. Sus amigo, JHC
  8. That's very nice, thank you. I've buried quite a few pets. The last ones we just left at the vet, mostly due to time of day and logistics. We left Windy with the vet too. I should have buried her in the back yard, but I didn't. As your poem alludes, burying a pet is if anything more traumatic than having one put down. My wife had a little yorkie/pom mutt when we got married. Peanut lived to be 14 or 15 and eventually would up with bad diabetes and we had to put her down. We buried her under the apple tree in the back yard and it d*mn near killed us. The apple tree finally died last summer too. It was old when we moved here 25 years ago. JHC
  9. Windy when she was young and pretty. She changed colors about 3 times. JHC
  10. Windy (no mis spell) got her name when I came home one day when the wife was gone. There was a pet carrier that had a note "Meet Shorty's new best friend" So I take this little tribble (for you Star Trek fans) out, she fit in the palm of my hand. I'm like " I THINK this is supposed to be a dog." She got her name cuz she farted twice in a minute or two! JHC
  11. https://www.petplace.com/article/dogs/just-for-fun/a-man-and-his-dog-go-to-heaven/
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