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  1. I guess I didn't fall far from the tree either. My dad, his brother and I all went to pharmacy school at UT Austin. Hook 'Em Horns! Matt really wanted to study engineering at TCU, but our whole family couldn't afford TCU. Matt placed third in state (Texas) in some event in high school swimming, and the coach at TCU called him up and offered a full scholarship to swim for TCU. He had already been accepted at Missouri, but they came in second when TCU called. JHC
  2. To keep the record straight, the guy on the left is the Chancellor of TCU, not me! I probably couldn't have gotten into grad school if I'd wanted to! JHC
  3. Thanks! I'd love to claim it was my superior genetics, but truth to tell Matt's dad Josh is my stepson. Their biological father was by all accounts very intelligent, just never took full use of it. Both Josh and Matt are a lot smarter and made better grades than I ever did. I had to scratch and bite just to graduate! Only thing I can brag about is my BS is a 5 year. Both those "kids" pretty much breezed through. JHC
  4. Wet white dog, freshly mowed grass. What could go wrong? JHC
  5. We had a dog that would chew the squeaker out of toys. Guess they got on his nerves. JHC
  6. Well, I survived another commencement (has to be one of the most boring things in life). Our grandson graduated cum laude from TCU with a bachelors in mechanical engineering. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. His dad graduated magna cum laude in mathematics from San Angelo State, and when he took some teacher certification test (or something) he made 100. First Angelo State student to ever ace it. Good job Matt! Gonna work for some company that contracts with DOJ that works on electrical and nuclear power plants. JHC
  7. Salty Sarah bought me a bag of BB for Christmas. Good stuff! We both like coffee strong enough to float a fence staple. I liked it, but too cheap to pay the price for every day. Not that much better than what we drink to pay the difference. JHC
  8. I'll be different here. 7.65mm Argentine '91 Mauser. Hand me down from my dad. He had it scoped for me back in the early 70's when I was about 12. Still have it. Got stolen out of my truck some years back and wonder of wonders Abilene PD recovered it the next day. JHC
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