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  1. I think all you have to do is have the bank print in on the address part. A friend of mine used to have a "special" account he used for side real estate business. I've taken a lot of checks and have seen them now and again. I think people just set them up for business, medical, etc to keep it separate and easier from their regular accounts for tax purposes, etc. Probably was used more when people used to write tons of checks. JHC
  2. It was some 10 years ago give or take, I don't remember the exact year, but no matter. Paul Brennan Kelly (yeah he was a bit Irish) rode over the Great Divide this day. I'm not sure if that's ironic or appropriate. He was my orchestra teacher in high school, we became good friends. He taught me to reload and handgunnery. The master taught me well, I eventually became his better with a handgun, but never met his skill with a rifle. We used to call or visit each other every year on St. Patrick's day, sometimes gave small gifts. Anyway, he was my teacher, my mentor, and most of all one of my lifelong best friends. I miss ya pard, look forward to seeing you on the other side. Maybe we can take a ride on Honey and Molly. Slainte! JHC
  3. I thought they scrapped those long ago, but I'm no expert. JHC
  4. The one time I had general the sorry dogs just lied to me. The CRNA said they just put some Versed in my IV, and I asked them if the lights were about to go out. He said no, we still have to hook up the monitors, this that and the other, I remember them rolling me into the OR and I was wondering how they were gonna get me on that table. Then I woke up. JHC
  5. My dad was that way about spam, after living on for years in the S. Pacific in WWII. We used to go camping a good bit, I finally brought him around that Spam sliced thin and fried crisp like bacon is pretty dern good. But it took a few years. JHC
  6. Thank you (and all others) for your service. I have not served, but my dad did a few years in the Philippines in WWII. He was a cook with a headquarters company, 124th Infantry, USA. One of his decorations was a CIB so I guess he saw the elephant a time or two. JHC
  7. We make C&C every year, never dyed it green. Green meat sounds kinda funky. Our daughter has a party every year. JHC
  8. I thought Allie Mo was making up alphabet soup for a bad word. JHC
  9. CW, I just noticed you live in D-FW. I live in Clyde just east of Abilene. If you want, maybe we could get together if you want to try my Blackhawk. JHC
  10. I have a NM Blackhawk 6 1/2" I bought for deer hunting and backpacking in bear country. Had the sears bobbed down to a perfect 2 lbs. Killed one deer with it, a doe at 20 odd yards, dropped her like a sack of concrete, found the 210 gr WW HP perfectly mushroomed in a lump under the hide on the off side. Can't go wrong with a Blackhawk, just have to have a trigger job to get anywhere near a decent pull. If you could score a 3 screw they're much better. A Smith would be great but probably cost more dinero. My 2 cents JHC
  11. I never heard of that either. If you did that in Texas everyone would think you're some dipstick that doesn't know how to gut a deer. JHC
  12. Texas lunchtime conversation. Billy Bob....."Jeet yet?" Bubba....."Naw, jew?" Billy Bob..."Not jet. Y'ont to?" Bubba...."Awright." JHC
  13. About 12 years ago my L4-5 disc completely blew. They had to do a laminectomy and fish several pieces out of my spinal canal. I was scared to death too, but didn't have much choice. Thanks be to the Good Lord I've had a 100% recovery. It took about a year and a half for my left sciatic nerve to regenerate, but it finally did. You probably just need to find a good neurosurgeon and get it fixed. The longer you wait the more nerve damage you'll have, the longer it will take to regenerate, and it can get to the point of being irreversible. JHC
  14. You jab it in your thigh and shoot. Should not leave much of a bruise. Won't work for nerve gas. Depending on the type that would probably be atropine. Different stuff. JHC RPh
  15. Give us something for context. Camera film speed used to be ASA, now is ISO, same numbers. ??????? JHC
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