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  1. Not in my neck of the woods. There would be a line..........lined up to make an offer on what they're turning in (if any). If you saw it on the news there's a 99.8% probability of bravo sierra. JHC
  2. If I was gonna cook biscuits in such a setting (I did a LOT of backpacking in my younger days) no way I'd used canned. For starters they'd likely explode and or sour out of a cooler. I'd use Pioneer mix (similar to Bisquik but better). I guess you could cook some up in an aluminum pan, but would likely burn. Be better to take some already cooked. JHC
  3. My brother in law (great fellow but not too gun savvy) was all excited a few years back, found a couple boxes of 9mm ammo CHEAP for his Taurus. Onliest problem was they were 9mm Makarov. Not sure if they'd chamber and fire in a 9x19 but at least he showed 'em to me before he tried. JHC
  4. Used to watch it quite a bit, esp. Sunday evenings when there's like NOTHING else on. Always kinda liked it. Lots of interesting stuff, shows weren't too long and nothing you had to stay glued to. No profane or obscene language. Not a bad show. JHC
  5. I'm an Abilene Cooper Cougar. My esteem for Odessa Permian is about the same as Texas A&M. And Penn State. And Ohio State. JHC Not to forget the NY Damnyankees.
  6. I called it Little San Francisco when I went there in the early 80's. JHC
  7. Don't want no 'lectric car or truck. I ran outta gas at the range once. Had about half a can of Coleman fuel in the back of the truck. Knowing that Coleman Fuel is essentially unleaded gas, poured it in and it ran like a top back to town. Try that with the 'lectric. Maybe I'm living in a bubble, but I haven't noticed any electricity cans anywhere. JHC
  8. I'm not from Austin, though I did serve time there in college. All sounds reasonable to me. Though I can't eat that much meat anymore. JHC
  9. I wouldn't bet a wooden nickel concerning that place. No the ChiComs won't play nice. From what I gather neither do the Afghans. Every superpower in history that have drawn cards in that game have left with their tail between their legs. History would seem to tell us the ChiComs may well be no different. Quien sabe? JHC
  10. What kind of problems did you have? Never had an issue with mine. I'm not a pro, but I have shot some weddings and anniversary parties for friends and relatives. Occasionally used the 6x7 with a strobe an L bracket. Of course it's stupid big and heavy (usually used a 35) but it always worked if I was willing to lug it. JHC
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