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  1. I remember seeing Bum Phillips on the Tonight Show not long after the Oilers fired him. Said it didn't bother him much. He allowed there were two kinds of coaches......them that's been fired and them that's gonna get fired. JHC
  2. So does SPAM if you slice it thin and fry it good. Only way my dad would eat it. He lived on it a few years in the S. Pacific in WWII and wouldn't touch the stuff. I fried some up for breakfast when we were camping once and he actually liked it. JHC
  3. I'd say all's well that ends well, no harm done. You may well have saved the kid an @$$ whoopin' he probably needed and the biker a trip to jail or worse. I probably would have kept my mouth shut but you may well have done the right thing. JHC
  4. I was watching The Walnuts this morning, and John Boy was gonna add some water to the radiator. Of course the cap was hot so he whips out his trusty white handkerchief. Got me to wondering, do men actually carry these anymore unless they're REALLY old? I remember my dad always did. I been known to carry a bandanna on occasion but not on a regular basis. JHC
  5. If I ever quit smoking for good I MIGHT worry about red dye. Prolly not. JHC
  6. That's usually called the price. You have El Cheapos (they can or at used to be good now and then IF you get lucky) then you have the middle (upper for most of us) like Leupold and such, then the really expensive stuff like Zeiss, Swarovsky, etc which are not an option for most of us). I have found deals a couple times on Nikon and Leupold binocs. For my money the high dollar stuff is not worth the difference. The difference between Leupold, Nikon, etc is. I have a pair of Steiners that are very good as well. Not cheap but not four figures either. JHC
  7. Adding you to the prayer list. I feel for ya. About 15 years ago my L4-5 disc blew into my spinal canal. The sawbones was able to fix it without installing any hardware thankfully, and I pretty much fully recovered. Hoping yours is successful as mine. JHC
  8. Omigosh, just found this yesterday. Prayers up, more to come. JHC
  9. Could be gunpowder and meth labs don't mix. Course I don't think they cook home made meth as much as they once did. JHC
  10. I think if you weren't a LITTLE scared.........that's called stupid. Not to mention he's 90 years old. Godspeed Captain. JHC
  11. I've done a bit of this, but it's just between me and The Boss. JHC
  12. I was once a card carrying Republican. I still vote that way by default, but I quit giving them money LONG ago cuz I got tired of them going to Washington and jumping in bed with the Demoncrats. Not much has changed. JHC
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