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  1. Our dogs always loved these, also kept them at the drive thru. Dogs seem to love them and they're not near as expensive as most. JHC
  2. Me too. I like the OLD 30 min ones the best. If I had my way all the shows would be 30 min. JHC
  3. I get a kick out of those Beggin Strips ads. "Dogs don't know it's not bacon" Yeah right. A dog can smell a nickel bag of dope in somebody's buttcrack halfway across an airport. Real bacon is cheaper anyways. JHC
  4. Me too. You know the Murder Hornets are attracted to that stuff. I saw it on Facebook! JHC
  5. Probably because they just got off their Lear jet flying to France for a haircut. JHC
  6. I'm with you. You just don't hear about the honest ones near as much. JHC
  7. Isn't that kinda like saying you can pick up a turd on the clean end? JHC
  8. It was 107 in these parts yesterday, 105 Mon. Hopefully it cooked off some of those sumbiscuits. We haven't had a major problem around here with the exception of a few hot spots. JHC
  9. It's usually easy here in the summer. Fair and hot. 98% accuracy. JHC
  10. I have an 3 screw Blackhawk convertible. Always shot more ACP's than LC, mostly because I had so many more of them. Loved shooting them. Mine is a 7 1/2" and 200gr ACP loads were a pussycat in that big gun. It was my first CAS pistol and started loading LC's then. JHC
  11. Don't think they were supposed to do that already. JHC
  12. I have that problem transferring Rx's from these furin' pharmacist que no habla mucho Ingles. When they as me my name I say Wayne, as in John Wayne. They don't know what I'm talking about. I got fax from one once that had my name as Wayne John. JHC
  13. Little bit of Spanish. Think that would help? JHC
  14. Man, I'd like to wear one of those. Reckon they'd take a 60 yr old fat guy? JHC
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