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  1. We got new cordless phones not long ago that has a spam catcher. Works great. Don't know how it knows but it does. JHC
  2. Don't shoot the emu, he's the funniest part! Shoot that annoying peckerwood. JHC
  3. Doubt it would fit up his arse. His head would be in the way. JHC
  4. Yup. At least Sonic seems to have gotten rid of those two stupid goobers they ran for 15 years. Use to see those at least a hunnert times a night watching Ranger games. JHC
  5. Had to go to the hardware store yestiddy for a 3/8" deep socket. ChannelLock brand. The plastic hanger tag had the STUPID Kalifornia cancer warning! Maybe someone smarter than I can explain how in the compound H*LL a 3/8" socket can cause cancer?????? JHC
  6. Lubbock is so flat you can watch yer dog run away for 2 days. JHC
  7. Good one! Love Trunk Monkey. For those who may care there are many on YouTube. JHC
  8. Not hard to figure the media out. They just pull stuff out of their as...........rear. JHC
  9. We lost one of our SASS members that day, a NY firefighter. RIP Sidewinder Pete. God rest your brave soul. JHC
  10. Ever break a piece or Correll? Never played with a Claymore, but those dishes EXPLODE! JHC
  11. See if you can find MeTV, lots of good oldies and LOTS of westerns! JHC
  12. Same here, had almost 3" overnight which we've needed badly. Just went out for a smoke, the patio thermometer was about 1/2 tick below 50. Took out some chili meat for taco soup. Regards, JHC
  13. Back when I was shooting IPSC the Dillons had just come out, and the early ones had a bad habit of not dropping a powder charge. The boys using them usually carried a shotgun rod cut down to about 6" to knock out the squib bullets. Called 'em Dillon Fix It Tool. JHC
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