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  1. I've dehydrated a ton of jerky, it's pretty famous. I never had much luck drying veggies. Back in my younger days I did a good bit of backpacking, when first starting out, I got the bright idea I could dry some mixed veggies and shave some jerky in it and make some good trail soup. Didn't work. The veggies were very pretty, but that was in the mid 80's, and those veggies haven't cooked right yet. Sadly I have no sage advice amigo. I can tell you how to make some mean jerky. If you have a dehydrator (I built my first one from a cardboard box lined with foil and a drop light), some years ago my wife bought me a commercial one. My old one worked as well, but not as fast as the new one with a heat element and forced fan. JHC
  2. Hard to argue with his choice of weaponry. I know a former Marine (or whatever you would call them, as they consider once a Marine, always a Marine) who says at least in civilian application, there are only two personal defense weapons........a 12 ga. pump and the .45 auto. Again, pretty hard logic to argue. JHC
  3. So sad to hear of that dead Marine. God rest his brave soul. I bet he's glad his rifle carried on the fight. JHC
  4. Toward the end, my dad was pretty much hanging around waiting to invade Japan as well. What a bloodbath that would have been, they'd have fought to the last man. Neither of us might be here if they hadn't dropped the nukes. Dad was pretty happy about it. Such as it was. The atomic attacks doubtless saved countless lives on both sides. JHC
  5. I went with my Dad to several of his old army company reunions. One time one guy had a bunch of pics, I believe from Iwo, mostly of enemy KIA's, that was some gruesome sh*t Jack. Japanese in various states of being blown apart, many BBQ'ed by flame throwers. Was not a pleasant sight to say the least, even if it was the enemy. JHC
  6. My dad fought in WWII. He only talked about the good times. He was a cook in a headquarters company, never made a big deal about combat experience, but one of his decorations was a Combat Infantryman Badge, I gather you didn't get one of those just for baking bread. I know the islands he was on, have looked up the battles in which his company was engaged on Morotai, Mendenao, Good 'Nuff Island, etc. Not sure I spelled those correctly, but from what I've read wasn't not pink tea party. Maybe not Iwo, but glad I wasn't there. Those men had the bark on, went to war and thru Hell, came home, went back to work like it was no big deal and had babies (like me). JHC
  7. When I was in high school, maybe college, I was working one Sunday with my cousin Sherry and a pharmacist named Grady. Tornadoes were dancing all over the country, and I asked Grady what we'd do if one came. "Well, you and Sherry can get in the fridge and I'll get in the freezer." Grady was a pretty good size man. "Grady, you won't fit in that freezer!" "You think I won't. I crawled under my helmet on Iwo Jima!" That's all he ever spoke of it. I learned when he died that he was a highly decorated Marine. JHC
  8. The last president of the Republic of Texas, Anson Jones, lowered the Texas flag to be replaced with the Stars and Stripes. Texas went from an independent nation to become the 28th United State. A bittersweet day in Texas. Sus amigo, JHC https://westwardsagas.com/the-republic-is-no-more-2/
  9. Godspeed amigo. Prayers up, more to come. JHC
  10. Not trying to pick a fight, but how you stick a fork in a whole raw egg w/o tearing things up? I might could see a 2 inch 25 ga. hypo if you have one handy, but don't think they make them that long. Su Amigo, JHC
  11. I understand the physics of it, but that's gonna be another melluvahess if you stick a fork in a whole egg. JHC
  12. Good to hear you gave it up. I quit dipping snuff some 25 years ago, and still have dreams of buying and dipping snuff. Regards, JHC
  13. So, I'm sitting in my truck smoking my pipe and listening to the radio this morning, and I land on a station with a church service. The preacher was preaching from the book of Joshua with references to Esther. So I go to church, and the preacher is preaching from Joshua chapter 10 with references to Esther. I guess I have some reading and pondering to do. Sus amigo, JHC
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