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New fur friend

Chief Rick

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After 14 years of loyal companionship, we had to put our cur down on 9/3.

This is her right after we rescued her in 2005.

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And here from just a few years ago.

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Went to the local shelter today to ask about the adoption process and another couple was bringing a 9 month old puppy in to drop off.  Seems their landlord agreed to let them have the dog 8 months but now told them they had to get rid of it!:angry:  He was not doing well with the turnover process. We were looking for a smaller/younger pup, but I couldn't let him stay there.

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We have him at the house now and I think he's starting to adjust.


Now to figure out a name - the previous owner's called him Saban.  That ain't gonna work!

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Youre a good man, Chief Rick. Mrs. Lose and I still haven’t filled the void that our dog Charlie left. I believe a great name for your new dog would be Chief.

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Looks like a great dog. If he’s been going by Saban perhaps a name that sounds similar that he’ll pick up on easily.


Maybe some 2 syllable Navy terms?



Seaman...he has a ways to go before he makes Chief.:D


Tin Can






San Dog


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Give it a little time and his personality will lead you to the perfect name. Within a couple of weeks all our dogs let us know what their name was


Billy the Kid because he was mischievous.


Chewy because he liked to gently mouth your hand when playing


Bear because she ambled like one when she walked.


Scooter because the faster he ran the closer to the floor he got.

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Last night was a better night. Got him to walk to the bedroom on his own. When I got up at 0500 I took him out and he came back to the bedroom without being forced. Still have to keep him on a leash outside - he took off twice after something yesterday and he can cover more ground than Forest Gump!


Had a little issue with the brand new harness we bought yesterday. Seems he got bored after going out this morning when I laid back down (I didn't have to be out of bed until 0630).


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