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  1. I shoot 2F in my trap door with good results. I found an old can of Goex CT in the shop but have never used it. I think the CT was 1.5F from what I was told. I agree what is said about Pyrodex and have stayed away from it for years. Black MZ was sold through Sportsmens Warehouse and was a product of APP. I paid $9.00 a pound when I bought three cases a few years ago. It was repackaged and sells for $25.00 or more but never used for long range so no idea how it would shoot. Black MZ works good in my Schofield rounds but don’t like it in my C&B revolvers. Try all but Pyrodex and see what your rifle prefers.
  2. When I shot the plastic wads I just squirted some vinegar windex down the tubes and finished up unloading the wagon. I bought a Tornado brush and it pushed all that plastic snot right out of the barrels. Two or three patches and good to go. I only shoot brass shells now so not an issue with plastic snot anymore. It is way easier to clean your shotgun when you get home and faster then as well. All ideas listed are effective so fin$ the best option for you. I used plastic wads and fiber wads and both worked out well for me. Welcome to the Dark Side of our game. DC
  3. I have a new never fired Henry Arms Classic lever action 22 for sale. I have had this rifle for a couple of years thinking grand kids would like it but they like the 38’s better so never been shot. Price is $275.00 plus shipping CONUS. Thanks, DC I have one that I have been shooting just like the one I am selling.
  4. I added Tresso nipples to my Pietta Armies and am having decent luck. Wish Remington #10 were available but no luck finding any so far. The slixsix nipples don’t work very well on my guns with the CCI caps. Maybe someone will make a quality nipple for the CCI #11 caps.
  5. Hope to visit before the year is over. Will keep you posted.
  6. I second looking at the Canadian Boulet boots. I have two pair and no break in period and they are very comfortable. I tried the cavalry boots and did not like the way they felt, just my opinion . Deliver to Australia in the fall May be available. DC
  7. the older models would not rotate with the Schofield round. The larger rim made the cylinder bind up the cylinder. I shoot this round in my newer Open Tops with no problems at all.
  8. I shot 45 S&W in my 73 rifle for about 10 years with no problems at all. The older model Uberti open tops did not cycle 45 S&W but the newer run will cycle both 45 Colt and 45 S&W. I shoot full black powder loads in both the 45 and 45 S&W and never had an issue picking up the 45 S&W brass. I shoot C&B now and 44-40 in my rifle. DC
  9. I made the same rack about five years ago and it works great.
  10. I have a set of Slim Jim holsters built for ROA’s. They fit a 2 1/2 belt and may fit a 3 inch as well. They were made by Old Pueblo Saddlery in Pine CO. I sold my ROA’s so don’t need them anymore. I have used them with Colt Clones and they fit a little deep which never bothered me. I bought a new set of holsters for my Colt Clones. I imagine Remingtons will fit but I don’t have any to try. Price is $80.00 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking, DC
  11. I am looking for about 50-100 44-40 cases and Lee or Hornaday dies. Brass does not have to be once fired. Thanks, DC
  12. I may be the odd man out but if I don’t shoot a firearm I replace it with something I will shoot. An example is I sold my 36 caliber cap & ball revolvers because I had not shot them in over two years, three sets. I did replace them with one set of 44 caliber snubbies that I shoot at least once a month if not more. I don’t have enough wall space to just keep something I do not shoot. Just my opinion. DC
  13. I have sent four reply messages to you and for some reason you are not receiving them. This item was sold awhile ago and keeps popping up on the classified ads . I sent another message tonight and hope it reaches you.
  14. I have a few questions and want to send a message but can’t figure out how to send one to you. I am going to be in Phoenix next week and interested. Thanks, DC
  15. I started with a set of Uberti 51 C&B in 36 caliber then added a pair of 1860 Conversions in 38 and then set of 1872 in 45 Schofield 18 years ago and still shoot all of them. I polished all the insides and over the years have replaced 2 firing pins and one hand on the 72. I shoot duelist and they work just fine. I tried two handed and they did not seem to work as well as duelist. I thought they did not index as smooth is what I noticed. I guess one could spend a couple of hundreds getting them “tuned” but I never felt the need or desire. If you shoot enough parts will wear out and break but that is part of the sport no matter which revolver you choose. Find one that fits your hand and that you enjoy shooting and let the fun begin . DC
  16. I have a set of 45-70 Lee dies if you are interested. Send me a message for more information. DC
  17. I wear Boulet boots and there is plenty of room to tuck in your trousers. DC
  18. I use Duco glue and about twenty five percent of them have a thin ring after being in the tumbler. I have a nylon shotgun brush on a handle and just swab it out. No problem. DC
  19. I use Dulac glue and shelf life is about a year. Elmers works fine but dulac is easier to apply. Oversized helps.
  20. I have a replica civil war sword for sale. Price is $80.00 plus shipping CONUS. Make sure your state is legal to accept swords from an individual. The blade has not been sharpened.
  21. I have this rig for sale for $80.00 plus shipping of $17.00 for a total of $97.00 shipped CONUS. Holsters are right straight and right cross draw. Maker was from Denver but not sure of the name. Thanks for looking. DC
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