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  1. I have shot my Walker paired up with my 1851 Navy snubbie at a few matches and had a great time. I use a cross draw with the Walker which makes it easier to draw. One of the pards I shoot with shoots gunfighter with his Walkers with conversion cylinders. I have trouble reaching the hammer on my Walker but can make it through 6 stages without any issues. DC
  2. I have used black mz and used the same load as the app as mentioned above. I did try it in my C&B revolvers with not good results. The loads for cartridges worked fine as well as the shot gun shell. I tried it in my brass shot gun shells but went back to real black to get the boom back. If you are used to APP then you will have no issues with Black MZ. Itdoes clump like the old APP but easy to break up. Enjoy. DC
  3. I shoot a model 335 and use it for cowboy clays and matches. it works just fine using my brass shells. DC
  4. Thanks, I did aim about a foot high at 400 but still way short. DC
  5. I did hit the wrong powder charge, should read 40 grains of Swiss 2F. The bullets are from Whyte big lube and I just weighed three of them for an average of 245 grains. One did weigh in at 251.Thanks, DC
  6. I have a H&R rifle in 38/55 that I have a load of 30 grains, by volume, under a 245 grain bullet. This load does decent up to 200 yards but is very flat after that.. I tried a few shots at 400 yards and the spotter said it was very flat and very short. Any help would be appreciated. I shot my trap door in 45/70 with a 535 bullet for a few years with good results but my shoulder said no more. The 38/55 is fun to shoot but maybe I am expecting too much out of this caliber. Thanks, DC
  7. I started out fifteen years ago with 36 caliber C&B with a 97 12 gauge and a 92 rifle in 45 colt. Still shoot C&B but in 44 caliber now, 12 gauge side by side and a 73 rifle in 44/40. I shoot black powder is the main reason for the 44/40 and the 97 was a real pain shooting black powder. I have tried 38 special with black powder in a 73 as well and it was fun. I agree 38's are a bit cheaper to reload but the fun factor will help you decide what you like the most. Shooting black is a little more money to shoot but it is worth it to me. I think going to a match and shooting different calibers is the best advise offered. You will know what fits you after you shoot different calibers. Welcome to the game and get out there and enjoy yourself. DC
  8. I tried FG one time because I heard it made a longerflame. I did not think it was any different to FFG so I went back to FFG in my brass shot shells. Any of the powders work so I agree shoot the cheapest you can find and have fun. DC
  9. I have been using Crater for over five years and their prices have always been the best. Sometimes hard to get FFF but not a problem for me. Good people to deal with. DC
  10. I have two baby strollers that are the three wheel type for sale to convert to gun carts. I live in Bailey CO and can meet you for pickup. Not interested in shipping so local pickup only. $20.00 each or both for $35.00. Thanks, DC
  11. I love longer barrels so have never cut one to 20". I would love to have a 32" to join my 28 and 30 shotgund. DC
  12. I broke my 45 sized jag for my 44/40 rifle and thought I would try a 44 sized jag and it was to large. I bought another 44 jag and same issue being too large. I replace my 45 jag with a new one that fits. Why does a 45 jag work but not a 44 sized jag. Am I thinking wrong or what. Thanks for any insight. DC
  13. I just switched over to brass shotgun shells only this year. All my shells use the large pistol primer and no issues at all. I have tried some subs but prefer the real black because of the flame. 70 grains of FF with 1oz of shot is what I enjoyed the most.. Loading them has been fun and doesn't take that much time to make up 25 rounds for the next shoot. I keep 100 total loaded just in case a fellow shooter wants to try out the brass shells before buying some. May shoot plastic this winter depending on range conditions. The brass pickers don't like picking up the brass shells with their handsite because they are hot. I have about 200 rounds which should last me for awile. DC
  14. Welcome to the BP side of SASS. I only shoot C&B now but when I did shoot Vaqueros they were in 45 Colt and I used ballistol to wipe down the front of the cylinders after three stages. I also shot 45 colt in my 73 and I also sprayed ballistol on the carrier when it started to stick just a little, stage number varied. I used plastic shotshells at first but now shoot only brass shotshells. Bring along a wire shotgun brush and swap out the shotgun after three stages and the shells will not stick. For cleaning the shotgun I bought a tornado wire brush and soak the barrels with windex, with vinegar, to get out the plactic snot and run a couple of patches and it was clean. I used the windex on the rifle and revolvers and used ballistol on all guns to finish them up. Hot water and soap works but I don't have a sink in my loading shed so the windex works out fine. If the wind is blowing not much different than smokeless but no wind and humidity are a challenge seeing the next target. Have fun and enjoy your day. The boom and flames make shooting black powder worth it! DC
  15. I use simple green and water in a bottle and let them soak driving home from a match. Most matches are over two hours away so rinse and lay out to dry overnight before putting them in a tumbler. Seems to work fine for me. DC
  16. I agree that you need to shoot as many different C&B revolvers to see which you prefer. I shoot Rogers & Spencers, Walkers, Remingtons, Dance Brothers, Griswolds and most of the colt clones. I even shoot brass frames where most give them a bad rap. Everyone has an opinion on Uberti or Pieta so see which you like. My most comfortable revolver to shoot for me are my Pieta 60 Armies with Navy grips tuned by Goonworks in Georgia. Keep an open mind and you will find what works for you.I shoot all my revolvers at least once per year and each are just a little different but I enjoy shooting all of them. Enjoy the journey buying a C&B revolver.
  17. I have two outlaws and neither have the retractable firing pin. DC
  18. I had one 73 that would cycle Schofield and an older production 73 that would not. Same was true for my newer Outlaw in 45 Colt will cycle Schofield but my older Outlaw will not. rotate with S hofield loaded. Go figure.
  19. I started with real BP and it is not that hard to reload with. I shoot cap & ball and tried Black MZ because it was cheap and not a good decision on my part. I load cartridges by hand as well as my brass shotgun shells. I know some load BP with a MEC loader but I have not tried loading with my MEC yet. If you shoot with anyone who reloads black powder just ask him for some advise. Welcome to the black side and have fun. DC
  20. I have used these for six years and they work great on the empty cylinder.
  21. I shot 45 colt in my 73 for many years and I did take the side plates off after each match and cleaned the inside. I found it easier to clean each time and not try to remember the last time I cleaned the toggle system. Sometimes it really needed cleaning and sometimes not so bad. I shot 250 grain as well and squirted PAM every other stage just because I think it helped. When I (needed) another rifle I did switch to 44/40 only because I wanted to. Shoot the 45 and enjoy the Black.
  22. Sounds good to me. I do have issues with messages at time. Thanks, DC
  23. My fat fingers hit the wrong button before I have the new post completed.
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