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  1. I have 400 new starline brass in 32-SW Long for sale for $45.00 which includes shipping CONUS. Thanks, DC
  2. I shoot 36 caliber C&B once or twice a season and know there will be some missed calls if all spotters are just listening to a ring with a hit. The conical bullets that I now use are a little more pronounced ring wise but if shooting 36’s makes you worry about misses then just switch to 44’s and forget about missed calls. I enjoy shooting my 36’s and a miss or two is no big deal. I have tried to inform the spotters I am shooting 36’s and could not tell if it helped or not. If you shoot C&B revolvers it is just part of the game along with cap jams and smoke clouds covering the next target. I would not ask for a fresh paint in a match but that is my take on shooting percussion revolvers. DC
  3. I am interested in buying a original or reproduction rolling block in 38-55. I have seen some 45-70 but my shoulder says no more big bores for me. I sold my 45-70 and looking for something with less recoil. I only shoot black powder. Thanks, DC
  4. My brother lives in Glendale and I will see when he is coming up to visit and send the brass with him. I tried to decap  them tonight and my all caliber die does not work on the25-20, go figure.  I will keep you posted. I usually fly down to visit him during Winter Range but would not be able to carry them on the plane. I will keep you posted. DC

  5. I have 40 pieces of 32-40 primed cases made from 30-30 cases for free to anyone local in Denver CO. Thanks, DC
  6. I have a Pacific die set in 25-20 for $10.00 plus shipping CONUS. If local I will include 50 primed cases. I will not ship the primed cases. Thanks, DC
  7. I have a 36 caliber Pietta 1851 Navy cylinder for sale. The cylinder has the Navy engraving and has never been fired. $45.00 includes shipping CONUS. Thanks, DC
  8. Good decision. I am looking forward to the 2021 Colorado State Champions match in September 2021.
  9. I purchase my big lube Bullets and some holsters and belts and very happy. When I contact him on line he always contacts me back. I have never had a problem dealing with him. DC
  10. I have been shooting Frontiersman for about twelve years and have never seen anyone using these at a match. I load out of a flask and don’t need to add any more steps. What is the purpose? I might have to try them if someone can explain a good reason to use them. Thanks, DC
  11. I always have six nipples on my revolvers. I use screw protectors in red so it is easy to see the hammer is on an unloaded chamber. I cut them in half and you are ready to go.
  12. I was raised in Gloversville NY. Personal check is fine with me. Will your FFL accept from an individual? I was going to be in Gloversville in August for our 55th class reunion but they had to cancel but not sure how legal it would be for me to deliver. I will mark it sold when I get home. My phone entries don’t always post. Thanks, DC
  13. I have a like new Uberti Walker for sale. Only ten rounds have been fired. Stainless nipples. $290.00 shipped CONUS. I also have a custom right hand cross-draw holster for sale on the wire for $80.00 shipped. Thanks for looking. DC
  14. I sold my Walker so don’t need the holster anymore. I had this custom built just for my Walker. It is a bright hand cross-draw that sits on your left hip. I tried a straight draw but the cross-draw was much easier. $80.00 shipped CONUS. DC
  15. I have used the Track of The Wolf stainless in about four of my guns with no problems. I use Remington #10 caps that work just fine. All the revolvers that have the stainless nipples are snubbies. DC
  16. Over 300 looks and no reply’s yet. If you have any fair offers just let me know what you think it is worth. Worse thing I can do is just say thanks for your offer. DC
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