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  1. NASP Naval Aviation Museum virtual tour.
  2. I never get tired of walking through the museum and try to go over at least once a year. Any one planning on visiting should plan to spend the whole day there. It's grown so much since the first time I remember going in the early '80's.
  3. Most of us that live in hurricane prone areas have different reasons for staying/going and things we look at/for when making the decision. One things for sure, the Good Lord will direct the weather the way He wants. We'll figure out where it's going after it's been there! Too many people are no longer with us because their experience said things would be different.
  4. If you watched or remember from Hurricane Michael moving through Mexico Beach, FL - there was really only one house that survived that beach front neighborhood. Link Search Link
  5. Sig also had what you're looking for at one time. I'm not sure if it's still a production item.
  6. The European model is currently showing Dorien to move back to the east coast and hang onto the east coast as it moves northward all the way up the coast. You folks in the Carolinas and Virginia's are not out of the woods yet. As far as that goes, neither are those of us farther along the gulf.
  7. Trying to look at the pictures on my phone, the little brass tab-looking piece inside the wooden fore grip looked like the tab on the follower to me. Is it not? I wonder if the wood will be allowed now that the leather wrap is legal? (Rhetorical question... I have no dog in the hunt and would keep it as designed if I bought a Henry.) Appreciate the info.
  8. CC, The slotted wood fore end I see clearly (though admit I still don't know about the legality). What are you looking at when you reference " the mag follower with the thumb button removed on a front load Henry"? I'm not familiar with them.
  9. Saw an article today that said the painting was done by an art major for her thesis and sold several years ago .
  10. How old is it and/or who made it? Warranty?
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