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  1. Chief Rick


    TW, I stand by call - three misses. Think first five rounds - second five rounds. Per your scenario: with first five rounds engage P1 twice then engage P2 three times, then with second five rounds engage P3 five times. Shooter draws first revolver and engages P1 twice then holsters. Shooter then draws second revolver and engages P3 five times. The correct targets were hit in the correct order.
  2. Chief Rick


    I'll do that when I'm able to get to s computer this afternoon. Can't see it on the phone.
  3. We record the rounds and watch them a day late. Can't stay up till midnight watching and then get up at 0430 to go to work.
  4. Chief Rick


    If the shooter starts to holster after the first two rounds as TO I'm hollering THREE MORE. If they still holster and shoot P3 with five rounds, and they don't attempt to re-engage P2... That has me thinking. Still just three misses for the three unfired rounds in the first revolver. The shooter is choosing to take three misses on P2. If they re-engage P2 after P3 - then it's a P.
  5. Chief Rick


    Not if there's a malfunction with the first pistol and the shooter chooses to take the three misses on P2. But then, the shooter couldn't holster the first pistol. It needs to be declared and grounded.
  6. Chief Rick


    The OP stage instructions are for a round count - no particular order. Why a shooter would holster after two rounds if there wasn't a malfunction doesn't make sense. But, the shooter could still shoot the first target twice, holster and draw second pistol and shoot the third target five times, holster the second pistol and redraw the first pistol and shoot the second target three times. No call.
  7. Pretty talented young man. Any of the top three could win this year. I'm pulling for Jess Lockwood to repeat and Dalton Kasel to win rookie of the year. Good crop of rookies this year, too.
  8. Or by going to a local match and asking if anyone has anything for sale... After you've shot it to see if you like it. May already be slicked up, even...
  9. Round one of five starts tonight at 2100 CST. Inside the PBR World Finals starts at 2030 CST. CBS Sports Network (CBSSN), Dish Network Channel 158. Watch it for the National Anthems if nothing else. They're usually excellent.
  10. Quizcat - have you shot either an 1873 or a '92? Or a Marlin '94? Most shooters have a definite preference for one rifle over the other two. Then add the difference between a straight stock and a pistol grip - some shooters again find one better for them than the other. I strongly suggest you shoot some rifles in different configurations, that are slicked up by different 'smiths, before you hand over any money. I also recommend you do the same for pistols. All 'smith-work is not the same. If you've only ever shot a new, out-of-the box Uberti rifle, a Taylor-tuned version will feel considerably better. IMHO If you can shoot rifle's that have been tuned by any of the other 'smiths, side by side, you can start to feel differences in the action. Not to say that any one 'smith is better than another, but they are different. And, some people prefer the feel of one particular 'smiths work to another's.
  11. TW - glad you're OK. I wear prescription glasses, especially needed for close up work. I use to have a pair for regular wear and a pair for shooting. My regular pair did not have side shields or wrap-around lenses. I've since gone to wearing "safety" glasses all the time. Specifically, I wear WileyX Kobe frames with polycarbonate transitional progressive lenses. May not be the most stylish but I never forget to change glasses.
  12. I have no affiliation or dealings with the company but was looking hard at these when I managed to get a great deal on my extra-long Navy pea coat. Good wool feels great in the winter-time.
  13. I do own and have worn an Outback Oilskin duster (unlined). When the temps drop, though, I pull out my genuine US Navy pea-coat (sized extra-long to cover my pistols). Worn over a wool Cattle Baron vest from Schaefer, I've not been uncomfortable. Be careful is shopping for pea coats. I see quite a few that are marked as surplus/used that are NOT official US Navy pea coats.
  14. Not exactly a duster, but have you considered a capote?
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