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  1. I didn't know the CVA Scout barrels could be interchanged.
  2. I lose brass at every match. When shooting 38 Special I don't really worry about it. Shooting 45 Colt or 44 WCF hurts.
  3. I just ordered 1000' of antenna wire from DX Engineering. Supposed to be here Tuesday. I also just received a 49:1 Balun I ordered two weeks ago. Plan to string up an EFHW for 80 meters, sloping from 10' off the ground to ~20' off the ground. This is my first foray into HF, so... I really want to a Yaesu FT-891 Mobile radio to make a go-bag, but that's going to have to wait for more funds to become available.
  4. Enjoyed the match, except the heat and the one calf that kept bumping my camper Saturday morning.
  5. Shot the second wave today. This was what the thermometer at my camper showed at 5:30 PM. The exterior sensor is located under my camper and never in direct sunlight.
  6. I'm here and parked. Camp spot #8. Posse #13. Gonna cook a little steak and potatoes and relax.
  7. I'll be on the range Thursday afternoon/evening, weather & traffic permitting.
  8. Send an e-mail to Bessie James. I'm sending you the contact info by PM.
  9. It's an actual caliber and has been around since 1964. .444 Marlin - Wikipedia
  10. Got my seats back from the upholstery shop.
  11. Well, some may have also been more relaxed than others.
  12. Shooter choice as to where to engage with second pistol. Assuming the first five rounds and second five rounds (first pistol-second pistol) are to engage the targets the same, the shooter can: 1 - use second pistol to engage targets 1-5-2-4-3 and take three misses 2 - use second pistol to engage targets 2-4-3, then 1-5 - RELOAD three rounds and engage targets 2-4-3 to preserve a clean match.
  13. de KI5RGH/AG Edit to ad: There were nine people testing this morning, including two USAF airmen (their co-worker that brought them, probably not 20 years old himself, is already an Extra). I got my General, one advanced to Extra and the rest all passed their Technician exams.
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