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  1. Prayers up. Let him know Angie and I are thinking of him.
  2. Just saw where Ruger has a new (or at least new to me) affordable .22 LR single-action revolver. MSRP is $249. Ruger Wrangler with aluminum alloy frames with black, silver or burnt bronze cerakote finishes. 4.62" barrel length.
  3. I herd a news report that said the fire fighters could not get to it for over two hours because people were blocking the streets trying to see it, get video/pictures. The streets around the cathedral are very narrow and there a few bridges that must be crossed.
  4. And my checked baggage is still "checked", so no clean clothes or even a toothbrush.
  5. If I ever make it. Stuck in LA. Will have to sit at the airport all day tomorrow on standby. If I can't get on a flight standby, I won't fly out until Tuesday. I detest flying commercial.
  6. If this follows me home it will go straight back to Ruger first.
  7. I wouldn't want to shoot full-house .460 S&W loads from anything less than my ported 8 3/8" barrel. .454 Casull loads would be quite manageable with the shorter barrel but the frame is still quite heavy. That's why I'm looking at the SBH Bisley with 4 3/4" barrel. For a more comfortable "carry" beast I really like the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan with 2 1/2" barrel - .454 of course.
  8. Thanks. Love seafood,. Though partial to fried, I also like broiled, grilled, baked and steamed. Would prefer a "locals" type of place. Something you might see on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. Economical is a big plus.
  9. Going to be in Seattle for a week, working. What's good? And I don't consider raw fish good.
  10. They are very nice. Handled them at the SHOT Show every year I've been.
  11. Always an option. Curious if they're all coming from the factory that way or if this one slipped through QC as "good enough".
  12. Looking on Ruger's website - it appears this may be a Lipsey's distributor exclusive. SS .454 with 4.62" barrel. I may have it follow me home next week and just send it in to Ruger. Again, I know I'm spoiled with my CAS revolvers - but this particular revolver not only had a very heavy hammer but also a very heavy trigger. I've been longing for this particular style of SA revolver for a few years, though.
  13. Glock 20 with slide cut for optic. Don't care for the longer barrel of the G40 MOS.
  14. Yes. It was actually very difficult to get the cylinder pin out initially. I do like the cylinder pin on this SBH. I'd like to put them in my NMVs if they'll fit & function. But I can't find them online...
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