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  1. The White House has not been readily accessible to the American people since long before President Trump took office.
  2. I believe the '97 to be easier to load/shoot for a newcomer to CAS because it allows for sloppier technique without time penalty to the shooter. If you grab two shells from your belt, you can slap each one individually into the open ejection port without even looking. With a SxS you have to be much more precise in placing your shells in the chamber. The SxS will have faster split times regardless of how long it takes you to load. (Think poppers and clays.) It will take longer to load one in the chamber and then one in the magazine of a '97 than it will to load two in the chambers of a SxS, providing you don't fumble with the SxS. If you can grab four from your belt in one hand (and some can) then the '97 can be run equally or faster than a SxS in a four target delivery. If you can't repeatedly and reliably grab four, you can have a really bad train wreck slowing you down even more. Also, the SxS needs to be set up to where it will fully open in order to get both shells in the chamber quickly.
  3. I pick up a green dot much better than red as well. Don't care for yellow at all, either. I have astigmatisms but I've never tried to to shoot for groups with a red dot so I've never noticed how perfect (or not) the illuminated dot is. Both eyes open, I want hits on a 9" plate at 50-75 yards. That's just me. If precision is needed, there are other options.
  4. This is not what the video I linked above stated. Not saying you're wrong or the video is right, but I'd be interested to see something where NASA told them to do it one way.
  5. If he doesn't reload shotgun he'll never experience what you do with a 20-gauge. He could experience that with a 12-gauge and factory low noise, low recoil shells.
  6. How heavy was the stock lever and how long is the lever throw?
  7. My daughter is outside of Phoenix right now and picking up a load headed towards Sacramento. She's supposed to turn it over to another truck in Ontario and not knowing where she's headed after that.
  8. Will depend on what shells you're using. Factory low noise, low recoil Winchester (or equivalent) in a 12-gauge will typically be noticeably different than the lightest 20-gauge factory loads. If you re-load shotshells it's easier to make your own low noise low recoil 20-gauge shotshells, but components will still be more expensive and more difficult to find than those for 12-gauge.
  9. I think it's really cool Starliner making a controlled landing on terra firma. With that said, I don't know how I'd feel about being the first crew chosen to do it as a manned flight/mission.
  10. This is not something I like to think about, but have been stressing about over the last several days. My brother, my son and my daughter are over the road truck drivers.
  11. 20 minute video. Good info on the two craft.
  12. If you're just looking to clean the primer pockets better, why not try a Lee primer pocket cleaner for $3.99?
  13. Thankful, we don't have that problem.
  14. One things for sure, if you shag brass you'll know who uses it. I try to make sure I pick up everything I can for the shooter but I really don't like retrieving hulls that have stuff sprayed on them so that I get it all over my hands.
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