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  1. Stage instructions state: With pistols, first engage the falling plates and then engage the dump target with remaining rounds. Only standing bottles or misses on stationary target count as misses. The shooter only managed to knock down four of the five falling plates, leaving one plate standing. The shooter had two rounds fail to fire, even after multiple attempts. How many misses do you call?
  2. An old food dehydrator for drying, takes about two hours at max temp. This is what I use to clean.
  3. That'd be a neat trick for the TO to stomp it while it was on his head.
  4. Had this visitor at work earlier this week. I prefer this version. Picture taken with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at about 20 feet.
  5. Yes - but then the mass propagandists couldn't sensationalize the headline.
  6. Been a long time since I looked at 17HMR rifles. Long time. Last I remember, Savage had problems with the A17s they had released.
  7. RRA will be releasing a semi-auto .17 HMR. Gas-operated, roller blowback. Not inexpensive, but I don't believe any other manufacturer has been able to produce a reliable, semi-auto .17 HMR. The video also says they will be introducing a 22 WMR later this year, as it's only a barrel swap. LAR-15M .17 HMR (rockriverarms.com)
  8. I wonder if any of those pictured above are TSA approved? I'm pretty certain a few/most would not be, just as the multi-tools are not. I hate to fly, but a pocket/keychain bottle opener could always come in handy.
  9. The Tavor originally came to the US as the Tavor SAR and then the X95. Not sure the SAR is still available or not, but I preferred the original version. I liked the magazine release better. While on the heavier side, the weight was carried in the stock. I could comfortably hold and support the weapon one handed for much longer than I could an equal weight AR. I've never shot or even handled a Hellion. The Tavor and the Hellion are both based on proven combat weapons. I wouldn't hesitate to put either in my SHTF bag, if I had a SHTF bag.
  10. I don't subscribe. When I go to the home page, the first thing I do is click on the "x" to close the cookie dialogue box. I then look at the headlines, look to see which networks are covering (left/center/right), and if something piques my interest I'll click on the headline. That takes me to a page that shows which networks are covering the topic/headline. I can then follow a link to the specific news organization covering the topic. Some will want a subscription, but most have not required any further interaction to view the article.
  11. KelTec has its place in the firearms manufacturing market. I have owned a few over the years and will say that they have all been reliable when fed quality ammo. That said, I would not risk my life on any KelTec as a primary weapon. I do not feel they are manufactured to be high-round-count weapons.
  12. The reason I've been using Ground News. They show you the headline and then show how it's being covered by mainstream media. If you follow a headline, it will take you to a page that has all of the coverage on that particular headline, and you can choose to read articles from many of the sources (left, right and center views) for free to see how they compare.
  13. I started using Ground News, but not on my phone.
  14. I have four pieces of the Hornady brass. PM me your shipping info and I'll send them to you.
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