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  1. I have two plain 44 caliber cylinders that came with my two 1860 Army revolvers. I have a total of four so am selling the two new cylinders for $50.00 each including shipping CONUS. They will also fit the 51 Navy revolver in 44 as well. I have a Dance Bros that I think will also fit. Thanks, DC
  2. I started with a coach gun and within two years added three Russian Hammered doubles with 30” barrels that I still use most of the time. Props can get in the way but most clubs I shoot at now have props but shotgun is usually on one end. I did buy a 87 with the 18 1/2 barrel that I really like. Sometimes when they have a prop too close to stag3 the long barrels it can be a problem. I prefer the longer barrels. DC
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