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  1. That dang Covid is still kicking my hind quarter after two months. I wanted to drive up Saturday to say hello but not enough energy to get there. Happy you were able to make HOW. DC
  2. Thanks for the info. I just looked at the barrel and it is stamped Great Plains Rifle 50.
  3. I have a Lyman Great Plains Muzzle loader rifle in 50 caliber. The rifle is 33 inch barrel and double triggers. No major gouges or split wood. Bore is fine. Purchase price is $445.00 plus actual shipping. Please verify that it is legal to receive a black powder rifle directly to your home from an individual. The manufacture date code is AU which is a build date of 1989. Thanks, DC
  4. I have four sets done by Chuckaroo and happy with all of them. DC
  5. I have two sets of Uberti Open Tops, two have the hammer safety and two do not. Bought all for guns at the same time but did not notice the safety until a year later when one had moved forward not allowing the hammer to strike the primer. Cleaned them after the match and the two safety’s were no longer operative for some reason. Not a real good design. DC
  6. The older production of APP was very clumpy but the latest bottles I purchased seemed a lot better. Only shoot APP a couple times a year so maybe I have been lucky. I prefer real black so not much experience . DC
  7. I also had issues with the RWS nipples not working very well on any of my Pietta or Uberti revolvers. I have to use CCI#11 because REM #10 are not available around here. I have better luck using Treso nipples with the CCI 11’s but still some cap jams and FTF. I use the RWS nipples on my Great Plains front stuffer . DC
  8. Would you be interested in a Lyman’s Great Plains rifle in 50 caliber in trade?
  9. I shoot 2F in my trap door with good results. I found an old can of Goex CT in the shop but have never used it. I think the CT was 1.5F from what I was told. I agree what is said about Pyrodex and have stayed away from it for years. Black MZ was sold through Sportsmens Warehouse and was a product of APP. I paid $9.00 a pound when I bought three cases a few years ago. It was repackaged and sells for $25.00 or more but never used for long range so no idea how it would shoot. Black MZ works good in my Schofield rounds but don’t like it in my C&B revolvers. Try all but Pyrodex and see what your rifle prefers.
  10. When I shot the plastic wads I just squirted some vinegar windex down the tubes and finished up unloading the wagon. I bought a Tornado brush and it pushed all that plastic snot right out of the barrels. Two or three patches and good to go. I only shoot brass shells now so not an issue with plastic snot anymore. It is way easier to clean your shotgun when you get home and faster then as well. All ideas listed are effective so fin$ the best option for you. I used plastic wads and fiber wads and both worked out well for me. Welcome to the Dark Side of our game. DC
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