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  1. Will do. Looking forward to another trip soon.
  2. I just found a box of 1000 Remington small rifle bench rest primers in a box I didn’t know I had. I normally shoot cap & ball but thought I would try these in my Griswold conversion in 38 special. They appear to be the same dimension as a small rifle primer but thought to ask before trying them out. Looked on line and only found forums who couldn’t determine if they would work or not. Thanks for your help, DC
  3. I shot plastic shells for about ten years using 35 grains FFG, Plastic wad#CB1100-12, 1 oz 7 1/2 shot and no problems with this load. I now load brass shells with 55 grains FFG with a 11 gauge 1/8” nitro card, 1 1/2 11 gauge fiber wad, then 1 once 7 1/2 shot, then a 10 gauge overshot card glued in with duco cement. When I clean the brass shells I run a 12 gauge brush inside the shell to remove the ring the glue sometimes leaves in the case. I have always loaded plastic black powder shells with a dipper and the load the shot and crimp with my press. Have fun and enjoy the fire and boom of blac
  4. Make me a fair offer and you own it. Can’t wear it so might as well pass it on to someone it will fit.
  5. Price lowered with OBO. Too small for me so make me an offer I can’t refuse.
  6. Who is selling the knurled magazine 66-73 cap. Thanks, DC
  7. I purchased this on the wire and it is too small for me. Size states medium but too tight. It has 6 buttons, three outside pockets and two inside pockets. I am not sure of the color but was sold as green to me. I wear a medium normally but this is a bit tight. Price is $20.00 OBO shipped. Thanks, DC
  8. We had plans to visit Australia this year but will have to wait until next year to return. Stay healthy and will let you know when we have arranged our trip. DC
  9. I shoot 44-40 in my rifle and 45 Schofield in my 1871 Open Tops. I had a bunch of 45 Schofield rounds and they worked out in all of my revolvers except an older 1875 REM Outlaw that would not cycle that round. I bought a newer 1875 REM Outlaw and it does cycle the Schofield round. It appears that the newer models will shoot 45 Colt as well as the 45 Schofield. DC
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