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  1. Thanks, I entered in on the wire in error and reposted it in the classified but I must have done something else wrong because it keeps posting on the wire. Not sure what else to do.
  2. I have for sale my Tula, USSR, double hammered 28” shotgun. This is my backup to another Tula that will now be my backup to my Lassiter model 87 that I am shooting now. Good looking stock with shiny bore with no pitting. $425.00 plus shipping from my FFL to your FFL. Thanks for looking. DC
  3. I have for sale a Tula, USSR, double barreled hammered shotgun for sale . 28” barrels, shiny bore with no pitting. This is my backup to another Tula that I do not use anymore . I now shoot my Lassiter 87 and my other Tula is my backup. Great looking wood, $425.00 plus shipping from my FFL to yours. Thanks, DC
  4. I just tried your scores link and just a bunch of symbols?
  5. Now that you have that 32 inch rifle misses should be history!
  6. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. I think k I will go with the progressive transition lens at this time. DC I do have non prescription glasses I can use depending in conditions at the range. Capping C&B revolvers can be fun in poor light.
  7. I also shoot C&B and capping them in the shade is tricky. I did try pink once and really seemed to help on an overcast day, not sure how good in a sunny day.
  8. I am going to order a new pair of prescription shooting glasses and was wondering what tint you prefer and why. I have used grey, brown, yellow, and pink and they all have their good points and bad points. Any I'm put would be appreciated iated. Thamks, DC
  9. I was fortunate enough to attend a cowboy shoot in Sackville and had a great time. Thanks to Major Crimes for making it possible. If you ever get the chance to shoot in Australia don’t miss it. Thanks to our posse for making me feel at home on their range .
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