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  1. I purchased a 3 gun soft case about five years ago and would like to purchase another one. I have done a search and the only items that they show are tactical cases which I do not want. I searched for lever action rifles and shot gun with no results. Thanks for any assistance. Diamond Curly
  2. I shoot Frontiersman and like my 36's so that means I have to only shoot 44's. You must not shoot Frontiersman so that means you don't get a vote on this one. Just the way I see the idea !
  3. I received the hulls Tuesday and hope you received the check as well. DC
  4. This is the third revolver that I was gifted from Flinch Locks family. I have not shot this one. I already own this same revolver so don’t really want two. The selling price for this revolver is $335.00 that includes shipping where legal. If a FFL is required the fee will be added to the sale price. Thanks, DC
  5. This is the second revolver I received for helping the family sell Flinch Locks items after he passed in 2021. This is a steel frame with the full fluted cylinder. The box states charcoal blue but it looks black to me. The selling price is $295.00 including shipping were legal. If an FFL is required their fee will be added. Thanks, DC
  6. I have a Pietta Brass framed Leech & Rigdon in 44 caliber. The gun has been browned or I call plumb color. I was gifted this from the family of Flinch Lock for helping them sell items that he owned before he passed in 2021. I have not shot this revolver. Selling for $200.00 which includes shipping were legal. If a FFL is required the FFL fee will be added. Thanks, DC
  7. I purchased this rifle from the family of my shooting pard Flinch Lock two years ago to help them out. I do not shoot 45/70 any longer and selling this rifle to get my money back. I did some research about the company which was located in Farmingdale NY and they built rifles in the early seventies to early 80’s is what I discovered. The sling is not original. I have not shot this rifle. I am selling this rifle for $1150.00 which includes shipping to you FFL. If you have and questions just send me a message. The barrel measures 28 1/2 inched. Thanks in advance for looking. DC
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