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  1. I switched to 38 long colt and selling my 38 short colt brass. 194 new cases and 77 once fired cases. $33.00 shipped. Thanks, DC
  2. Someone must need a good S x S for a fair price . Cowboy guns are good for a trade. Lots of looking so make an offer that I can’t refuse.
  3. I guess I have too high of a selling price so I am going to lower the price again to move this shotgun. The new price including shipping CONUS will be $550.00 shipped to your FFL. I am open to trades and reasonable offers. Thanks, DC
  4. I just took a new picture of what you requested. I am not familiar with a dolls nose and I call this a greenier action. All of my five shotguns have this same receiver. Any other questions just let me know. Thanks, DC
  5. Please forward your address and I will check on shipping cost on Tuesday. Thanks, DC
  6. BTT 793 hits on this shotgun and just one message sent. Is the price too high or something else wrong. constructive criticisms appreciated. DC
  7. I also use the tornado brush with great success. I used to shoot BP with the plastic hulls and with a squirting of Vinegar Windex the black snot rolled out. I now shoot only brass shotshells and still use the Tornado brush even though no more black snot. Do not notice any scratching using the tornado brush.
  8. I shot my Spencer for five years and not one pard complained. I was able to cycle 8 Schofield rounds and only had to load two rounds over the top. Cock, lever, fire and repeat worked for me. I always shot my 32 inch hammered shotgun paired up with my C&B revolvers. It is not a rifle for everyone and hope to find an affordable Spencer Rifle to shoot at a match. Once you developed your routine it is fun to shoot. DC
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