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  1. I have stopped shooting black powder clays and selling off my last shotgun. I also have a TC single muzzle loader for sale in another ad on the wire. This gun has never been shot. Asking $825.00 shipped CONUS. It is a 12 gauge with 28” barrels. I thought I would keep this one for bird hunting but if the single doesn’t sell I will keep that one for bird hunting. No box or papers. Shipped to you directly as long as your state will allow. Thanks, DC
  2. Happy Thanksgiving my friend from a fellow Frontiersman.
  3. I worked in the auto business for 40 years as a finance manager , used car manager and new car manager . I worked for three different dealers during my career and all were independent owners . Our goal was to sell at a fair price for both parties and selling more than one vehicle to family and friends over the years. I retired in 2005 and internet sales were just getting popular. I still buy local for everything I can just to have a relationship with whom I deal with. I still help friends negotiate a fair deal but will not take kick backs from a dealer or cash from anyone I help. I would like to say that none of my customers ever lied to me about their trade in vehicles and will let all of you think what you may. Do you homework on buying a vehicle and be prepared when you go shopping and you will not have any issues. I enjoyed talking to the old car guys from the 60’s who loved to say, “ Buyers are liars”, even though I never used that term myself.
  4. I have shot Frontiersman about twelve years now and still enjoy it. I do on occasion shoot FCD and enjoy that as well. I agree that once your cap guns are tuned it is a lot more fun. The hot dropped cap in the palm does cause a bit of distraction but that is just part of what I enjoy.. When I started everyone told me cap guns were cheaper to start with but six sets later I am not sure. I switched to brass shot shells in my 30” hammered double just to add more fun. I am not sure it is the hardest but I am not changing now. Yes I think cleaning is much easier once you get a good routine going. I want to try gunfighter with my cap guns next year and add another take on the game we all love. Cap guns are not for everyone but I am very happy shooting mine.
  5. I tried to sell this a few months ago and I think I was asking too much money for it. The shotgun has a 28’ single barrel. Price today is $375.00 plus shipping to a state that does not require a FFL transfer for black powder rifles. If your state requires shipped through an FFL the selling price will be plus the FFL fee. Thanks, DC
  6. I like my speed loader . Thanks again Major Crimes
  7. I will take #5, Ash plaid gray size M. Please forward where to send the funds. Thanks, Diamond Curly
  8. I have an 1871 Uberti in near perfect condition. Email me direct Brolarry.bolton@yahoo.com. 

    1. Whiskey Runner, SASS #51077

      Whiskey Runner, SASS #51077



      I just left you a VM to finish this off. My email is jimschaffrath@gmail.com. Send me yours and I believe Paypal uses it to complete the money. Give me the final amount with shipping. 

      Ask your FFL shipper to send an email to  warehouse@therangeaustin.com.Call 737 802-3700. This in order to get their FFL number and shipping instructions. They will receive it and notify me. 


      Call 512 423-0505 with questions.


  9. Shooting black powder with the guns you have will work just fine. The 73 is easy to clean up after black and your pistols as well. I use a double or my 87 lever shotgun but would stay away from a 97 shotgun because it is not easy to tear down to clean. Try it with what you have and if you want and if you want new guns that is also OK. I shootC&B most of the time and it is a acquired way to shoot. Welcome to black powder shooting. DC
  10. I am sure they will fit a 51 but will find one and try it on first just to make sure. I sold all my 51’s but will make some calls and find out. Thanks, DC
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