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  1. I have not heard of TOW nipples. Where can you buy them? Thanks, DC
  2. I have had poor luck using CCI#11 with my slix nipples. I switched back to Tresso with a little better luck. Average about one fail to fire on each stage with the Tresso nipples. I tried factory nipples with my Pietta revolvers with the best results. Rumor is that the company that owns CCI purchased Remington #10 and that may mean we will never see Remington #10 again. The packaging with my Slix nipples states use only Remington 10 caps but their web page states they will work with CCI#11. Shooting C&B is a challenge on a good day but even worse now without the Remington #10’s.
  3. I have not heard pogey bait for many years. Played cards as a young man with an older Germany lady who always played for stakes of pogey bait.
  4. I only shoot long barreled doubles and have never hit a prop in over fifteen years. One step back and the prop is out of the way. I have a Stevens model 235 that works just fine. Shoot what works for you but get out and have fun. My rifles are 24” and revolvers 8” so I guess I am the odd one out. Enjoy the game with what you bring. DC
  5. I am wondering why the ammo was just not broken down and use the mixed powder as fertilizer and reload the cases with his powder of choice. He could reuse the primers and lead in safe loads. I was under the impression that mixed powders of black powder were not allowed. Anyone can make a mistake but why take the chance of what may happen when shooting the wrong rounds loaded. Scrap them and move on.
  6. I have never carried extra cylinders on my belt. I do bring an extra cylinder just in case but it is not loaded. Once you have your steps figured out reloading between stages is not an issue. I agree cleaning two cylinders is enough fun for me.
  7. The ram rod is there. That is my case for the REM 870 and giving to my grandson. I have a couple of cases that I could include one of them. DC
  8. I was in a conversation to a pard from Prescott that I promised some 25/35 ammo to when I was going to visit AZ in February but my plans changed. Please contact me and we can figure out how to get the ammo to you. My brother lives in Glendale and I could send it back with him next week if that works. Thanks, Diamond Curly
  9. I just traded for this Winchester (made in Spain) model X-150 Bolt Action in-line black powder rifle in 50 caliber. I am asking $150.00 shipped CONUS where legal to ship direct to buyer. If an FFL is required then their fee will be added. It is a 1-28 twist and used 209 primers. I have not fired this rifle. Thanks, Diamond Curly
  10. Either one is fine. They are close enough for me. My current one is a Type II Richards. Thanks, DC
  11. I opened a ammo can Saturday and found a total of 1400 caps with these three brands. I tried some Remington #11 and they did not work well at all. Good luck on finding some Remington 10’s.
  12. Looking for a second Uberti 1860 Richards Conversion- 45 Colt/45 Schofield with 8” Barrel. Thanks, DC
  13. Looking for a second Uberti 1860 Open Top Conversion in 45Colt or 45 Schofield with 8” barrel. Thanks, DC
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