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  1. Short time memory sometimes gets me in trouble but better safe than sorry. Thanks for your help. DC
  2. I found their website online and they seem to have fair prices on Federal Top Gun low recoil shot shells that everyone else show not available . I thought I would order a case and checking out they do not take credit cards only Zelle . I remember trying to order something about a year ago saying in stock but checking out they said pay now and they will ship when back in stock that I chose not to do. Thanks for any advise, DC
  3. I made some leather strips with snaps to hold the loading lever from dropping. Will drop is what does happen. I kept them on my cart until time to cap, too much weight to carry all day. Walkers are beasts to shoot in a match. DC
  4. They are a lot of fun to shoot. I loaded 60 grains of black powder and the boom is awesome . I shoot with a pard, alias is Sam Walker, from Cheyenne, who shoots gunfighter with his conversion cylinder Walkers at the last Hell on Wheels. Fun to watch. Enjoy, DC
  5. I used a RCBS 12 gauge cowboy die that put a slight roll crimp on the case and after six years shooting them have not needed to crimp a second time. DC
  6. I have the Lassister drop two and the shells cycle with no problems at all. DC
  7. I have used brass shells in my 87 with no problems cycling at all. I shoot my double one week then my 87 the next week so I do shoot it often. DC
  8. I have also had bad luck with the new run of CCI caps. I have tried the Slix, Tresso and even factory nipples. They all have poor results but my best luck was with factory nipples. My uneducated guess is CCI is more focused on muzzleloader guns and not revolvers. They are perfect on a single shot firearm that does not rotate. Remington had the machinery that worked well with revolvers and single shot guns. We can all wish for more of Remington #10 return but I am not going to place a cash bet that we will ever see that happen. I have settled my mindset that getting four of five first ignition in a match is our new reality. I still shoot Frontiersman and still have fun. Just the view from my saddle. DC
  9. I have shot Megtech for five years and never had to resize any shells. Lost a few that were stepped on but even saved a couple of them. I have the RCBS Cowboy Brass shell dies but they do not resize the shells. Enjoy.
  10. I don’t shoot in cold weather any longer so selling some of my cowboy winter coats. This coat is from Wyoming Traders sized XL. It reaches to just below the knees and I am 5’8”. The sleeve length is about 33-34 as it reaches past the center of my hand on me. The price is $55.00 plus actual shipping. Thanks for looking. DC
  11. I have for sale a Frontier Classic Linen Duster, sized large for $45.00 plus shipping. If you have any questions just send a message. Thanks, DC
  12. These are Colo Bison Botas for sale. Hand made. 17” at calf and 14” tall. Three deer antler buttons. $70.00 plus shipping.
  13. I found two Pietta C&B cylinders for in 36 caliber. One is new and the other is used. $45.00 plus shipping for new one and $25.00 plus shipping for the used one. DC
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