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  1. It's very "Walking Dead-ish" to me. It starts off humans against vampires. Then the it really gets stupid with some of the vampires getting super powers (for lack of a better term) with the ability to regenerate body tissue and only die if the head is cut completely off. Season 4 ended with some of the characters entering "other realms". And the acting is not great, but better than some other popular shows.
  2. I have slowly watched the Van Helsing series on Netflix over the last several months. Several of the episodes took some real effort to get through. Overall, it's ok, IMO. I just finished the final episode of season four. Season five is new this year and aired on SYFY. The first eight episodes of season five are not available on SYFY and the only place I can find them are on Amazon Prime video for $2.99 per episode. I liked it enough to want to finish, but not enough to spend that much per episode. Anyone else watch the series or know where/how to watch season five episodes 1-8?
  3. Looks like Joe Perkins' work. Very nice.
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