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  1. I like this - how, or do, you secure the top between the upper rifle mounts?
  2. Thta's what I'm trying to figure out how to do, and still be able to fold the cart up.
  3. No backup on the cart - my wife would not appreciate me leaving her guns in the truck.
  4. Anybody flying a flag from a Rugged Gear Gun Cart? What are you using to hold the flagpole? I have a 12"x18" flag on a 3/8" diameter dowel (approximately 30" long). I'd like to be able to attach the flag when we pull the cart out at a match and take it off before we stow the cart - and not use something that inhibits folding the cart.
  5. @H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619, I ordered some 45 Colt cases from Starline on 5/3 and received them today. YMMV - but it can't hurt and they have the best prices and brass.
  6. My point being that there was a lot of unnecessary instruction in the scenario(s) that either contradicted something else in the instructions and/or made the instructions confusing. My opinion, the stage instructions were not clear and concise.
  7. +1 to @Tequila Shooter, please read what he posted again. If you've never had a TT/5th wheel/camper, there's a whole lot more to consider than just size and options of the camper. Size matters, but so do other things. DO NOT go to a dealer and ask for advice! Once they get your money, you're on your own. Be prepared to handle recalls/repairs on your own. Build quality across the board generally sucks on most everything being mass produced. Especially with these, you really do get what you pay for. The vast majority of the TTs on the market today have cheap wood "frames" and/or supports (and not even 2x4s). The "paneling" is less than 1/4" (maybe an 1/8"?). Generally, there is very little insulation or very inefficient insulation. There are different types of slides available. They all have there own pros/cons. Do you already have a tow vehicle? What does the sticker inside the door say is your cargo capacity? That number is how much weight you can put in the vehicle, including the tongue weight of the TT. If you plan on taking a generator, case(s) of water, camp chairs, fire pits, etc - all of that is going to add up take up cargo capacity. Most TTs tongue weight will be 10-15% of the TTs weight. Some single axle TTs, the tongue weight will be closer to 20% depending on design. The dry tongue weight listed on websites and even on the TT is usually on the light side. Once you determine your cargo capacity, you can look at the TTs overall weight. Most people exceed the cargo capacity before they reach the tow capacity. The trailer will also have a cargo capacity. Look at what's posted on the label. Some trailers have VERY LOW cargo capacity. We had a 26' bunkhouse bumper-pull TT for several years. It was our first and over time we didn't enjoy it. The bunk beds were space that we only used for storage when the kids got older and didn't want to go with us. The layout didn't allow for two people to pass each other without rubbing. It was heavy for our 1/2 ton pick up. It was longer than what we needed/wanted. We now have a Geo-Pro 19FBS. It's far from perfect but it's better for just the two of us. It seems to be very well insulated for the South MS weather we've been experiencing the last few months. We've boondocked in it a couple times and the batteries managed to last through the night, though they are not the best and do need to be replaced with appropriate batteries for boondocking. If you don't plan to boondock/dry-camp without a generator you shouldn't have to worry much about batteries. It has a slide (which I didn't want) that really opens up the floor space. It's short and light enough for our 1/2-ton truck to pull comfortably, but it is tongue heavy (potable water tank is forward of the single axle). We been pulling it local ranges testing everything out and plan to pull it out West this summer for our first big trip. Towing with a 4x4 Ford F-150 extended cab, short bed with 3.5 EcoBoost and heavy-duty payload package. My truck has ~1900 pounds of payload capacity. I have an ARE topper on it. I am getting ~15 mpg (hand figured) with stock size BFG All-Terrain tires when unladen. I am getting ~9 mpg when towing the TT. I wanted a toy-hauler but couldn't find one that was suitable for our 1/2-ton truck that we liked.
  8. I got a copy of the shooter's handbook in the mail this week to look over. Even though I can't make it to a lot of the big shoots, I like to see how stages are written/set up and share that with our local shooters who never go anywhere else. I will admit that I still have questions on some of the stages that I would have been asking the PM if I had been there (and hoped that it was being interpreted/implemented the same across the board). Every stage instruction says the shooter is to "start at the ready" but then there's a comma and a different instruction for starting.
  9. Does anyone have this years stages electronically/digital? Would like to see what scenarios people are shooting.
  10. Mailed my application in January.
  11. I tried to set up the DVR to record only new episodes but I keep getting episodes that are listed as "NEW" that are from last year. On top of that, it seems an episode will end before the final match on a regular basis and I don't get the continuation recorded.
  12. So, I recorded the first two episodes; first was on John Colter and second was on Jim Bridger. I'm struggling with the way the subjects are presented - the acting and the dialogue. I'm no expert on either of the men but I know a little about both. Maybe if I had no idea who they were I would not be critiquing the show so hard.
  13. I resized 50 today. Set them on a piece of scrap plywood and gave a quick spritz with Hornady One Shot Case Lube. The first couple had a bit of resistance, but then the rest slid through pretty easily. Didn't break the coating at all. I don't know that I want to do 3000 at one sitting, though.
  14. The site page is set up to order two different designs of blocks. If you want 4 blocks all set up for the same cartridge, with the same leather cover design, just put that information in the area for block 1. The first field under "block 1" is quantity. Now, if you want all four blocks to be slightly different, you'll need to send him an e-mail. Great person to work with.
  15. I need to resize some .430" Hi-Tek coated bullets down to .427". I have a LEE .427" sizing die kit. Do I need to lube the bullets prior to running them through the sizing die? If so, will Hornady One Shot case lube work?
  16. New series starting Thursday, 17 February on INSP channel (that's channel 259 on Dish).
  17. Chief Rick


    Actually, if the shooter had engaged/hit R4, R4, R3, R2, R1 after hitting S4- and then not engaged R1 for a second time - it would still only be a miss.
  18. Chief Rick


    Scenario calls for 10 rounds from the rifle and 4+ shotgun. Shooting order is rifle then shotgun. Rifle is to Nevada sweep four rifle targets, double-tapping each end target; R1, R1, R2, R3, R4, R4, R3, R2, R1, R1. Shotgun is four targets in any order. Shooter starts with rifle and engages/hits R1, R1, R2 and R3. Shooter then has a jam in the rifle. Upon clearing the jam, shooter engages/hits (knocks down) S4. Spotters say wrong target. Shooter then engages/hits R4, R3, R2, R1, R1. Shooter then picks up shotgun, engages/knocks down S1, S2 and S3 and then shoots over S-4 (where it was). What's the call?
  19. My understanding of this line is that a separate rifle/revolver loop cannot be placed on/over a shotgun loop. Not that a rifle/revolver round can't be placed in a shotgun loop.
  20. The only thing that I can find close is from the SHB pg 3. Under Cartridge Belts, Bandoleers, and Pouches: - Cartridge loops must not have a metal or plastic liner. However, the entire loop may be made of metal. Under Ammunition Belts and Loops: Shotgun Ammo loops must conform to the shooters contour (i.e., not tilt out from the belt). Instead of leather folded and tucked behind the cartridge pushing it away from the body, use a piece of leather to encircle the cartridge and keep it vertical.
  21. I'm nowhere near organized as @Utah Bob #35998. I've got fixed and folders on desks, nightstands and in various drawers around the house. This old (~1995, or older) Buck with a re-profiled point after trying to use it as a pry bar. Really fond of this Kershaw 1596 Spec Bump I started carrying in 2006/7. The latest Kershaw's that I carry; an 18700LBLK Knockout and 1600 Chive (money clip). When the need or desire for a fixed blade hits me. These don't really get carried, but one never knows if I have one close at hand.
  22. The Sweet Baby Rays's sauce is pretty good. My go-to favorite, available at our local Sam's Club, Rickey's World Famous Chicken Wing Sauce:
  23. Is one thought to be better/higher quality than the other?
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