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  1. I don't know exact temps but the flight suits are not really insulate. The normal coveralls are nomex for fire protection. When you start looking at the U-2 or old SR-71 suits, those are indeed pressure suits. Cargo planes and helicopters only wear this along with life preservers. Fighter jet pilots wear g-force suits over flight suits to help with blood flow to prevent the pilots from blacking out during high-g maneuvers.
  2. When we set up targets we typically try to take different heights into account. From buckaroo's to those with great stature.
  3. ALso, Costco has Kamado Joe Roadshows periodically where you can get a grill and a pretty good discount.
  4. I looked long and hard at the Traeger's about four years ago when I wanted a smoker. I ended up going with a Kamado Joe (Big Green Egg-esque) grill. I've had one firebox crack. After sending a picture to Kamado Joe they sent me a new one - no questions asked. There is definitely a learning curve with kamado style grills, but it's a rare week we don't use it at least once.
  5. A wood dowel inside the shell and pipe cutter on the outside is cheaper than the chop saw.
  6. Terrible news. Rest in peace Judge - we'll miss you.
  7. Boatswain Mate is also one of the few, if not the only, rate that you can't volunteer for before you join. You have to go to the fleet and "strike" boatswain mate once you're eligible for E-4.
  8. Boatswain Mate is a rate (job), as such one can be assigned most anywhere in the Navy - any ship, beach master units (SeaBees), small boat units, etc. And a lot of shore commands. Onboard ships BMs are responsible for all the equipment required to anchor or otherwise moor the ship. They are also responsible for most of the preservation of the exterior. Until recently, diver was also a job that pulled from the various rates. As a diver, you would still have to compete against your fellow BMs to make rate, even if they weren't divers (it was the same for SEALs). A person would have to join the Navy in a rate that could then volunteer to be a diver, complete that school, pass the diver qualification tests and then go to dive school (Panama City, FL). SeaBee is not a rate but a group of rates that includes builders, equipment operators, construction electricians, etc. A BM can be assigned to a SeaBee as a boat coxswain.
  9. R1200GSA - most comfortable motorcycle I've owned. Traded a H-D Electra Glide Ultra Classic in for this.
  10. Have you used any of them? Pros or cons based on what I'm interested in?
  11. I'm looking for an OWB holster for a G19 with Trijicon RMR in a milled slide, Kydex is fine/preferred, that holds the pistol close/tight to the body. I've used a Galco Tacslide belt holster but the leather for the belt has stretched and butt "flops" a bit, allowing the butt to print.
  12. I like the 938. I find the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB to be comfortable for carrying in the 3:00 - 4:00 o'clock position.
  13. Yep. That's why I said until they start to turn red. They'll continue to cook in the hot water while they soak up some more of that good flavor. When they're all red, take 'em out and dust 'em while they're still hot and wet.
  14. I like to boil 'em till they start to turn red and then turn the fire off and let 'em soak. They'll continue to cook after the fire is off. Put 'em in a tray and sprinkle liberally (one of the few instances I like that word) with Tony Chachere's.
  15. With crawfish pull the head off, pinch the tail and squeeze forward as you suck the meat out. With shrimp, pretty much the same but due to size I can easily use fingers to pull the meat out. Had me a mess of crawfish and boiled corn and potatoes yesterday on Pensacola Beach.
  16. 12 gauge Federal Winchester low-noise, low-recoil. They will cost a little more than other factory fodder but there's nothing else with that soft recoil. That in a Stoeger Coach Gun will be money well spent for a new shooter. Unless you're already reloading 20 gauge to light loads, most people I talk with say the 12 low-noise low-recoil feels better than factory 20 gauge. If that's still too much recoil you're going to need to find someone to reload for you.
  17. I just ordered a few of those today. Can't wait to get them and some new AR500 gongs. I went with 8" gongs since MidwayUSA has them on sale for $16.99 with free shipping on orders over $49.
  18. Frontiersman Gunfighter is....sort of...two-handed as well. Just have to have a gun in each.
  19. But it has to be through FedEx or UPS. Only FFLs can ship handguns through USPS. Changed a few years ago I believe.
  20. The worse tasting coffee I've ever had. Give me McDonald's any day of the week.
  21. Yeah, $30 for lunch is a little on the high side. I averaged $25 (with tip) for my suppers at Wally's.
  22. After being delayed a day getting to Seattle I finally made it home late Friday night. Work (and traffic) kept me from getting to Chinook's or Ivar's. I did make it to Duke's. The food was good but it was spendy. The place I enjoyed the most - atmosphere and taste - was Wally's Chowder House. It was also very convenient to my hotel. Another place I ate was Sharps RoastHouse. Again, kinda spendy but the food was very good.
  23. Prayers up. Let him know Angie and I are thinking of him.
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