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    Have'nt joined a club yet. Still a free agent, but looking into any that would have me.

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    Shooting, Texas History, Western Movies, Western Novels, gun articles, tinkerin' in my shop, being outdoors and kicking cow patties outta my way on my small ranch. Oh yeah, my main interest is my Darlin' Wife.

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  1. "What? you bought another gun?" "Actually, I uh...bought two, but they were on sale." "How did you pay for them?" "That's the beauty of it, I didn't have to. I just charged them." A month later and she still isn't talking to me.
  2. What do you do when your hot water heater goes out?
  3. Meanwhile, out in the hills, Shotgun Willie was setting on the porch in his underwear, ,sippin' on coffee, pullin' his hair and contemplating what to do about that mountain lion that drug off another one of his calves. His old side-by side just didn't have the range he needed for that elusive cat. Maybe he'd get dressed and ride into town and check and see if Sixgun Seamus at the General Store still had that new Winchester lever gun he'd been eyeing. Yeah, it'd do him good to go into town. He'd stop by and check in on his friend, that school teacher Lorelei, just to see how she was doing. Lorelei had loaned him some books a few years back and he was still grateful to her for that. And before stopping in at Seamus' place, he'd stick his head in the Saloon and see if Whiskey Business would still honor that free drink she had promised him a while back. After getting dressed and washing his face, Shotgun hitched up his old wagon and headed east towards town. But first he'd stop at the S-Bar-D and see if the trouble that Sedalia Dave was having with some of his cattle being missing had anything to do with that big cat.
  4. When I first got mine about ten years back, the Instructor said something that has always stuck in the back of my mind, "Concealed means concealed."
  5. also, probably one of the hardest songs to learn how to play on the guitar...
  6. I remember when I was a wee one, my grandmother was a telephone operator. She once told of a person she talked with named Ulysses. She asked him to spell it and he spelled out U...S...E...L...E...S...S. Then, I wanted to name my number two son Major Anthony Nelson, but Momma wouldn't have anything to do with it.
  7. Yeah, but you shot Brendan Fraser, my favorite actor next to Steven Segal.
  8. I don't have a leather apron but got a denim one... So what do I qualify as with a LFH, a Dremel, a vice and an AR wrench? A loose nut?
  9. I got some freeze dried water for sale.
  10. I personally don't play. The last time I played, I shot a 76... Some say that's pretty good. (Didn't keep score on the back nine.) Chasing a little white ball around a cow pasture not ever my idea my having fun. Middle son enjoys golf and is pretty good at it, so what does he do? He chases those little white balls around our cow pasture. (true story)
  11. how true. But then, there's the exception of Stephen Hunter, who created Bob Lee & Earl Swagger. I think that guy researched out to the nth degree.
  12. The lowest form of gubment with the highest amount of authority. True that!
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