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    Have'nt joined a club yet. Still a free agent, but looking into any that would have me.

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    Shooting, Texas History, Western Movies, Western Novels, gun articles, tinkerin' in my shop, being outdoors and kicking cow patties outta my way on my small ranch. Oh yeah, my main interest is my Darlin' Wife.

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  1. I always have coffee, most of the time a cup of coffee. Had a young black girl in the kitchen a few years back. I walked in with my empty cup and she filled it. Then asked me if I wanted cream or sugar. I told her "NO, I like my coffee like my women." She ranted, "Don't you dare say hot and black!" I grinned and said, "No, ground up and in the freezer." She told me, "Get out of here!"
  2. Brrr. It got 30 here last night and that wants to shut everything down. I worked in NODAK once and when it was 30 below. I called home where it was 70. I thunked, "Wow! that's a hundred degree difference." When I got snowed in my apartment for 2 days, I said, "That's it! This South Texas boy is going home!"
  3. I went to one a few years back saw a vendor selling Beanie Babies. I asked, "What are these, targets?"
  4. -ditto- Just finished a Louis L'amour kick, time to check out some more Reacher.
  5. Congrats BQ! I think there is something seriously wrong with me... I woke up this morning and nothing hurt.
  6. Sooo, how about a Volts wagon pulling a mobile ohm?
  7. It rhymes, but your iambic pentameter is a little off...
  8. I attempt to play at night but keep my day job as an electronics design engineer. The musician in me thinks it's funny, the engineer in me...not so much. MS Allie, there is a rest in the music and the electronics resistor...well it don't really resist. Close one eye and it's finnier.
  9. at least the clock in my truck is right six months out of the year...
  10. I did it last year..in full regalia including holsters and SASS badge but replaced my revolvers with staplers, because of my company's strict anti weapon policy.
  11. Welcome, Wade! As mentioned, go to a match and try before you buy. Let the match director or club secretary know you're showing up, and you will be surprised. Welcome once again.
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