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    Shooting, Texas History, Western Movies, Western Novels, gun articles, tinkerin' in my shop, being outdoors and kicking cow patties outta my way on my small ranch. Oh yeah, my main interest is my Darlin' Wife.

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  1. yep , it is boring, most GF stuff tastes like paper machet Thanx Ms Allie! Yeah, I wind up eating a lot of Freshetta GF pizza, myself. What aggravates me about is my local store doesn't stock enough GF items. That that they do is usually picked over or gone by the time I get around to getting to the store. There is a whole Food not too far from home, I might have to see what they have. My wife blames any way I feel on something I ate that disagrees with me. So my running joke with her is, "I've got an ingrown toe nail...must of been something I ate." It does feel good to feel good.
  2. They said it's usually caused from blood loss. They did tests to check to see if I was bleeding internally, but those all came up negative. They then said that if my count didn't start going back up, I'd have to go see a hematologist and have more test ran. One doctor just attributed it to Celiac Disease, not allowing my intestines to properly absorb iron and other nutrients. Changed my diet to stricter Gluten Free and added mucho probiotics. So now all is better.
  3. ditto oral oil drops, smear-on salve did nada. The gummy worms did seem to knock off the edge of pain. Bud's gun shop sells the stuff now.
  4. Greetings all! Did y'all miss me? I took a new job back t the end of November with a strong almost impenetrable Big Brother Firewall Finally figured that one out. That and the fact that about in September, I noticed, I was not feeling real well. Had a hard time swallowing food and was living on Gavescon for indigestion. Then it got to the point that I couldn't dry off out of the shower, put on my boots or walk from the front door to to my vehicle without being out of breath. I had surgery back about 12 years ago for a hietal hernia, and thought it was back stronger than before. Went to the Doctor that performed the surgery the first time and he held his hands up and said, "You need to leave my office right now and either go see a cardiologist or else get to the emergency room." Well, that made me feel much better. Went to the ER and complained I couldn't breathe. The first thing they did was an EKG. Result = nothing wrong with my heart. Then they took some blood. My hemoglobin count came back at 4.7. The normal for a male is 12-14. I didn't have enough to pump oxygen through my body, so my bod was oxygen depleted. Low iron indicated I was an anemic. Never suffered from anemia before so that was all new to me. Got a 3 pint blood transfusion which brought my hemoglobin count up to 7.5, still low but high enough to get me out of the hospital. Doctor gave me a prescription for iron tablets and after 3 weeks my count was up to 9.7. heading in the right direction and I'm hopeful, I'll reach that 12 range in the next 3 weeks. Anyway, after getting my oil changed, I feel much better and even went out shooting last weekend. Talk soon - SWN
  5. I always have coffee, most of the time a cup of coffee. Had a young black girl in the kitchen a few years back. I walked in with my empty cup and she filled it. Then asked me if I wanted cream or sugar. I told her "NO, I like my coffee like my women." She ranted, "Don't you dare say hot and black!" I grinned and said, "No, ground up and in the freezer." She told me, "Get out of here!"
  6. Brrr. It got 30 here last night and that wants to shut everything down. I worked in NODAK once and when it was 30 below. I called home where it was 70. I thunked, "Wow! that's a hundred degree difference." When I got snowed in my apartment for 2 days, I said, "That's it! This South Texas boy is going home!"
  7. I went to one a few years back saw a vendor selling Beanie Babies. I asked, "What are these, targets?"
  8. -ditto- Just finished a Louis L'amour kick, time to check out some more Reacher.
  9. Congrats BQ! I think there is something seriously wrong with me... I woke up this morning and nothing hurt.
  10. Sooo, how about a Volts wagon pulling a mobile ohm?
  11. It rhymes, but your iambic pentameter is a little off...
  12. I attempt to play at night but keep my day job as an electronics design engineer. The musician in me thinks it's funny, the engineer in me...not so much. MS Allie, there is a rest in the music and the electronics resistor...well it don't really resist. Close one eye and it's finnier.
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