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    Have'nt joined a club yet. Still a free agent, but looking into any that would have me.

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    Shooting, Texas History, Western Movies, Western Novels, gun articles, tinkerin' in my shop, being outdoors and kicking cow patties outta my way on my small ranch. Oh yeah, my main interest is my Darlin' Wife.

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  1. Not quite... Damn Overhauls Do Get Expensive Cheapest Heaps Visioned Yet. "Friggin Old Rebuilt Dodge
  2. Looks like it could also be used for a single rifle rack, huh?
  3. The key word is "OLD". Don't ask me how I know, but for some reason wife's don't cotton too well to mangling up one (or more) of their good forks.
  4. One of my mother's favorite sayings was, "CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM!!!"
  5. And the first guy to find one says, "But officer, I was going to turn it into the Police Station."
  6. I only have about 300 knives. Not too long ago, I was looking at the knife display in a LGS when my wife said, "Come on, Let's go." The guy behind the counter told her, "You can never have too many knives." She pointed a finger at me and replied, "He does!" Between my Cases, Bucks, & Kershaws my fave is still probably my Cold Steel Master Hunter. Use to have a Gerber BMF but gave it to a bud going to South America. Wish Gerber still made them.
  7. I have one with tritiums and one with fiber optic. Depending on night or day as to what to use. I like the fiber optic during the day but they are totally worthless at night. Trying to talk Momma into a Kimber crimson trace,
  8. I have 2 AR's in a coffin shaped guitar case.
  9. I carry my finger with me everywhere I go
  10. I did the same thing...sorta. Many, many moons ago, I had a big Springer Spaniel that would run and fetch anything you threw. Me, my oldest son (who was about seven or eight at the time) and the dog walked out to Lake Houston, once during one of those rare freezes down here. My son picked up a part of a broken tree branch and skirted it across the ice. Dino jumped in after it and went through the ice. Insert Hardpan's quote here... With some coaxing and determination, dog crawled and scratched his way free. I 'spose one can remove oneself from said situation a lot easier when one has four legs and claws as apposed to only two legs and flailing arms.
  11. I use to take American Rifleman, but actually like the articles and specs of SI better now.
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