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  1. Maybe they could start selling Spandex cowboy attire?
  2. Well, they need to. No one behind the counter there knows what they're talking about anyways.
  3. The road to my house is only half as long as yours, but still the same thing, no shoulders, and no centerline. I despise bikers who use our back potted country roads and take up prized space. If I was a biker, I'd be using the smoother city roads and not the back-woods ones in dire need of repair. I told my wife I was going to put a spring mounted fishing pole on the side, to pop bikers on their bottom sides. Just a thought but it would be fun.
  4. So when my wife accuses me of treating her like a dog, is that a good thing?
  5. Point it out to your supervisor and ask for guidance.
  6. Isn't the goal of socialism to make everyone equal? I kinda like NASA's idea... Giant golden asteroid contains enough heavy metals to make everyone on Earth a billionaire – and Nasa is heading there in 2022 But the only downside is if we're all billionaires, then wouldn't a gallon of milk sell for $427?
  7. I was in our local Grocery store about a month back. Some lady was talking on her cell phone, standing in the middle of the isle with five or six people backed up each way. I asked her, "Can you please move?" She replied, "How rude!" So I told her that rude was blocking the isle with no regard to the people around her. The lady went to the curtesy desk and complained to the head cashier...who happened to be my daughter-in-law.
  8. mine's not so much. It does throw you about a half mile down and across the street, which I kinda like. Keeps away pesky relative visitors that I didn't really wanna see anyway.
  9. I say 'blinker' as I use one when changing lanes. If it was a 'turn signal indicator', I could only use it iffin I was turning, right?
  10. Many Congrats! My wife and I recently had our fortieth. I told her, "I regret that somehow I just don't think we'll make forty more."
  11. Be back in am minute... Gotta go get paper towels to wipe coffee off my computer screen.
  12. I'd be usin my Pa's old L.C Smith 10 gauge side by each with 24 inch barrels, but I'd be holdin out for one of them new fangled Winchester 97's pump shotguns in a wimpy 12 gauge.
  13. When I see kids thumbing their devices, I usually get aimless stare from them when I say, "You know? In the old days we could talk on those things."
  14. yep, why jump out of a perfectly good airplane, right?
  15. bet they're gonna have to go home and change their shorts...
  16. I will, I've always been a big Stephen Hunter fan.
  17. Story goes two friends were eating lunch in Mexia, a small town in Texas. They were arguing about how to pronounce it. Was it "mex-ee-ah" or "me-hey-ya"? So when their food arrived, they asked their server as not to influence her decision, "How do you pronounce where we are right now?" She spoke slow and clear, "Dairy...Queen" FYI... it is "me-hey-ya"
  18. I do that too. My wife says, "That's not right."
  19. Just learnt how to play Mac Davis' "It's Hard to be Humble" (when you're perfect in every way) on the guitar. One of my "Fun" songs.
  20. Ditto- Doctor asked me a while back, "What meds are you taking?" I told him I wasn't taking any and he said, "Well, we'll have to change that, won't we?" Not my doctor anymore... I use a CBD liniment on my hands and shoulders when Fibromyalgia flares up. It does take the edge off.
  21. I got one of them recessive Viking Genes, too. Break out the mead and ale.
  22. On the same token... I am pretty mechanically inclined, but if I screw something up, don't even try to fix it.
  23. Don't like their politics, but Ben and Jerry's Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzz with big ol chunks of dark chocolate is to die for.
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