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  1. Yeah, when people come over, I always tell them not to pet my GP. They usually recoil in fear and ask, "Why, does he bite?" I respond, "No, but if you pet him, he'll never leave you alone.
  2. Sam, my 125 pound Great Pyrenees, using a small dog as dental floss.
  3. When I see kids thumbing their devices, I usually get aimless stare from them when I say, "You know? In the old days we could talk on those things."
  4. On the same token... I am pretty mechanically inclined, but if I screw something up, don't even try to fix it.
  5. Still rainin' in central and Southeast Texas. And my coffee is cold. That's enough to make many grumpy.
  6. Nice stand set up, looks like something I could do. How often do you have to replace the 2x4 center post?
  7. Understood, but there in Central Texas, there's a tiny town of 215 called Lake Victor, there might have been some semblance of a lake there a hundred years ago when they put the rail road through, made from the diggings of the railroad, but not so much today.

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