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  2. I recommend one of these for a lower price option: https://www.frankfordarsenal.com/case-cleaning/case-cleaning-tumblers/rotary-tumbler-lite/1097878.html#start=1
  3. Anyone wanting to part with a rotary tumbler to tumble brass in stainless steel pins?
  4. Well I will certainly do my part, going to do some grocery shopping today!
  5. I've been told that I do more than my part in the consumption of this commodity. That being said, I am more than willing to up my game if need be. Because----- 'Merica ---that's all the reason I need!
  6. I haven't been there all year so I'm coming!!! Get ready!!!
  7. Dang it... Neither do I. Mine are .44-40's. As to them not matching, yes, they don't. But the action on these two pistols are nearly identical. Aside from the ejection method and grip shape of course. But internally, many parts are interchangable.
  8. Wrapping food. Put meat between pieces of it to pound it out. Under cooling racks to catch drips. Lining baking pans (almost no wax transfers in the baking). Lining forms for making bird seed cylinders.
  9. IF YOU HATE GUNS AND WANT THEM "TAKEN AWAY"- WHY SUPPORT POLICE WITH MULTIPLE GUNS More people are killed by government agents than by all criminals, right? Some Americans--and you might be one of them--misled by so-called "news" media, the public school system and the common narrative, have been led to believe guns are bad, and even evil, which is completely false.* Guns have social utility and public value. These same folks believe "authorities" should be heavily armed. It's illogical, inconsistent, even irrational. Yet it has become an emblem of so-called liberal progressivism and the democrat's platform for the U.S. presidency. Disarm the public, over-arm the overlords. These folks are badge lickers, convinced guns are OK only if the people holding them wear shiny badges. This dangerous philosophy leads to fascism, socialism and communism, dictatorships you've heard about. Oppressive forms of government, unlike our own. Just like in communist China or Russia, which are mortal enemies of America, they can abuse their subjects, can run amok and murder citizens without consequences, because they have all the weapons and the public is defenseless. Without fully realizing it-- You may be a badge licker if:• You want guns to "go away" but still want police with machineguns and body armor; • You tell everyone "they should take all the guns away," but forget "they" remain armed; • You feel guns are too dangerous for people to own, but you exclude police and the feds; • You feel safe when you see heavily armed police parading around on TV after a spree murder, but feel deep-seated fear when TV airs a close-up of firearms in gun stores; • You wish guns had never been invented but are glad police all have plenty of big guns; • You want police with guns to come and take guns from your otherwise nice neighbors; • You believe red-flag laws will protect you, without realizing they don't affect criminals. * Guns are good, save lives, protect you, stop crime, preserve peace and freedom, provide food, defend our shores, deter national threats from foreign enemies, and if guns didn't exist we would have to defend ourselves with clubs, rocks, sticks and blades, much worse, less effective options. Media hides these facts, which is worse than fake news.
  10. BELLEVUE, WA – A Snohomish County, WA Superior Court judge has ruled that a 2018-passed ordinance in the City of Edmonds requiring so-called “safe storage” of firearms “impermissibly regulates firearms in violation” of Washington’s 36-year-old preemption law, in a lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association. SAF and NRA are joined by three private citizens, Brett Bass, Curtis McCullough and Swan Seaberg. Judge Anita Farris handed down the ruling, possibly setting the stage for a state Supreme Court showdown. In a separate case, filed by SAF and NRA against the City of Seattle in neighboring King County, a different judge ruled the opposite. That case is now before the State Court of Appeals. “We’re encouraged by the judge’s ruling,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “Judge Farris’ ruling confirms what we’ve argued all along, that under the state preemption law, first adopted in 1983 and strengthened in 1985, the Legislature has sole authority over firearms regulation in the state.” The preemption statute is designed to create statewide uniformity in firearms regulation, he noted. Allowing municipalities to chip away at the law by adding a storage requirement simply cannot be permissible, he added. The judge denied the city’s request in the SAF/NRA summary judgment victory to stay the decision until it can be appealed. Gottlieb noted that Judge Farris was having none of it. The judge explained that part of the “stay test” requires showing a reasonable probability of success on the merits, and she saw no possibility of success for the city on appeal. She described it as “not a close call.” “Michael Bloomberg’s gun control lobbying group has been supporting similar restrictive local laws all over the country,” Gottlieb stated. “This victory will help stop this across the country. Preemption uniformity was a good idea in the 1980s and it is still the most commonsense way to deal with firearms regulation,” Gottlieb observed. “What is the law in one part of a state should be the law in all parts of that state.” Under the judge’s order, pending appeal, a permanent injunction will take effect against the Edmonds storage ordinance, and if an appeal is unsuccessful, that requirement must be repealed. Plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Stephen Fogg and Eric Lindbergh with Corr Cronin LLP of Seattle.
  11. Use a 1/2" to 3/4 threaded plumbing adapter. Put adapter in press die hole from the bottom. Set shell on top of ram and press it into the adapter. Puts a nice roll on the case mouth. Got the Idea and pic from a forum member years ago. Works good.
  12. I use it to mix the cornmeal and spices on when I am pan frying fish.
  13. I put it out on the counter, under our Christmas cookies, while they are being decorated. The butter cookies and frosting do not stick, and the excess sugar crystals can be poured back into the container to be used on the next batch. We line cookie tins with it before loading them with cookies, chocolates, baked goods, etc. LL
  14. It has happened where bars & nightclubs were sued after traffic accidents.
  15. From his website I'm lead to believe Doc Noper does leather only.
  16. Today
  17. Should be a shorter drive for you then last year?.. . Sure hope you can join us again this year.
  18. I'm with you Warden, especially from a rest I want minute of cupcake. Because when I get to going a little fast shooting gunfighter I'm usually minute of outhouse...
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