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  1. I will take the plum (7). Send my a PM with the payment instructions and I wlll give you my shipping address. Thanks. Mac
  2. Costa Rican Kidd, Yes, sir.....the rifle is still available. First I'LL TAKE IT, gets it. My email address is above or send me a PM.
  3. Jakeleg The rifle is still for sale. Carson decided not to make a purchase at this time. Please send me a PM or send an email to calvin@jcalvinmcbride.com to confirm that you want the rifle, your FFL, etc.. Mac
  4. Jackleg, By the email above, I assumed that Sunset Carson wanted it, but I have not heard back from him. If he does not want it, I will let you know.
  5. Yes sir, the rifle is available, and I just sent you an email regarding payment. Thank you.
  6. 1. SOLD-Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited- $6 2. Uberti Long Hunter Cattlemen Revolvers- SOLD
  7. WTB. Standard grips for Uberti El Patron Pistols. I bought a nice set of pistols with custom grips, but they are too large for my hands. El Patron standard grips fit my hands perfectly. Thanks.
  8. We’ll just say $5 for shipping and $40 for shirt. Total of $45 to


    Phillip Lee

    2476 Honeybee Ln

    Frisco, Tx   75036


    send your address so I can get package ready.  My email is 


    1. Hopalong Mac McLin

      Hopalong Mac McLin

      Calvin McBride

      3742 S Woodtrail Rd SW

      Decatur, AL 35603


      I sent the address to your email address as well,

    2. Hopalong Mac McLin

      Hopalong Mac McLin


      I overnighted your money on Friday.  You should have gotten it on Saturday.  Please let me know when it is received.   It would be great if I had it by Wednesday so that I could take it to the SE Regional in Memphis.  UPS Next Day Air Tracking number 1Z97WY740198868412




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