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  1. WTB. Standard grips for Uberti El Patron Pistols. I bought a nice set of pistols with custom grips, but they are too large for my hands. El Patron standard grips fit my hands perfectly. Thanks.
  2. dahoney, the coat is sold but both pairs of the boots are available.
  3. SOLD to Slim. Yes, sir. Any idea when you will be up to a visit to the range or when Ruthie will be shooting? Are you interested in the Gunfighter coat?
  4. Price lowered to $750.00 for this beauty. Extremely nice for a 23 year old shooter.
  5. The original safety is not in the box, but the original hammer spur and allen wrench are. See also the photo of the original purchase date in 1996.
  6. Marlin '94 Cowboy Limited 45LC (JM) -JM- 1996 production -Sure Hit front sight -24" Octagonal barrel -Buffalo hide butt stock cover and lever wrap -Excellent condition- a few cart and safe rubs -Very smooth action -Original box with papers -$750 (negotiable) plus $35 shipping I have 2 45LC (JM) CBLs and need to sell them because I shoot .38s. If I sell them both I will keep my CBC. The other CBL is also in excellent condition and unmodified. It is polished some with a very smooth action, but does not have the large Sure Hit front sight. It will be a firm $900 (which is what I paid for it last year) plus shipping of $35.
  7. I have a super slick Marlin '94, CCH, Cowboy Competition, with 20" barrel (JM stamped) that is listed on the WIRE. It has no short stroke but has all of the bells and whistles. So slick it almost runs itself.
  8. Imis....I got it......they are not my feet and are not my shoes to sell.
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