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  1. Just strip the bluing off your 5 1/2 and leave it in the white. Keep it oiled up and it won't rust.
  2. Lawman - For some unknown reason, the Wire stated that you cannot receive messages. Please try to PM me.


    Church Key

    1. Wasatch Lawman
    2. Wasatch Lawman

      Wasatch Lawman

      Sorry, I am out of town and just read this.  My address is

      Mike Gerhardt

      4458 W  1500 N

      Plain City, Ut.  84404


      what is your PayPal account?

    3. Church Key, SASS # 33713

      Church Key, SASS # 33713

      Lawman - It's:  petergrahn@aol.com


      I'll mail the package tomorrow and let you know the tracking #.


      Church Key

  3. yo 'satch how's it going?



      SJ- need your mailing address so I can ship your 22 hornet dies.

  4. Bill, your check came today. I have wrapped them up well in bubble wrap and boxed them in a med flat rate box. I will get them shipped in the morning. You should have them by the weekend. I will PM you the tracking number when I get back from the post office.




    1. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Thanks, I have shot 1860's for years, and have always wanted a stock on one of them.

      Thanks again, Bill

    2. Wasatch Lawman

      Wasatch Lawman

      Bill, just back from the post office.  Tracking # 9505 5154 4334 8170 3047 75


      I think you will like these, I have had them for a long time. Never shot the gun, just looked at them in my collection. I am sure the previous owner may have shot it. I pulled it down and wiped it down with CLP before I packed it up. It really is in great condition.

      Enjoy them,


    3. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650
  5. Bill,  Postal MO, bank check, personal check, what ever works for you.


    Mike Gerhardt

    4458 West 1500 North

    Plain City, Ut. 84404


    Cell # 801-391-4851

    1. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      I will get it out in the morning.

      Thanks, Bill

    2. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Check in the mail today.

      Thanks again, Bill

  6. Sent to me today. Looks like a great retro style SASS shoot! ELDORADO COWBOYS Presents BEST SHOOT BY A DAM SITE May 6 and 7, 2017 Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club BOULDER CITY, NEVADA January 14, 2017 The Eldorado Cowboys have "decided" (ok, I admit it was mostly my idea), that The Best Shoot by a Dam Site should pay homage to the game we used to play in cowboy. Perhaps interject a little bit of the silliness that has been lost over time. A Legacy shoot, if you will. Now don't misunderstand me; I have zero interest in revisiting the games of chance and non-shooting activities dete
  7. I have a couple Lee 20# bottom pours. They both were drippers. I was able to get them to stop dripping by lapping the needle rod and pour seat. I used a drill and some valve lapping compound. Every once in a while casting I spin the rod with a screwdriver to keep the seat sealing. Wasatch
  8. Got the books, thanks! Take care of yourself.


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