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  1. Great slightly used ROAs, 5.5" I tried to get all the muzzle wear and cylinder ring captured in the photo's. I need $1600 + shipping and insurance which could be $50-75 depending where shipped to. I can't take trades and price is firm. Have med. bills to pay.
  2. Guarantee you won't find another one like it. What a good use of your tax refund.
  3. Custom grip frame made from an old model Super Blackhawk. The grips were of Box Elder burl by Zane at Lone Star Custom Grips out of Texas, they cost me $250 alone. $1100+shipping
  4. All work done by Alan Harton in Texas. Cost $1200 do do it, I want $1200 + shipping for it.
  5. Nice condition, shot very little because a bought a Berretta 20" right after this one. It has a Cowboys and Indians short stroke kit with an aluminum carrier. Comes with a Cimaron butt and lever wrap. Has an ivory (imitation) front bead. $1050 shipped.
  6. The flap holster is a safari land, but I just pulled it out of the safe and it is a left hand draw, sorry for the mistake.
  7. I have a couple. I would let this one go for $25 shipped. Nothing fancy, it came with a 7.5" ROA I purchased. I also have a nice flap holster, I would have to have $75 shipped for it.
  8. Lawman - For some unknown reason, the Wire stated that you cannot receive messages. Please try to PM me.


    Church Key

    1. Wasatch Lawman
    2. Wasatch Lawman

      Wasatch Lawman

      Sorry, I am out of town and just read this.  My address is

      Mike Gerhardt

      4458 W  1500 N

      Plain City, Ut.  84404


      what is your PayPal account?

    3. Church Key, SASS # 33713

      Church Key, SASS # 33713

      Lawman - It's:  petergrahn@aol.com


      I'll mail the package tomorrow and let you know the tracking #.


      Church Key

  9. yo 'satch how's it going?

  10. Bill, your check came today. I have wrapped them up well in bubble wrap and boxed them in a med flat rate box. I will get them shipped in the morning. You should have them by the weekend. I will PM you the tracking number when I get back from the post office.




    1. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650

      Thanks, I have shot 1860's for years, and have always wanted a stock on one of them.

      Thanks again, Bill

    2. Wasatch Lawman

      Wasatch Lawman

      Bill, just back from the post office.  Tracking # 9505 5154 4334 8170 3047 75


      I think you will like these, I have had them for a long time. Never shot the gun, just looked at them in my collection. I am sure the previous owner may have shot it. I pulled it down and wiped it down with CLP before I packed it up. It really is in great condition.

      Enjoy them,


    3. Woodbury Bill, SASS # 9650
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