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  1. 300 sold Do you want to pay Post Office or venom? Tinker

  2. Do the 125gr bullets have crimp grooves, I cant tell Thanks
  3. I looked for over a year for one and never found 1,finally someone offered one to me for the price of a new vaquero. I couldnt justify it, after another year or 2 I sent the gun off to hamilton bowen and he rechambered one. Not cheap, cheaper though. Since then I've given up on rugers and shoot a pair of 3rd gen colts in 38-40 and currently have a pair of 1890 remington uberti in 357 off to bowen waiting to have cylinders rebored and barrels cut and rifled for 38-40. A stupid waste of money but I love the caliber and the guns
  4. My 650 only came new in the box with large primer set up. Purchased 10 years ago. My 550 from 25 years ago came with both. According to dillon 650 only comes with 1 size.
  5. If you have anymore leather working stuff I'd be in. Wife has started making stuff
  6. Don't happen to have the caliber conversion kit do you? Nevermind i see it, reading glasses do wonders
  7. If I just don't see it I apologize. What is the actual size, is it a 7 5/8 that's just small for size or what?
  8. I have a rifle a pistol in that caliber and would be more than happy to cover shipping if he was going to ship. A kind offer, someone down his way should take him up on it I wonder if you have any brass or bullets to sell? Btt no matter what
  9. I hear alot of people say that but I have ordered 5 in the last 3 years and my longest wait was a month. Totally believe you because alot of people have that happen. I've been very lucky ☺
  10. I don't have any to sell, new ones are still available and its not worrh paying the 65 dollars or more people are asking for used ones. Bk grips makes a decenr plastic ons with the same profile. Much better feel than the pachmayr, in my opinion.
  11. I was once in possession of a emf saddle ring rifle Not common but plenty of original winchester and uberti rifles with the 2 saddle ring holes filled with plug screws
  12. Average weight of brass cased 38 range from 90 to 92 per lb. Winchester was 91, starline was 90, remington was 92. Nickel weights alot less. Like 99 a lb
  13. Not sure what that is so I dont think so. I was looking for double cross draw
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