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  1. Mine is the chamber area of a single shot someone cut down to 16 inches. The police sold it to a gun shop I worked for 30 years ago along with other guns that we had to "demill" un their words. I milled off the lugs so it could never end up on a gun and turned it down to 5" and mounted it in a wood block.
  2. Is that the newer 1 piece grip frame I've heard of or a 2 piece? 4 click?
  3. I have 3 in the safe, no sideplates. All 44-40, 1 original 1980's and 2 late 90s imported by navy arms. Great shooter with some slicking up
  4. Is that birsdhead a pieatta 38-40? I dont know that I've seen a 38-40 from them
  5. Been car shopping myself, massively different prices from what the dealer is telling me and what their own website lists. Seems like a common ploy now
  6. I think you might be remembering the rogers and spencer. Spiller and burr was a brass(actually IIRC bronze) full frame revolver made in the south for the confederacy. I remember reading many accounts, though limited in numbers, use and being issued.
  7. No, they dont. I tried it only in reverse, 550 in a 650. I had a primer tube detonation within the first 10 primers. The tips are different and will cause the primers to not feed properly
  8. I manage a sporting goods store and we sell Guns, ammo and reloading. Rifle and pistol primers are a non item right now. No manufacturer will even take a back order on them from my store. No projected end in sight.
  9. I have the same mini screwdriver bit set on mine, balistol, and random dillon boxes. Great deal, i needed the left hand holster but none of the rest
  10. I dont drink soft drinks due to diabetes Only water or unsweet tea, wondering if the soft drink affects it
  11. 3 clicks. See pics. 

  12. C&H are the only 44-40 dies I've ever used in a dillon that I didnt have to trim the sizing die shorter Yours might vary
  13. Btt for a 38 WCF fan. Had a pair of ASM from cimarron 20 years ago with 5.5 black powder frames. As close to the feel of my 2nd generation colts as I've had. Good luck
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