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  1. Aarrggh. Just missed it. If anything happens I'd be happy to be 2nd Great deal btw
  2. Hard to judge from pics. If they seem like cheap leather they wont help me much. I'll take them if they seem good in your opinion
  3. Thanks guys Was just hoping someone had a few laying around. I missed a guys selling like 20 of them a few weeks ago for like 20 bucks on another forum.
  4. Trying to find trigger and bolt spring that will fit an armi san marco reproduction. Dont really want to spend 15 dollars shipping and handling if I can help. Trying to get my new model dakota and my dads Hartford model back up and running again. We used them for my early days in sass back at red brush trail shoots down in southern Indiana. Pulled them both out of the safe and one broke on the 1st time cocking in 20+ years and the other only lasted 100 rounds. Thanks
  5. I have only saw them as a kit, I could be wrong. Built on myself around 25 years ago
  6. On the back of the holster that piece of lacing, does it secure the holster to the skirt or does it try and pull out of the loops when drawn?
  7. Bought my son a yildiz 410 side by side new that came with 5 choke tubes last fall I think it came from academy sports. Less than 500 new with selectable barrel for first shot I couldn't buy it fast enough
  8. no offense intended, I sell and buy a lot of guns online. my local dealers will mail hand guns for around 20 to 25 dollars usps that is their fee and the shipping, most of the time they can flat rate ship 1 gun, but i have at least 5 local shops that will do it for this price. might try calling around, just a suggestion
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