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  1. It is possible to form it from 38 special, they look weird but 38 brass is cheap. I've only been able to lay hands on 100 pieces of starline 41 and have been on backorder a year. Have formed a couple of hundred from 38 and all have 3-4 loads of black powder so far and only split a few formed ones.
  2. I was missing a few and just bought one from Amazon for less than 20 shipped, with shipping costs what they are that is very good
  3. I only really need to clean under my grips about once a year with 38-40 & 44-40 but straight walled like 45 colt has alot of blow by
  4. Don't know if they will ship it but buck and jakes outfitters( one in Booneville and the other in Evansville indiana) had pre covid price on 44-40 conversion kits. They never sold them and so they are still at the old price, under $75. I purchased one during covid and got ahold of the proper powder funnel to use as a 38-40 kit when no one had one Good luck
  5. What caliber? Do you need a toolhead? Dies? I just bought some decent priced used full conversions with dies, toolhead and powder measure from a good guy on Smith Wesson forum
  6. Tried sending an email, I'll take the t grip if it is available and for a j frame Feel free to respond via the email with details
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