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  1. Mine was for a dragoon, had 1 for a navy and it needed 2 passes with a file literally
  2. Took me many years to find one and alotbof time to make it fit well. Ive heard of people having great luck but talked to many people about poor fitment. If you find one buy it
  3. I just ordered a set last week from academy.com for 10.99
  4. If you would go 35 shipped for numbers 5, 6, 7 and 11 I'll take them. I dont care if they get mixed together if it is easier to ship.
  5. Ill take it, wish you had a die set to go with it. Pm me details
  6. Dont have a die set laying around to go with these do you?
  7. Any way to find out if he still has the original real sight?
  8. Does it have the tapped hole for a tang sight? The 2nd tapped hole is what I am referring to. I've had some yellowboys with the hole and some without Dang, why do you tempt with the fun toys, at least it isnt a 38-40, or I already would have signed the check....
  9. You dont have 1 for a 16 gauge do you dawg? Stay healthy
  10. What is your prices for shipping. Looking at the k frame grips and have a buddy interested in an unknown number of garand clips
  11. My eyes are rubbish with a screen. Do both styles have crimping grooves?
  12. I would add broth. For some reason I have 9 places in my town to buy food, no canned corn or tp in any of them. Every store had broth. Always have on hand. For thickening sauces. Making soup or making soup go farther. On Top of that great if you are sick. Most people still can hold down broth.
  13. PM me about the 36 cal Remington and conversion please
  14. What is the length on the pants? Dont have any 48 waist do you? Might go with the 50 just to try
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