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  1. Tried to send you a PM, it says you can't receive messages.
  2. Our neighbor just shot his first match and is hooked. He is looking for a Marlin 1894 in .357 that won't break the bank. Thanks for the help!! Big Iron Bohannon
  3. I use my 600 jr to load my APP shells. A #42 or 43 bushing, will have to look, and 1 1/8 oz of 7 1/2 shot. I use claybuster 1138 wads. Nice stout load. Load powder and shot both through 600 jr.
  4. Slim—Apparently Emily got you a deer again!!
  5. Jabez--The NW corner isn't horrible, but Chicago is a nightmare. If there is a way to go around it, go around!!! I would google it or find someone from Illinois that might know better. You can always take the ferry from Wisconsin to Michigan and drop straight down. I'm not sure how much time that will add to the trip though.
  6. Sorry Dawg—Not set up for online this year. You can always scan in the app and send it to me if it’s last minute.
  7. Marauder--Just bring your favorite 4 clubs and lots of balls!!!
  8. Marauder--I guess you will have to show up to find out!
  9. This will be a good chance to shoot Paradise Pass one month before EOT is held there!! If you've never been, this will make an excellent introductory shoot to the layout at the Pass!!
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