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  3. Our Avon lady's name was Mary Christmas.
  4. I'm interested in owning a Cart-Right Gun cart. I know they aren't made any more and I don't care if it's the Little Sky or Big Sky model. I've seen the Little Sky and really like the way it comes apart and stores small for transporting. If you have one you're will to sell please let me know.
  5. Consider that the shooting schedule is five shows a day, two days a week, seldom consecutive days, every other week, with a few variations.
  6. It's truly a traditional match. Snakebite did his usual great job of putting together stages that were fun to shoot, and carry forward the kinds of cowboy shooting that originally attracted all of us to this great sport. With those realistic and challenging scenarios, coupled with well designed, permanent, western themed shooting bays and stage props, it has something for just about everybody-- except maybe those cowboys or cowgirls focused only on shooting ten or twelve second stages--sorry pards, it ain't gonna happen very often here. MDJ, we hope to see you there again in the future. Space and parking limitations necessarily limit the event size to about 120 shooters, give-r-take, so by the end of the three days, just about everybody knows everybody else. That in combo with the California springtime weather (75-83 F. ) makes it great fun and a great venue.
  7. Me too MDJ. I broke two bones in my leg and had to pull out this year. Great venue, great shoot, great folks.
  8. You are unlikely to find another Cimarron hammer gun at cost. I would buy it. I have both a Stoeger and the Cimarron coach gun (in its previous iteration as TTN) and the hammered gun is more fun. Of course you know that eventually you will own them both but I'd start with the Cimarron.
  9. Thursday weather report for Niles, Ohio! This just in! It might rain! I know it's hard to believe; it usually rains on Friday.....but It won't be raining indoors! Come on over to Niles! It's the Thursday Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match! Shoot any style you want! Have some fun and leave the lawn mowing for another day! You and your hardware can stay high and dry inside the Clubhouse Shootin' Shack! See you Thursday!
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