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  1. I shot APP in my Marlin 1894 44mag for about 4 years. Took me awhile to figure out what all it liked, with Widder’s help and many phone calls of course lol. My Marlin likes 44 special brass with a 200 grain bullet, 1.3cc and some filler...take it home, take the lever screw out, ballistol it real good, soak the bolt and extractor tunnel, use a Q tip on her, put the bolt back in and lever screw and run her again next match! I have since gotta a new model 45 Colt Marlin and been shooting that demon smokeless for a couple years, but that smoke has been calling my name lately BD
  2. The Alchimista also has the larger 1860 grip, the Californian has the standard 1873 grip. I don’t have large hands and I tried Ruger Bisleys and they didn’t fit me so I went with a pair of EMF Californians and just love em!!
  3. I started CAS with a EAA bounty hunter in 44 mag, I let it get away a few years ago, great gun, very solid. Only thing is the counter sunk cylinders make it hard to show safe at the loading table. BD
  4. My wife uses a deer antler I drilled a hole thru and put a piece of leather and clip on it to clip on her belt. BD
  5. https://www.emf-company.com/store/pc/DAKOTA-II-357Mag-4-3-4-p1374.htm you can often find these online for around $400 each and if you don’t mind the black finish, are super nice guns. Kinda need to find out if you guys prefer Rugers or Colt clones. I shot Rugers for years before I realized the EMF’s fit me much better. Another option if you want Rugers is Blackhawks. Much less expensive than Vaqueros and guns that will last you a lifetime if you don’t mind the one handed categories. BD
  6. Buckshot,


    Did your sale of the Bisleys complete?





  7. I bought some ETR7 powder a couple years ago and like it.  But I don't think it is readily available anymore.

    Do you know of a source?

    1. Buckshot Dobbs

      Buckshot Dobbs

      No, not since Expansion Industries quit carrying it, sorry.

  8. I actually have just started playing around with a 160 RNFP in my wife's 45 LC Rossi and she hasn't had trouble with blow back as of yet. BD
  9. I can give you my experience. I have an 1894 44SS that has been set up with the angle feed, and it would feed great using 44 special with 200 RNFP, but would occasionally hang when I would use 44 mag brass with the same bullet. Well, a good pard (Doc Fill Em) helped me adjust the tension on my extractor, and that fixed the issue. Now I can tell you she still seems to prefer the length of the 44 special brass, but she will feed both, I just never get a hang up, even with shooter error. The mag brass once in a great while might hang when I don't run the lever as clean as I should. just my experience with a similar rifle. BD
  10. Has anybody seen dates for Fracas at Frisco for this year? BD
  11. Thanks so much Al!! What a blessing! BTW both these rifles are sold. BD
  12. I am selling my Mosin Nagant with all accessories. Comes with oil can, bayonet, ammo pouches and strap. I am also including 40 rounds of good, reloadable brass, boxer primed Seiller and Belot ammo I bought from Cabelas. Gun is in the typical condition of the day, several scratches, was used in combat. It is the 91/30, not the carbine. I have shot it a few times and it shoots great. I would like $225 OBO. i actually have a second one and if you buy both for $450 i'll throw in a set of Lee 7.62x54r dies. i prefer FTF in Arkansas (i would drive a little to meet a pard), but if you wanna ship em, if you pay for shipping I'll try to figure that out thru an ffl here, havent shipped firearms much. gonna try to post pics. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37465137/File%20Jan%2016%2C%208%2040%2033%20PM.jpeg BD
  13. Hey Brad, welcome to the best fun you can have! Where bouts you located? BD
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