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  1. EMF pistols are made by Pietta, don’t know if that helps you or not. BD
  2. Absolutely agree with this. The Alchimista’s have the 4 click, wonderful Colt action, no goofy safeties, and EMF’s are great pistols. You can’t go wrong. And they have the 1860 grip for bigger hands and one handed shooters. BD
  3. I’ve got 2 Marlins and 1 Rossi. I love em all and I did the slicking up of all 3, but I will say the Marlins are what come out of the safe more often. I enjoy them all but i can run either of my Marlins faster than the Rossi. Now my sweetie has never shot anything but her Rossi in 45 Colt and she never wants anything else. Shooters choice you might say..... get em both! BD
  4. Buckshot,


    Did your sale of the Bisleys complete?





  5. I’ve never had anyone even question me about if they are safe when I holster, they almost always say “I guarantee you are more familiar with em than I am” lol...:as for the windows, I have some got conversion cylinders for my New Model Army Remington's and they have the windows and are 6 shot, and folks still are clueless....don’t worry no one will give you any trouble, just load em up, put the hammer on a safety notch, holster em and go have some fun!! BD p.s. I shoot light smokeless loads in mine all the time, as long as I keep em under 800fps I’ve never worried about it.
  6. I shoot 1851’s with 5 shot conversion cylinders all the time and when I’m placing the hammer on the safety notch, I have tried several times to show the LTO and not one of them had had a clue what I’m talking about lol. YMMV BD
  7. I got my Belt Mountain pins in and really like em. Send em an email and you won’t regret it. BD
  8. Long way off your range Outrider....T Bone runs a first class outfit and always makes a fun day for all every time I’ve been down there! BD
  9. if you email Kyle at Belt Mountain you can order the Colt style pin. They had the #5 one in stock to fit Colt clones, and I just got mine yesterday for my EMF GW's. For the spring on the latch, Wolff has replacement springs that might help. BD
  10. I used 1cc of FFF APP with the Captain Baylor's backer rod trick for some time. Before that I used 1cc of grits with 1cc of fff APP. I tried holy black with different fillers over the years, but never could get enough lube to keep the barrel from fouling and losing accuracy badly with the tumble lube Lee bullets I cast. BD
  11. Always liked the portrayal of Buckshot Roberts in “Young Gun”....And Dobbs is an abbreviated version of my last name. BD
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