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  1. Yep done all that, spent 3 days at Prince of Wales hotel in Alberta
  2. yep we drove the Going to the Sun a few years ago. We also took the red bus tours, was just wonderful. Mainly just need to know best route to the west side of the park hauling my trailer.
  3. I'm not new to Glacier, just have not hauled a travel trailer there before.
  4. thank you! We have reservations at a campground in West glacier for 10 days, so yes we are leaving the travel trailer there...thanks for the info!!!
  5. My wife and I will be traveling to Glacier national park in early September this year and are looking for some advice from the locals please. We will be pulling our travel trailer from Arkansas and will be coming from Sioux Falls area and camping in West Glacier and wanted to know if we should take I90 to 93 then north or 89 to 2? We are pulling a trailer so the less strenuous hills the better. We hauled it last year to the Tetons and one route we chose was pretty rough lol. Any advice would be appreciated!!!
  6. Buckshot,


    Did your sale of the Bisleys complete?





  7. I bought some ETR7 powder a couple years ago and like it.  But I don't think it is readily available anymore.

    Do you know of a source?

    1. Buckshot Dobbs

      Buckshot Dobbs

      No, not since Expansion Industries quit carrying it, sorry.

  8. I actually have just started playing around with a 160 RNFP in my wife's 45 LC Rossi and she hasn't had trouble with blow back as of yet. BD
  9. I can give you my experience. I have an 1894 44SS that has been set up with the angle feed, and it would feed great using 44 special with 200 RNFP, but would occasionally hang when I would use 44 mag brass with the same bullet. Well, a good pard (Doc Fill Em) helped me adjust the tension on my extractor, and that fixed the issue. Now I can tell you she still seems to prefer the length of the 44 special brass, but she will feed both, I just never get a hang up, even with shooter error. The mag brass once in a great while might hang when I don't run the lever as clean as I should. just my experi
  10. Has anybody seen dates for Fracas at Frisco for this year? BD
  11. Thanks so much Al!! What a blessing! BTW both these rifles are sold. BD
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