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    Arizona Cowboys Shooting Assn, Cowtown Shooters.

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    Besides cowboy action shooting I enjoy four wheeling, quading on my ATV, exploring old mines and ghost towns.

    Collector of John Wayne material.

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  1. You know Ringer it's been a few years & I have this business card from Kandtguns.com but not sure if this was it. If I get looking & find out some thing else I'll let you know & send you a PM. aka on this is Stumpman & Mustang Toni. (501) 605-6750 maybe try stumpwors@yahoo.com. Kenny & Toni Stump 725 Alvin Smith Road Ward,. Ar. 72176. Catch yo later. JRJ
  2. Yo Larsen you the man pilgrim. See yah down the road some where in time. JRJ
  3. Awaiting your next video Widder & thanks pilgrim.
  4. Yo-Ho Widder great job on the video Mike & keep up the good work my friend. JRJ
  5. Well I gotta tell yah pilgrims. Got my .22rifle fixed with the short stroke with the help from Widder Bless his soul. & thanks Mike for all the help. Rifle works great. Now going to do this to my son Leadfinger for his .22 rifle. Jackrabbit Joe
  6. Rossi Puma 1892 38/357, Uberti 1873 38/357, Beretta Renegade 38/357, Iver Johnson 22caliber. Jackrabbit Joe
  7. Any apps out yet. Jackrabbit & Sly Puppy
  8. Yo-Ho-De-O Bonnie Congratulations, Great shooting as always. God Bless see yah down the road some where in time J&J
  9. Ok pilgrim see you down the road some where in time.
  10. Yo-H- Sleepy Floyd Jay Hornaday Dry goods Water Shed Poncho They are great pilgrim.
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