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    Besides cowboy action shooting I enjoy four wheeling, quading on my ATV, exploring old mines and ghost towns.

    Collector of John Wayne material.

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  1. Thoughts & Prayers up family & friends. May he RIP. JRJ & SP
  2. Well I tell Yah pilgrims we started just yesterday to put 2021 together. Yuma Territory Prison Break out Yuma. Az., SASS Lucerne Valley Calif State, SASS Four Corners Regional in Utah. SASS Western Regional San Luis Obispo Calif., Border Town at Tombstone, Az. Plus local shoots like ACSA and Cow Town here in Az. And I guess just play some other's as the year goes & how the virus situation go's. Happy Turkey day to you all. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy
  3. Very dependable & knows his stuff. (928)300=6684 Do a good clean up on the extractor pilgrim.
  4. 11th Airborne Division 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment. Ft Campbell, Kentucky Jump School. Got my wings 1954. Thanks to all that have served past, present, future. Yeeh Haw Airborne all the way. JRJ
  5. Thanks its not the rachet. Did do some changes by getting another ratchet & no, thats not the problem. Thanks. JRJ
  6. Contact Dillon they will probably send you the whole Primer System Assembly works to yah Grizz Large #20982 & small is #21065 Jackrabbit Joe
  7. Well I tell yah pilgrims: I have a Cobra Derringer Model C22LR Caliber .22LR and I need a bottom firing pin for it. The part # is 100-7BC Bottom. The company Cobra firearms no longer in business. Top works great but would like them both to work. Waaa, Haa! Any information as to Who, What, When, Where would be appreciated Thanks to all. JRJ jgp3749@cox.net for info \;
  8. Broke one of mine on the end & repaired it with JB weld. Still working for me.
  9. Johnny Meadows Tucson, az area (928)300-6684 e-mail johnnymeadows55@yahoo.com SKB specialty. Jackrabbit Joe
  10. Okie Dokie & thanks for posting.
  11. Yo-Ho-De-O pilgrim try 700X, Clays, Red Dot, Unique,. All good for S.G my friend.. JRJ
  12. Well I tell yah pilgrims. They all grow up too fast and get involved in other activity. Had my daughter Tina & her husband involved, Another Grand-Daughter, my son who is still at it being Leadfinger, and now we have a Great Grand Daughter coming up in the near future. And I have to add my Daughter-in-law Tombstone Sally who is still involved also. And to top it all off My better half Sly Puppy involved and kicking my butt. May as well add Jack our new Great Grand Son four months old. If I know my Son he'll get Little Jack involved also. Have a great day pilgrims & God Bless. Jackrabbit Joe #414
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