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    Besides cowboy action shooting I enjoy four wheeling, quading on my ATV, exploring old mines and ghost towns.

    Collector of John Wayne material.

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  1. Yeh now there's a house for a cowboy & his lady. Simply fantastic. About two hours from Estrella. Jackrabbit Joe
  2. Rootin Tootin: Checked couple things out. From Estrella you can go the 303 route to I-17 or Estrella to I-10 to I-17 up tp Ren Avery get ogff at Carefree exit onto Route 74 and its right there entrance to Ben Avery Range. If going to Cowtown its 303 to Estrtella Pk Way and just south of HyWay 74 s cut off road near by for Cowtown. The mileage either way is about the same 53-60 miles Estrella. Hope this helps you. I live Sun City, Az. Lived west side since 1962. Jackrabbit Joe #414
  3. Rootin Tootin : Estrella very nice place there I bought property long ago and ended up selling same and to drive from there to Ben Avery ACSA and our other club Cowtown your probably looking at about 60 miles one way. Give or take a mile. I use to live in Buckeye which is about 50 miles one way. Jackrabbit
  4. SRSTAdam21: Welcome aboard to some fun feeling great cowboy action and meet up with lots of grrrreat folks. Good shooting, take care , have fun. Jackrabbit Joe #414
  5. On its way by Pony Express: Yeeeeeh, Haw pilgrims.
  6. Tyrel Cody Spurs on way Monday 18th & thanks for extra $'s Jackrabbit Joe
  7. OK Uncle Ethan glad to hear you got it taken care of. Will get it ready to ship. JRJ
  8. Ok Uncle Ethan send you PM as to where what your address is as well as mine. Jackrabbit
  9. Lee 3 station progressive press with extra shell plates Priced at $75.00 + Shp. Thanks for lookind: Jackrabbit Joe
  10. Have a RCBS Rock Chucker Progressive Re-Loader Press, Less dies. Set up for .38-.357, also comes with plate for loading 9 M/M. Also comes with RCBS Powder Measure as shown in photo. primer tubes included Excellent condition. Includes some extra parts & Original Operating Manuel. Priced at $275.00 + S/H. Thanks for looking: Jackrabbit Joe
  11. Wolfgang No Pay Pal send check; Another PM sent JRJ
  12. Received the check today mail out chinks tomorrow


    Thanks agaim Major;


    Jackrabbit Joe

  13. Amadeo Rossi Rifle from Inter-arms, Alexandria, Virginia. Model 1892 SRS Puma. .38Spcl.-.357 Magnum. Puma Head on receiver along with the Saddle Ring. Has the regular Lever as well as the Large Loop Lever. It is Saddle Ring Carbine, 16" Barrel. Will hold 10 .38 special bullets. Strictly used .38 Spcl. OAL of 1.50 LTFP. Very smooth action, excellent Stock & Forearm with no cracks, very nice bluing. Note: Also comes with a shorter stock for a youngster. Regular stock is 13" and the short stock is 10 3/4"' " Purchased in 1987. Very well taken care of. Rifle priced at $935.00 to your FFL person. Respectfully; Jackrabbit Joe #414
  14. Have three western shirts, Large sleeveless, $10.00 each. Please excuse wrinkles. Have Two Pan Handle shirts, western sleeveless, also large, $20.00 each One with Bucking Broncs sold PF's.
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