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    Arizona Cowboys Shooting Assn, Cowtown Shooters.

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    Besides cowboy action shooting I enjoy four wheeling, quading on my ATV, exploring old mines and ghost towns.

    Collector of John Wayne material.

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  1. Rube Burrows; One for sale $1200.00 all ready to go. Cowboy has it for sale at BorderTown shoot next week. It's om the wire.\ His name Rillito Red
  2. Those were the good old days for sure. Met Bounty Hunter in California at EOT. Great cowboy. Enclosed is photo I took of him.Bounty Hunter.bmp Bounty Hunter.bmp
  3. Yes the Durango Kid sure did so. Miss that shoot Jackrabbit Joe #414
  4. Sent you a PM Misty.  Jackrabbit Jo0e #4154

  5. Hey Larsen got three of his tapes plus one from the Durango Kid. Don't know if he is still around or not. Will try & find out./ The tapes I have of his are Introduction cowboy shooting 1 & 2, plus The introduction one. Also have the tape from Durango Kid called speed & accuracy.
  6. Yo-Ho-De-O Allie thoughts & prayers comin at cha pilgrim so hang in there & God bless. Sorry to hear this pilgrim. JRJ & SP
  7. Got one & slicker than owl crap. Won't part with it & a safe queen right now saving for Gran Daughter.
  8. Yo-Ho-De-O Widder Congratulations you old pelican. God Bless & thanks for all you help again.
  9. Welcome aboard pilgrim & have some good times & meeting great folks pilgrim.
  10. Yo Squibber is in Casa Grands, Ariz. dustybunch@yahoo.com
  11. Yo-Ho-De-O Special K congratulations to you & . Great shooting see you down the road soon. JRJ & SP
  12. So sorry for your loss. Our thoughts & prayers out for you and God Bless & take care pilgrim. May she RIP. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy
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