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    Besides cowboy action shooting I enjoy four wheeling, quading on my ATV, exploring old mines and ghost towns.

    Collector of John Wayne material.

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  1. I have 85 out of a 100 of the 32caliber, 170gr. .321 fine point. If some one wants them just have to pay the shipping fee. How much I don't know. Box weighs 2-3# according to my regular Scale. If you want them lei me know & I'll find out how much to ship. They are in excellent shape. Jackrabbit
  2. Look I quoted that as a good mark not a debate. Sorry if you took it wrong. Jackrabbit #414
  3. Yo Slick that's really fantastic for you to do this. Beaver John and I were acquainted along with his wonderful wife. They are in our thoughts & prayers. In reference to also including Judge Em All Duncan is also fantastic for honor him along with Beaver John. So sorry that we can not be there to attend. Please include our thoughts and prayers also for both family's. God Bless, take care & thanks for the posting. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy.
  4. My opinion only: If you want one & like it and you love it fine. As far as saying negative about it just don't buy it and you won't need to say any thing bad about it Have a great day pilgrim's.
  5. Y0-Ho-De-O Idaho Bob: A great 97 fixer-upper Is Tom aka Squibber of Dusty Bunch old west shooters . Contact there for Tom is =(520) 568-2852.. He is the Huckleberry for 1897 shotguns. Webb site is Dustybunch old west Shooters. Casa Grande, Az Great cowboy, very helpful. Tell him the Jackrabbit sent you. Jackrabbit Joe #414
  6. yo Biff check or Money order or what ever as long as it clears. Have to send to your FFL guy from me. It has to be sent to a FFL receiver man. Once your Gold clears I send it. I will need to know the address of the FFL you choose to go with. Questions contact me at jgp3749@cox.net
  7. Have for sale 1897 Winchester Take-Down, Series E, 12gauge, LOP 11 1/2", ready for cowboy shooting , loads five in mag tube, slicked up and smooth, 19" Barrel length. Wood is all good with no cracks. Has been used as my back-up & mostly in safe. $475.00 + $25.00 Shipping
  8. Johnny Meadows put SBH hammers on my Uberti Stallons and they are just simply grrreat. JRJ
  9. Yo-Ho-De-O Catlow, I'm with you on that my friend. My COPD is a real booger & has really slowed this ole cowboy. I really do watch the fast shooters & enjoy it all. Still try to do the best I can & when I'm done shooting I got my oxygen right next to me with a big Yeeeeh, Haaa to go with it and as you stated glad to be alive and attending the shoots. Jackrabbit Joe #414
  10. John Boy here is photo came with big Loop & another regular I bought. Short stock for youngsters. Action work by JRJ
  11. John Boy sent you a PM Jackrabbit Joe #414
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