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    Besides cowboy action shooting I enjoy four wheeling, quading on my ATV, exploring old mines and ghost towns.

    Collector of John Wayne material.

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  1. Yep we'll see yah there pilgrims. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly puppy
  2. Well welcome back pilgrim. It's just like us also just getting back into it. The hot weather, my COPD & what ever, but sure do miss it all. Friends especially. I think the Corona Virus also hasn't really helped all of us. Any way glad your back, take care & God bless.
  3. The one & only Blackjack Zak you can go further by going to the web site. www.winterrange.com
  4. Wow! That's sad news. I am happy to say that I first saw the original years ago and have been there also since then. Lots of memories from the past. I do hope that a change of minds will happen. Thanks to all who were involved in Old Tucson & God Bless.
  5. We I gotta brag a little: My son Lead Finger & Hell's Comin had a fantastic event. Both winning their category's. My son Lead Finger 3rd overall & Hells Comin 4th overall. Lead Finger also took Top Gun and 3rd Place BB Gun competition. My wife & I had to cancel this year & hope to be there next year in cooler weather. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly puppy
  6. Daisy Red Ryder & Co'2 pistol in the garage or out in back yard plinking away. Hell with all this triple degree weather i some times doo it right inside with the A/C. It keeps yah going pilgrims. Waaaa, Haw!
  7. Rain, Snow, Shine, or whatever it is just plain fantastic to be there for the shooting and being amongst all the folks & just plain having a wonderful time. So just put on your best smiling face & have a grrrrreat time pilgrims. You'll never regret it
  8. Just Plain Fantastic. Thanks for posting Pilgrim. Jackrabbit joe & Sly Puppy Sun City, Az
  9. Mercy! Just more or less like a personal matter plus a melancholy situation. Waaa, Haw. Take it easy pilgrim.
  10. Howdy pards: Ran across this old article from March 1996 Cowboy Chronicle. Titled as Durango Junction 1995 High Country Shootout See attached & enjoy. Image_(5).bmp Image_(6).bmp
  11. Kid Rich we'll be there pilgrim. Jackrabbit & Sly Puppy
  12. Thanks John Boy appreciate your response. Looks like Jack First got what I need. Jackrabbit
  13. Have a #4 Colt Derringer .22 short and looking for parts. jgp3749@cox.net Thanks pilgrims. JRJ
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