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    Arizona Cowboys Shooting Assn, Cowtown Shooters.

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    Besides cowboy action shooting I enjoy four wheeling, quading on my ATV, exploring old mines and ghost towns.

    Collector of John Wayne material.

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  1. Jackrabbit Joe and Sly Puppy Posse 33. Yeeeh Haw great posse.
  2. Yow-Ho Jack Spade: In my Derringer .38special, I use .38 short Colt with 90gr bullet with 1.8gr Clays powder. Derringer Barrel is 2 3/4" On some other times I shoot those also in .38 pistols using 110 gr bullet with 1.8grs Clays powder. Pistol Barrel 4 5/8". All works great. Also Note: Starline Brass is what I use.
  3. Yo-Ho Donovan Shoost: Welcome aboard pilgrim and start having some great times and meeting great folks ready to help. Take care & God Bless. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy
  4. Dr Zook; Welcome aboard and start having great times and meeting great folks. See yah around the ranges from EOT, Cow Town and ACSA. Need help or questions just ask pilgrim because you'll have lots of folks that will bend your way if needed. See yah on the range somewhere in time. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy
  5. Well heck, sorry you can't make it. Take care pilgrim & Giod bless. JR Joe
  6. Hey there pilgrim how you doing? You coming to EOT? Take care & God bless. That 97 still doing great for me friend.
  7. Looking for a Brass Birds Head Back Strap for a Uberti Stallion Revolver. 38 caliber. Looks like this bird's head only I want it in Brass.
  8. Skiddsteer1 Carrier on its way pilgrim. Sent regular mail. Let me know you got same. JRJ
  9. Guns of the Old West magazines at EOT for sale $2.00 each.
  10. Yo-Ho Too Tall, sorry, but do have 502 118 & 502 34. If want them, you got them. Joe aka Jackrabbit Joe
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