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  1. Ladies and Gents, recently acquired a JM Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited in .45 Colt, Its is surplus to my needs (did I say that out loud) and I am offering it to you for $850 plus shipping to your FFL. It has a Lyman Tang sight ($100 value) and the original barrel sight is in the box. Wrapped handle. Pinned safety. I think it has had an action job but am not sure, it is very smooth in function. No major dings in wood, metal is also very nice. Can send additional photos if required. Serial #98202xxx Big Gus #66666
  2. I cut a slit in my sight with a fin hacksaw through the top of the two circles now is a buckhorn. Regional official said it was legal. Good enough for me

    1. DeaconKC


      Thanks for the suggestion. I found a buckhorn on Midway that will work without question, so already ordered it. You have a god one, Kevin

  3. Website says match is cancelled has it been reinstated Big Gus
  4. A while back someone posted a link to a great video of how to restore a badly rust frosted shotgun using hot water and a soft wire wheel. I can no longer find it. Any help would be appreciated. Big Gus #66666
  5. Recently acquired a magma star lubrisizer . Don't need it maybe you do. $150 plus shipping. Pictures are attached. I have never used it don't know much about them except they are expensive.
  6. Recently came across some real Mother of Pearl and Stag grips, I have enclosed pictures, with scale for reference, as I do not know what frames they are for. Maybe you do. The entire batch is can be yours for $25 dollars plus shipping. Big Gus #66666
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