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  1. Free to you for the cost of postage are 1000 .22 gas checks and 300-500 45-70 gas checks. My guess on postage is $2. You send me the funds when you get the gas checks. will be sent in a padded envelope cost $1.79
  2. Remington nylon 76. My first gun. Sold it in college to buy a recurve bow, that I still shoot 48 years later.
  3. Like the title says. I came across some 25-20 brass. Don’t have one, maybe you do. First I’ll take it and it’s yours. Big Gus 66666
  4. Send me address and I will drop in the mail Big Gus 66666
  5. 450 bullets see photos for details. Will also provide at least 1000 pieces of used 9 mm brass $165 shipped to your mailbox. Big Gus
  6. Recently bought a 1875 with two cylinders. The ,45 ACP is superfluous to my needs. Brand new never fired yours for $90 to your mailbox. Big Gus
  7. Love hard copy. Trouble reading long articles on the screen. Also use them for recruiting. We save them and pass them out to new members at our gun club.
  8. Title says it all. Any help for a Pard would be appreciated. BIg Gus #66666
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