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  1. Heat pumps do not work well in high heat and low temps.
  2. The "bigger" equipment actually saves money on diesel. It cuts the stalks, strips the corn, shells it and spits out cobs and silage. That and the space between rows is now about 1/2 of what it used to be. More bushels/acre on the same land. 80 acre farms are now nothing but hobby farms. They've been bought up and turned into 1,000 acre farms. No one raises beef, hogs or chickens. It's all produced on large feed lots.
  3. Another boondoggle like the bullet rain. Although it did put a bunch of money in politicians pockets. Not 1' of track has been laid.
  4. Starline makes 40-65. But if your not fussy about OLA they are .015 short of the OAL.
  5. Don't forget his entry into popular music with "Old River". Its on my playlist in my car.
  6. My go to word for something wrong or messed up is Wonky. Words from my teen years in Calif in the 60's. Bitchen, knarly boss, cool, goofy footer, out of sight, busted, fuzz,
  7. They're not lazy. They pay with a card, PayPal, Zello etc. Most don't even have a check book.
  8. Shoulder friendly, brass is everywhere, less powder burned, more load data, more rifles available. 45-70. Posters say SHiloh SHarps or C SHarps but unless things have changed they're 18 months back order */-
  9. No one has mentioned sights. 500 yards you will need a good vernier sight. Adjusts for wind and elevation. Front sight . a hooded sight that has inserts for various light conditions and a spirit level to keep the rifle square to the target. About $500. See Montana Vintage Arms for sights. You didn't say if you were wanting to just bang steel, plinking, or get your hits down to 1 or 2 MOA. 405 bullets loose accuracy after about 300 yards.
  10. Government funded programs that issue "gift" cards and EBT cards, welfare; limit what the funds can buy. Even some foods.
  11. We have 16' of spring on the ground and 39 degrees.
  12. The minimum wage in 1947 was $.40/hour. That equates to 31 hourds to buy those groceries. Seems we're doing better!
  13. 44-40,32-20, 45 cowboy, 50-45 never 45-70 and 40-65 yes
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