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  1. I was young but a similar story. Had a few hundred dollars in my account at BofA. I wanted to close the account and take my money. There will be a $2.00 service fee. Any fee for just doing a withdrawal? Then give me everything except $1. And I walked out.
  2. How does that exempt you from local "gun" laws? If they are cartridge guns C&R doesn't apply does it?
  3. I'm getting out of cowboy shooting. Id' like to sell my stash of primers to the local shooters. What would be a reasonable price for large and small pistol primers for 1,000?
  4. Back in the 70's my father in law built a concrete hull sailboat in his back yard. The hull used #3 rebar and wire mesh then sprayed on concrete. About 1 1/4" thick. He launched it to finish in the water. But like most of his projects he never finished it. He sold it and the new owner did. It did well in the ocean. My cousin was a General Contractor in NW Iowa. Mostly residential. He built all of his basements using wood framing and plywood. I thought he was crazy. But its a proven thing.
  5. Medium Rare is the minimum temp 137 degrees to kill parasites. Enjoy all you rare meat.
  6. WOW one site was $99/1000! so $500/5000. I walked out to my garage and saw a mother load.
  7. 97.39% is horseradish mustard with green food coloring. Real wasabi costs $$$$$$$$$
  8. Like many foods from other countries you need to know what is what. All Sushi is not raw. Crab and shrimp are usually cooked but served cold, eel is BBQ'd, smoked salmon, most good restaurants will list "cooked" selections. If you don't like rice get Sashimi, no rice just fish, crab, squid, octopus thinly sliced. As to eating something raw I've seen some steak being eaten that was still moving!! Or steak tar tar?
  9. I believe there was a case where the CC&R's said no political sings. Went to court and it was declared unconstitutional? Freedom of Speech!
  10. I have a DPMS AR-10 in 308. It was very pressure sensitive and over powered the bolt, causing jambs. Installed an adjustable gas block and good to go.
  11. Ask the lady who's self driving car ran over someone and killed them!
  12. I thought the AF agreed to keep the A10's in service for many more years with upgrades?
  13. Because men wrote the Bible, or edited other mens words.
  14. There are or were some videos on YouTube with SASS shooters competing against 3 gun shooters. First everyone shot what they were used too. About even. Then they switched guns. and the SASS shooters shooting 3 gun whipped them bad. Of course the 3 gun people had never shot our type of guns.
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