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  1. Hollywood has been shrinking for 20 or more years. High taxes, insane labor rates and unions, traffic, and regulations that make it near impossible to get anything done. Just another of the many industries that are fleeing the "Golden State"!
  2. It doesn't speed things up.. But it allows people to take breaks and that theres enough people to work. EOT and WR yes 40 minutes/stage. But no brass pickup and the vast majority of the shooters are able bodied. As in they can move and shoot fast.
  3. It works for us because if we break it down to 9 person posse's there will be 2 to 3 shooters who are unable to do anything but shoot, barely. We do let the group decide. One large posse, one large posse split in half, or 2 posse's. Sunday there was 1 posse of 19 wiht big bore optional as part of the stages. It was taking 50 minutes per stage. A very long day when it s hot.
  4. You can buy a tall blade front sight. Then file it down to reach your target goal. Do not go grinding on the gun. I have a 50-45 rolling block carbine with the same problem. Sight was set for 200 plus yards. I bought a replacement tall blade and filed to fit 50 yards for plainsman.
  5. When we have 18 to 22 ish shooters for our monthly we do one posse but split it in half. One 1/2 shoots the other 1/2 works. Then flip. 9 to 11 people on a posse means everyone is doing something. No time for breaks or gabbing. 20 on a big shoot with no brass pick up works really well.
  6. ROOP County Days offers Plainsman as a side match But wait.... Our 12 stage cowboy shoot also has 4 categories for big bore single and lever action rifles shooting the 12 stages. Smokeless and BP. We call it Tom Horn. About 1/3 of the shooters shoot the Tom Horn categories.
  7. speaking from a bad experience. I'd put the gun in a soft case. Then wrapped and pad the hell out of the stock end and barrel end. Long boxes they tend to stand on end for space. I then stuff it with as much paper and bubble wrap to fill any voids in the box. MOre weight but but protection. Sent a 73 and they chipped the stock where it met the curved butt plate on the bottom. Guy never found the wood piece. And tape and tape and tape. I even tape the glued joint on the box.
  8. SASS distances have been answered. I did see cold temps drastically effect some smokeless powders. I experienced first hand the effects of altitude and atmosphere playing golf. Played in So. Calif. Moved to Reno, NV 800' to 4,700 feet elevation. For the same distance you dropped one club for Reno's altitude. an 8 iron instead of a 7 iron as an example.
  9. Some "scientists" say that if it goes, it could trigger a planet ending winter sky from the debris, smoke, and ash.
  10. The Greenies can''t accept the fact that the big yellow, bright disc in the sky, is what really controls the weather. Who knew?
  11. For me it's been a prove I got the notice. As in my dog ate it. Finally one of the notices my dog didn't eat said they would issue a warrant for my arrest if I didn't show. I showed. Sat for 3 hours and told to leave. I have recently received Federal Jury notices and they to have not made it into my hands. Damn USPS.
  12. My understanding is their eyesight and depth perception is bad. So a painted cattle guard to them is still a thing that looks like a hole or trench that they can't walk over. I've seen a lot of painted cattle guards in the west.
  13. We have a small annual 65 shooters. But using our marketing hats we have as a many categories and additional side match options we can think of. We also will let 1 shooter be a category for the main match. Awards for side matches 1 thru 3rd. Different colored medallions on a red/white/blue ribbon. Category and place made with a label maker and put on the back. $3 each. And what we don't use we role over for next year.
  14. I never said the union caused the company to go under. I'm just stating what I think is the logical sequence of events when unions are involved.
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