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  1. Thank you, the shooter I was trying help was confused between the two categories. He was thinking about buying blackhawks and didn't want to sue them incorrectly. Ike
  2. PaleWolf Dualist must use a fixed sight revolver. But aged based categories allow any SASS legal revolver. So can a Senior Dualist shoot an adjustable sight revolver? Thanks Ike
  3. Mexican food, Chinese, etc have all been Gringo neutered. Most of whats on the menu isn't authentic anything. I worked for an Architect who came here from China during WW2. He took us all out for diner for Christmas in China Town Los Angeles. Everything he ordered was delicious and not on the usual American menu. A co-worker asked if they were going to serve sweet and sour chicken. He looked at her and said thats not Chinese food! He did however ordered some for her as a good host might. Also if you can branch out to other Central and South American foods. Not all food south of us is Mexican. We always look for the mom and pop family restaurants. Thats where you find real food and freshly prepared. Ike
  4. Labor = $ added to the price of gas. You provide FS and add $.25/gallon. The station across the street is self serve. Who's going to get the business? I worked at a Gulf Station in 68. For $1 worth of gas or $15 we checked the oil, the radiator, the battery, washed the windows. If it was a fill up we also tried to check air pressure. But then again all the stations were doing that at some level. Ike
  5. Like any rule or law, enforcement is the key. 700fps minimum velocity for all ammo (with exceptions made for some of the senior categories or shooters with a physical/medical disability). I show up with 400 fps ammo and all I have to do is say, 'I have arthritis in my hands and can't shoot 700 fps ammo'. OK who's going to prove them wrong? A doctor's note. Target size, placement and distances have been discussed here forever. And time and again it's been proven that a good shooter will be a good shooter at any distance or size. So let's take our "close" targets and make them smaller and further away so new shooters learning the ropes will have a better chance of missing! The reality of our sport its a sport for people born in the 40's/50's, and 60's who grew up with cowboy stuff all around us. And now we have some coins in our pocket and can afford to buy $3,000 worth of guns and gear. Gen X, Gen Y and the Millennials are into super hero's and aneme. $500 box and sit in your home where you don't actually have to go and and interact with real people. The solution here isn't targets, FPS, movement, clothing etc. It's about enticing generations who currently have no interest in shooting and or SASS to come on board. Ike
  6. Just a point about representation. 208 TG's did not approve this rule change. 208 TG's voted as their clubs directed them to. So the members of the clubs voted and approved this change. Ike
  7. I have gone though the shooters handbook and can't find anywhere that says if a Blackhawk with adjustable sights can be used or not used in the various categories. It just says any main match revolver? Ike
  8. It's not a SDQ if the shotgun closes if you stop and correct it and or have someone correct. Just don't keep walking with it closed. Ike
  9. To compare yesterday to today's value and buying ability is like comparing unicorn's with T-Rex's! 1970 Nova for $1,750 is $11,600 in todays dollars. So why is a car today of apparently equal size and market $22,000? Let's see, now every car has power steering, brakes, windows, seats, mirrors. AC with climate control. Extremely complicated engines/transmissions, (but great fuel economy). The big driver is labor costs. They have risen exponentially greater than material costs. And throw in increased taxes, environmental cost and wala you get what we have. Ike
  10. So riding horses a bit in my 20's. Friend talked me into a 4 day round-up and drive for the horses and mules for a pack company in Owen's Valley/Bishop California. They wintered the animals near Independence. The drive was to take 100 horses/mules from there through the valley past Bishop up into the sierra's to their pack station at Rock Creek. I was 29 and it cost me $400 to work. Work meant riding along and just keeping an eye on the herd. They knew where they were going. And unlike cattle more agreeable to being driven. Each night we camped somewhere where we could clean up, pond, hot springs etc. Nothing wakes you up more than diving into a mountain pond fed with snow melt! Anyway the cooks were great and I made some good friends. Went back the next year. In 1989 $400 was a lot but 3 meals and a hotel might have got me to the same point $$$. It was a great experience. Ike
  11. I knew FORD rolled 1-2-3 over the finish line. But I didn't know Gurney was awarded first place because of some weird technicality rather than a 3 way tie for first. Miles won the race hands down but....I did the math when Shelby asked Ford to take a ride in his $9 million car that is $72 million in todays dollars. Ford spent a lot to say in your face Ferrari.
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