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  1. There are a t least 6 movies or documentaries on Amazon Prime about the GT40 and Lemans. Best Hollywood version is the one with McQueen. From the trailer I'd say this will be another Hollywoodized glamor thing. Don't expect it to be a historically correct depiction. Ike
  2. I haven't shot in over a year. And now I am and I find myself needing to clean brass. What is the mixture ya'll use to add to the water? I remember Dawn and something else? Thanks Ike
  3. Why 9 pistol rounds? Because the sport has become a 10-10-4 every stage shoot. When you write a stage with something different than that you can just see the vacuum tubes light up in posse's heads! The other half of this is the match was a Tom Horn match. You can shoot regular cowboy, yawn stages. Or you can shoot 12 stages of big bore single shot or lever action rifle. BP or smokeless. So take that 10-10-4. Half of our shooters signed up for the big bore side of the shoot. Ike
  4. Just to add to the discussion that took place. We also approached it with, as long as it doesn't impact or compromise SASS safety conventions then it should be OK. We instructed the PM's and the posse's that shooters could not load 6 and 3 just in case. Branchwater, the discussion did approach it as you present it. But we determined it didn't impact safety so OK. And very few tried to shoot a non existing 10th round. Ike
  5. Most of you are aware that Howling Wolf and Family bought Mernickle Holsters. We had our annual match this weekend, ROOP County Days. They brought out a trailer full of leather goodies for sale. If they didn't have it there they patiently listened to their customer and came up with a solution and took the order. WhIle there, shooters brought rigs that needed some fixin. Howling Wolf would take it home at the end of the day and come back with it repaired for the next days shoot. They're located about 6 miles from our range. For me, I had my right shoulder joint replaced. I can't draw a pistol comfortably with the new geometry of the joint. Howling Wolf had the same replacement and he said, ' I have a solution for you'. He brought out his rig. It had a dropped strong side holster, and a cross draw that stood away from my overhanging gut. Looks like I'll have a comfortable shooting rig in the near future. Howling Wolf, Diamond, and ? (forgot your alias), thanks for coming out, helping us all, and also shooting in the match. Ike
  6. Uriah failed to mention he was shooting brass 12 gauge in his 97 shotgun. I was his Posse Marshal. Several times I had to tell him "you're smiling too much" Ike
  7. At our shoot this weekend we had a stage that required 9 rifle and 9 pistol. No reloads and the targets were to be shot in a continuous Nevada sweep. We had a posse marshal and a Black Badge instructor say the 9 rounds of pistol violated the Firearm Conventions for pistols. The MD and other PM's said the convention was to insure not overloading, as in 6 rounds, a pistol. We shot the stage with 9 rounds. Let's not get into a , "why would anyone ever call for 9 pistol rounds", discussion Ike
  8. Isn't the real answer here any 1911 Colt or clone that shoots. Cost and what else?
  9. Because some moron would sue for false advertising because they didn't get their ballon!
  10. Sorry, Colt is the correct answer.
  11. Well technically there is another gun pump allowed in SASS, Winchester Lightening rifle. Just putting a fine point on it. Ike
  12. Its deja vu all over again. Many years ago everyone outside of California was bitching about the location for EOT. Move it east, put it mid-west etc. So they moved it and the attendance for shooters and spectators dropped significantly! It isn't location its a drop in shooters and the will to travel. And I don't know what this has to do with it but I have broken the speed limit, turned without using a signal, snuck into the drags and movies. Take me now I am truly evil. Ike
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