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  1. I shoot a 50-40 Remington rolling block Navy rifle. Short barrel and shoots great. I use it for plainsman and Josey Wales shoots. Ike
  2. Wild animals. My daughter competed in High School rodeo for 4 years. We got her a new cutting horse that needed some training. The guy used buffalo calves until they were about 1 year old. They moved faster and would try to take the horse out. Very aggressive and didn't take any crap from anyone. As in don't try to herd them or get int eh arena to lead them out. After they hit 1 year he returned them to the ranch he got them from. They were too dangerous for anything at that point. The horse did learn to move fast and focus, focus , focus. After that cutting cows was like dealing with snails. Ike
  3. As someone, who's not into sports at all like me, on the radio said 'whats the big deal about hitting a ball into a hole, I don't get it'!
  4. While researching gun safes I discovered the real issue about fires and safes. Firefighters come a put out the fire. Gun safe saves everything sort of. The seal around the door expands in the fire to keep the fire out. But once the fire is out and the safe cools the seal may shrink or retract. As it does the warm safe draws moisture into it. Guns and papers get ruined from water or rust! They mentioned that the owners may not be allowed back after the fire for investigative reasons so guns were saved but maybe ruined! Ike
  5. At Battle Born Rangers we do an annual monthly shoot more towards what we call real Josey. Josey didn't shoot a shotgun and he did shoot a big bore rifle! We shoot it along with regular SASS shooters. SO the stages are written to accommodate both. 3 categories Josey Wales 4 pistols and single shot big bore rifle all black powder. 1 set of pistols is staged. Big bore rifle targets at the end of the bay. Pistols shoot SASS pistol and rifle targets. Ignore the shotgun. We ask that they shoot 38-40 and above but we don't get ROC about it. Kinda Josey same as above but with smokeless powder. Josey's girl same as above but they can shoot BP or smokeless and any caliber. We also allow lever action big bore but they shoot more rounds to even it out. The issue is, we get s many shooters shooting Josey we only shoot 4 stages instead of 6. Otherwise we'd be there till dark. We also have the Tom Horn category for our annual big match. Similar to Josey but more categories within the category. We end up with about 4-% of our shooters shooting Tom Horn. Our club likes to shoot big bore. Our long range side match also goes out to 750 yards. And it isn't a timed speed event. Real long range. Ike
  6. Before it hits 6 pages......the common thread here is people are the problem, not the store.
  7. I have to ask those that feel shaming someone is bad. If all they do is show up and shoot, what is the loss if they stop coming? Pissing-off those that help because others aren't is a bigger deal to me. Loose one of them will impact the club.
  8. So guys, I normally would have stopped the TO and spotters but they had made a decision and the next shooter was on the way up when I got wind of it. Late in the day and so I decided to wait. This way I can bring it up to the entire club at the next shoot instead of just a few at the line. I am 1000% behind following the rules and calling whats needed. But too late the incident to really do anything. Ike
  9. Monthly match and shooters were not wanting to be hard asses. I asked the question knowing the answer. Next Sunday I’ll school the group.
  10. Thanks for this. I was the score keeper/TG. And was overruled by the spotters and the TO. 5 misses is what I said. I'll 'educate' everyone at next weeks shoot. Thanks Ike
  11. Pistol, Rifle, shotgun order. A 5 paddle Texas star for pistols with its own dump target, a 5 paddle Texas star with its own dump target for the rifle. Shotgun is a flat steel swinger plate. Pistols and rifle loaded with 10 rounds Shoot the 5 paddles off the star any remaining rounds go on dump target. Any paddles left are misses, any misses on the dump target are misses. Same for pistols and rifles, 2 rounds on the shotgun swinger Shooter shoots 5 paddles off with pistols puts 5 on the pistol dump target. Rifle, he shoots 5 paddles off and then puts the remaining 5 rounds on the shotgun swinger. Shotgun 2 rounds on shotgun swinger. Whats the call for 5 rifle rounds to have been shot on the rifle dump target but shot on the shotgun swinger, no misses? Ike
  12. Here in Nevada we also have to SMOG our diesel trucks! Ike
  13. Being 'oh crap' conscience when shooting gun fighter with cap and ball pistols a chain fire could be very dangerous. As in screwing up the other hand. I once said chain fires seldom, if never happen. And then I had one, shooting dualist. Wakes you right up. So...... Ike
  14. Man he should be jailed for just be terminally stupid!
  15. When I don't shoot my C&B pistols I shoot a pair of Uberti clones in 32-20. Still in BP they run 6 stages wiht out touching them....other than to shoot them. ALso shoot a 73 in 32-20. But i find they are barrel heavy. Especially the rifle. Ike
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