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  1. I'm weighing bullets that are 535 grains. The jeweler ones appear to only go to 50 grains?
  2. I use a digital scale to weigh my cast long range bullets. And to weigh my black powder. I had been using a Lyman for years. It started acting up so I tossed it and bought a new Lyman, same model. When you lift the powder off the scale it's supposed to go to zero. Sometimes it stops at .3 grains and then finally resets. The I started checking load weights after I had dropped them into the 45-70 cases. The weights were spot on or off by .2 of grain +/-. The scale accidentally flew out of my hand onto the garage floor and broke! So I'm in the market for a good reliable powder scale. Thoughts. Ike
  3. One of my competitor Architects designed a new fire station. In the spec's he put a note, " the contractor shall deliver to the client on 8 week old Dalmation puppy at the conclusion of the project". Last day, turning over the keys. Contractor leads a puppy up and hands the leash to the fire Captain. Everyone laughed. Captain was not amused. Puppy was returned and they asked for a credit back!
  4. People don't want red meat because its bad for you. You do realize to get crappy tasting soybeans to taste like beef you have to add a ton of chemicals/stuff to it. I read somewhere that its the same stuff they add to dry dog food to make it "beef" flavor
  5. I always enjoy a feel good story with a happy ending.
  6. I place the bullets in an empty pie tin, melt wax and pour it into tin. When it gets cool enough to handle I place it on the freezer. Once good and cold I push out the bullets. Wax stays intact. Put wax back in the tin, and now push un-lubed bullets into the empty holes. Heat pie tin. Melt was, repeat. Ike
  7. Life members don't pay dues! So yes they are current, but no money going to SASS.
  8. AR 10, AR 15, Garrand all sound protestor deterrent machines. I wrote Dillon and asked if I could buy an Dillon aero. Sadly no was the answer. Ike
  9. So what you're saying is all privately owned businesses that have customers who pay to participate need to open their books. To the customers! So golf clubs, tennis clubs, Costco.......... This is still the mindset that SASS is ripping us off, the owners are getting rich off of us, and what am I getting for my money.
  10. Pan lubing and shooting as cast bullets. My thing is I place the pie tin of bullets in the freezer for about an hour. Push bullets out of wax and nice clean bullet with only the grease grooves filled. 50/50 bees wax and crisco with a dash of olive oil.
  11. PaleWolf, I was just trying to make the point that the total shown was not the number for dues paying members. Only SASS knows that. Ike
  12. When I became a life member it was $750, so not free by any means. But it was required, at the time, to be a TG. Ike
  13. Bare foot is also an option. As in boots aren't required.
  14. Larson, thats a total of all members, not dues paying members. Life members don't pay anything! And it's 4 years old? Ike
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