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  1. The CDC and the FDA announced today that they are pulling the J&J vaccine off the approved list. It has been causing severe blood clots in some people!.
  2. 'Let the investigation be completed before commenting'. The only problem is, the cops investigate themselves!
  3. I just sold an 1895. I couldn't take the recoil. It's too light. Replacement shoulder is OK with 45-70 Sharps but not it.
  4. Reno, Nevada, or as we now call it Nevadafornia, diesel is $3.49 $150.00 to fill my truck...yikes. Lithium is highly toxic and very, very flammable. electric cars have been known to catch on fire in accidents. Once it gets going its sort of like magnesium. It doens't like to go out.
  5. If you use a Ted Nash straight capper you don't have to do anything to the cylinder.
  6. Manufacturing explosives in an unlicensed and approved facility. AKA BOOOOOOM
  7. I just sold a rifle, that I can't shoot anymore because of shoulder shoulder issues, to a cowboy for what I paid for it. On the internet they were selling for +$500
  8. Feed corn = largest cash crop next to Soy beans in the mid-west. Cattle feed makes meat prices go up, and up, and up. Can you say Tofu?
  9. I place my left hand in my armpit to act as a support for my right hand dualist. It works. My left arm needs surgery but, I bring my left hand back to the frame and try and tuck my elbow against my chest. Like you would shooting offhand, long rang. Works for me.
  10. We replaced all of our targets over 3 years with AR 500. After 12 years, no pitting and reduced splash back. We angle our target faces. And for the pistol targets we put straw bales. The worst splash back comes from the knockdown shotgun targets. Flat base, flat face, steel arms. No matter how we place them shot hits someone occasionally.
  11. Not being a wise guy, but you're trusting your health/life with opinions form the internet?
  12. Doesn't the 75 have that barrel support thingy under the barrel making it heavier.
  13. Suppliers of anything related to firearms are experiencing cost increases. Overtime to increase production, Healthcare insurance will go up, raw materials to final product. They are anticipating higher taxes and if I was on the board of directors I'd say raise our prices to reflect the increased demand and profit potential. Any good management of business would do that. Market slows down, lower prices....maybe.
  14. So if I get attacked by cops and I'm innocent can I defend myself? There are many cases where cops have beaten innocents pulled their gun on them or shot them. And they get to go home. If I were to do that I'd go to jail. The other thing is cops are always using the commands they give for officer safety. There isn't a law anywhere that defines or gives the authority to command people to do things for "officer safety". The sit on the ground thing is just BS. They walk up on people and the first thing they say is 'give me your ID'. Even though the law doesn't require citizens to do so
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