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  1. I had a pair of Uberti clones in 44-40. I shot them at a few matches. Sold them off. I didn't like the grip or angle of the grip.
  2. Cargo limit is tongue weight, people, and the 29 things they throw in the bed. Gen sets, bikes, gas, wood etc.
  3. DO NOT GO BY WHAT THE ADVERTISERS SAY, OR YOUR OWNERS MANUAL. The owners manual is a general reference guide. Look at the drivers side door jamb. It will have the exact towing capacities for your truck. Total combined GVW is a worthless number. The real number is listed as "cargo capacity". That would be tongue weight, people, junk in the bed. And air bags do not add load capacity.
  4. Commifornia enacted legislation to require certain smog reduction and increased gas milage. Then along comes car pools and EV cars. The slow effect caused the revenue from the gas taxes to decrease. So what did they do? They increased the gas tax. With another reduction in gas usage it won't be long before the morons realize another reduction in revenue. Rinse and repeat.
  5. There's historical artifacts that substantiate the Norse were here way before Columbus. And there are artifacts indicating the Chinese/Asians were along our west coast, way, way before anyone. The Italians get all bothered about this. We didn't become the "America's" until Amerigo Vespucci got involved in the early 1500's. So Columbus didn't discover America!
  6. They were used in sand rails. Turbo charged and used the VW transaxel. They hauled butt. Somewhere in the mid 80's they put one in the T-Bird with a turbo. 1 or 2 years.
  7. The 50’s hot rod purists wear their jeans rolled like this.
  8. A tiny person with a big gun will kill just as dead as a big person with a big gun.
  9. One of our better shooters 73 in 38 special. He uses a shortened round, as in the bullet is seated much deeper. He ground some additional clearance in the elevator, and they drop right in.
  10. Open Range redone as a small band of cowboys transitioning into cowgirls herding feral cats!
  11. I lived in So. Cal for 47 years. We got some really big gully washers. Water from curb to curb.
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