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  1. New Old Stock.....Funny though I had a 20 yo old ask me if it stood for Nitrous. I said yeah this thing is the best sleeper around!
  2. Same for Joe as in today there are pictures of a wire sticking out of his jacket and some sort of device sticking out of his sleeve. So who knows what JOe's handlers will have him say!
  3. Not sure but I haven't seen SASS recommended distances used in forever. Even the closer ones. 7 yd's for pistol. Thats 21 feet. More like 12'! The others follow the same closeness.
  4. I have a single cup Kierig. Threw too many pots away. And with individual servings you can have all kinds of brews available. More expensive unless you figure in the coffee tossed from sitting around in a pot for hours.
  5. I have the Ken Onion system. Works great and it gives you edge angle options depending on how you use the knife. The belts last awhile. IKe
  6. Bob, what's that mean? I support law enforcement and expect people to obey the laws. I also expect cops to know the laws and what our rights are. When they overstep their authority or impose laws incorrectly what should we do?
  7. They can ask, and you have the right to not answer. But what happens they then start tossing out obstruction, or impeding their investigation. They cuff you, detain you and arrest you. Later to find out that what they did is illegal.
  8. Because the cops, not all of them, step all over people, make crap up, make illegal demands and step on our rights. It's rewarding to watch a cop try and make someone do something they don't have to,,,,and the the sergeant shows up and corrects the officer. People are also suing the heck out of cops and cities for false arrest, illegal detainment, unlawful demands. Ultimately the cops learn what they van and can't do.
  9. So a municipality or citizen only has one flag pole then what? As long as the US flag is on top its OK. Protocol allows one pole and other flags. It's a free country, in theory, let her do what she wants t express her opinion. What are the flag police, an offshoot of the mask police, going to come and arrest her?
  10. The whole game warden thing violates so many rights. So being in an area that you can fish or hunt, and you have a license "implies" consent to search. Why then doesn't having a drivers license give cops "implied" consent? You're in an area that sells liquor, drugs, hookers etc. so your assumed to be guilty! It doesn't make sense. I enjoy watching YouTube videos where the public knows the law better than the cops. Especially around ID demands and videoing or photographing in public. Even worse the abuse 2nd amendment people get when carrying legally.
  11. So Cyrus, what part of me OP is legal BS. You have the right to invoke the 5th at any time. A lot of cops think it doesn't apply until after someone is arrested and they have been Mirandized. The Supreme Court has even advised, 'do not talk to cops without an attorney, ever'! It's also advisable to video any encounter with a cop. Their reports sometimes will win awards for creative writing. And they can pull the, 'my body cam was off for some reason', if they even have one! The 4th amendment applies to illegal searches and seizures. While the cops may ignore your rights and have no PC they will search anyway. The statement is an additional layer of protection for the future lawsuit. As to the sniffing dogs, another OP says it better than me. They are a means to search and can be used to get what the cops want.
  12. "Officer I am invoking the 4th amendment and do not consent to any searches or seizures of my property. I am also invoking my 5th amendment rights and do not wish to answer any questions." The whole dog thing is a big scam. They walk a dog around your vehicle, dog scratches the paint in performing its search. Cop comes back, 'the dog alerted on your vehicle. We're now going to search it for drugs'. What did the dog do to signal alert officer? Oh' we know! Biggest BS excuse to get in your vehicle going. The other infringement on our rights is the, 'give me your ID'. If you're in a vehicle you can't say no. But many States are not stop and ID or ID doesn't have to be given until you've been arrested. Cops threaten arrest for failure to ID and most people cave.
  13. For some masks if you read the side of the box they come in, does not protect against COVID 29! The cloth masks people are buying for fashion and "compliance" are worth next to nothing. Kind of like filtering water through a window screen. Ike
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