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  1. Montana makes high quality everything. As OLG says not good for hunting. They are very low power compared to modern scopes. Ike
  2. If you're trying to see bullet holes in paper then cheap/inexpensive won't get you there. Unless its under 100 yards! I have the KOWA. We can see lead splatter at 750 yards with no problem with it. Also check out the bird watching forums. They have discussions on spotting scope for wildlife. Ike
  3. The $10,000 call the Fed's line is interesting. I go in and ask for $15k in cash and they report it? Or do they. I write a check for $50k for a downpayment on a house do they report it? This would be weird if I wrote the check to a private party who was carrying the note. Maybe if you face isn't covered in Tattoos, you're not looking around, and sniffing your nose a lot they think your ok!
  4. I'm going to guess that there is over $1 million invested if not more. We won't be seeing it anytime soon on the shelves.
  5. Cheating is when you know the rule and break it. Using your brains and coming up with something that isn't against the rules gives you a competitive advantage. Smokey Yunick once said about NASCAR, ' you're not racing the other drivers, you're racing the rule book.'. Junior Johnson put a 1/2" dia. fuel line in and coiled it around and around a few times. It gave him about 3 laps extra. Next year there was a rule about size and length! Thats being creative and not breaking the rules. In baseball it's just cheating. Ike
  6. Wheel Right/Carpenter no ones going to shoot at ya, you get to live in town, everyone needs you at some point.
  7. What the heck. Our local gun shows won't allow powder to be sold!
  8. He never said if its a bumper pull, gooseneck, 2 horse 3 horse or? All of those affect the selection of a truck. We pull a 3 horse with a small bed and tack room. Its a gooseneck. 1 ton single axle crew cab diesel. The only time we feel the horses back there is at a stop light. I've read people saying diesels are more expensive to maintain? Oil change and filters just like a gas engine? But...here's one of the reasons I choose diesels, we have 2, is they will outlast any gas engine any day. 2000 Ford F-350 370,000 miles and still going strong. 1 turbo, 1 water pump. Batteries, brakes, hoses and belts don't count. Ike
  9. Uberti makes an 1875 Remington. I had a pair in 44-40. They were too barrel heavy. Sold them. Ike
  10. The other issue is any bump is going to bruise. You see a lot of older folks with bruised arms = blood thinners. My wife takes thinners, she always has some sort of bruise on her arms.
  11. Ignoring lead splatter, any cut or abrasion will belle like crazy. So home prep, vehicle prep and range prep come to mind.
  12. PW and the call is? SDQ and no call?
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