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DuckDuckGoing, Ducking, Duck It...?

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Rye’s post about John Wayne got me thinking. 

We need a term for using DuckDuckGo for searches.

When people use Google they say “I Googled this...”

People immediately know what is meant by this. 

Since many folks here have started using DuckDuckGo, as I have, I am wondering if there is a term that is already in use for doing searches on DuckDuckGo or should we start a term for it?



DDG - “I DDG’d it...”

Duck - “I used the Duck...”

Ducked - “I Ducked it...”

Double Duck Go - uh, no....


Or perhaps something like 

Quacked - Twitter has “tweet” so DDG has “quacked”. - “I quacked it....” 

Webbed - Ducks have webbed feet - “I webbed it...”


Personally, I like Duck or Ducked.


I did a search and didn’t come up with any consistent uses of any words or phrases regarding using DuckDuckGo. 


What say you?




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That's a hard one!! If you say something like I "ducked it" people will wonder what the heck you're talking about!:lol:


How about I duckduckgoed it?? Too long huh??? :o 

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   My vote is for "quacked" too.

   Especially since we on the forums will be the only ones using it.

    We can even possibly  have it added to the Acronyms Thread 



    By the way, where did you find the dated pic of J. Mark? :P

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I like the idea of telling someone to look things up with the phrase: "Duck It!"

What could go wrong?

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Hmmm. I'm not sure. You know quack is synonymous for one who pretends to have medical knowledge. I am very aware of this as Hubby gave me, one year for Christmas, a "Quack Cabinet" with various vials and hose attachments for blowing air "various places." It even came with a booklet on how to cure such things as earache, constipation,... :lol:


How about "DDG it"?

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Quacked?? No one will know what you’re saying. It’s best to keep DUCK in there somewhere!

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