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  1. They are the same as Rem 10's, just about 40% hotter. kR
  2. Lyman manual lists 4 loads 2 for CJ and 2 for lead. San Juan has some .313 lead 71g bullets that work in my 32 acp. kR
  3. I appreciate your edit. Thank you kR
  4. I have my Grandmothers Model 20 Marlin takeapart 22 rifle she had as her only weapon when she homesteaded in SD kR
  5. HJ what are you shooting for bench rest that you are using the small primers in? kR
  6. Ax or hatchet is the cleanest and easiest. kR
  7. You are the one that used the term baby boomers retiring in what I quoted, then that changed to folks retiring in this quote. That changes the equation entirely. I don't have to do "research" to know that a large percentage of baby boomers were not retiring in 1995. kR
  8. Seriously? I doubt there were many Baby Boomers (Post WWII) folks retiring in the 1990's at the age of 50 to 55 or less. When you give a reason for something that is inaccurate it destroys any premise being made. kR
  9. I did some learnin today on my MEC 600 JRI have a limited # of bushings so I modified some to produce the load I wanted. Some for Shirt some for me wasn't to hard just took a little time. kR
  10. According to the weather maps right now Miss AM, your acceptable field has narrowed considerably. kR
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