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  1. What rifle are you shooting that load or loads in? kR
  2. Large pistol works very well for large rifle ammo. Large rifle does not work for large pistol. kR
  3. I would love to have the top Mule Camp t shirt. PM sent. kR
  4. Kid Rich

    Bob James

    I would like contact information for Bob please. kR
  5. #4 will probably be at Tombstone on the weekend. kR
  6. Probably an easier thing to do with a pistol. kR
  7. I took it to one of our local gunsmiths and had an action job and had the hammers repositioned. kR
  8. The hammers on a CZ can be bent to be closer together. kR
  9. Nice shotguns, I have one in 20 ga and have shot one in 10 ga. kR
  10. TUI. Tumbling upon IMPACT. kR
  11. Try doing it with an original that has 130 years of gunk and junk in it with no instruction manual. It does take a while. kR
  12. Scroll down they actually have brass for sale and accept CC. Dualweldsupply. kR
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