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  1. You can remove the e from any grade of gasoline by pouring a quart or more of H2O in the five gallon can of gas and shaking it up, let it set and the water will mix with the e and settle to the bottom of the can. Nasty looking stuff but it works. This came from a website that deals with getting e free gas when none is available. No I don't remember which one. But it works, try it with a small amount of gas and prove it to yourself. kR
  2. If I remember correctly this was discussed earlier here and I think the determination was that holstering a cocked pistol would get the penalty as soon as the muzzle entered the holster. kR
  3. What I find sad is bumper stickers that read "practice random acts of kindness" as if you should only do it occasionally. WTH do they do the rest of the time? kR
  4. In my 45/70 plainsman loads I use 45 gs 2f or 3f OE and a 457 RB this load is accurate to at least 100 yds. I haven't tried it farther. It gets there pretty fast. kR
  5. I went to a metal shop and got them to cut 1/4" aluminum plate in 6"X12" pieces, they are all permanently mounted to my presses. I mount them to the bench with a cordless electric drill. The holes for mounting to the bench are all drilled in the same place in the plates. It takes about 30 seconds to remove one press and mount another on the bench. kR
  6. I also shoot a 45/90 and a 45/70 trapdoor plus a few others. In our dry desert heat if you don't have the right combo of load powder etc you will foul your gun quickly. I have run 30 rounds thru my original trapdoor with no loss of accuracy and the fouling in the barrel and the lube star at the muzzle both remain soft and can be wiped off with a dry patch. The barrel will by hot but the fouling remains soft. No use of blowtube or wet patches between shots. I don't use spg. kR
  7. Anneal your brass, use enough powder to expand the brass, use the correct powder to keep your fouling soft and if necessary use a lube cookie. kR
  8. Best I've found for cleaning a carrier on the gun was Hot coffee. Wife was shooting Black MZ and gun got sticky. I had forgot my ballistol and water which normally works very well. So I dumped some coffee on the carrier and could not believe it, all the fouling was gone, carrier was like brand new. After the next stage she told me that was the best that rifle ever ran. kR
  9. Apparently you have met Shirttail Bess. But she's a lot cuter than that one. kR
  10. You tryin to say they're out of ducktape in Alabama? That ain't right, it just ain't right. kR
  11. I didn't realize bikes came without gunracks. kR
  12. I can still remember that I did not like the lima beans in the c-rats, the pound cake was pretty good tho. kR Ps 1967
  13. Mine existed in the late 1800's as well. Robbed a bank in Bismark, ND. kR
  14. Solve that problem with a little "Moon over Massachusetts" kR
  15. If it weren't for slow shooters there would not be SASS. Just like golf. If all you had was the cream of the crop it would be a damn small field of players. I saw a chair with your name on it at Cortez this year about the time you were having surgery and I missed you and we have never met, but I was looking forward to it. Hope to see you at a shoot sometime Bob. kR
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