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  1. I learned quickly that you let em get out a little ways before ya shoot em or there isn't much left to eat. kR
  2. Kid Rich an Shirttail will be there shortly after noon. kR
  3. My loads were tested by HJ at the Regional in St. George, Utah a couple of years ago. With a 230g bullet the first round was about 720 fps the subsequent rounds were in excess of 750 fps. kR
  4. It is. It also increases the difficulty factor by a great deal. Both in trying to see targets and in getting a load that meets the pf and in getting your gun to run for 60 plus rnds successfully per stage. kR
  5. When I was 13 years old I was using BP shells in a 10ga dble with Damascus barrels for Pheasant hunting. Not a hobby used tyo put meat on the table. That was quite a while after 1902, at least 20+ years. kR
  6. That's almost as bad as shooting smokiless in a 73. kR
  7. Congrats Cody well done. Ol' Smokey
  8. Some set triggers have an adjustment screw. kR
  9. Or maybe it was a free bump.
  10. Seems like the venison takes some of the heat out of the chili's, the pork does not. I used pork loin as it was less expensive at the time than pork shoulder, kR
  11. When I started reading your post I thought you were going to say you sucked them out with a straw. kR
  12. I usually make it with venison. However the pork shoulder does kick it up a notch or two. For a gallon of chili I will use a quart of Jalapenos. kR
  13. I make my own chili Navajo Green is the best recipe I've tried so far. I put it on Half smokes with sour kraut and jalapenos. Really good. kR PS the only substitution I make in the NG recipe is I don't use "mild green chilis" I use Jalapenos.
  14. Cut a small cardboard insert and stick it in the loop. I've done it to 12 ga when I was shooting 20 ga and didn't have a 20 ga belt. The cardboard stays put and can easily be taken back out if you want. kR
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