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  1. If you are shooting Plainsman or something similar use whatever you can get. If you are shooting Long Range use CCI LR, BR2. They are a bit pricey but the most consistent. kR
  2. I think it was them New Englanders you was cavortin with and you got some of their Saturday nite beans. kR PS I have used it in 32 H&R mags, it is a pretty sharp load.
  3. I have experimented with it for other uses and really did not find any that were suitable for for cowboy shooting. kR
  4. The ODG's used to use it in small amounts when they loaded BP big bore cartridges. Maybe as much as .5cc in the case before adding the rest of the powder in order to insure more consistent ignition of the round. That is 1/2 cc, the next to smallest dipper in the Lee set. kR
  5. what is the composition of those? are they 100% tin or a mix. kR
  6. should be required watching for some folks. kR
  7. The sites on the TD's were for 250 yds at the lowest setting. As a military weapon they would seriously kill or wound if held at dead center of an enemy anywhere between 0-300 yds. The latch plate for a common household lock makes a perfect replacement for the front site, it is the proper thickness and can be cut to the proper height to zero at 100 yds. kR
  8. Direct quote from the 1 lb container of multi purpose black "American Pioneer Powder FFFG" Just got it from Scarlett at SE Regional. kR
  9. Says on the container that it is the equal to MZ which is the same as APP 3f. kR
  10. The big thing is sight it in for 100 yds. that way you will not miss at 50 or 150. Did I mention SIGHT IT IN before you get to the match, then use the same ammo for when you shoot the lr side match. kR
  11. Most of the time its a preference thing. I would go with the stock sights for pistol caliber LR as it really isn't that far. kR
  12. Use 2f instead of 3f will cut way down on the loading lever dropping, you can also reshape the loading lever spring to STOP the lever from dropping. I don't use a loading stand. You can use up to 55gs of powder with a 457 RB. With less than 55 gs you can use an over powder lubed wad. With 55 gs probably best to use over the RB grease of your choice. If you want to use 3f and don't want to shape the loading lever spring then a small strip of leather will secure the lloading lever. I do use a capper. Any ? pm me. kR
  13. Check and see how much Jimmy Spurs pistols rifles and sg cost. It looks to me as if you have to buy used to get your prices, I'm sure you could get a Yul Lose gc for cheap. So what happens when you go to multi day shoots and are shooting PS, WB, LR, and CAS? Suddenly YOUR budget for ammo etc is out the window. Like comparing a minivan to a race car. kR
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