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  1. Part of the problem may be loading books, at least one of the older ones. I recall an older loading book article where the author said the primers should not be seated too deeply in the pocket. It should be just flush. That never made sense to me. I've told a couple Cowboy shooters who have made the remark that the primer was seated too deep in the pocket that that was not correct, it should be seated all the way. I don't have access to that right now but will attempt to locate it later. kR PS I believe it was an older Lyman manual.
  2. We purchased 1k SPP at a Scheels for $49.99 a couple weeks ago. Rem gun clubs are going here for$89.99 per case. Higher than I used to pay but at least they are available. kR
  3. That was the MD. Not the complete story. I don't mind a p when I earn it, in fact today I got one on purpose, even told the TO I was gonna get one. kR
  4. Thats the first time in over a year that I've been able to find more than one box at a time and those were scarce. kR
  5. It was not what they called it that was lacking. They gave the description and there were several ways to shoot it. They just did not like the way I shot it. kR
  6. One shoot we went to I got a p on a stage for shooting that scenario the way I had shot it at several different places. When I questioned the TO he said that wasn't right. I named several of the places where I had shot that particular sweep that way. His reply was "Well that's not how we do it in our neck of the woods". I won't be returning there soon. kR
  7. Bought a case yesterday at a Sportsmans Warehouse in eastern ID, bought another case today in Twin Falls. They had several cases in stock. R
  8. Caught one once that I measured with a yardstick it went over both ends by a couple inches. kR
  9. A striker plate for a door latch is the right thickness and easy to install. Make it whatever height you want. My original front site is in my gun safe. If you have a Buffington rear sight the adjustment for the reading is about 75 yds difference. kR
  10. Yer right but the "award" is special. kR
  11. That ridge directly in front of the hinge on the trap can be grooved which will help your problem. On the originals it has a groove in it. kR
  12. Shot a match and received an award for getting a P? I have, last weekend. I got a P on a stage and this kind older gent brought me a little plastic container of peas. Said I earned it. kR PS Thank you Three Foot
  13. We have shot at clubs from California to Maine and Montana to Texas. We shoot nearly every weekend. There are 3 or 4 clubs I will not return to. Most of them have to do with attitude of the MD or shooters. Some of the best shoots have been Old Timey shoots with the targets out a ways. I don't mind up close and personal but prefer a little distance. kR
  14. We (BP shooters) use them as wads over the cardboard wad and under the thin paper wad in long range BP cartridges. kR
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