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  1. I would rather have 44-40 than a 38, 45 etc anyday. If you are shooting BP the bottleneck cases are the best way to go. kR
  2. We'll be there sometime tomorrow. Do you have any sites that are suitable for the Ruger so I can git rid of that peep? kR
  3. Hey Waimea, I'm planning on bein there and am shootin outlaw whether they have it or not. kR Shot my first clean outlaw match about 4 weeks ago in Tombstone. Had one miss this weekend at the TX state shoot, ran out of shotgun shell. PS don't tell TT
  4. I have a cousin that used to alter monkey brains. He worked for the FDA and shot monkeys at nite using an infared scope at 400 plus yards. kR
  5. for folks that use the dry tumble method of cleaning brass. You will reduce the lead exposure from cleaned by washing your brass after it has been tumbled. Just use plain water and dish detergent. you will have much less lead exposure when you are reloading. kR
  6. I have to mill the end of the resizing die when use Lee dies for 44-40, 38-40 etc. They worked fine until I started using a 550 to load some 44-40s recently the shellplate for the 550 is thicker and I had to take more off the base of the die. kR PS If you want an easy way to find the probable cause just coat the entire loaded cartridge with a magic marker then chamber or try to chamber it. The marks on the case will show you exactly where the problem is.
  7. Much appreciated Eyesa. Thank you kR
  8. Use reenacter or Harzer (Schutzen) powder They are coarser grained and more of the ignition takes place outside the muzzle. I have been able to get over 6' of flame close to 8" in diameter from a 44-40 carbine. The picture of it was on the Memphisgunslingers from 2 years ago at the regional. kR
  9. If I remember right it took a little messin around to get registered and on. I don't know if I can get on now or not as I haven't been there for a while. I probably should check it out as I have finally had enough time to shoot the 45-90 a little lately. Shirttail has been shootin when she can, she has had shoulder probs and is takin PT. Seems like it is helpin some but is rather slow. kR
  10. At a nite shoot YES. Works very well. kR
  11. No wind, or breeze in your face, targets of varied distances and heights. If you like an easy shoot-shoot smokiless. kR
  12. Some of the emails from the EC are not readily accepted by some of the shooting related sites. Roadrunner comes to mind as one of them. kR
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