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  1. On the other end of the scale is the poof ting category. kR
  2. If u have 1 shell u can take it apart and u should have your answer. kR
  3. There is a maximum load allowed for rifle and pistol in SASS, also a minimum. Most folks will only allow their own ammo to be used in their guns. But that is not usually a problem. kR
  4. Some rifles will run with the 158's some will not. kR
  5. Still in the shell raw eggs in a nuke are grenades. kR
  6. Easy way to get the scales off is after you have the hide cleaned dried etc. Use some masking tape, press it lightly on the hide and when you remove it the scales will come with it. kR
  7. 87's work just fine with Lassiters drop 2 mod. As far as needing lots of practice show me a SASS gun you don't need practice to run well. If you have trouble runnin a double for any reason try an 87. When Lassiter brought me my 87 he told me to practice with it before I used it in a match. I got permission to try it in on an empty stage a shot it much faster than I could a double. You have to run it. Having said that I have nothing against doubles, I have several. I also have one of the CAI 87s. After Lassiter worked on it it runs great. kR PS It has a little wider pattern than my Chiappa so it gets used more.
  8. That's what I did, it says gunfighter but I shot Outlaw. kR
  9. Ruger SS 1911-$700, like new, box and everything that came with it when it was new CZ Bolt action rifle with scope .17-$300 very good condition 2 boxes of ammo Mosin Nagant 91-30, 7.62X54 excellent bore still has the cosmoline on exterior of the stock $350 two 20 rnd packs of the copper washed Russian ammo also has cleaning kit, bayonet and lube kit that came with it. I will have more at WR just not sure how deep I want to dig in my safe kR ps prefer ftf at WR if not sold there would consider shipping
  10. Lube helps to keep the fouling soft with BP. I still crimp with BP because you have to get rid of the bell in the top of the case that is made so the bullet will start. Plus unless you have a fair amount of compression of the BP you can still get some movement of the bullet into the case. If you use some of the better BPs you will find the fouling will stay softer because they are made from a better grade of charcoal which will have more creosote in it. kR
  11. If you are needing any equipment let me know I might be able to help. kR
  12. Ask specific questions and you will get specific answers. kR
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