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  1. If you find one of the guys who do the cut and weld it should be no problem for them. kR
  2. As a general rule steel shot shells will be at least double in price compared to lead. kR
  3. I mostly never did when I was a kid. Oh, that's right I still am a Kid Kid Rich
  4. 4 and 1/2 turns before the mainspring will fall off of the screw. We bought these when they first started coming on the market mine is a 44/40 and gets used frequently. I've never had the spring move or loosen. kR
  5. I think you are absolutely right. It was of little consequence and probably would not have been worthwhile attempting to get a response from someone on this forum that probably would have felt the same way as you do about it. kR PS I probably should not have bothered with a reply.
  6. I presume they test fire all 6 chambers. Mine were the same way. kR
  7. Turn the screw holding the mainspring out a turn or a turn and a half makes a major difference. Mine have been that way for several years. kR
  8. Not really Eyesa, I was referring to OP's third post when he asked about availability of CS brass. I'll tell SB you said HI and hugs. kR
  9. SC was that way years ago. Could not handle handguns unless you were a resident. kR
  10. One of my favorite foods 4T. kR
  11. When I talked to the folks at Starline I was told on a lot of the less popular cases they have for sale they will run in batches when the order totals get high enough. This is so they do not have huge inventories in storage. kR
  12. Yep promises made and not kept. When the VA said they wanted to be my primary care I was told I would never pay for Urgent care, emergency room visits etc. They have yet to pay for any of that. Now I have to prove every time I get prescriptions by the VA refilled that they are service connected. kR
  13. Liberty Mutual. Have always done right by us. kR
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