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  1. We picked up four boxes of Winchester LNLR at SW in Twin Falls this week. Same price but limit was 2 boxes per customer. kR PS About $1 more per box than a year ago.
  2. That is true. I had a conversation with a guy a couple years ago that claimed to be a member of a club I shoot at. I told him I was interested in what he was selling but wanted to meet ftf to make sure it was what I wanted. He refused. I asked the MD of that club if he knew the guy and he had never heard of him. Scammer all the way. kR
  3. Yep got to have a price. I posted something for sale at WR on here and it was deleted because I did not put a price on it. kR
  4. WW yesterday Remington Thunderbolt 22 ammo brick of 500 $31 tax included. kR
  5. The directory is on www.mountaindirectory.com . 1 800 594 5999. they have an east and a west version. Very helpful. kR
  6. There is a book that shows the routes to take for truckers or RVers that shows grades and such I will try to find it later today and post it for you. kR
  7. The hammer plunger spring and related parts are not the same as the 17# and 19 # springs you refer to in your post. The plunger spring is a very small part that fits into the hammer. Th 17# and 19# springs you refer to are mainsprings that are actually contained in the grip frame and drive the hammer forward to set off the primer. kR
  8. I know of several top shooters that do use adhesive backed metal tape on their front sights. kR
  9. Why? People use very thin brass sheet which is then glued on. The tape is metallic and the proper color it just has the adhesive already on it. kR
  10. I believe those Slix nipples are tapered, the proper caps go on easily for almost the whole length then must be seated the last little bit so they won't slide back off. kR
  11. Many people use the copper conductive tape. No different than brass covers on the sight except for method of adhesion. kR
  12. A high primer WILL give you an OOB with very little effort. kR
  13. OP that makes my head hurt. kR
  14. U sure that was an earthquake? kR
  15. Make sure the cutout in the barrel is deep enough that the extractor does not hit it when forward. If It does it may not be getting a good hold on the spent cartridge. kR
  16. Usually are used for rifle. I have some but they won't fit on pistol nipples as the nipples are tapered and the skirt does not go far enough down to be snug. kR
  17. I'm not a shaved ape. I cut my hair short enough when it gets long that I don't have to deal with it for a while, same with trimming beard. kR
  18. Lucas #2 red synthetic also works just fine. kR
  19. 700X works fine for any thing from 32 acp to sg. kR
  20. We are going to be In the NW part of the country for a while this summer. Anything of special interest that we should see? We will be staying in Jerome ID. kR
  21. over an extended period of time. kR
  22. Win 11's are the same size as CCI 11 and Rem 10. They seem to be hotter than the Rems so they may be CCI. They are not stamped on the base of the cup like my other CCI's. kR
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