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  1. I wear 4e boots and really like Boulet boots. I have one pair that have been resoled and are ready for another resole job. kR
  2. The easiest way to determine the problem is find one of your rounds that will not chamber and coat it entirely with magic marker put it in and try to close the lever when you meet resistance remove it and expect it. I have found with multiple 44-40s that the only bullet that will work in all of them is a .427 200 grain crimped with a factory crimp die. Good Luck kR
  3. Yer right it was at one of the Regionals a few years back. kR
  4. It's the one I been using the last 3 weeks. kR Yep, had to miss it. kR
  5. I knew where you had been as soon as I saw that. kR.
  6. Some shoots are limited in number by practicality. Other than that if you have a large shoot number wise it usually indicates an MD or club that knows what people want and are willing to go the extra mile to give them that. However, Shirt and I have been to several matches that vary in difficulty that we have been back to and will go again. Main thing for us is the people that put on the match and their attitude toward the shooters. kR
  7. It was the internals of a Stoeger double and the wl grease was actually hard to wipe off. kR
  8. Send me cash and I'll help you "find" it. kR
  9. I had to cancel CAC also, back surgery and 9 days in the hospital was supposed to be 3-4 days. Gonna be at least 6-8 weeks more before any shooting. I'm glad you're doing better and hope you have no lasting consequences. Get well soon IP' kR
  10. I used the white lithium grease until I took a gun apart it had been used on and discovered it had dried out. I changed to Lucas red and have not had that happen again. kR
  11. You've got the right idea on what you need to do I've encountered a few that were very stiff, one that was twice as long as a normal fp spring. Proper alignment as you noted is essential for ease of reassembly . kR
  12. I know the answer but CR did not include that as an option. kR
  13. Shirttail and I found that her 73 was gettin dirty quick so we jacked up the loads a little and cut way down on the foulin. My 73 will go at least 3 matches before it starts to slow down. We use Lucas #2 red grease for internals and a very light coat of bore butter for the carrier. kR
  14. As kids we were not allowed to say "hotter than Hell", Mom told us to say hotter than Australia on Christmas Day. kR
  15. I have never chronoed a sg load. However I do pattern test all sg loads, esp BP loads. kR
  16. For cowboy I find if you can make a decent scratch in the bullet with your thumbnail it is soft enough. kR
  17. First problem Mild steel, second cause would hot load, third would/could be hard cast. A hot load with 20 hardness lead WILL cause dimpling of targets. Then you have the MD's that like to set their targets close enough that you can spit on them. kR
  18. That may be a local or club rule. I have seen it in several clubs. kR
  19. Maybe its time to start collecting the blued PPKs. kR
  20. Original caliber of the Bond gun. No longer made. I have a PPKS in .22, .32 and in .380. kR
  21. Same here. About 3 years ago I found a NIB 32 made in 88, with original box and still in factory shipping paper. It came home with me. kR
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