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  1. Wasn't the fact they did something wrong it was they got caught. kR
  2. Doc I've never tried mixing alcohol with it, should work. The best method for finding a good solvent for BP is to take a dirty carrier and try whatever product you are wondering about on a paper towel and give it a wipe if it comes off easily you are good to go, if you have to scrub try something else. I once used hot black coffee on Shirttails carrier on her 73 because it was getting sticky. I just dumped it on the carrier at the unloading table and then wiped it off. Next stage she said that was the best that rifle ever ran. kR
  3. I have helped a few folks when they were using Ballistol as a lube without mixing it, most of them are very sceptical even after you show them. kR PS Best to you and Ellie
  4. I don't remember because all of my Rugers have been worked on but I don't believe on a stock Ruger you can cock the hammer when the gate is open, nor can you open the gate when it is cocked. kR PS I could be wrong we only own a few dozen of them.
  5. Like I said Ballistol is a POOR solvent for BP by itself, you would be better off using straight water. kR
  6. Ballistol by itself is a poor cleaner for BP, mix it with water and you will find it is an excellent bp solvent. Use about 5-10% Ballistol and the rest water. kR
  7. I misremembered, possession not MDQ. However, use of jacketed ammo is illegal, p.26, shooters handbook and the use of illegal ammo IS a MDQ, p. 23. kR
  8. Hope you are not shooting jacketed ammo at SASS matches. Lead only, no jacketed or semi jacketed ammo. If you shoot other than just lead ammo at steel the results may not be what you were hoping for. If I remember correctly just the possession of other than lead ammo at a match is an MDQ. kR
  9. Not to hard to make your own. kR
  10. Kid Rich

    Cap jams

    Rem #10s and CCI # 11s both should work. Also if you can find them Winchester caps are made by CCI and they work fine. Some folks don't like CCI 11 but they are actually a little hotter than Rem caps. I use CCI #11 and my wife uses Rem #10, once in awhile she gets the CCI caps and can't really tell the difference. When you are seating the caps you should use a very firm slow push to seat them. kR PS Rem 11s are not a good fit.
  11. Your first mistake was using spg that stuff is messy. I make my own lube and vary the ingredients according to caliber and use. kR
  12. Coffee, like tequila should NEVER be mixed with any pollutants. kR
  13. Frontier Cartridge Outlaw Gunfighter Elder Statesman sounds good to me. kR
  14. Headspace? Or toggle links too long. kR
  15. I have cleaned a sticky carrier with some hot coffee dumped on it and ran the lever a few times. Shirttail told me after the next stage that was the best that rifle ever ran. Sometimes the simplest things work the best, my guess would be the acid in the coffee worked pretty well. kR
  16. I have enough self restraint that I can ignore someone without putting them on an ignore list and there are two in that category now. kR
  17. Where do you buy lanolin? kR
  18. After reading a couple of the posts in the locked thread I declined to read any of his latest. kR
  19. That's about the right distance- for a short barrelled 410 derringer. kR
  20. Looks like the person in the reflection is a ways back from the table so is not in the right side of the picture. Imaginations do run wild sometimes. kR
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