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  1. Can get pretty chilly north of Phoenix in Feb. kR
  2. Not supposed to sell RELOADS, manufactured ammo should be fine. kR
  3. I purchased SP Fed Mag Match priimers for as low as $45 per thousand and as high as $78 per thousand last summer so any where in that range would be fair. I also have used Wolf primers and their regular pistol primers are fine for tuned revolvers. It depends on which ones they are. kR
  4. Them chicken feets are restin comfortably in Parnell Circle waitin for the weekend after next. kR
  5. I bought an extractor about 10 years ago and it was short. Lesson learned, never bought another from that guy. kR
  6. Use a larger granulation of powder. 2f instead of 3f or 1f instead of 2f. My Walkers will drop the lever with a full load of 3f but not with the same load of 2f. kR PS you could even go with Schuetzen Harzer which is reenactor powder and more coarse than 1f.
  7. Which of those three is a retail store? kR
  8. At WW $4.96 per 100 Kr
  9. If you are going to be at Ambush I will give you the ones I have. kR
  10. Yep been seein it all over the West. kR
  11. Use to years ago, that's just the way it was done. It was difficult to get jeans in the proper length. kR
  12. That revolver looks to be a open top conversion. kR
  13. Use those short colts ya stick in first. kR
  14. I have no problems with Cheddites. As far as using primers that are somewhat larger, who cares. How many times do you reload a plastic sg hull? Its not like they are made of gold. Use em 3 or 4 times and then chuck em. kR
  15. I thought JB would be on those like a duck on a june bug. kR
  16. It took a lot more miles than that to get there. kR
  17. Kid Rich

    IMR Red

    I've never tried IMR Red. Is it comparable to Red Dot? Thanks kR
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