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On 6/22/2021 at 4:23 PM, Jersey Kid, SASS #287 said:


2001 - Outlaw Pete, The Jersey Kid, Bobby Carradine, Trinidad Slim, Bob Gangi (COWS) Pierre Bessez (President of Stetson) Cole Younger



Trinidad slim is that tall feller in the back?  Boy he sure looks familiar. 



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The Susquehanna Roundup 2001, Top Shooters. Ded-I-Dalton was Top Lady,

and Top Lady Traditional, while Single Action Jackson was Top Traditional,

Top Overall, and Top Gun.

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The late, great, much missed, Griff's Girl, SASS#14 at 1990's EOT... I forget which stage.  (I think that was the last year for the CA Range Masters doing the officiating.  A LOT of folks got burned ordering videos that were never produced!  






That Rossi 20 ga was a bear to open with its shortened stock.  

And at OWSA's National Shootout abt. 1991/1992


Edited by Griff
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Railhead July, 1997, Williams, Az.


Check out the target distances.






Some of the Tucson Shooters.





We did okay.  Dusty Drover, Arizona Desperado (my previous alias), Solicitor General, and The Butcher.






Great friends and some of my favorite people, Quicksand, Pike Coyle, and Blaze Kincaid.




Edited by Howlin Mad Murdock SASS #4037
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