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  1. Yeah, my old clunkers don't merit such. They've only won 15 regional, 15 state and three national titles with the stock pins. Like I said, a hog.
  2. IMO this is the most over rated mod available out there. It's like putting a pearl necklace on a hog. Just use a nail and plenty of grease.
  3. Well, I thought I was done with this post, but Just one further comment. Regards to no Transfer Bar on a Ruger. I've only told this story to a few folks. It happen a LONG time ago. I stopped working on other folks guns after a Lawsuit. I guy got a Ruger from me that did not have a transfer bar in it. It was NOT a gun that I had taken the transfer bar out of.... it was an original that had never seen a transfer bar. (Thank God) Any how, he loaded it with 6 rounds and while stepping up into his van the gun fell and hit on the hammer, it fired a bullet into his leg hitting the Femur. He died in the hospital. The insurance company went after the deep pockets...…. RUGER. Their investigator showed up at my place and scared the hell out of me. I thought for a while that I was going to end up in the middle of all this. At that point, I decided to stop working on guns for other folks. (yeah, every so often I end up helping someone out but I won't accept any pay, and won't admit it). If I were still working on guns there is no way in the world that I would remove ANY safety device from a gun belonging to ANYONE other than myself....., and I would NOT sell ANYONE a traceable gun that had a safety device removed. Bottom line is this... Now days you have better cover your @$$. If you do anything that can be traced back to you (a proved), then you had better do EVERYTHING right.
  4. SMS... I took no offense, and meant none. I have great admiration for Tool & Die makers. They are skilled people, and must have a broad knowledge of things from metallurgy to machining. It provides an excellent background to venture into Gunsmithing. My professional background is in Electrical Engineering and I don't have the knowledge or experience doing many of those things. The vast majority of what I do is done with hand tools. I've been tearing apart motorcycles and cars since I was a youngster, and we learned to do a lot of things using what we had. But if I find that I can't get the job done with what I have, I take it to a Machinist friend of mine that has both the experience and the expertise to do what I want done. But for the most part there is very little that I do that I can not do using hand tools. I got started working on guns many years ago when I took one of my Colts apart. I was amazed at just how simple it was. Since I had it apart I just as well tune it up …. right? I had seen the ads from Eddie XXXXX and saw how much he got to tune up a Colt SAA. Well heck I knew that I wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box but this thing was so simple that I wasn't about to pay anyone that kind of money.... I'd just do it myself. It was a little over a year before I got that gun working properly again. It was so simple that I just didn't grasp the fact that each little simple thing had to be done EXACTLY right for this simple contraption to work properly. During that period, out of necessity, I learned how to recut sears and notches, replace cams and tune up those things that were so "Simple", and in the end I wondered how he could do it all at such a reasonable price. Now days there are any number of after market parts available. They are CNC made to be perfect and most folks with a little ability can drop them in and with just a little fine tuning they work pretty well. Some folks have made a business out of replacing parts. That doesn't make them a Gunsmith, but some of them are pretty darned good at replacing those parts and making the guns work well. Now, what's this about Cold Bluing a gun.... Why heck..... I've painted guns and been pretty pleased with the results! Snakebite
  5. Well I'm pretty sure that I am Hack, I've had little or no training in the gunsmithing field, just a pretty good mechanical aptitude. However, it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to do the basic work on most of these guns used in CAS, and if you can read and follow good directions, most things are covered reasonably well either on the internet or in some of the publications. Besides all of that, I've screwed up enough guns over the past 50 yrs that I have a pretty good idea of what not to do. Snakebite
  6. 3 grains of any fast powder that you have will work for this game.
  7. It depends upon what your definition the word "IS", is.
  8. The founders described allowable ammunition in terms or caliber rather than making specific cartridge designations. This opened the door to just about any ammunition that meets diameter requirements (caliber). Snakebite
  9. Try trimming the length of the brass. Move down a little at a time and see if it becomes a good fit. If so, you might need to polish the front end of the chamber. The FIRST thing I would do would be to get some good dies. Snakebite
  10. Why don' you just use your gun? It has the shape that you want, EXACTLY! Just wrap it in cellophane kitchen wrap, wet the holsters and slam em in. Let them dry without adding any heat. Snakebite
  11. As long as you know the basics I think that you ought to attend some of the Big matches. Big matches often have easier stages than small matches because they are trying to get more people through. New shooters often feel like Everyone is Watching them... but that is just not the case. When you get good at this game, that is when everyone is watching you. Snakebite
  12. I'm not saying it's not legal... just asking. When I wrote and presented the Long Range rules for approval, I added a category to allow the MD the authority to include guns that did not otherwise meet the standards. The main thought was to allow things like the Martini action, which was certainly period correct, but it didn't have a external hammer, and was not an American design gun. I'm sure that this gun could easily be included in that category if otherwise not allowed. The Handi Rifle was based upon the 1871 H&R. That was the argument for acceptance, and it was approved as such... also, it helped that at the time, SASS was marketing and selling their SASS Buffalo Classic in 38-55. That was the reason that the .375 was accepted into the Buffalo shoot. We all know that the 38-55 was a target gun, not a Buffalo gun. I'm sure that the current ROC has indeed looked at this gun and must have approved it. I was just wondering what the basis was. Snakebite
  13. CBB, I do not disagree with you comments. True, the central part of things is indeed shooting. The difference is the venue of playing the game while doing it. Where as most IPSC type stage descriptions just say something to the effect of Start here and move through the stage shooting targets as they become available. That's OK... but that is basically the same instruction for stage after stage after stage. No game playing. Without doubt, the game has evolved a great deal from what it was when it started. No more swinging across on a rope or throwing yourself down on the ground under a buckboard and such, but acting out a well written scenario is the fun of the game. Walk into the Saloon and pour a drink up to the Line on the clock is fun. Why on the clock? Because it is fun to see who will just try to dump it and who will take their time so as not to spill any and miss the bonus. It's just part of the play acting for the game. I'm afraid that my zeal might exaggerate the amount of play that I think ought to happen. We are getting ready for our 25th anniversary annual match. We will have you sit in the buckboard and pull up you own shotgun targets stage, a stage shooting at a swinging target, a jailbreak stage, a total Shooting Arcade stage, a stage that moves you down a long street with many buildings and shooting 10 shotgun + rifle and pistols, a stage that puts you into a Powered Ore Cart that will drive you down into the canyon shooting all the way, and a stage where you control a Flying Buffalo that is on a LONG cable the moves across the canyon. We will also have some stages that will offers the shooter choices of shooting hard or easy targets. I use a lot of Knock down targets, and a fair amount of poppers with birds. Virtually every Knock down and bird can be made up, and the vast majority of the targets are plenty large, and at SASS minimum or in many cases closer. The ONLY targets that are far, are 4 ft square. You can start shooting them as soon as the Ore cart comes out of the mine approx. 50 yds, or wait until the Ore cart is at the end of the rail. IN YOUR FACE... shooters choice. The sooner you shoot them, the faster your time will be... but sometimes people miss those big targets due to "Bumps" in the rail..... its just the game that we play, and they come back every year to play it again. We never have an problem getting shooters. The only shooters that we don't get are those that think this is a serious shooting sport. We wish them well, but don't miss them. Snakebite Yes Yule... I don't want to ride a stick horse either!
  14. It's a Game. Ask the Founders what it is. I've talked to all of them... even those that are no longer with us. They ALL said that "It's a Game". Shooting is part of the game. We have between 1 and 2 million categories, because it is a game. If you want to really have a shooting competition those are certainly available. I just watched a first class IPSC match that was done on our Cowboy range.... Ha! I'd bet that well over 90% of our shooters couldn't even begin to complete in that match. Yes, we do indeed have some talented shooters, but CAS is a far cry from a real and true shooting sport. Shooting is part of this Game. We call it an action game... but there is very little action in the shooting portion of this game. No run and gun allowed, just stand and shoot, then move and shoot again, virtually never at anything that is hard to hit. All of the action in this game must come from everything else, other than the shooting. I by no means want to see this game become just another shooting sport. In some places it has already become little more than a speed lever or slip hammer competition. That's not sour grapes, and if you know me, you also know that I'm not afraid of competition. I think that it's great..... as long as it's part of the game. With out the game it is just another shooting sport, and the Founders sure didn't want that, and neither do I. Snakebite
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