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  1. Everyone that knows the answer to these questions, please raise your hands.
  2. To begin with, I shoot a BSS that has had the springs greatly reduced, and had a good deal of issue with most American Shotshell primers. I couldn't make 50% of any Federal primer go off.... whether reload or new ammo. I generally load Remington hulls. Of all the US primers, the Remington worked the best for me... however I still experienced a lot of FTF. The issue was MY GUN, I am fully aware of that, but I liked it and didn't want to change it. So, I started loading Euro primers which are a little larger in diameter. They don't load quite as deep, leaving the primer just a tad higher and allowing them to receive a better hit from the firing pin. I have NEVER had a FTF since changing to them several years ago. I have a pretty good stock of them, but always keep my eye's open for a few more when they come up for sale. When I purchased my last supply, they were $23/1000 so I got a few.
  3. Snakebite


    I read a while back that primers would become available for a short time and then dry up again. Seems like that has come to pass. For while I saw a number of reputable dealers selling primers for $75/1000 + fees, with a limit of one box. I haven't seen that lately. As far as I can see, the ban on importing Russian primers hasn't brought them to their knees yet. Snakebite
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