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  1. I don't see that pointing the gun down range under supervision and pulling the trigger as being stupid or even unsafe. However, I would rather see the action opened and the shooter directed to the ULT. Basic firearm safety had already been broken by the shooter when they arrived on stage with the hammer cocked. IMO it should not be allowed to slide without penalty. If no round under the cocked hammer... then a 10 sec safety, if a live round under the cocked hammer... then a SDQ. We must all guard against Complacency. We do the Loading table event many times over and over again, and some folks do become complacent. Again.... a true and real Loading table officer, one that actually does the job, can help the shooter to not become complacent. JMO Snakebite
  2. I can't even count the number of times that I have given or installed parts to get someone going at a match, and never received the promised replacements back. Labor was free, and for some so were the parts.
  3. If you want best advice for mental preparation for this game, here it is: when you go to a match, get yourself to become a 6 year old again, and play Cowboy!
  4. Yes, I seen that. That is why I removed my query.
  5. I also use 12 grains of Extra Lite, and prefer Remington hulls. Either STS or Gun Club both work well. However, I normally use a Grey Clay Buster's wad. Both wads work well. I use an adjustable bar in my Mec 9000, and just adjust the shot to give me a good crimp. Overall wad height is the same. Snakebite
  6. I have one of those work benches. I don't use it for a loading bench, but for a work bench in my small shop. I have it pushed into a corner, and it is plenty stable. Such a deal for that price... If I can figure out a place to put another one, I'll get one. For my Loading bench I use another Harbor Freight cart called a Yukon. It is a metal cart with large casters on it, two large drawers and two large doors. Laminated hardwood top and is VERY heavy. I have a 650 and Mec 9000 mounted on it. I also use two Inline Fabrication elevated mounts. It allows me to quickly change out either of the loading presses and put the turret press into service very quickly, they even have a vice mount that can be put into the stand. It's a pretty good system and works very well. Since I moved from our mountain home where I had a huge shop, and a huge loading room, I've had to down size a great deal. These items really did help.
  7. I was looking through the Oct Chronicle again, and this time I went page by page and actually looked at every person and tried to guess their age. Ha, it was interesting, but nothing I didn't already know. Snakebite
  8. My rule of thumb for reloading is $5 per box of anything, including Shot Shells.
  9. And that is what they ought to be going for IMO. I got $1500 for the one I sold several years ago and though it was an excellent shooter, it showed some wear. This one is unfired, 99%
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. This is one of two of these guns that I've had/have. I shot the first one quite a bit and it preformed very well for me. When looking at the Auction sites I found many Italian Clones that were bringing what seemed to me like a very strong price for what they are. I think that the Browning is worth considerably more than those guns. When I sold the first one (fired) several years ago it brought what I've seen in the listings shown here. I believe that the Badger barrel and Stock Soule type sights that come on the BPCR are far superior to what the Italian guns have on them. Maybe it just isn't the time to bring it out of the safe yet. Thanks. Snakebite
  11. I have a unfired Browning BPCR 45-70 with sights and no box. Looks new. I've been looking around trying to find a realistic price on one, but they seem to be scarce. I would appreciate some realistic feed back on what I should list it for. Tnx, Snakebite ps... hope this is not against forum guidelines... if so, please delete
  12. SASS would have a much better grasp on the answers to the questions about the cheap badge, the free Chronicle or any questions as to where your hard earned dollars paid to SASS goes. The similarities come from what I see as a negative tone of the public inquiry rather than first asking SASS. That is again... MY OPINION. I guess that we all get out of SASS what we put into it. I have put a lot into it, and I have been well rewarded with the many years of enjoyment that it has provided me. This is the end of my comments on this. Snakebite
  13. That may well be so, but I have been following the impeachment hearings and could not help but see similarities. Like I said..... it is my opinion. Also IMO, queries to the SASS office, BOD, would be the best place to start. They would be better informed to have answers, since it is they and not the membership at large who pays the bills. Snakebite
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