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  1. Sundown Jones use to shoot a pair of 12" barrels in the early days. I have some video of Needa Taylor shooting a 12" Colt at our early matches... so, yep... they are legal. Snakebite
  2. I worn boots for many years of my life, but when I ended up with gout, I had to switch to various Lace up work boots. I was at Tractor supply a while back, and they had these Justin boots on sale for $89, so I tried a pair in my size, and EE width. They work very well for me, with lots of room for my toes without the heel being so wide that they slip. Don't know if they would have any that would work for you or not. I see that Boot Barn also sells them, though the price is a bit more. https://www.bootbarn.com/justin-mens-soft-toe-work-boots/050B37.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=%2Bjustin %2Bwk4660&utm_campaign=Styles&ef_id=XWbfFQAABDxHnKoJ:20200219233727:s
  3. Good idea. WR has been a leader in doing things their way. I'm sure that SASS will adapt and clarify the rules to fit the situation. SB
  4. Saw the ST Machining Loading Block in the January Cowboy Chronicle. Yes, I do know, in fact, that new brass is cheap compared to what a rifle jamb can cost at a big match. Well, I use new brass at any match that is important, but I have 1.325 zillion 38 cases that have been fired so many times that I dare not even try to guess. They have been loaded with every type powder available, and cleaned to shin like new in my handy dandy wet tumbler. The Brass that was used with Citrus based BP Subs, are the worse for splitting, and I've had my share of them split on me. But when my wife gets one.... I'm really in the dog house. Using this little device has so far spotted every case that has been split or had a high primer. I got two of them, and we now run every round through before it goes into the Match ammo box. I just love new gimmicks, and when they work it is even better! Snakebite
  5. Snakebite


    Just a query about a fictitious situation. 1. Shooter moves to ULT, clears both Long Guns, clears first pistol, proceeds to holster but misses and it falls to the ground. Shooter continues and clears second Pistol then holsters it. Picks up dropped pistol and holsters it. What's the call? 2. Shooter moves to ULT, clears both Long Guns, Clears First pistol and holsters it. Clears second Pistol and proceeds to holster but misses and it falls to the ground. Shooter picks it up and Holsters it. What's the call? In both situations, the ULT Officer acknowledged that each gun had been cleared.
  6. Yeah... it's a bummer. I've never had any problem buying any gun I wanted and certainly not any ammo. I try to follow the rules, so this event really surprised me. It appears that it was just a change of address that needed to be done. Doing that change on one gun registration hopefully fixed the problem. We just moved out of the mountains a year ago and the new address didn't line up with anything that they had on file. When we moved, we considered moving to another state but just could not find anyplace that suited us. I hate the dessert, don't want the snow, can't tolerate high altitude and don't like high humidity. I like the North coast of California, and many parts of Oregon, but I don't fit in well with the ex hippies or the hippie wanta-bees. Not much on Chest Beating Vibrato so that rules out some areas, and having a well established team of doctors is a good thing to stick with if possible. Bottom line is that it is hard to leave your home and start over when you are in your 70s, and your family is local. So...I guess that I will just have to stick it out.
  7. I load my shotgun shells most of the time. For the first time since the new law went into effect here in California, for buying ammo, I went into buy some shotgun shells today. They ask for my Drivers License and fed the information into the computer. after a while, it spit out a printed sheet from the Dept of Justice that said that I was denied, and not able to purchase ammo. Quite a shock for me. I'm a licensed DOJ instructor. Spent hours this morning trying to make contact with ANYONE at the California DOJ. No luck. It's impossible to talk to anyone... just piles of selected messages. Most of them say that they are swamped due to the fact that so many people are buying guns in California. After a few hours of reading, I decided that I was turned down because my new Drivers License showed my new address, and all of my DOJ records showed my old address. I sent in a address change.... maybe in 6 weeks I can buy that box of shotgun shells.
  8. Not a question that I would ask or answer.
  9. Tnx for the offer Wayne. I've had to cancel WR at that last minute, so will miss the opportunity. But I'm sure one will pop up. Say hey to the Queen. Good luck to you both at the match.
  10. Thanks for the feedback Jim. I'm somewhat of a underground, shade tree, simi-competent, Not for real-Gun fiddler myself. I've worked on a number of the SKB shotguns, and of course on the BSS. I think that both of them are a good gun. I shot BP for most of my CAS up until a couple years ago and I preferred using the Browning. The SKB is a more nimble gun, and does weight less than the Browning. It might be that Fannie Oakley might enjoy shooting one. Trying to borrow one for her to try just doesn't work because she needs a very short length of pull, and most are much too long for her. So, about the only way we are going to find out is to pick one up, cut it to fit and let her try it. If she doesn't like it, then I'll just "s-t-r-e-t-c-h" the stock back out and use it for a back up gun.
  11. Sure going to miss the Swap Meet... I was going to look for a SKB. I think that the lighter gun might be a better choice for my wife. She is now using a Browning. It's nice, but the weight difference is significant. Snakebite
  12. A good place to start with that question would be your Territorial Governor..... since that is his job.
  13. This list is invalid because Batteries are listed twice. In the PROTUS telephone conversation with the Ukraine President, batteries were only mentioned one time. Therefore this list has been "Doctored", and can not be accepted as accurate. Signed, Mr Schiff
  14. Hillbilly Drifter... my Great Great Grandfather, Archibald Gilmore, was born in Hampshire County, Virginia in 1813. I think that is now part of West Virginia, so that means we must be related! Snakebite
  15. HD.. I think that we all go through ups and downs in this game. I've been doing it since 93, and have experienced periods of waning interest. Health issue certainly play a part in that... but I've always managed to work through those periods. I'm not the Fireball that I once was, but I've still got a spark or two left. I believe that it is very likely that if I ever step out of the saddle, it will be unlikely that I'll ever get back up.... so I don't stop. What else is there to do? After all of these years my only friends and associates are part of the CAS game and a great number of them have died off or moved away. Yes, it is costing a great deal of money to continue this game... easily a $1,000 per month for the two of us to shoot at the clubs we are members of, and that doesn't even include the Big matches like WR and a few others we attend. Bottom line is this... unless you have something else to do, rather than sit and watch I Love Lucy, I suggest that you stick it out and pull yourself up by your Bootstraps! Life is what we make it, and Attitude is EVERYTHING. Best wishes in your pursuits. Snakebite
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