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  1. I say Horse$#!t, I've seen you play this game, and it wasn't luck. Snakebite
  2. When I am ask by new shooters if it is worth it to load your own shotshells. I assume that the person has nothing other than his empty hulls. Everything else must be purchased. I tell them that once they are set up with a loader, powder, primers, wads and shot, and are ready to start loading, it will cost them about HALF of what a new box would cost them. Whether it is worth it to them or not , I don't know. Do you think that my Ball park cost are correct? Snakebite
  3. Having been there quite a few times over the years I've found out that if you don't take both Hot and Cold wardrobes, you are making a mistake! It will absolutely rain. It will absolutely snow. It will absolutely be hotter than Hell. You can count on it......... maybe.
  4. Glad you are pleased with the results. I switched to wet tumbling a few years back after 40+ years of vibrating my brass. There is no comparison. I choose to use the SS media. After several threads on the subject with a number of guys claiming that this or that is just as good, I tried them all. They all worked plenty good enough for reloading... but NOTHING works as well as the SS media IMO. It just depends upon whether you are showing your brass at the local Drive in Car Show or showing it at the Concours d'Elegance. I prefer the latter. As for drying, I put it into a Throw style aluminum Turkey pan and put them into the oven at 200 degrees.
  5. Not sure why, but we've not been able to get our match listed on the SASS site. Our annual Fort Miller match in Clovis, Ca. has been taking place the third weekend in April for the past 25 years! It is scheduled to do the same again this year. Check us out and down load a registration form from our web site, Kings River Regulators. We have been a SASS club for 30 years. Hope you can make it. Snakebite
  6. Snakebite


    Duh, yeah, that could very easily happen if I was the T.O. Accidental of course!
  7. At my first large annual match in the early 90's I had a round blow off in the magazine of a 45 Henry Rifle. It blew a large hole in my left hand. I wouldn't use that bullet style. There are a lot of Truncated cone bullets that would be better suited for a tubular magazine.
  8. Loading for the 38 special in this game is very easy. I've been loading for over 60 yrs and have always advised folks to use established loads recommended by the MFG. That is of course always a safe answer to give., and it is MY suggestion to you. For my OWN use, I've never found ANY fast powder that will not work in a 38 special for the game we play. When shooting the large targets that are right in front of the end of the barrel, it doesn't take a refined and dialed in, extensive case scrutiny load to get the job done. Anything that will leave the end of the barrel will usually work. Yep... some loads will increase in pressure a bit when down loaded, but much more so with over loaded. But remember this, 99.9% of the guns used to shoot 38's out of in this game are proofed for the very high pressures developed in a 357 Mag cartridge. The guns that I've seen blown up did NOT come from shooting a 38 special with a small charge of fast powder. Don't take all of this to be too caviler, reloading ammo can have dangerous results, but in general working at the low end of things such as we do in this game is not as critical as some folks think.
  9. Tnx for your feedback. I load my own shotshells for my wife and myself but always try to keep a few cases of "Store" bought shells on hand as backup for times that I am unable or too lazy to load. When I started looking around I found the Fiocchi lite loads, but since posting this question I came across AA lights at a decent price and ordered a bunch of them. Snakebite
  10. TNX Pard. That's what I wanted to know.
  11. The way I get screw out that have been installed by a Gorilla is to use my Drill Press. Pad the item so it won't get scratched up. Put a bit that fits the screw into the chuck of the drill press. Get the screw aligned and level (square) with the bit. This part might take two people. Hold the item (gun) while applying pressure to the bit using the drill press lever. Then turn the chuck BY HAND ONLY. DO NOT TURN ON THE DRILL MOTOR. The flywheel effect of turning the chuck will usually loosen the screw.
  12. One of the best looking guns out there. I wouldn't hesitate to hang one over the fireplace. I spent a lifetime one week working on one of them before I got it to the point that it was satisfactory to use in this game, but I've never seen any of them that would open the way I want them too... and that goes for some guns tuned by some of the best know Cowboy Smiths. JMO. The way they are built there is just not much mechanical advantage involved when opening the gun, so they will never be what I would call easy to open. The cocking rods were indeed one place that needed work. I ended up having to machine new ones because the originals melted on the spot when I applied a little heat. They were some kind of POT METAL! Making the new cocking rods out of some REAL metal and adjusting them did help. JMNSHO
  13. Has anyone tried the 12 ga Fiocchi Extra Low Recoil (7/8 oz) shell in their SXS? Did you have any problem with them releasing and failing to "Shuck" out easily? Tnx, Snakebite
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