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  1. The person running the match, would be the Match Director. He or she should, and probably does know, that the SASS Shooter's Handbook spells out very clearly what guns may be use at a Cowboy Action Shooting Match. (section 6)There is no standard as to how the speed events are run or scored, but I've never seen a Speed side match run any other way than the by number of hits in the fastest time.
  2. I'm sure they will be able to reach the targets. sb
  3. I have one of the Lyman T-Mag presses that I use for the occasional odd cartridge loading or the Big Bore stuff. It is a fabulous machine. I sounds like this new one with eight stations might be a good machine too. That is sure a good price. I quit shopping at Midway a long time ago because they were usually higher priced on just about everything that I tried to buy. Good to see that they might be coming competitive again.
  4. Snakebite

    Sixgun Shorty

    I miss seeing Shorty around. He is a good guy. sb
  5. As you probably know, if used for hunting in California, they must not have any lead in them. If you can't find any solid copper bullets, you can cast you own using Bismuth. They are a little less in weight for any given Lead casting, but they work and are acceptable for hunting in California. I did this for my 38-55. When I sent in the spec for approval to the Dept of Fish and Game, they put me on their list as a manufacturer. Well, I am not a manufacturer. Since they have me listed, I've received plenty of contacts wanting the bullets... what a pain! You can buy a chunk of Bismuth on ebay sometimes for a decent price. Trying to use Shot is too expensive. The bullets are very brittle and you must be carful with using too tight of a crimp... but they do work. Another thing that is nice to know.... they look like a lead bullet. The Game wardens have no way to test them and would be hard pressed if they denied your claim that they were Bismuth and not lead. Snakebite
  6. If you've got any gas left after the RR Bar next April, come give us a try at Fort Miller, it's two weeks later. Snakebite
  7. The 2020 match will be all about Johnsons. That's all I'll say about it. Snakebite
  8. I've had some success with tight screws using a drill press. Get the part set in a padded vise. Put the right size screw driver bit in the drill press chuck. DON'T TURN ON THE DRILL MOTOR! Just turn the chuck by hand while you hold downward pressure on the chuck with the drill press. Often the bumping action and the associated weight of the pully system will break the screw free. Snakebite
  9. Hey come on down to the Fort Miller match next April... you can be State Champion here, it's OK with us. Snakebite
  10. Too tough of a question to nail down to just one match. Of course WR is gonna be hard to beat. EOT has put on some dandy matches, and every year the Western Regional at Chorro Valley is great! I must admit that I love our Fort Miller match in the Fresno Area in April. It has a lot of Old Time Flavor on a great Cowboy Range. Peace in the Valley, in ND. was just wonderful... wish they were a bit closer to California. I'm looking forward to a return to the RR Bar range for the next California State match, and sometime while I'm still able to get around, I would love to attend Commin at cha. I've heard nothing but good things about what T Bone and crew do. WOW... there are great matches everywhere! Snakebite
  11. Rule enforcement can be difficult at times. I have found that new shooters accept enforcement much better than some very experienced shooters. The experienced shooter may have been doing it for years, and never been called on it. They usually know that it is wrong, and when someone calls them on it, they get mad. By the time the story gets around they have put a Spin on it to try and make it look like it is your fault. I have seen this at all levels of the game, from World Champions down. One famous Champ showed up at WR wearing Rocky Swat team boots. I called him on it and told him to get them changed. He did, but the word spread that I was a Hard Ass. Another Champ's wife moved with the posse at EOT. If he did anything wrong, she would yell "Stop", and he would stop and demand a restart because someone yelled stop. I didn't allow it and made him finish the stage. He appealed the call and lost. A women on the posse that shot with him regularly said that she had seen the same things happen before with him and his wife, and the T.O. would allow him a restart/shoot. One guy came to me asking for a reshoot for his son because one pistol did not fire due to the cylinder pin being pushed in to the safety position. He said that it was his fault not the boys fault. Sorry, but that didn't matter, the kid had to take the 5 misses. He continued to argue about it when I noticed that the grips on both hand guns had electrical friction tape wrapped around them. I pointed it out and told him to remove it before the next stage. He exploded and said that the grips were cracked and the tape was needed to hold them on. At first I thought that it had just happened and that it was a quick on the spot repair, but wondered if the grips on both guns had just cracked. He said that he had been shooting with them that way for the past few years, even at EOT and WR and nobody had ever said anything about it. Fact is, he knew what he was doing. I told him to fix it before the next stage, and he did..... but by the time he put a spin on the story with his many friends, I was the Bad Guy. Rule enforcement can be difficult. I try to cut as much slack as I can, but some things are just so flagrant that they must be addressed. It will never change. Just be fair and honest. If you can find a legal way to help the shooter out of the problem, then do it. I don't roam the field looking for something to ding people on. If you do, you will certainly find plenty, at any match you go to. Snakebite
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