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  1. "Outlawed Items: Short Sleeve Shirts (male competitors only)." I've seen several discussions about this over the years and found that quite a few members feel that this rule doesn't have to be followed. We all know that the "Dress Code" has been constantly sliding down hill for a good while now. We see so many shooters wearing Wranglers and Rodeo Shirts that it has become an accepted practice. Re-alignment of the rules over time have allowed some things into the game that were not allowed in the past. I'm starting to see a few people wearing short sleeve shirts. I don't know if it
  2. Absolutly NO. That is the same as grip tape.
  3. I use a sardine can. Setup a number a of cases in the can. Add water to the can about half way up the cases. Use propane torch to heat top of cases to just a discernable dull red. Quickly jar can so cases fall over into the water. Done.
  4. 66 vs 73..... humm, When I was 66 I could leap tall buildings with a single bound. Now, at 73 it takes me two bounds. Snakebite
  5. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if they left LaPierre behind when they moved.
  6. In reading the OP I agree with most of it. We ought not attempt to "Shame" those that choose to not get vaccinated. In this case it is their choice to get or not get vaccinated. But, it is MY RIGHT to choose to not associate closely with someone in that group. That person has no right to move into my space.... the key here is "MY SPACE". Most intelligent people make their choices based upon the "so-called" facts they have. Making a key choice based upon your emotional state is, IMO, a poor way to choose. Letting someone "Goad" you into getting your back up and then making a poor choice will u
  7. If I were younger I would consider the North West in Arkansas. I have family on both side in That area. Except for the chiggers and ticks I enjoyed my visits.
  8. Thanks to some good doctors I'm 8 yrs past my expiration date.
  9. My early years were spent on a small farm north of Kingsburg, California. My family was poor, and had moved from Arkansas after starving half to death during the depression. We had no inside toilet. The Out House was about 30 yards from the house out by the Chicken coop. One day my mother was cleaning the Out House. She would roll up newspaper and light one end like a torch and use them to burn out the cob webs in the Out House. Well sure enough she caught the Out House on fire. We had no hose and faucet, so I pumped water into one bucket while she would carry the other one and throw the water
  10. Humm, I wonder if Biden's new Executive order about Stabilizing Braces include these?
  11. It is.... ISN'T THAT WHAT I SAID!
  12. Hey, he's having fun.
  13. Tell us about the "Much" more. I'd love to hear about it since I was the Chairman of the ROC when it was removed from the Game.
  14. I made it many years ago. Mine was poor quality and I was scared the whole time I was doing it. Not something I ever expect to do again.
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