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  1. Unfortunately I had to miss the 2020 WR... if all goes well I expect to be back for the 2021 match. Having not attended, I can't comment directly on the last WR, but having attended most of them since day one, I can affirm that WR has always been one of the Best, if not the Best match in the game. (The old Mule Camp was a damned fine match too) The scenarios are always well thought out, and the props are beyond being just great. WR has always put forth the same philosophy that I have always promoted... and that is a good mix. I have not seen any stage/scenario that was over the top difficult for the most shooters to accomplish. Some of course can do them faster than others, but THAT is the game. Ideas for improvement.... though not impossible, that will be a very difficult task. It will be hard to improve WR. Snakebite
  2. Well there you go. Wrong again... at least 2 implies that there is 3 or more. just come out with it. I see no reason to dance around it. There are 3 members outside of the US...... at least. Snakebite
  3. Yep... I've got a few things that I will never ever use again. Not sure what to even do with some them. When I moved out of the mountains I cut my collection down by over 50%, now, with no convenient place to shoot, I don't need many guns.
  4. TNX pard... just got my computer working again. The gun is a good 98%. I'll take another look around and see what I can find. It will shoot virtually the same hole at 100yds with Speer Nitrex ammo, and under MOA with my reloads. By far the most accurate gun I've ever owned. I got it for some fun hunting, but it was just too pretty to take out, and then they outlawed any bullets with lead for hunting, so I had to load Barnes copper. They were good, but nothing shoots like the Speer Nitrex ammo. I think if I listed it for that price, I would jump on it myself! Also have a lot of ammo and dies. Thanks again Snakebite
  5. Been looking for comps, but current ones seem to be scarce. I have a Browning Low Wall, 243 with Leupold Vari X 2-7 Compact. It is 98%, and has very few rounds through it. Since moving to town, I don't see any further opportunities to enjoy it. I would appreciate some feedback as to what I might expect. I've searched high and low, and can not find the box. Lots of things I can find since the move to town. Snakebite
  6. A gas checked bullet does not obturate like a plain based lead bullet does. Sizing becomes more critical when using a gas checked bullet in a 45-70.
  7. Long before Mash... James Fennimore Cooper wrote about his Frontier Scout Hero, Hawkeye. The Deer Slayer and The Last of the Mohicans were two of the most popular. I pretty sure that Jim took his name from there.
  8. My good friend and Co-Founder of the Kings River Regulators has crossed the River. Jim Riley was one of the best. He always had a smile, and was always first to give help where he could. All that know him will miss him. Goodbye my old friend. Snakebite
  9. Keeping the loading table down to one or two shooters might help in some cases, and keeping the line spaced out. As for timing, If the stage were written so as to start and stop at the same location, the Timer could be put on delay and left at the start/stop location to sound the starting beep, and to pickup the final shot. If the shooter were unable to hear the timer's beep, the T.O. could stand back at a safe distance and shoot the Shooter in the ass with a bean flip when the timer went off. Naw... I'll just wait until it's safe, then go back to playing the game. Snakebite
  11. So sorry for the loss of your friend and family member. We too have been there a number of times. Each time we said that we would not get another because the loss was too much to bare. However, each time we ended up doing so because living without the love and comfort that a true K-9 friend can provide is just too much to bare. You can never replace you friend, but you can enjoy another one. The years of joy should not be wasted. If possible, after a short time, get yourself another friend. Snakebite
  12. I am aware of that, and I have some of that and some from another source, but I'm not stripping paint right now...
  13. In the mean time I am taking Snakebite whiskey. It helps calm the nerves.
  14. Do you really expect anyone to believe that... without pictures, it didn't happen!
  15. Yes... those authentic type wheels are rather tough. I used the never go flat rubber tires on mine. The roll much easier and provide a little cushion. sb
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