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  1. IMO the lack of understanding by some people that the costume aspect is of major importance to this game just shows that they don't have any idea what this game is about. When the dress code started sliding, the game started sliding with it. Snakebite
  2. The restrictions in California say that gatherings of 10 or more are required to wear a mask only IF they can not maintain the social distancing of 6'. We have made the necessary changes to our match so that we can meet the current mandates, so, we are moving forward with our annual Fort Miller match. One thing we are doing is to offer shooters the choice of being on a posse where everyone is required to wear a Mask (can be pulled down while actually shooting) or they can choose to be on a posse where Mask are not required (optional posse). Of course social distancing will be maintained, that
  3. It was at our club that a woman got a eye full of glitter. It cut her eye and she had to go to the doctor. It took weeks for her eye to heal up. Adding anything to your Shotgun Shells is not a good idea. Adding the wrong thing to the powder charge can turn that shotgun shell into a bomb and or greatly increase the pressure. IMO there is no place in this game for that kind of fun. It is dangerous and puts others at risk. Snakebite
  4. My wife has that youth model and it works great. Holds 10 rounds loaded to 1.5" oal.
  5. Maybe they are working with the technical staff to improve a weak spot in the Primary or Secondary RADAR coverage.
  6. They sure do look the same. sb
  7. I agree with Nate... I've had great success with the high end single trigger shotguns and nothing but trouble with all of the low end single trigger shotguns. I used the double trigger Stoeger shotguns for many years. Although I do not think they are the greatest I believe they generally work better than the Single trigger Stoeger. Many folks will pay well over a $1000 for their Handguns, well over a $1000 for their Rifles, but skimp on the Shotgun.... IMO, it is the Shotgun that wins or looses the match. Snakebite
  8. I'll change it for $10. What would you like me to call you? sb
  9. Yes, it should have been, but museums don't pay what private collector do, they expect folks to all be generous and donate things. Selling high dollar collectibles is tricky business. I got screwed by RIA actions. IMO they rigged the auction. Put my item up and sold it 20 secs later for about a 1/3 of what they told me it should go for.
  10. Thats great. Mine was first year of production with all original parts, stamps and cartuch. Ainsworth stamping. I got over 5 figures for it. The 2cd was a shooter but still fetched a good sum.
  11. I started out shooting a 1st and 2cd gen Colts. Finally got smart and stopped using them. (Too valuable). Tried both the 75 and 92 Remington's and didn't like either of them at all. Got a pair of Uberti clones from Cimarron in the early 90s and they did a stellar job and are still great guns. When Ruger came out with the NRV I got a pair and they are excellent. There is only one current clone that I don't care for. It is only available as a so-called Fully tuned gun. I've had several of them brought to me due to various problems. I won't say which it is, but IMO they are much too light and
  12. Is the bolt dropping before the cylinder is in the correct position? If the bolt drops early locking up the cylinder, and the tooth on the hand is a little too long, it would be hard to bring into battery with the cylinder in place, but would appear to work fine with it out. Just a thought. The bolts are rarely a drop it part. Both it and the hand are expected to require fitting for each installation in order to get the timing correct. The 73 Colt is one of the simplest and most difficult guns to work on because it relies on so few parts to do so much. Every part must be fitted for use with ev
  13. Met Joe many years ago in Washington. He was a great fellow and a real asset to the Cowboy Action Shooting world. I also use to get calls from him about being a posse leader at WR. We could use more folks just like him. Snakebite
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