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  1. Ha... I'm not so sure that they would allow me in! ... they may not realize that Clovis is one of the last strongholds of non-liberals in California! sb
  2. Well Ruger hasn't given me a call yet asking for my approval, and since I am one of the major stockholders in Ruger (I have 8 of their guns), I'm considering this to be a rumor until further notice. Snakebite
  3. Howdy pard.. sorry to be slow to respond... I didn't see you post. Thank you for your interest but I'm pretty much set on what I want, and actually might have a swap in the making. Snakebite
  4. We have a fellow in our club in that situation. He uses a Shoulder rig on that side and a straight hang on the other. Works out just fine. Snakebite
  5. Buying and selling is what a classified section is for. IMO if you sell something it then belongs to the buyer and he/she can do what ever they want with it. No doubt that there are Wire Hawks that jump on deals and resell them. IMO "A deal is a deal". Once an agreement is made, it should be settled and DONE. If you want to get cheated, then go with one of the Biggest Gun Auction houses in the world. They just flat lied to me about what the selling price should be. I watched the auction on the internet. They brought my item up. It should have sold for around $20K. The auction started, and 20 sec later the hammer dropped and they sold the item for $8K. I was told that it would open at $12K. This was nothing less than a "In House" fix. Snakebite
  6. Ha... all they have is the Left One! Strange. sb
  7. What are the dates of the next State Match that is scheduled next April?
  8. Humm. looks like you got some more 9mm since I just missed the last batch.
  9. Max Payne... Tnx for this post. I have been looking for a Dillon die that I couldn't find. They had it, I got it. Snakebite
  10. All of this just reinforces the need to supply a good place to stage/re-stage all firearms. The dropped gun issue has had a long road, with a few turns and twist over the years. I think the current rule is the best. In the case given by the OP, if his hand was off of the gun, then it appears to be a gun that slipped and fell with the muzzle down range... I.e., a 10 sec Safety. Snakebite
  11. Well it just seems like a soft pellet would flatten out much easier and have less feedback. I would rather get hit with the smaller shot than larger, and if the velocity is high, there is a better chance of the shot disintegrating against the steel plate. I'm not convinced that I'm wrong about it.
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