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  1. Robin T Banks, Coyote Calhoun and Gentleman James - R.I.P.
  2. Creeker If you will send me an email address, I have several "old school" match stages that I can send. Here is a long time favorite that most folks think is just so simple. But, it is truly amazing how many shooters just can't keep their mouth shut from start to finish! It uses a train car design to shoot from. The Great K&A Train Robbery When you think of the American cowboy, a certain image springs to mind. You picture a stalwart, clean living hero astride a noble horse who is always ready to right wrongs and champion the cause of justice. Such westerners may have populated the real West but most likely the abovementioned description owes its existence to... TOM MIX. Tom Mix was the first of the colorful, escapist motion picture cowboys. In this scene, Cullen has hired Tom Mix to try and stop the robberies on his railroad. Knowing Cullen's secretary Holt is tipping off the gang, Tom works undercover by posing as a highwayman. To help him bring in the gang he enlists the help of the hobo DeLuxe Harry. So, we catch up with Tom while entering the train and, as always, Tom saves the day but remember this is a “Silent Movie”. Pistol and 10 rounds, Rifle and 9 rounds, Shotgun and 2 Shells Starting Position – Standing outside the caboose. Staging – Two pistols loaded with 5 rounds each and holstered. Rifle loaded with 9 rounds staged at the first window in the passenger car and shotgun staged at the door in the freight car. Procedure – When ready say “Action”, snap the clap board and wait for the beep. At the beep, move to the 1st window in the caboose. With your first pistol, engage the four train pistol targets with at least one shot on each, from either direction, no double taps. Move to the passenger car, get your rifle and sweep the nine rifle targets from either direction. Place the rifle back where it was staged and move to the last window in the passenger car. With your second pistol, engage the four train pistol targets with at least one shot on each target, from either direction, no double taps. Move to the shotgun and engage the 2 shotgun targets in any order. Place the shotgun back where it was staged and then snap the clap board and say “Cut”. Since this is a “Silent Movie”, you can not talk between saying “Action” and “Cut”. If you can be silent you will get a 5 second bonus.
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