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  1. Gosh!! Thanks for the complement!! I wish you would come up and join us!!!!
  2. Portugeenjn, You are right. I'm still shooting my EMF Hartford 58's made by ASM. Got mine in the early '90's. Still using the original nipples and they use CCI #10s. Jasper
  3. Ike, I have a nipple wrench that I can use to clear the cylinder. The handle is the right size it slides to one end of the wrench and works well. Jasper
  4. I've had a Thumbler Tumbler for around forty years. 'They didn't have different speeds back then. The only thing I've replaced is the lid gasket and they belt. I've used crushed walnut hulls then lizard litter. I tried ceramic media and finally found the stainless steel pins. I soak my brass with or without primers for at least 20 minutes in hot water and dawn dish washing liquid. I tumble with warm water, a squirt of dawn and a 1/2 tsp citric acid for two hours and they come out shiny clean and deprimed brass have pristine primer pockets. You can find citric acid (sometimes called sour salt) in every grocery store in the canning section. I've had the problem you mentioned with the primer pocket filling up with crud. I don't decap my pistol brass before polishing but pull it out of the press after decapping and scrape or brush the primer pocket and that has fixed the problem for me. Jasper '
  5. Congrats on the Shiloh!! We've heard this question time after time. The best answer I can give you is as others said keep good notes. As far as charts go we recomend getting a setting either 100 or 200 yards using a load at BP velocity and use 12 minutes of sight change per 100 yards. That should get to close enough to make the proper adjustment. Jasper
  6. I bought my wife a pair many years ago now. Last month while cleaning them I noticed a crack in the forcing cone. I've contacted the manufacturer and sent them pictures. The Uberti representative was very concerned but that was a month ago and I still haven't heard back from her. The guns are in 45 Schofield and have never had a smokeless load through them. We really like the guns and hope that this one is not a wall hanger now! Jasper
  7. I'm a retied chef and a hobbyist knife maker. I use the Norton three sided oil stone to do most of my sharpening. I changed out the coarse stone for an Arkansas hard stone. I do use a 2x72 belt grinder with a 320 grit old belt to cut an edge or re-profile one and finish it with a 10 inch buffing wheel with rouge on it. A couple of pictures one of my latest project
  8. Love my 10's!!! But Like you I shoot the TTN most of the time
  9. I have the pleasure of shooting with both Brazos and Dead Eye Dick up here in northern Nevada!!
  10. Wylie, Have you tried here- https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/HopkinsAllen-33297.htm JA
  11. He's in our neck of the woods! Treebone Carving PO Box 496 Wellington, Nevada 89444 775 465 1080
  12. VTI for Armi San Marcos http://www.vtigunparts.com/store/
  13. BP pistol caliber - If it melts it goes into a big lube bullet mold That being said - pure lead for round ball, 20/1 for BP long range, WW w/ gas checks for rifle caliber smokeless 7 mm mauser, 35 rem, 348, 405 win, 416 Rigby and so on. JA
  14. I've been running a Thumbler's tumbler for more than thirty years. I ran dry media for the first twenty years or so. Tried the ceramicmedia then went to SS pins and never looked back. Well worth the investment! JA
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