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  1. Roy, Why use a 12 gauge load in a 10 gauge? I use a volume measurer with a square load of 1-3/8's oz shot and same dipper for 2 FFG real black powder with appropriate wads and a roll crimp. Yeah sometimes the knockdowns come back up but isn't that a part of shooting a big 10!?!?!?! Jasper
  2. Harold was a tough old bird! Shot many a long range match with the man. He will be missed for all that he was!! Jasper
  3. My wife was a traveling nurse a life time ago and we spent the first few months of '04 in Tucson. I met those fine people and spent a good amount of time in their shop. GOOD TIMES!!!!!
  4. Not sure who the shooter is but the TO is my old friend Dog Face (R.I.P.) Mark Rogers Jasper
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