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  1. The number of blown up '97s, Marlin pumps, and single action revolvers, we've seen, kinda says, "not so". Just because someone shows up with a gun does not mean they know how to use it, how to reload, or to determine if their gun is safe to use.
  2. There are specific handling and clearing rules. The Range Officers understand the manual of arms for the guns allowed, and how to keep everyone safe. Add in more guns, with characteristics that are not known to all, and you are adding too many unknown factors. The Model 12 for instance is a bit different than the Model '97 and the R.O.'s know how it is to be handled and shown "clear". There were all sorts of firearms available between 1899 and 1918. Many of them are quite different in design. R.O.'s cannot be expected to know what's safe and what's not for all types. I'm s
  3. 1235fps, 1 1/8oz http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=299501 Apparently they have a "softer recoil" then what they had with their previous, faster powder. But still a fairly stout load for targets 8-10yds away.
  4. As a person who is "at risk" because of underlying medical conditions, both my Internist and my Cardiologist said, "Get it!". So I did. Got the 2nd Pfizer shot on April 1st (April Fools Day!?) I was pleased to not have any reaction beyond a (very mildly) sore injection site. Since I plan on attending several large matches this year and Saturday night dinners, I feel right about having done it. I wouldn't ask anyone else if they got it, none of my business. I'm going to presume, (until they prove themselves otherwise), that other people are reasonably intelligent, have con
  5. For a local monthly match, I wrote a stage where we put out our largest rifle targets at about 15 yds. For this one stage, those rifle targets were also the pistol targets. Nobody had a clean match. Even I had one miss, and I wrote the danged thing! Are we all capable of hitting a 24x30" piece of steel at 15yds with our revolvers? Yes. But, we're not used to it, the game has changed, and we're used to a faster pace. Nobody was pleased with that stage, and it's the only time I did that. If folks aren't having fun, why should I persist on writing a stage that way? Like h
  6. I've had buckles, plaques, certificates, and some sort of trophies. Frankly, I'm just glad to win anything! Some were cheesey, some were cheap, and some were more elaborate. I never turned any of them down or grumbled after I won it.
  7. Saying it here won't help. If y'all want them to make another run, you need to call or e-mail the folks at the SASS Office!
  8. Those are .22 Long. CCI marks their long rifle as .22LR The .22LR uses a heavier bullet. https://www.cci-ammunition.com/rimfire/cci/standard_velocity/6-32.html
  9. low confidence... poor self esteem... participation awards... sheeesh! This is supposed to be about entertainment. If I just wanted to target shoot, I'd stay at my local range at just stick one target out there. The bulk of SASS members will rarely win anything. I rarely rise above the last page in the overall standings. As a card carrying member of the old, slow, and gimpy fun seekers club, I'm going to pay my money to the venues that offer the most grins! Make it too difficult, more misses, longer times, for the middle of the pack, (and those of us riding drag), a
  10. I shot a Winchester Model 24 12ga for years, it's still in the back of the safe. Jim Bowie at the Cowboys and Indian Store turned it into a great cowboy action shotgun. Made from 1940 through 1957. No big locking lug between the chambers, so "fumble factor" when loading shotshells is reduced.
  11. It's not hard at all to disable the double-action and make it single action only. (Videos online, search utube). This way you can convert the more common, and cheaper double.
  12. .44 special may not be the 1st caliber that comes to mind of new shooters, but it's a darned good cartridge. 44 manglem, is excellent should anyone want to use one as a trail gun. "Old" and New Vaqueros are hard to find right now. 1200. - 1400 for a pair is about right.
  13. Folks who are seriously vegan or have celiac disease are going to know that little shops like that ain't going to have separate grills, separate fryers, separate tools and everything required for truly isolated cooking. Go to a local taco shop and you're going to "catch as catch can". These folks are "casual vegans" and "gluten-freers", or seriously uneducated about their desires/disease. Most taco shop employees don't have the time or the training to be educating the customer. So, the next you order a vegetarian pizza from the local fast-pizza place... It ain't.
  14. Shoot in any way that will keep you shooting. If two-hand hold is what you need, then do it that way. Substitute two more pistols for the rifle. Shotgun from the hip. Any way you can do it.
  15. Shells? As in .22LR "pest control" shotshells? or The "usual". 22LR cartridges? What brand and type? (for instance, CCI has several different bullet wts and velocities)
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