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  1. Not doing a large quantity, just 120 - 240 cases a week. What Rotary Tumbler are you having good results with?
  2. Both, or either, will do nicely. For CAS, I can't see an advantage or disadvantage of one over the other. Components are just as easy to find, both smoke and BOOM!! just as well with BP... Both ring steel. Go with whichever "feels" best to you!
  3. "A pant size has no bearing on the information we require to build your rig. For example, if a man's pant size is 34, the hip measurement can be 39-41 inches." Here's how to measure for a cowboy rig: https://www.mernickleholsters.com/c/how-to-measure-/ That would be the measurement to center hole on the billet, The actual belt will be longer total length.
  4. I carefully followed Widder's instructions and yep, works great! A few changes I made was to drop in the Competition Spring Kit, One-Piece Steel Firing Pin, and Phantom Trigger from Slick's Mercantile. I tried the Ranger Point Extractor. Quite nice! But my carbine bolt was slightly out of spec and I had to go with Sure Claw, which is a tad longer. I used the Ranger Point Extractor in a different Marlin and it worked perfectly. They are a good product. Other changes I made were to use the Ranger Point follower and the lightweight clear anodized loading gate... Midnight Blue Cerakote, change the sights, refinish the stocks... At least it was a beater that only cost $300.00 on the consignment racks at a local gun store. Not everyone's "cup of tea", but I wanted a "Black n' Bling" B-Western pimp gun!
  5. SOLD: Lightly used parts. Standard Short Stroke Kit Works in Uberti made Model 1866, Model 1873, and Henry Rifles. This is the short stroke kit that we have been making since 2004. The standard kit will shorten the lever throw of your stock Uberti rifle by 1 3/4" to 2". We have recently improved these kits by machining them from aircraft quality steel, welding the pivot pins in on both sides, and widening the bearing surface at the joint to add to the life of the toggle link assembly. For Uberti made rifles. These kits are not caliber specific. 135.00 Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to all 50 States Thanks, ~Duc~
  6. Although Winchester manufactured approx 1 million of the Model 1892 rifles between 1892 and 1941, they could not keep up with the world-wide demand. The Spanish company GARATE Y ANITUA started making a version of the 1892, later known as "El Tigre" starting in 1915. Although exact numbers are not known, some estimates are that they made almost as many of their copies as Winchester did of the original Then once WWII and the Korean War were over, and the demand for 1892's resumed, Winchester decided their fortunes lay elsewhere. When the Winchester continued to respond with deaf ears to the worldwide demand for new 1892s in the following decades, the AMADEO ROSSI company from São Leopoldo, founded in 1889 in the Brazilian federal state of Rio Grande do Sul, stepped in to fill this niche. As early as 1976, they launched their 1892 copy. Rossi simply called their rifle the Model 1892, but to most shooters it was The Puma, This is because Rossi initially equipped their copies of the WINCHESTER M 1892 on the left side a coin-like emblem of a silver cougar head, as a nod to the earlier Spanish "El Tigre". Rossi has been part of the Brazilian group TAURUS FORJAS SA, headquartered in Porto Alegre, since 1997, and production of the Puma continued. Here's more:
  7. There are reasons, posted on this thread, why a club may not be able to be SASS-Affiliated, or does not wish to follow SASS rules and guidelines. But, I also know of many clubs that follow SASS rules at matches and could easily be SASS-Affiliated if they wished to. Those that do not are "shooting themselves in the foot." On other threads people are complaining about not enough exposure and advertising, but these clubs are ignoring the primary place new shooters turn to find where to shoot! I have several social media sites where we are constantly asked, "where can I go see a match?" Outside of my State, I don't know where the unaffiliated clubs are. I can only point them towards the listed clubs. Basically, I'm saying if you are not on the SASS-Affiliated listings, many folks will have a hard time finding you.
  8. Thank you! Please don't misunderstand, the only reason I ban someone is when they belittle a new or prospective shooter. We had one such when they climbed on a shooter who was asking about lighter loads in a .45, scolding him for not shooting ammo loaded, "as it was meant to be". I won't tolerate rude behavior towards folks taking their first tentative steps in this game. I appreciate all the participation, we've had many veteran shooters helping out, guiding new shooters on their journey into the game. And quite a few new SASS members!
  9. Sure, I'll send you a PM with the particulars...
  10. SOLD I haven't shot .45s in quite some time, so I'm selling off the brass. I have 500 pcs of Starline .45 Colt Brass cases. Cleaned, inspected, sized and deprimed. Some are once-fired, some are twice fired, and some have never been fired. 85.00 shipping included via USPS Priority Mail first "I'll take it" posted here gets 'em.
  11. Haven't been there in a few hours, you haven't been deleted. I'll check for your account.
  12. We're still here... There.
  13. Every time I try to get boots in my size, and find everything out there is too small...
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