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  1. They are starting to show up. I signed up with several on-line stores, for them to notify me when stocks are in. They go fast and usually there is a cap on how many you can buy. When you get the notification, jump right away, because they won't last long. Received 10K Federal Magnum SPP Monday. Standard pre-panic pricing, plus shipping and Hazmat. I'd prefer to buy from my LGS, but they don't have any.
  2. I can't tell you what you should buy, I can only tell you what was right for me... For .45 Colt, I went with a pair of SASS Ruger Vaqueros, (5-1/2", Stainless, 5-1/2" barrels,) and had Three Cut work his magic on them (action work, short stroke, bevel all leading edges, transfer bar delete),and Eagle Gunfighter Grips. I shoot black powder without problem, no need to do extra cleaning or extra lube between stages, they are also perfect with smokeless. AND A pair of Ruger Old Army revolvers, stainless, fixed sights, with conversion cylinders. Magic performed on them by Goons Gun Works, Eagle Gunfighter Grips.... AND A pair of Colt's Single Action Army revolvers, 5-1/2", Blue/CCH, Wolf Springs, otherwise stock... AND A pair of Pietta 1860 Army revolvers, 5-1/2" Blue/CCH, new sights and Super Blackhawk Hammers by Three Cut, Magic performed on them by Goons Gun Works, conversion cylinders and percussion.
  3. I figured that since I already know their positions and records, that I would spend the evening working on my reloading room, and finish the bench rebuild... No TV or radio.
  4. That's the truth! Give a fully "slicked" CAS shotgun to a Local Gun Store to sell on consignment... The bulk of prospective buyers who look at it will think the gun is just worn out, and not understand it. Pistols and rifles with safety mechanisms defeated? (to borrow a phrase... Oy!) That's why if sell a modified gun, I post it here and not sell it there. Or, give it to a Cowboy Gunsmith who travels to various matches to sell for me.
  5. I try so hard to do that... but all too often it leaks out my ears when the buzzer goes off!
  6. None on the holster belt. Reaching behind you and fumbling blindly for a reload is a waste of time. I do have 4 per side, alternating .38/.44/.38/.44 on my shotgun belt, where I can reach them from the front. I can use the belt with any caliber I choose.
  7. I've found a small stocks of primers on the shelves of "off the beaten track" rural stores. But nothing at any of the on-line retailers or the "big-box" stores. All the stores in my city are out of stock. Surprisingly, I've been able to find 9mm and .223 ammo, but not much 5.56
  8. Asking a question does not put a sale item "on hold". Tough. It's the first person that says, "I'll take it", that gets it. When I have an item for sale, I might get a number of questions, answer them, and never hear further. I should stop any sales in the hope that someone who asked a question might buy? I also expect that it might get gone when I am the one asking the question.
  9. I've had a virtual lower for a week or more... with a hypothetical supply of .223 and 5.56... I've allegedly found and ordered a theoretic upper... and a conjectural optic. Soon I might, maybe, be able to conduct imaginary target shooting and suppositious boar hunting. Or maybe it was just a dream.
  10. I guess I missed something. (not unusual) I don't know why people are assuming there are multiple identities involved. The merchant who bought the "deal" did so under his own name. I was thinking of buying it, but since I really didn't need it, I passed. It would have been good for a new shooter. I follow the Classifieds too, but pretty much just for entertainment... (I'm easily amused.)
  11. Egads! I just looked them up on EMF's site. $1025.00, when you can find them! Out of stock most everywhere. Having shot one once, I can't say I'd want to shoot one a second time. It doesn't point well, and is uncomfortable to shoot. For me, this comes under the heading of a "novelty gun", whose novelty wears off quickly. But, for those who wish to pay the money and shoot them with 5 ea. I wish you well. As a Frontiersman, when a percussion gun is the same price as a Ruger OId Army, the choice is obvious. Ruger.
  12. I'll take: 3. Ruger marked leather LCP holster. New $10 4. Ruger marked leather new holster. Fits J frame size revolver $10 27. a) Sierra 45 cal .4515 230 FMJ #8815 100 pieces $10 b) 22 cal .224 55gr. HPBT #1390 81 pieces $8 c) 22 cal .224 50 gr. Spitzer #1330 69 pieces $8 28. a) Hornady 45 cal .451 230 gr. HP/XTP #45160 100 pieces $15 29. a) Speer 45 cal .451 230 FMJ #4480 full box $10 --- box with 51 pieces $5 b) 22 cal .224 55 gr. Spitzer #1047 Full box $10--- box with 76 pieces $8 Please send me a PM with yer particulars...
  13. I'm still shooting BP cartridges and Triple 7 cartridges I loaded near 20 years ago. They work just fine!
  14. I can hear Gordon Ramsay in my head now... saying. "Wow o' wow, what a mess. I looks like a dog's dinner!"
  15. Probably more than I want to put into them right now... but what the heck, send me a PM with some details
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