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  1. Rafe, I'd prefer to sell it in one bunch... but if some other pards want the other sizes, I'll split them and figure out postage. Let's let it run for a while and see. Thanks, ~Duc~
  2. FS: 900 Bullets in boxes on 100 made by Mid-Kansas Bullets consisting of: 200 SPG Lubed .454 250gr RNFP 200 SPG Lubed .454 255gr SWC 200 SPG Lubed .454 225gr RNFP 300 SPG Lubed .454 200gr RNFP 95.00 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping in CONUS
  3. Hi, If you are looking for new guns there's: https://www.taylorsfirearms.com/long-guns/cartridge-rifles/1873-lever-action.html https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/products/long-guns/repeating-rifles-1/model-1873.html http://www.longhunt.com/web/index.php?page=cowboy-action-shooting
  4. +1 I've gone to loading C45S cases in the pistols, which negates the need for any filler. In a '66 I've gone to using .45 S&W Schofield cases. The only times I use a .45 Colt case now is the rare times I drag out the '92. I'll probably end up selling that off and a bunch of .45 cases, whenever I find a round tuit.
  5. When you go to the Belt Mountain Website, the phone number is at the top left of the page. But, as in most one-man operations, you'll probably need to leave a message. E-mail got my questions answered. When I sent an order with payment, product came promptly. His base pins are a precise fit. If you are having trouble installing one, you've probably got a burr inside the channel, touching it up with a round stone, or round jewelers file may help. I've used his products for years on different guns and have never had to adjust the diameter of the pin.
  6. Just a thought, if he hasn't started working on them yet, is he willing to place the holster slots where YOU want them? I've seen custom buscadero rigs where instead of placed right down the pants seam, they placed them a little more forward some, where the shooter wanted 'em. Is there any muzzle cant? Would you like the maker to built some forward cant in? Is the amount of drop right for you? Everybody's arms are different. You want your hands to be able to palm the guns without having to change position much.
  7. The Grey Fox and Logan c.1986 Logan
  8. If you already reload .38/357 I'd say just keep on doing what you're doing. I found them to be much cleaner to shoot than the .45s. Reliability? No difference by caliber. The only things I've broken are a firing pin, extractor, and a lower bolt tab, (not all at once and not all on the same gun). Not hard fixes, especially now that there are after-market bolts with replaceable tabs. For pure historicity, I prefer a bottle-necked cartridge. I chose .38-40, but .44-40 is extremely popular in CAS.
  9. The "commonly available" ship sailed a long time ago... we allow .32acp, 9mm, 10mm, 45acp... (at one time, we allowed .30 carbine, but not anymore), as Snakebite says, it's the caliber, not the cartridge. Although the cartridge is designated .380, the bullet size has been around a long time.
  10. This is the gun the OP was talking about. It fits all the requirements of a main match revolver. It is purpose-built .380. (Bullet dia. .355) Which means the bore is the same as for a 9mm instead of the usual .375 for .36 ball. We already allow 9mm as main-match ammo, the .380 is basically a 9mm "short". It is the same frame size as a "Model P Jr." which is already a SASS-legal revolver. The only caveat is that there is not yet any mention of a firing pin rest between chambers. So we don't know if this will be a 5 shot or a 4 shot revolver (for CAS purposes).
  11. Yup, the Pietta 1862 really isn't one. They just took their '51, gave it a fluted cylinder, shortened the round barrel from their '61, stuck it on there and called it "done". I may sound dismissive of it, but I have a pair and like 'em. But, it's not really an 1862.
  12. Lieut. Charles B Gatewood and Kitty LaRue, EoT 2002
  13. Thank you! I was holding off saying anything, because yeah there was a .45 Colt "Short", the 45 Colt Government. And, I imagine most folks didn't step up to the counter and say, "Gimme a box of them 45 Colt Guvmints". They probably asked for "short" or "long", 30 grainers or 40 grainers, Mouse Fart loads or Wart Hog loads.
  14. Laughing Buffalo and Little River Scout, 2008
  15. Ok, let me put it this way. I ran that 311 for several years and I found that lug to be a royal pain in the patootie, for me. It plain got in my way. The happiest day in my cowboy shooting life was when I ditched it and went to a Winchester Mod. 24 that Jim Bowie worked up for me. As in all things, your mileage may vary.
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