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  1. Just a couple of notes... I have a small-framed 1862 sitting on my bench in pieces right now. It has a hammer safety notch, so it can be used with all 5 chambers charged. However, all the action parts are smaller and more delicate than those on an 1851, 1860, or 1861. They don't seem to hold up to the punishment we put them through. A few matches will put more use on them than most shooters of the period ever thought of. The Pietta version of the 1862 is an 1851 with a different barrel. They are 6-shot models, and quite a bit more robust than the smaller Uberti version. The Pietta isn't "historically correct", but it will last a lot longer.
  2. Welcome!! There are many Cowboy Action Shooting venues in California. https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=California Drop by a match and folks would be glad to talk to you and "show you the ropes". .45 Colt and .44 Sp. are perfectly acceptable chamberings. If you happen to reload, things will be much simpler, especially in CA where you can't buy mail-order and buying ammo across-the-counter is getting difficult, not to mention expensive. Like has been advised, go to a match before you buy anything more.
  3. '87s have a high fumble-factor. They are not as intuitive to use as a SxS or pump, but they certainly are fun. To get good with them takes a fair amount of practice, and you can still mess up, especially under the time pressures of a match. That said, there are some very good shooters using an '87. It's all in what you practice with. The Chiappa is the best of the reproductions. With the IAC Norinco right behind it. Norinco-made guns are only available on the secondary market. Parts are very hard to find. (I need a screw for mine!) Both could benefit from the ministrations of a 'smith like Lassiter. As for SxS shotguns, anything you buy can break. Personally, I've never had luck with Stoeger. I have a black cloud over me where they are concerned. But, I have had many good years with SKBs. With 4 matches a month and practice, they are still going strong.
  4. Too many projects and not enough time... I've got to par down the number of "gun puzzles" I've have on the bench. This is an antique Colt Model 1877 in .38 Colt. All major parts are original to the gun. Still need to acquire a Hand, Cylinder Stop, Hammer Screw, and some grips. 110.00 includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail
  5. Are you looking for a Cross-Draw Rig? (In which case, you'll need to specify if you are right or left handed) Or a double-strong side rig?
  6. Just something to consider... If you use a BP substitute like APP, you don't have to buy two different kinds of bullets or lubed wads or anything else. Just use the same bullets you use for smokeless. One less thing to think about, keeping it simple. Also, it's easier to find than Black Powder, especially in locales where storage restrictions imposed on dealers are especially cumbersome. That's why no one in my city carries BP.
  7. It was a fancy Model 94, reminiscent of the brass framed Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy". All were in .30-30 caliber. The receiver was 24 carat gold plated inside and out. Winchester Centennial '66 Rifle
  8. Just about everybody agrees that there is a P. The discussion seems to revolve around whether to call a Miss or not. Not having been there or been in the R.O.s head makes it extremely hard to "Thursday morning quarterback"... Most shooters are not "Top Shooters". When timing, I have noted some "average" shooters take as long as 11 seconds from last cartridge shot to first shotshell fired. There may have been even more time lost here as the shooter was not expecting to go to the shotgun at that point at all, since the target was down. There was no safety penalty to carry forward in a reshoot. The T.O. felt he made a bad call, costing the shooter undue time. So, he rightly offered a reshoot. That is not awarding a bonus, that is being a good T.O.
  9. Bruce, There is one gunsmith I know of who is working on the Henry Big Boys, making them run a little smoother a more reliably at a faster pace. That is Boomstick Jay at Boomstick Arms Co. LLC You can order one directly from him with action work, and not have to buy it, wait for it, ship it, have it shipped back, and wait for it some more. But then, you can also order a Marlin '94 from him with either the Widder Mods already done, or Short-Stroked.
  10. McCandless


    This whole thread is interesting... in your scenario, wouldn't the Miss with his 9th rifle round be a Miss and the Pistol hit on a rifle target also be a Miss? 2 Misses?
  11. Howdy! It's been a long time. If everything is working properly, there's not much difference between them. For the most part, the guns function just fine. There have been a few reported problems with the retractable firing pin. Some folks have been having a failure to fire. Seems like with any mechanical item, sometimes there will be failures. Uberti will fix it under warranty unless the gun has been buggered with. Enough people want their guns to run the way they always have, that any time the "old type" hammers and triggers are available, they sell out quickly.
  12. Skinny, The usual "plow handle" grip frames use what is termed a "Navy" grip frame. The larger "Army" grip frame is what you need. You can buy the Army Grip Frame and Grips from EMF. or VTI Replica Gun Parts. They are simple to switch out.
  13. It's kinda Billy Long's "thing". He's a character. He hands them out. $45 Dollar Bills with Trump's face on them.
  14. Several links to Off the Wall Gun Carts redirect to Mustang Woodcrafters https://www.mustangwoodcrafters.com/
  15. Primers don't appear to be included in this.
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