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  1. Updating the Holster Maker listing. Trying to make a list of who currently makes gun rigs for our game. I'll start off with a few. There must be hundreds of good leatherworkers out there. Please add who made your holsters, that you'd recommend, and who is still in the business. Include their contact information so new shooters can find them! Alphono's Gun Leather https://alfonsosgunleather.com/western.html Artistic Blades Western http://www.artisticbladeswestern.com/Products.html Black Hills Leather https://www.blackhillsleather.com/product-category/western-rig
  2. The kit has quite a few things you do not need, and lacks some things you do need. Get the press alone, (order it from Wal-hole), and then buy individual items to build out you personalized "kit" for less.
  3. Works fine for me... maybe it doesn't like you!
  4. I just run hot water down the bores. Done. Finish off with your favorite lube, (Ballistol, Breakfree CLP, etc.)
  5. XR3-RED So, any grips that fit the "old model" Vaquero, New Model Blackhawk, (except the .357 Anniversary edition), or Ruger Old Army will fit your gun.
  6. Howdy, You may not know, but Blackhawks come in two frame sizes, the large frame which is the size of the "old model" Vaqueros, (the .44 Magnum frame size... no matter what caliber the guns are actually in), and the small frame size. The small frame is the size of the New Vaquero, and was the size of the original Blackhawk .357s, and recently with the "Anniversary .357s". Also, multiple barrel lengths. Frame size and barrel length are going to be important is getting the proper fitting holster. More than likely, because of the front sight, you'll have to have holsters made for you.
  7. I'll take the other trigger. Let me know your Paypal address
  8. I wish he had been more upfront about what falls into the category of "hunting ammo"... .223, 7.62, and .308 They have huge military, police, and government contracts all over the world. Contracts get filled first. Then the gigantic backlog of orders from everywhere for 9mm, .380, .32acp, .45acp, .223 and other popular calibers. I'm thinking this means it's going to be 2 years before we see a decent supply of primers back on the shelves... enough to discourage the scalpers.
  9. Barrelhouse Bob — Bob Scharbach, January 19, 2021
  10. Celilo, Steve Roden - June 4, 2020
  11. Some of our European SASS pards, in places where they cannot use cartridge guns, or haven't met the requirements, use them in other categories. Just not Frontiersman.
  12. Looks like the seller didn't realize exactly what he had. Anyway, what you can do is to set your preferences on the first page of the Classified Forum, to "Following" and choose to get an "email whenever new content is posted". That's how folks know to jump on items. If you see something you want, don't hesitate, mull it over, whatever, it'll get gone quick. I've lucked into a couple of good deals here through the notification process.
  13. Lobo Joe - (Joseph W Abrams)
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