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  1. I ran a 100 rounds of C45S with 160 gr bullets and 3.3gr Trail Boss and found it to be too light a load to group well. Bumping it to 3.6/3.7 gave satisfactory consistency with Ruger New Vaqueros with 5-1/2" barrels.
  2. I just hang 'em on peg hooks just below my hats, in my office. If I owned guns, I'd keep them things in a safe... But, not the leather.
  3. Red Ryder and Judge Roy Bean, manned the SASS Information Booth at EoT and stood guard over the John Dwayne figure designed by Bill Hahn and painted by Kate Elder.
  4. If it has a removable cylinder bushing, I'll take it. Do you have the original grips? Duc
  5. Since there was NO P given... and the T.O. started every shooter the same way... What's the problem?
  6. A quick solution might be a thicker recoil pad, like a Kick-eez and a Kick-eez recoil pad spacer.
  7. +1 on the Red Wing boots. I find that I can wear them throughout a match without my feet and ankles threatening to leave without me...
  8. Here's a recent video from Warden Calloway on replacing leaf springs on a sidelock shotgun. Get in touch with him he's made quite a hobby of working on old shotguns:
  9. I just bought and set up a new PC on my desk. I prefer a desktop computer because I like to have expansion capability. (And for me, a whole lot easier to swap out a dead power supply than in a laptop)... Yeah, I had to do that.) These Solid State hard-drives are awesome for fast and quiet! Anyway, it's got Windows 10 Pro. I downloaded Chrome and Firefox... then spent time hunting down all the areas where we can disable all the ways Microsoft and Google can keep tabs on where we are and what we're doing. Then downloading sneaky little apps that help keep advertisers outa the machine. I won't use Microsoft edge. I did notice that this current version comes with Solitaire and a skad of games I will never play. Spent a while kicking out all the bloatware. By the way, if you've never used Avast Antivirus, especially their Pro version, DON'T! It may be a good product, but if you ever wish to get rid of it... it's a heckuva party. It's everywhere, and it's uninstaller, and other uninstallers won't get it all. Avast also has an avast-cleaner download to help get rid of more of it... but it won't do a complete job. There are still bits and pieces that have to slowly be rooted out of the directory. Even then, if you try to load Malwarebytes or Bitdefender, they won't go because there are still shreds of Avast hanging around somewhere. And, registry cleaner apps are denied access to cleaning those little bits! By the way, you can turn off Automatic Updates and update the computer at a time of your own choosing. There are also apps you can download for free that turn the Windows 10 interface with all it's blocks and squares, to the more familiar classic start menu. I haven't had a problem with updates... yet. But, I'd recommend backing up your registry before letting Windows update anything. There's a thriving aftermarket in Windows 10 tweaks, to make it behave as you want it to.
  10. SOLD: 2 Pair (fits 2 guns) of Eagle Gunfighter Grips for Ruger "Old" Vaqueros (XR-3 RED Grip Frames) No chips, cracks, or dents. Sold as a set, I don't want to separate them. SOLD 120.00 includes USPS shipping cash, check, money order, paypal... no livestock! Thanks, ~Duc~
  11. Mike worked up my Ruger Old Army Revolvers. I have to say I'm quite happy with them and his work. He has a pair of Pietta 1860 Army revolvers now that he's going to be working up. Can't have too many nice cap guns!
  12. I'll take it. Send me a PM with your particulars
  13. I have an 1982 vintage Marlin carbine, micro-grooved barrel, no cross bolt safety. The carrier that's in it just has a button detent on the side. Just curious... what's happening with your rifle? Is it that the timing's off a bit?
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