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  1. We all know the old adage that refinishing an old firearm, especially one with some collector value, usually destroys the collector value. Especially if alot of metal polishing and buffing has been done. But what if you have a firearm that was merely reblued over the existing finish so no metal was damaged. What if you removed the bluing and now have the original firearm with no finish at all. Of course any patina would also be lost, but would it be worth more without the blueing? Turnbull and other professional restorations not included, they are in a category of their own.
  2. I posted this a few months ago, but can't find the thread now. I think the information will help answer any questions you may have. Also, I like most others, thought Winchester "recalled" the 1893's as being dangerous or flawed. Actually, the offer to exchange for an 1897 did not occur until 1901 when the increased use of smokeless powder may have caused issues with the '93. OP, you might give the author a call, he was very helpful when I called him about my two '93s. The Winchester Model 1893 Shotgun – Surplused
  3. May be time to make a new friend.
  4. Says right in the spec sheet for this ammo, "safe in tubular magazines"
  5. Same here. 106 to 108 all week. Up from the 90s this week, but also some humidity.
  6. And why is it a guy with the last name of Favre ( fav re) pronounces it as Farve?
  7. You mean "Honest Abe" Chaney. She likened herself to him by saying he lost x number of elections before he became president. She thinks she has a chance, hah.
  8. Saw a short clip of him on set and in costume practising drawing from a shoulder hoster. I do not know if this clip is from the rehearsal that killed Ms. Hutchens or not, but as he drew the revolver his trigger finger was clearly way inside the trigger guard up to the second knuckle. An obvious display of poor gun handling skills and most likely ignorance of how a single action operates. He was probably pressing the trigger without even knowing it. The view was from the front and slightly toward his gun hand side.
  9. Come on Phantom, you're smarter than that. I said "as in" . When you quote someone you are speaking directly to them irrespective of anything else in the thread. Just as my post was directed to Singin Sue, not you.
  10. Since I quoted Mr. Canby in my post, my remarks were directed to him as in a private conversation, just as your response above is to Mr. Boots by quoting him. It requires no input from anyone else. I see no reason for you to take me to task for my statement , in which he displayed a "like" to my post indicating he agreed. I don't know if you were on the wire back then, but upon my return home I made similar statements about the ranch and conditions. It was a general consensus of those who attended that the conditions were less than ideal and that the dust was the major issue. Vendors had to close their tents to keep the dust out and prevent merchandise from blowing away or being damaged. One poster even stated his clothing in a closed duffle bag in his camper was full of dust. So, no I didn't wait 15 years just hoping they would close so I could bad mouth them. It's pretty self evident that the ranch and match evolved into a great event. I'm just sorry I was unable to attend until now and see the improvements. A similar set of circumstances existed when the range was closed and we forced out of Coto in 1991 by the developers who wanted golf courses and not a shooting range. The original setup at Raahauges (Norco) was horrible with berms made out of manure and migrations of insects seeking the moisture of the river behind the range. But, it evolved to a great range and event until 2004 when Raahauge got greedy and wanted a bigger slice of the EOT pie.
  11. I didn't know that, I just know the one with Rod Taylor. Great time to grow up. I remember waiting in line to get our tickets to see Five Weeks in a Balloon (1962). I was 7 and didn't know who Red Buttons was. Looking at the marquee poster I said that Red Buttons must be the chimp. An older and obviously much more worldly kid set me straight
  12. In order to release it, they'll have to finish it. Don't think that will happen.
  13. There were a few other movie adaptations of Jules Verne novels made in the late 50s/early 60s. Mysterious Island, Five Weeks in a Balloon, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days. Another good one, though not a Verne book was The Time Machine.
  14. We did go to EOT at Founders Ranch around 2007 as conventioneers. Didn't care for it, few vendors, lotsa dust.
  15. Being this was a movie set, shouldn't be some photo documentation of the rehearsal? Some close ups of him holding the gun?
  16. I'm in. First EOT since Norco 2003.
  17. Just gotta ask, and maybe a stupid question, but you are selling some .428 sized bullets along with a 45-70 rifle and die set which uses .458 bullets. I hope, and no insult intended, that you weren't using those bullets for that rifle.
  18. If you get the time I highly recommend the Follies Bergere at the Moulin Rouge. It is an outstanding performance and a true spectacle. And it's been going on for over 150 years.
  19. I replaced an RCBS Little Dandy with the fixed rotors with a Lyman Brass Smith. It uses a stem for gross adjustments and a micrometer to dial it in. I've found it's quite easy to hit the load you want and is very consistent.
  20. I like the Great Grains brand of Rye bread, a little thicker sliced than the commonly found Orowheat brand. And, believe it or not, Wal-Mart has their own brand that's very good.
  21. The address listed comes back to a residence (2br/2ba condominium). I doubt they stock anything unless they have a warehouse nearby. I'm betting they take an order and forward to a third party supplier to fill. You'd be better off dealing directly with the third party as Cholla suggested. Have you tried calling their number? After 5 weeks and no email response I'd be inclined to contact my credit card and cancel the transaction.
  22. Using 180 grain Big Lube bullets mine mic out at 1.524 when seated in the crimp groove.
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