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  1. From that same performance and in my opinion, John's finest.
  2. Anybody ever see these before? Directions say load one, pull trigger, shotgun clean. Seems like another solution in search of a problem. Website link: https://huntegoltd.com/products/cleanshot-12-gauge Video shows a guy shooting two rounds from each barrel of an over/under, shows bores with some residue, then one of these each and bores are shining like the sun. He then puts gun in case, all done. I think there's a little more to gun cleaning than just the bore(s).
  3. Without a doubt, Young Frankenstein, followed closely by The Great Race, then Caddyshack (mainly because of Rodney Dangerfield).
  4. End of Trail 2002, Norco, California Left to right, Tex Boden, Duke Chisum (RIP), Mayobard, Yours Truly, and Pat Riot.
  5. Durango Junction High Country Shootout, 1991, hosted by the Durango Kid in where else, Durango, Colorado. My first alias was Josh Randall.
  6. Most all of the pharmaceutical commercials grate on me, especially the ones that use corney old pop sons as their theme song. "Oh, oh, oh Ozempic" is the absolute worst. The one that creeps me out the most is the guy who does his stupid little dance throughout the commercial. He bebops in the kitchen while pouring oil on the floor, his dog doesn't want to walk with him and he bebops in the office to deliver a report. He bebops mowing the lawn. And to top it off, in some scenes he has a beard and in others he's clean shaven. Ugh.......
  7. I may be mis-remembering, but didn't Becky belong to Logan?
  8. Didn't recognize his name either, but definitely remember the voice and songs.
  9. I picked up a bottle of the HEET at Walmart, but couldn't find the lanolin anywhere, so got on good old Amazon. She came to the rescue and with Prime I ordered on Thursday and got it today! Mixed it up 12 to 1 solution in a 16oz water bottle and poured it into the spray bottle. Sprayed a few 223's and WOW does this stuff work. No more One Shot, Lee lube or case pads for me. Thanks for the replies fellas. Wyatt
  10. OLG, that stuff you're buying is the same stuff I'm talkin about makin, liquid lanolin and isopropyl alcohol. BTW, I thought I saw 18 dollars online for the Dillon stuff, it's really $10. Cheyenne Ranger, I saw that most recipies called for that HEET stuff, I was just bein a little more general. I do use the Lee lube for my 45-70 and 38-55, don't know why, just do. Looks like I'll be headin to the store.
  11. Been reloading for way longer than I care to remember, never had a stuck case until today. I've been using Hornady One Shot with good results. My can was almost empty but I gave it a good long shakin' and sprayed a tray full off .223 Wolf Gold cases. These cases have a crimped primer, so I had already decapped them in a separate decapping die so I could ream the pockets. Ran about 10 or so cases and thought they were resizing kinda hard. Next case and poof, stuck in the die. Now maybe since the One Shot can was almost empty it was mostly carrier and little of the slick stuff, don't know. Anyway I went on You tube and looked up case lubes. Seems a lot of people make their own out of liquid lanolin and isopropyl alcohol, which they say is the exact stuff Dillon sells at 10 dollars per bottle. Think I'm gonna give this a try. So what are you guys and gals using? ETA: my bad on the Dillon lube price, should be $10 not $18
  12. My buddy and I (both retired) found some BLM land about ten miles from our houses. We've been neighbors for 17 years and just discovered this about three years ago. We go out every couple of months and shoot a variety of guns. He likes his 10-22 and Remington 1100 20 gauge and Buckmark. I bring out some of the guns I've bought and seldom fired; Howa 1500 (308), Remington 700 (30-06), Czech Mauser, Browning 1886 (45-70). We do a lot of hand thrown clays, I like to shoot BP in my old Stevens 235 hammer gun and my new to me Winchester 1893. Wyatt
  13. That's why I was askin'. I bought my BP from him as well (only a pound or two per year) and I was runnin' low. Guess I'll have to mail order too. Thanks.
  14. Let's see, when I was about 4 or 5 my buddy's mom took us to some market grand opening where I met Bozo the clown. A few years later we were vacationing at my uncles' home on Lake Arrowhead, CA. Went to the little Cedar Glen market and ran into Christopher George (Rat Patrol) and his wife Linda Day George. What I remember most as a 12 year old was he was short and she was beautiful. In 1978 my wife and I were at Ascot Raceway in Gardena, CA. I had the fortune to meet Lotus F1 teammates Mario Andretti and Ronnie Petersen. Ronnie died at Monza that same year. While working at John Wayne Airport I saw several celebrities and talked to a few, including Colin Powell, Tommy Lasorda, John Force, Barry Maguire (car care products), Glen Close, Chip Foose and a woman who denied it, but I could swear was Martina McBride (hard to hide those eyes). Also met and had a picture taken with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also provided escort for George H.W. Bush (tall man and I felt very proud when he put his hand on my shoulder while waiting for his luggage to come off ramp side), Barbara Bush and GW Bush on two separate occasions. Also shook hands with Bill Clinton (I know, but he was a president). Met Don Mclean at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano in his later years, seemed very bitter. A two separate ocean cruises I met Lorna Luft and Marty Allen. Met Hugh O'Brien at an EOT in Norco. He is, after all Wyatt Earp. Also met Peter Sheryako there. Well, that's all that I can remember. ETA: met Michael Wayne when delivering his "Duke" leather jacket from our Aero Bureau. Our helicopters were Duke I and Duke II.
  15. Thanks for the additional info, BT. Already called the Willow Wind and made my reservation. Will be sending in the match app. real soon.
  16. Sounds like a great match. The Willow Wind RV park looks just the ticket as the missus don't like roughin' it too much anyhow. Now I'll have to build me a smaller knock-down type gun cart as my current four wheeled buckboard won't fit in my tow vehicle. Probably arrive a couple of days early to get the lay of the land prior to the match and watch the Wild Bunch match. Look forward to seein' you all there. Wyatt
  17. This looks to be an interesting match. I noticed a lot of wire regulars shot this last year. If attending, we would be camping onsite in our RV. Can anyone please describe the amenities of the campsite and the flavor of the overall match. Thanks. Wyatt
  18. Look here: http://www.conchos.com/antique-silver-engraved-p-alphabet-initial-conchos-screw-back.html
  19. Rented it from Redbox. Not bad, loved the dog.
  20. I retired six years ago at age 56 after 30yrs in law enforcement. Never been busier in my life, don't know how I got anything accomplished when I worked.
  21. My daughter and son-in-law gave me a beautiful Smith & Wesson Number 1 3rd model revolver. For some reason I couldn't quite take it in cause my vision was bleary cause I had all this water in my eyes.
  22. My first cowboy guns were a Hammerli Dakota and an EMF Hartford. Shot those for a couple of years until I finally convinced my shooting buddy to sell me his custom shop Colt SAA with black powder frame and genuine Colt ivory grips. Sold the Dakota and shot the Colt and the Hartford for years. Have added two more Colts to the fold over the years. Don't shoot the Hartford much anymore.
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