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  1. perhaps your mailbox is full. I happen to have a 97wcse-18 that I could probably part with. It's been used exclusively for Wild Bunch for the past 10 years and at that less than twice a year. So it also has the 6 shot setup from Wild Bodie Tom. Otherwise its original. I don't suppose you're coming to Bordertown? Or EOT? Joe Lafives
  2. tried to send you a PM - says you can't receive messages.
  3. So I have several Firearms that I will be selling at Bordertown. An Uberti 1873 in 357 with shortstroke kit,alum carrier, large brass sight, action job and refinished and checkered stocks $1100sold to Johnny Meadows. An Uberti 1873 in 38-40 with the same and 100+ rounds 38-40 ammo and reloading dies $1250 Pic is the one with the stars on the stock An SKB 100 with Johnny Meadows action job and recoil pad. $1250soldto Tornado A Model 12 Winchester , barrel cut and large brass bead. $575 A Colt 1851 Navy First blackpowder series $550 One Federal 1000 small pistol primer left(sold two boxes to Too Tall), two Federal Large Pistol 1000 primers and two 1000 small magnum pistol primers. $75 each all sold
  4. I suggest you do some addition reading. The end result of inoculation and vaccinations is the same. Use the body to fight the disease by triggering antibodies. Inoculation for smallpox appears to have started in China around the 1500s.[19][20] Europe adopted this practice from Asia in the first half of the 18th century. In 1796 Edward Jenner introduced the modern smallpox vaccine. Before the vaccine (which was a safer process) they would take material from smallpox pustules from one person into the skin of another. Smallpox inoculation continued to be called variolation, whereas cowpox inoculation was called vaccination (from Jenner's term variolae vaccinae = smallpox of the cow). Louis Pasteur proposed in 1861 to extend the terms vaccine and vaccination to include the new protective procedures being developed. Immunization refers to the use of vaccines as well as the use of antitoxin, which contains pre-formed antibodies such as to diphtheria or tetanus exotoxins. In nontechnical usage inoculation is now more or less synonymous with protective injections and other methods of immunization.
  5. You're right and my opinion is that we follow the law.
  6. Tell that to the literally million children that no longer have parents. See recent WSJ article
  7. LOL There is no real difference between an inoculation and a vaccination. Seriously you don't know this???
  8. So there is simply NO Medical evidence that vaccines for anthrax have caused significant problems. about 1% of individuals have a severe reaction but almost no deaths. And the potential threat was real. As to the nerve agent antidote pills, if you had been gassed you would not be complaining as nerve agents are extremely deadly. Additionally those were self administered. The "chronic multi-system illness that some gulf war vets have complained about is not related to vaccines.
  9. No it's not Illegal(sick bird) but is it ethical (just kidding here folks don't get excited
  10. You might notice most folks are use 7/8 oz shot. That helps considerably
  11. A little known FACT - George Washington required his soldiers to be vaccinated against small pox and did so BY FORCE. Because he knew this would save his Army. Vaccinations are a modern miracle.
  12. I always liked Hour of the Gun with James Garner. No historically accurate but a good movie
  13. Sorry I don't see the value of "popping" him. The response was the correct one.
  14. Boy I had to look to see if this was a fifteen year old thread that had been resurrected about Western3 Gun. It almost seemed as though that someone cut and pasted all of the same concerns, pro and against from those old threads.
  15. Beginning about mid 1971 the medallions were changed to a flat Silver Eagle. see https://www.gunblast.com/Hamm_Ruger-SA-GripFrames.htm New Model grips don't fit 3 screws. If you want to continue this discussion, let's move it offline so that the OP can get on with his potential sale.
  16. Those look like original grips to me. I have several blackhawks from that time frame and they look alike.
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